Here we go, then

‘Finally!’, I hear you cry.

There’ll be a little something appearing at in an hour’s time, at 3pm (UK), so do have a look and then come back to let us know what you’re thinking.

The chatroom will also be open shortly after, so please call in if you’re free.

You’ve been extremely patient, I thank you for that.

There’s plenty more to come this week, so stand by.

There’s this, for one thing:

David will be a guest on BBC Radio 2 this Friday, the 17th, at about 8.45am (UK). He’ll be chatting to Sara Cox who is sitting in for Chris Evans on the Breakfast Show.

BBC Radio 2 has the radio exclusive of the single ‘Rattle That Lock’, so you can expect other stations to play it soon after.

You’ll be able to listen to BBC Radio 2 live online on Friday, as well as catch up with it later on BBC iPlayer Radio.