David with Lucy Wakeford


There was such an amazing response to yesterday’s blog. Thank you very much to everyone who wrote in with their five (ish) favourite songs. We really enjoyed reading through them… even if it took what seemed like a lifetime to get through them all.

However, please remember that we take an interest in fan suggestions, David doesn’t do requests. So please remember to keep the tone polite when you write. Unfortunately I had to delete several messages yesterday and don’t want to have to do so again. David does pay us a visit when he has the time to spare, as do the many influential people around him who are vital to the new album and tour, so anything over-the-mark will swiftly be deleted and, if need be, you will be prevented from posting again. Needless to say, we don’t want to have to do that, but we do hope you can appreciate that David might well read your comments, so you should keep your language and tone appropriate. (Don’t nag the guy, please!)

Besides, David is still incredibly busy finalising the album and planning the tour. He may, or may not, take your preferences into consideration. He has his own thoughts about which songs will best suit the tour, and all the repeated, capitalised pleas in the world will not be enough to change his mind – no matter how many exclamation marks you include.

It was just for fun, and we hope you enjoyed, so thanks again to one and all for having your say. There were some great ideas in there – as well as some very far-fetched ones – so we hope you enjoyed reading what other fans would like from David’s tour as much as we did. Perhaps we’ll let you know what David has in mind as far as a setlist goes a little closer to the tour.

Just to let you know of another musician who has been involved in ‘On An Island’…

Today’s picture is of Lucy Wakeford, a much sought-after harpist who has performed at major venues and festivals throughout Europe. She regularly gives both solo and orchestral performances, joining with many of the leading orchestras, including the Philharmonia, BBC Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra and Britten Sinfonia.

Lucy became the youngest ever member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, where she was Principal Harp for five years.

Lucy is one of many musicians who has been working with David on his new album. You can find out about more, and see pictures of them hard at work in the studio (thanks to Polly’s camera), here.

Thanks again for the phenomenal response. The passion and enthusiasm of Floyd fans never ceases to amaze.

Finally, to all who have sent in questions for David: They have been received, even though they are not shown here, and they might just be answered shortly. Answers will be on the FAQs page. Keep your questions coming in. The best ones will be published. The more interesting and witty you make them, the more chance of an answer. Good luck.