Leonard Cohen Tribute

Now for something completely different.

Perhaps you know that a Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen is taking place in Montreal tonight, marking the first anniversary of his death.

As there has always been a lot of love for Leonard here, a deep appreciation shared with David and Polly, I wanted to remember him tonight and pay tribute once more to someone whose life’s work is held so very dear to many of us.

With a wide variety of artists involved in the event, it promises to be an interesting evening of celebration and commemoration. So many have covered his songs already, of course. For a pick of the best, see this Montreal Gazette article.

(And for your amusement: for 82 reasons to love him, see this one.)

Another good reason to love him is his request that, should there ever be a tribute after his death, that it be held in his hometown and benefit the arts councils – the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts du Montréal – that helped support him when he was a struggling young artist.

The concert is being filmed for an upcoming special, due in the New Year, and will be broadcast on CBC Radio 2 tomorrow.

It is the first of many celebrations in Montreal this week; an exhibit entitled ‘Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything’ also celebrates his life and work, and will be open to the public from Thursday.

Good job, Montreal. Nicely done.

I know who I’ll be listening to this evening, how about you?