Flashback: Munich

The rain at Munich, 29 July 2006Here’s Mrs Taki, getting wet, two years ago today.

You’ll be able to fondly remember one song from the wet and wonderful Munich concert – ‘Take a Breath’ – when David’s new live album, ‘Live in Gdańsk’, is released in September. It’s included, along with 11 other bonus live tracks, on CD. It will also be possible to download it.

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, let me remind you of the (unfortunately, now delayed) release date: Monday 22 September for Europe, Tuesday 23 September for North America.

If you were at this gig, do let us know.

Thanks to Taki, and his wife, for sharing a memory of the night with us here.

And thank you all for the birthday greetings for Richard Wright, whose birthday was yesterday.

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