Colours in songs

Back to the delightfully random now after being spoilt by so much on-topic news recently. I don’t know about you, but I needed a few days away to recover.

Although I could have sworn that we’ve done this already (maybe in a dream?), today’s musical test of memory concerns songs with colours in the titles and lyrics. Heck, even bands that have taken a colour and made a name for themselves out of it. Think of it as a distraction for those who are already distracted by last-minute transfer dealings on deadline day. (Alexander Hleb to Birmingham City?)

In memory of Birmingham son, Carl Wayne, who died on this day in 2004, this was The Move’s only No.1 single among many a memorable hit – in December 1968.

Perhaps best remembered for his frenzied destruction of stage props during performances, which once included hacking through a Cadillac at London’s Roundhouse whilst strippers did their thing (and resulted in The Move being temporarily banned from every theatre in the UK), Carl Wayne also succeed Allan Clarke as lead vocalist for the Hollies in 2000, found time to act both on stage in the West End (in Blood Brothers – for six years) and on television (including the much-loved British soap opera, Crossroads), and so very admirably ran major marathons to raise funds for research into leukaemia. I think the latter fact alone makes him worthy of your remembrance and respect today.

Here are six songs which have a colour in their title. Can you add to them? There have to be at least a dozen songs for each and every colour in the rainbow – the rainbow as sung by The Dells, preferably. What a performance that is.

– Beatles, ‘Old Brown Shoe’
– Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, ‘Red Eyes and Tears’
– Leonard Cohen, ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’
– Little Barrie, ‘Green Eyed Fool’
– Joni Mitchell, ‘Big Yellow Taxi’
– Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Purple Stain’

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By the way, I do realise that, scientifically, black isn’t a ‘colour’ as such; colour being the result of the distortion of light and black objects absorb light but cannot reflect it, or something like that. But it still counts as a colour for the purpose of this exercise, as does white, if only because ‘Paint it Black’ and ‘White Rabbit’ are two of the finest songs ever recorded. I mean, who really cares about physics?