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153 thoughts on “Chat”

    1. There are more Barn Jam sessions on the “Rattle That Lock” Blu-ray and they are excelent. 🙂

  1. Big fan from Brazil wonders when we will have the chance to see you live again! Come to Brazil! We love you!

    1. Yes David,

      When will you come to Brasil? We do not only want Roger. We would like you too! Even if you do a tour maybe 1 night in Buenos Aires, 1 Night in Sao Paulo, 1 Night in wherever would cover most of South America!

      I am in Sao Paulo they say one of the largest cities in the world!


  2. I can´t sign in.

    I use my user name, and password, but it also asks me for a room password. What is that?


    1. This is explained above under Lock-ins.

      There are often ‘lock-ins’ at closing time. These allow you to chat for the remainder of the day and night. You need to get in before closing time to be locked in. The chatroom stays open for two hours (opening and closing times are always on the calendar), and this lock-in code – a room password – is announced at regular intervals throughout the two hours.

      Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Dear Mr. David Gilmour,

    Happy Birthday sir. I just want to write you a Happy Bithday greeting and to say Thank You for the music of PINK FLOYD and your solo albums are real good too.

    R.I.P. Syd, Rick and Andy.

    Happy Birthday to you sir. Peace.

  4. Gilmour, please come to Brazil! Waters will make his concert ‘The Wall’ in Rio de Janeiro, and its appearance will be wonderful! Ensure the full joy of their fans, come to Rio, will visit Brazil!

  5. Please David, come to Brasil. We wait for you. I love you.

    Come to SÃO PAULO.

  6. David Gilmour o melhor guitarrista que o Rock já teve.

    Pena que não vem para o Brazil.

    Um abraço

  7. David, please come to Mexico, you don’t know how many fans you have here, we would love to have you here, pleeaaaase!!! I would go anywhere just to see you, so please make a new tour or concert, I will be there!!

  8. I wish I could be in your concert… one day, in Brazil.

    The best guitar man ever…

  9. I’ve just seen the Floyd’s flying pig on the opening ceremony to the Olympic games. As The Pig faded from view, Big Ben came into view but the music was from Time!!!! 😀


  10. After the Olympic cauldron was lit, a great fireworks display began and was accompanied by Eclipse!!!! 😀

    What a great end to the opening ceremony.


  11. Hello Mr. Gilmour, greetings from Sonora, México.

    Just want to tell you that I’m one of your greatest admirers, well, at least at México and that I hope can see you in live some day.

    Kind Regards.

  12. David, we know that the distance makes it very difficult. But do not let the Brazilian fans not have the chance to see a show of yours. Look at this blog! Many fans of Brazil is not? A hug.

  13. The other day I watched the DVD of Pink Floyd’s “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” concert in 1987.

    I have been a Pink Floyd fan since I was first exposed to them at age 16. Over the years, Pink Floyd carried me through my dark hours. They were always, and continue to be, one of the artists on my list to go to when I have shit to sort out.

    Even though their music was so important to my survival when I was younger and my evolution in this life, I had no idea who any of the band members were (except Roger Waters). So, when I watched the “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” show, I was struck by the lead singer’s aura. I, incorrectly, assumed that he was not an original (or essentially original) member of the band. All of my favorite artists/bands seem to have left this world, hence the assumption. So I was very puzzled as to why he seemed so incredibly in tune with everything. It was as if he was breathing the show, he was the source of the show’s life, he was THE creator of the lyrics and music.

    He seemed far too conscious of every little detail, every little element, that participated in the show and the rest of the bandmates trusted his direction what seemed to be far too implicitly. It seemed as if he, and he alone, was orchestrating the event moment by moment, with complete precision and utter awareness. He was hyper conscious of exactly the sounds and effects he was sending out to the audience and in turn, the response those sounds elicited from the audience. He knew exactly what kind of experience he wanted to create, for himself and for the listeners. And he created that experience.

