Favourite instrumentals

Thanks for bearing with me while I took some time off to re-charge worn batteries. I hope you’re all keeping well and didn’t miss me, or each other, too much.

I’ll return straight to randomness with today’s topic… for when words just seem to get in the way.

This was top of the US charts in 1958: The Champs and ‘Tequila’.

There are many, but let me know your favourites – from David solo and with Pink Floyd, too. (Best ever: ‘Marooned’ from The Division Bell? It won Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the Grammys in 1994.)

Jeff Beck is the award’s latest recipient, by the way, with his version of the Beatles’ ‘A Day in the Life’. You can search for past winners here; be sure to select Rock as your Genre.

Here are some that stand out in my mind, perhaps unforgivably leaving out many by Jeff Beck, Mike Oldfield and Carlos Santana; only including one Ginger Baker drum solo; and deliberately omitting ‘Albatross’, ‘Apache’, ‘Anji’ and probably several others which begin with the letter A and are very worthy of inclusion:

– Booker T & The MGs, ‘Green Onions’
– The Dave Brubeck Quartet, ‘Take Five’
– Cream, ‘Toad’
– Traffic, ‘Glad’
– The Who, ‘Underture’

If you’ve missed chatting, you can do so tomorrow from 3pm (UK). See you there.