Barn favourites

February, 2007: Jamming at David's Barn. Photo: Polly Samson.There’s just one more of Polly’s photos from the Barn rehearsals that gave you ‘Island Jam 2007’ after this one, so it seems like a good time to ask which picture you liked best. (Obviously next time would be an even better time to ask, but I’ve got some news to go with the final shot, and I’m sure that you’ll all have an opinion, so now will just have to do.)

You can see the full set, starting with David on drums, from 25 September. Just follow that link, then click your way through the entries by using the arrows at the top of each post.

Remember, you can click on any image for a better look.

Do let me know if you have a particular favourite – and don’t forget the captions.