    I watched spellbound. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Here was a being who clearly existed in multiple dimensions simultaneously, and knew he was existing in multiple dimensions simultaneously. You cannot be that aware and not be aware that you’re that aware.

    And when he smiled… His whole being smiled. A pure, unconditional, beautifully explosive smile radiating with love and beauty and joy for the world. The world he created and gifted to whomever wandered through, whether at the live show or many years later through a DVD.

    There are many beautiful artists I admire (The Beatles, Phish, The Grateful Dead, etc). Artists who intrepidly navigate this human world to remind us of who we truly are, who ignite a spark of our divinity and help us rise above the mud and trenches we find ourselves in. But David Gilmour, I cannot help but see him as far above any other now.

    Thank you, David Gilmour, for being, for gifting yourself to the world, for allowing us to see the authentic expression of you. And thank you for carrying me through not only my darkest experiences but also my most awakening.

  14. Come to Brazil to show his music, we’re expecting you!!

    Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! Brazil!

  15. david is my hero on guitar, his first solo cd gets no airplay but to me the song raise my rent is what it sounds like to be a crying guitar and comfortably numb is still great. also everything he and pink floyd have done are great.

    well, that is it for now.


  16. Mister Gilmour, please come to México before you die.

    Good new year.

    Alejandro Hdez. Galicia.

  17. Dear David Gilmour,

    though as a keyboarder I feel Rick Wright to be my musical father (and his death had a strong emotional parallel to my real father’s death in 2004), there is no sequence or part of music, no other playing of any instrument in the world, that touches me stronger than your solo on On an Island on the Gdansk record. I believe to feel any tone, hopefully the way you meant it. It is stronger than anything and I’ve cried many times when hearing it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  18. Hello David, I do not know if you will read these words, my name is José Oscar, I live in a small town in Brazil. For more than 30 years I’m your fan, I always liked your work and Pink Floyd. My dream is to watch your show and I hope you come to Brazil and give us the joy of being able to watch you closely.

    Thank you.

    José Oscar Davanso.

  19. You know how we were talking about Oscar Pistorius in chat the other day? You’ve no doubt all noticed the story is still all over the news.

    My intuition was that he was guilty. Now I’m feeling quite sorry for him.

    He’s been in court the past two days not for trial yet, only the bail decision. It’s as if he is being tried right now and in full glare of the public, loads of evidence is being discussed in public and the spin on it very negative.

    I remember some of us (or was it just me) thought it must be murder not a mistake because she was shot several times. We also said at some later discussion that if we woke to the sound of burglars, we’d shoot, emptying the bullet chamber, and ask questions later. Looks well if that is indeed what happened to Oscar and his girlfriend.

    The damning reports seem to be weighted by what the neighbours are saying about arguments overheard. Yet his friends and family say he loved her very much and was about to ask her to marry him.

    He really does appear to be very emotional about it all.

    Imagine the horror of it having been a genuine accident and how he must be feeling about the loss of his love and all this prosecution.

    Oh dear.


  20. I had a dream (again) that I was setting up a concert for you to have… somewhere small and quaint, more like a personal party. I was running around and showed up early to see the “bleachers” filled with all these old people and it occurred to me that YES we are old! (Us original fans anyway…)

    I’ll always love you, I just know we’re star-crossed lovers, even if it’s in our next life.

    My Best to you Dave, and keep visiting my dreams… (the concerts are super cool!)

    Love, SuZenBe~

  21. Hello Sir David Gilmour,

    It is an immense pleasure to write something that you possibly will read.

    The songs created by you, are magnificent, splendid, rich musically.

    I wish you much health to continue writing and performing for ever.

    Like all other comments, please come to Brazil for a single show, you have many fans here.

    Cheers and long life,

    Hanauer Paulo – Brazil – Minas Gerais

    1. Unfortunately there are no plans to tour anywhere at this time. Sorry about that.

  22. Tanti auguri dall’Italia David, la tua chitarra, la tua musica, la vostra musica, mi hanno accompagnato e tenuto compagnia per tanti anni lungo il mio personale percorso, e continuano a farlo ancora oggi che ho passato il testimone ai miei figli. E’ un vero piacere oltre a farti gli auguri, poterti ringraziare per questo, Buon Compleanno.


