Chris Stainton


Thank you to everyone for your comments about yesterday’s blog entry. We appreciate you taking the time to share your views with others, and understand that it takes all sorts to make the world go around. It’s a good thing that we have different opinions, because the world would be an incredibly boring place if we didn’t disagree from time to time.

That said, there has been no disagreement whatsoever on the issue of ticket sales on eBay – proof, if it were needed, that the vast majority of David’s fans are honest, kind-hearted people… even if it is boring to be in complete agreement!

But seriously, we are delighted to hear that so many of you have promised to donate any profits made from your eBay auctions to charity, particularly to Crisis. Thank you for being so reasonable, not to mention generous. We hope you stay true to your word and that many others will follow your lead.

As David cares passionately for Crisis and the crucial work they do, it would be fitting if you could donate profits from the sale of his tickets to them. Pledging £50, for example, could provide shelter to a homeless person for one month during the cold winter months. £100 could help to re-house someone through the Crisis SmartMove scheme. Clearly, your donation would make a real difference.

To those of you who are considering bidding large amounts to win a ticket to see David next year, then please think carefully before parting with your money. As hard as it may be, please try to remain patient and positive. There is a very good chance that more tickets will become available shortly, and then you can pay a fair price for your ticket instead of paying an obscene amount to someone who has no connection to David or to the many people who are working with him on his ‘On An Island’ project.

The sad fact is that Pink Floyd has always been one of the world’s most bootlegged bands. David has spent close to 40 years in the music business and knows all too well how sections of ‘fans’ operate in order to profit.

Today’s exclusive photograph is of Chris Stainton, an accomplished keyboardist who also plays organ and piano, although he rather surprisingly started his music career as a bass player. He has recently been playing with Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, but he has also performed with Eric Clapton, The Who, Joe Cocker and Roger Waters.

As you can see, David has assembled some fine creative talents to work on his new album and, thanks to Polly, we have some fantastic photographs of the recording sessions to share with you. You can see a new one each day, so visit tomorrow for another.