Germany: Stuttgart

It’s Stuttgart tonight and please note that the start time is now 20:00, not 19:00.

I hope this doesn’t come as breaking news to anyone as they head out, and you have made the necessary changes to your plans already. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this change causes you.

Travel information, including bus timetables and maps with car parks on them, here, if you need it.

As you may know, David is performing at Stuttgarter Schlossplatz tonight, the very grand Palace Square, as part of the Stuttgart Jazz Open, an annual summer festival that’s been held since 1994.

It’s a beautiful spot for it – go on, have a look – surrounded on all sides by historic features with a few modern and contemporary additions. You’ll notice the Roman goddess Concordia stands atop the Jubiläumssäule, the tall column in the centre of the square, surrounded by many other sculptures. The Museum of Art, on the other hand, is the rather impressive 27-metre-high glass cube that was built in 2005.

Plenty to see and do either side of this latest open-air concert, then, and all within walking distance.

Have a brilliant time tonight, everybody. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it.

(I still hope someone reports back from the world’s largest pig museum, surely a must for Floyd fans.)