Fan Art: Sam

Another fine piece of work, this time a black and white A2 portrait.

Thanks for sharing it with us, Sam. I think plenty of readers will relate to your prefatory notes.

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Over to you, Sam…

As I type this, I’m technically 18… albeit mentally I’m 40-something and going through a midlife crisis… but for a Floyd fan, I’m fairly young.

Now up until kind of recently, I wasn’t into music. My grandad showed me how to play some limited piano and I listened to what my parents listened to – Queen, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin etc. – and don’t get me wrong, I liked them, but it always seemed kind of apathetic towards music. This was up until five years ago when my dad said, ‘Sam, come over here and watch this, I know your music taste and there is a band on TV you’ll like’. I was thinking ‘Sure… not even I know my music taste’, but I went over and watched and I saw four old guys on the screen. If you hadn’t guessed, this was Pink Floyd at Live 8.

Now I had no idea about their back story, so I didn’t know what was special about it, but I knew that what I was listening to was something special. I remember leaving being awestruck and not knowing where one song started and one ended, they all seemed to segue and merge into one. I decided to look up what the playlist was and listened to the songs from CD and I remember having goosebumps as I heard them. All of a sudden I knew why people found music so important.

The rest is really history, but it’s safe to say, without this band, I’d have never picked up a guitar, continued with other instruments, started expanding my music collection into any and everything (and finding a love for Led Zeppelin along the way) and I believe I would have stopped drawing too, as music is really the inspiration to most of my artwork.