US radio special

David on stage in Gdańsk, by Piotr Tarasewicz

I apologise that the following information is, well, sketchy.

A Gdańsk radio special is coming up in the US, and it’s either due to be broadcast sometime this weekend, or on Tuesday, so tune in and see what they have to say.

It’s an interview, plus live tracks, on the following stations:

Abilene (KHXS) Albany, GA (WJAD) Albany, NY (WPYX), Amarillo (KARX), Atlanta (WZGC), Austin (KLBJ), Bellingham (KISM), Bismarck (KBYZ), Boise (KRVB) Boston (WZLX), Brattleboro (WKVT), Cedar Rapids (KKRQ), Centralia (KITI), Champaign (WGKC), Cheyenne (KIGN), Chicago (WLUP), Clarksville (WZZP), Colorado Springs (KKFM), Columbus, MS (WSMS), Des Moines (KGGO), Detroit (WCSX), Farmington (KDAG), Florence (WMXT), Fort Bragg (KOZT), Fort Wayne (WFWI), Greensboro (WSMW), Hagerstown (WQCM), Harrisburg (WTPA), Huntsville (WTAK), Indianapolis (WFBQ), Kalamazoo (WRKR), Las Vegas (KMDZ), Lewiston (KOZE), Madison (WHLK), Manchester (WTBK), Memphis (WEGR), Mount Pleasant (WRFQ), Myrtle Beach (WYAV), Nashville (WNRQ), New York (WAXQ), Oklahoma City (KRXO), Omaha (KKCD), Philadelphia (WMGK), Portland (KINK), Raleigh (WBBB), Saginaw (WMJO), Salt Lake City (KZHK), San Diego (KGB-FM), San Jose/San Francisco (KUFX), Savannah (WGZO), Tallahassee (WGLF), Toledo (WXKR), Waterloo (KCRR), Wilkes Barre (WEZX), Wilmington (WBNE).

Also, Wednesday’s Radcliffe & Maconie interview has been cancelled.

Two more (Californian) indie stores, should you be looking for the ‘Wot’s…’ CD.

Prices for Mod Lang, El Cerrito are $16.98, $29.98, and $41.98. If anyone wants to pre-order, e-mail instead of using the site. The other is M-Theory Music, San Diego. Both ship worldwide.

The release date for Mexico is this Monday, Tuesday for Argentina.