Who writes the blog posts?
A fan who goes by the name of ‘FEd’. That’s short for ‘Features Editor’, as The Blog was originally known as the Features page back in the day. David reads it, but does not write it.

Is FEd someone from David’s management or record company?
No, The Blog is proudly independent.

Is there more than one Features Editor?
No, there’s just the one and the same one is also responsible for keeping order in David’s chatroom. And in case you’re wondering, David is not personally on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, but The Blog is on Twitter (@the_blog).

Why do I have to wait for my comment to appear?
Because wicked people would ruin The Blog if their comments were not moderated. Just like they ruined the original Pink Floyd forum a long time ago. That and spam.

How long do I have to wait before I see my comment?
Not very, it is hoped, but The Blog is operating on UK time, so please allow some time at night for FEd to sleep.

When can I leave a comment?
Any time, just as long as there’s a comment form when and where you need one. The Blog closes every now and then for essential maintenance, but not often. Generally, you can leave a comment 24/7, seven days a week. Please be patient.

Why has my comment not been published?
Because it was not suitable, sadly. As long as you seem reasonable and don’t make a habit of sending offensive comments, you will receive an e-mail explaining why it was so. Generally, the rude, argumentative tone of the troll is considered unwelcome and personal addresses to David are also inappropriate for a public forum. Plus the fact that it’s David Gilmour’s blog, not Pink Floyd’s. Very few comments go unpublished, by the way.

Why has my comment been edited?
It could be one of several reasons, or a combination of several: either because there were spelling or grammatical errors, factual inaccuracies, annoying use of text talk (“When R U coming 2…?”) or redundant squiggles, dots and dashes (added, presumably, for unwelcome decorative effect). Or because part of it was unsuitable, as above.

Why can’t I plug my site/blog/MySpace/Facebook/tribute band?
Because that would be shameless self-promotion, which would one day cause you great embarrassment.

Why are there little monsters next to everyone’s comments?
They simply provide a splash of colour and mirth. A random one is attached to everybody’s e-mail address. If you don’t like yours, you can use an image of your own choice instead. Read on for an explanation.

How do I choose my own picture to display beside my comments?
Go to www.gravatar.com and follow the instructions. It’s easy.

How much of your content can I use on my own blog or website?
Some, as long as it’s properly credited with a direct link to the original source, but not all. All blog content, including posts, pages and (RSS) syndication feeds, is subject to the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Licence. Please do take note of the copyright notice.