Another month gone

A new week, a new month… June already, can you believe? On the plus side, at least that’s one more page torn off the calendar and defiantly crumpled into a ball in the countdown to September, should you have tickets to any of David’s forthcoming concerts. (Do you? I’ve forgotten. Just kidding.)

Before you ask, no. We still need to sit patiently with fingers on lips and wait for news. I’m sorry if that proves to be frustrating. Such is life.

It dawned on me, with all the waiting, that we never gamely listed ‘months in songs.’ We did days, but not months. That won’t do.

As there’s still time to kill and much white space to fill, do play along if you welcome the distraction. It helps with insomnia, too, I find.

There must be at least half a dozen quality tracks for each month of the year. I’ll be upset if we can’t manage that between us. One of the finest has to be Deep Purple’s ‘April’, all 12 glorious minutes of it.

Bob Geldof, now Saint Bob, had ‘August Was a Heavy Month’ – and Eric Clapton on guitar, which always helps.

Quite possibly the second-most common date immortalised in song, you can have ‘4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)’ by Bruce Springsteen (or The Hollies, if you prefer, as I do), or closely-matched offerings by Soundgarden, Bon Jovi or U2. Not that theirs have much to do with Independence Day. Apparently Soundgarden’s is about LSD.

If you favour a good story told through the medium of song, Don Henley’s ‘A Month of Sundays’ is one of his most poignant.

Another accomplished story-teller, Al Stewart (who would never have a boring ‘4th of July’), has a ‘Night of the 4th of May’ instead.

Others, like Deep Purple, kept it simple: Ocean Colour Scene with ‘July’, U2 with ‘October’, Collective Soul with ‘December’.

Of course, this is all too easy for those of us who like music trivia and list-making in equal measure; the month doesn’t have to be in the title, it can just as happily be contained within the lyric.

You can cheat even more if need be and throw in an album title: Counting Crows’ August and Everything After, for example.

Here are a dozen songs referring to June that you might recognise. Can you name them all and perhaps offer up some lyrics including other months of the year to test our sleepy memories further?

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 3pm (UK), should you need more assistance and encouragement with your thumb-twiddling.

‘When it’s sugar cane time
Long around about June’

‘It was only last June
When her old man ran away’

‘As the June light turns to moonlight’

‘When the streets are shining with the smoggy dew
When the lights are glowing with the mists of June’

‘City lights come back in June
Seems the sun has gone too soon’

‘It’s all quiet on Mother’s Day
A forgotten mid-June grey’

‘Colours show after the moon
I should go, see you in June’

‘Well, the snow piles up in the winter
And the bugs come out in June’

‘Look out of your window on any day
From June to September’

‘One long June I came down from the trees’

‘Winter calls the start of June until the end of May’

‘We can put a man on the moon
Make it snow in the heat of June
It’s amazing what we can do’