The Grammys

It’s the Grammys on Sunday. As you know, David has been nominated for Best Instrumental Rock Performance (for the Gdańsk version of ‘Castellorizon’).

There will be a live stream of the non-televised portion of the night’s events from LA – the pre-telecast – over at, launching at 16:00 (Eastern).

That’s 13:00 (Pacific), 21:00 (UK).

This will be available on demand throughout February, if you’ve better things to do than watch hours of build-up and only really want to see how David fares.

You can watch the ceremony itself live on CBS in the States. Check your TV listings for details.

In the UK, ITV2 will be showing over two hours of highlights on Monday night, from 21:00 (UK).

Needless to say, you’ll have heard if it’s worth tuning in before then.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and Happy Birthday to Tom for tomorrow.