As the people who work their buns off keeping the site up to date are about to take a very well-deserved Christmas break, this is the place to visit for the latest updates on David and his ‘On An Island’ album, his third solo release and the first since 1984’s ‘About Face’.

First and foremost, tickets in North America are selling like hot cakes – as they have been right across Europe, with several venues already sold out. If you have tickets to any of the shows, then you’re in for a treat. We’ll be revealing exactly who will be on stage with David as the weeks roll by, and a few other surprises as well, so keep visiting for news as it breaks.

Polly, David’s wife, has been taking plenty of splendid photographs of the recording sessions, so you can expect a new picture each day, along with news of how the album’s coming along, who is playing on the album and who will be accompanying David on tour, as well as several other interesting things as and when the moment’s right.

But have no doubt, this is where the news is hot. There might even be an early Christmas present on the site later today if you keep your eyes peeled.

You might recognise the chap in today’s exclusive photo… There’ll be another tomorrow.

But lastly, by the look of your comments so far, it seems that many of you are automatically assuming that Ged Lynch will be playing on each track and will be touring, too. Assume nothing! You’ll have to wait and see how great Ged’s involvement in this project actually is. There are many more musicians lending a hand in the studio and all will be featured here in due course.

Keep the comments coming, but some of you are jumping to conclusions.