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Film scores

Whether it be a collection of songs that you’ve always liked, carefully chosen and compiled for use in a film (Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction), or music composed specifically for a film, such as Michael Kamen’s work with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra on Brazil, which soundtracks and film scores have you most enjoyed?

Deliberately omitting Pink Floyd’s, here are some that stand out in my mind:

The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night
James Brown – The Payback

Nino Rota – The Godfather
John Williams – Jaws

Various Artists – Easy Rider
Various Artists – Stand By Me

As ever, I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in anything else that you can add to this topic; for example, your views on the suitability of much-loved songs featuring in certain not-at-all-liked movies, or the often irritating inclusion of dialogue when scores are released on CD.

Have you discovered a song or artist through a movie? Do lyrics, at least on occasion, only detract from the mood of the piece? Do the most successful soundtracks lack spoken word and thereby force the listener to ‘feel’ the music?

Some might argue that the finest moments in cinematic history have no key dialogue and instead, by way of music, express everything from the suspense through to the sorrow of the characters far more effectively than words ever could.

Happy Birthday to Davie, by the way.