Merry Christmas!


We hope you’re having a fabulous Christmas Day so far and appreciate you taking time out to visit. Hopefully the fine shot of David with David Crosby and Graham Nash – taken by Polly aboard David’s Astoria houseboat studio – made it worth your while.

The Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) legends, who also founded The Byrds and Hollies respectively, sing on the title track from ‘On An Island’. You can find out more about them from their websites: and

You’re still writing in with your comments, which is great, but please remember that questions are for the FAQs section and will not be posted here. If you’ve sent in a question, don’t worry, we have received it and there’s no need to send it in again.

All future questions to the FAQs page, please.

Questions about the likelihood of David visiting your town or country will not be posted, either. The tour dates have been confirmed and, if there are to be any changes made, then you will be informed. Just keep visiting where all the latest news will be posted.

Your comments are all very welcome, and everyone who is behind the tour fully appreciates that fans from all over the world would love to welcome David to their homelands. Yet we reserve the right to refuse to post certain messages, and we are receiving a great many requests for David to visit South America and Australia at the moment. These requests will not be posted.

David is still hard at work finalising ‘On An Island’, and Christmas is about families first and foremost. With the greatest respect, please remember that David has a young family and that is the most important thing to him. (Repeatedly asking him to visit your country will not help your cause!)

No one likes to be nagged, and several of the messages received have bordered on the disrespectful. To be frank, David does not have to tour at all. According to his current schedule, he will be visiting seven countries and 13 cities over a period of three months. That’s not bad!

It is, of course, impossible to please everyone, and great consideration has gone into planning the tour to ensure that as many of the people who want to see David do get the opportunity to see him. With all the will in the world, David simply cannot visit the hometown of each and every fan who wishes to see him play. Please be a bit more reasonable. We do understand your disappointment and have taken heed of your requests, but please be fair.

Another of Polly’s exclusive pictures tomorrow.

Until then, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.