Best Art Vinyl 2015

Do you remember, back in November, choosing your favourite three album covers that had been nominated for the title of Best Art Vinyl 2015? (I hope you do, it wasn’t that long ago.)

Well, this evening, Rattle That Lock was hailed the very best of the 50 as chosen by a panel of respected music design experts and previous winners, ahead of Drenge’s Undertow and Tame Impala’s Currents.

Congratulations to Dave Stansbie and The Creative Corporation, to Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis, and not forgetting Rupert Truman of StormStudios for taking such a wonderfully atmospheric photograph.

David had this to say:

‘I am thrilled that the artwork to Rattle That Lock has received the ArtVinyl award. I’d like to offer my congratulations and thanks to Dave Stansbie and the team at The Creative Corporation for the brilliant work that they have done for me. It’s a thrill to see vinyl making a comeback and the return of the opportunities that the larger format offers. Thanks again.’

Said Andrew Heeps, Best Art Vinyl founder:

‘This is the first year such an established artist’s record has won Best Art Vinyl, but notably the design team have historically been responsible for so many iconic sleeve designs and their talent and creativity to match the musicians’ wishes clearly shone through. It’s interesting that two of the top three are conceptual compositions, using photography as the core of the design and all three use digital design skills to great effect, showing that designers are using all tools available to them throughout the creative process. We believe this is a unique art prize that really taps into popular culture, as the created artwork is used to not just sell the product but to enhance the listeners’ over all experience.’

Thank you all for voting.

The shortlisted entries will now be featured in exhibitions in England, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Scotland, allowing them to be seen up-close and appreciated fully as the works of art that they are: in North Ayrshire Heritage Centre and The Vinyl Café, Kings Cross, London, until 31st January; until 31st March at Semm Music Store, Bologna and Belgraves Hotel, Belgravia, London; between 4th February and 30th April at Mono Art & Design, Budapest; and at High End at the MOC, Munich, between 5th and 8th May. If you’d like to go along and take a look, please see for further details.