Radio 2's Favourite Albums

BBC Radio 2 listeners voted recently for their favourite albums of all-time. Here’s what they came up with…

Actually, I should stop you right there and point out that the rules allowed only one album per artist, only studio albums at that, and listeners had to choose from a shortlist made up of one hundred albums whose tracks are played most regularly on BBC Radio 2. So unless I’ve got this wrong, BBC Radio 2 listeners took the one hundred albums offered to them and put them in order of preference, some of which were only included in the first place because BBC Radio 2 likes to play a track or two from that album rather a lot. For added fun, to make a game out of it, you could identify the song you most expect to have got the album onto the shortlist. I wonder if, in some cases, and I’m thinking of Chic, you could only name one song of theirs if someone was holding a gun to your head and talking at you very nervously.

Now that I’ve suitably lowered your expectations, here are the ten:

01. Coldplay, Rush of Blood To the Head (2002)
02. Keane, Hopes and Fears (2004)
03. Duran Duran, Rio (1982)
04. Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
05. Dido, No Angel (1999)
06. The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers (1971)
07. The Pet Shop Boys, Actually (1987)
08. The Beatles, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
09. U2, The Joshua Tree (1987)
10. Queen, A Night At the Opera (1975)

Yep, Dark Side of the Moon, in this its fortieth year, beaten into fourth place by Coldplay, Keane and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, Duran Duran. With the Beatles beaten by Dido and the Pet Shop Boys.

I’ve only just recovered from this to be able to blog about it today. The countdown was on Monday.

Funny how these things turn out. The full list of one hundred albums, for even more fun, can be found here.

I’m not sure I believe that any radio station plays as many as one hundred different artists; it seems to me to always be a select few flavours-of-the-month played over and over until you’re sick of them. I’m not even convinced that I can think of one hundred artists I have heard played at any time on any radio station ever, so please help me out. Accepting the inclusion of music greats I myself am not particularly fond of, there are still about a dozen that I’d like to see pushed out with an almighty sigh and replaced with something better. If that’s better for you, substituting one artist for another works just fine for me. I’ll go first: Suede’s Coming Up (because of ‘Beautiful Ones’) in, Kylie Minogue (?) out.

I realise not everyone listens to BBC Radio 2, so any real or imagined radio station will do in place of it. The songs have to be radio-friendly.

Oh, and to those who debated with me in the chatroom quite recently about which of his albums is best, you might be as surprised as I am to notice that the one Bob Dylan album chosen by BBC Radio 2 was Blonde on Blonde. Not that I recall ever hearing any of its songs played on the radio.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 3pm (UK). Do call in and explain to me why neither the Manic Street Preachers nor Blur got a mention when Pulp and Maroon 5 did. Are there any other noticeable absences?