David Bowie

Happy New Year, everyone.

It’s one year since David Bowie died, it would have been his 70th birthday on Sunday, so I dare say you’ve heard his music playing somewhere this week. Maybe you received Blackstar (on vinyl?) or another gem from his back catalogue for Christmas; since his death, all his albums have experienced a resurgence.

1971’s Hunky Dory is most often voted Bowie’s best, and the fans’ favourite album of his. You can see what readers of the Telegraph have voted their favourite Bowie song – here – but it’s not at all surprising.

Perhaps it’s a Bowie song covered by somebody else that’s grabbed you. Nirvana famously did ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’, ‘Space Oddity’ has been covered by the Smashing Pumpkins, and Beck’s interpretation of ‘Sound and Vision’, complete with orchestra, is certainly worth a listen.

Bowie recorded plenty of covers himself, of course: The Beatles’ ‘Across the Universe’ is on 1975’s Young Americans, and more recently, on Heathens (2002), you’ll find the Pixies number ‘Cactus’.

As a tribute to a unique talent never afraid to push boundaries and keep changing, I hope you’re enjoying his music, whoever is playing it. Whether you’ve heard them for the very first time or rediscovered them this past year, let us know which tracks have particularly moved you.