Musical brothers

The UK’s chart-topping single of this day in 1966 was this one – ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ by the Walker Brothers (originally recorded by Frankie Valli as his first solo single, fact fans). It was their second UK No.1 hit, following ‘Make It Easy on Yourself’, and only their fourth single.

What a fine baritone voice the enigmatic Scott Walker, or Scott Engel as he was born, has. Drummer Gary Walker was born Gary Leeds. The group’s third and founder member, guitarist John Maus, is no more a Walker than the other two, but he gave the band the Walker name, so chosen as, on account of being under-age, it was the fake ID that allowed his group to maintain their residency as house-band at California’s Gazzari Club.

His website includes an article about a certain Fender Telecaster which appreciators of musical instruments and students of music history alike might enjoy.

Speaking of which, Phil Taylor’s triumphant history of David’s iconic Black Strat is now in its third edition, if you didn’t know of its latest revision.

So the Walkers weren’t brothers at all, but there are plenty of blood relations in music. To wrap up another week, let’s hear of and a little something from any brothers whose music you’ve enjoyed. My obvious favourites will always be The Kinks and Beach Boys. Which are yours? Even if it turns out that they’re only brothers in name, let’s remember their contribution to music today, be they Righteous, Chemical, or Doobie, and note how many ‘Brothers’ actually have a genetic right to use the label.

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Have a good weekend, everyone.