Press from Poland

'David in September's Teraz Rock magazineThere have been many articles added to the archives lately, including some from the Polish press. (Thank you, Tomasz, for sending these in.)

If you spot anything interesting, particularly if it’s not in English, let me know.

There hasn’t been much talk of the free ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ download, so here’s that link again, just in case you haven’t been paying attention to the Latest News. (Tut, tut.)

I’d also like to know two things.

1. Who went to see the Gdańsk gig on the big screen on Monday, where did you see it, and how did it go?

2. Do you have your copy of ‘Live in Gdańsk’ yet? Whether your thumbs are up or down, speak to me.

As some people are still waiting for theirs, please remember that discussion of DVD Easter eggs should take place here, not here, or anywhere else. Some like surprises, apparently.

And finally, the chatroom is open today from 13:00 (UK), so feel free to drop in and talk about whatever you like… Almost. Don’t forget those red rules on your way in.

There’ll be updates on the various delays, and all this trouble with iTunes, just as soon as I know anything useful. Until then, as ever, I can only sincerely apologise for the confusion and disappointment caused, and ask you to be patient while these issues are being resolved.