Tickets for sale on eBay


We have noticed that many so-called ‘fans’ are selling tickets to David’s shows on eBay – and making considerable sums of money by doing so.

Now, some might say that the people who do this are shameless profiteers who ought to be deeply embarrassed by their greedy actions. If sellers choose to donate anything over and above the ticket price to charity, however, that’s one thing. Keeping the profit for themselves is another thing entirely and is a source of annoyance to the many hard-working people who are making a great effort to put this tour on the road.

Although one legitimate ticket-seller’s ticket allocation might very well be "sold out", this doesn’t necessarily mean that the concert itself is a sell out. A limited quantity of tickets to some venues will become available in the New Year, which means you still have a chance to purchase tickets at a fair price. You can keep contacting Ticketmaster or your preferred venue – not us! – and ask if there have been any ticket returns right up until the day of the show. Details on the Live Dates page.

Furthermore, all tickets are numbered, so we know which ticket belongs to which person. In 2006, it may well be that arrangements are made that make it very much harder to sell tickets on eBay, so our advice is not to bid unless you are prepared to risk being refused entry to the show. It’s your choice.

We have received a great number of messages from fans expressing their sadness at having missed out on tickets. It is their disappointment and desperation to attend that eBay sellers are cashing in on.

People who feel strongly about this issue occasionally make their feelings clear in a number of ways – although we couldn’t possibly condone anything that might disrupt eBay’s business operations, of course. Fans sometimes choose to contact the sellers and tell them how they feel, or place unrealistically high bids, to express their strong disapproval.

If you care about David, his music and this tour, then we sincerely hope that you will not entertain the idea of selling your spare tickets to make personal profit. Likewise, we hope that you will not line someone else’s pockets by paying ridiculous amounts of money for tickets.

If you are selling tickets on eBay, then you might like to know some of David’s preferred charities:

Crisis – Fighting for hope for homeless people. David is proud to be the charity’s vice president.
Amnesty – The worldwide independent movement that campaigns for internationally-recognised human rights.
Oxfam – Oxfam works in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice.
The Environmental Investigation Agency – An international campaigning organisation committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime.

Today’s exclusive photograph is of Robert Wyatt. There’ll be another of Polly’s fine photos tomorrow.