Night Six: Oberhausen

Tonight’s concert is the first since the release of David’s fourth solo studio album, Rattle That Lock.

Will you be at the König Pilsener Arena? Indoors where it’s nice and cosy, no need to worry about the weather, in comfortable seating (with numbers on, so that everyone sits where they should). I mean, come on; Roman amphitheatres are all well and good, but those stone seats…

Just about every artist you’d expect to perform at this modern, multi-functional stadium has performed there in the two decades (almost) since its construction. As you might expect, as well as concerts of all genres, it has hosted orchestras, musicals, festivals and sporting events, proving itself to be very popular with visitors.

We look forward to hearing from you when you’ve vacated your soft, contoured, numbered seat.

Just to add some more thanks for surpassing David’s target of £5,300 raised in aid of MOAS, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station: your kindness and compassion is so very much appreciated. Thank you so much.