Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, so I’d like to wish all Canadian readers all the very best.

It seems I’ve been given the best excuse I’m ever going to get to discuss our favourite Canadians, from any field or time, knowing that there are musicians a-plenty held in high regard by you all; you’re here because you have pretty good taste in music, after all.

Have ten minutes out from your busy day to celebrate Montréal’s finest, Leonard Cohen, a favourite of many readers (not to mention David and Polly), as he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.

I’d enjoy finding out which of Leonard’s songs you’re fond of, who attended his exceptional concerts last year and who has tickets to see him this year. If you don’t and could, I strongly recommend re-considering; he was absolutely wonderful in Cardiff.

The chatroom is open today from 16:00 (UK). Canadians get free imaginary drinks from the chatroom’s imagined bar right up until closing time. (‘Closing Time’, get it?) We’ll also be recalling the finest lines ever uttered by Saskatchewan native, Leslie Nielsen, in the Police Squad! series and, in particular, the Airplane! and Naked Gun films. (Well, I will, anyway.)

If you’d care to join me in silliness, either in the chatroom or here (Twitter would be good for this, too; I like Twitter), here’s one to set your mind on a run.