  23. Joyeux Anniversaire Mr. GILMOUR. Je vous adore…

    Quand venez vous à Valbonne en France du côté de Nice.

    C’est un petit village que j’en suis sûre vous plaira…

    A bientôt et je vous attends….

  24. Happy birthday David!!!!!! As you can see, not only would I like to see you here in Brazil, look at the amount of comments … Hug and good health to you.

    Hug for you too, Fed.



  26. Dave! Check out how many Brazil invitations you received above since my first post back in January 2012! You are a LEGEND here in Brazil. Believe me, if you come, you will have a fabulous time! Please come!

  27. Amo i PF soprattutto per il tuo sound e per quello che con Rick musicalmente avete ideato. Grazie David per quello che sei e per quello che fai! Buona vita a te e alla tua famiglia.

    Francesco ’78

  28. I’ve been on the site today. . . I left it after reading the blog and writing a couple of comments.

    Fed, Lorraine, Michèle, Tim, Pavlov, everyone? I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise the chat room was open or I’d have joined you. 🙁


  29. So sorry I’ve missed another chat. I’m just trying to get use to living with another human again (Mom). My time is not always my own now. Miss all of you so much. Will try again in June to be here and again I send hugs to all of the “usual suspects”. 😀

  30. I just wanted to know how Mr. David Gilmour is doing these days. Today is Feb. 4 2014. Please if anyone knows let me know, I often wonder how his health is…

    Thank you,
    a concerned David Gilmour fan…

    1. No it’s not, today’s the sixth.

      But please don’t worry. David’s very well, thank you. 🙂

  31. Thank you very much for your work on an album for the written text and not invented execution of millions of people waiting for a new release David. Special thank you for the game and optimism, a reunion with Mason and Phil. You heard our request. Thank you!!!

    I once wrote to you with a request to do something new and I was sure that the new intervention will be gone. Unfortanate that I can not talk to you and shake hands.

  32. It was nice to see everyone again in the chat room, it’s as mad as ever. 😀

    Dan brought up the Flintstones, I remembered this.

    I know a lot of us are probably Red Dwarf fans. Something to talk about whilst we wait . . .


  33. David, grazie di esistere!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to exist, thanks for having made the Pink Floyd live again … Thanks for the emotions, thanks to the love of your music …

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  34. The exquisite melodies offer a distinct journey into the extraordinary relationship David, Richard and Dave had together. There is a mutual connectivity which expresses the purity of how much Richard Wright is missed. The Endless River conveys the soul of this magnificent band evermore.

    Thank you so much Pink Floyd.

  35. David,

    I’m a big French fan of you since the early 80s when I was a teenager. I attended 5 of your concerts from 1988 Versailles to 2006 Grand Rex.

    The Endless River record is absolutely great, huge and wonderful. I love it very much and I deeply thank you to have made it with Rick, with Nick and with the other collaborators. It does bring me much happiness, pleasure and emotions. With What We Do and Sum, as Rick said it’s like the Floyd again. The other parts of the records are great as well. I think and I say simply that it’s the Floyd again, for the last time and not for the least. These works reach the level of the Pink Floyd works during the late 60s and the 70s.

    Now, like most of the Pink Floyd fans and like all your fans, I wait for your coming solo album and tour, I highly enjoy them.

    See you during your tour.

  36. Today in Britain we have heavy snowfall in a lot of areas, the weather forecast has just been on TV and there are reporters around the country giving reports and pictures of how bad it is.

    I had to share this with music fans, one guy just said, “There are yellow snow warnings”!!! Cracked me up. (Frank Zappa song for those of you who have, momentarily, forgotten). 😀



    So happy I got my tickets for Gilmour’s concerts in Orange and in London thanks to you ! I have no word apart from just thank you !

  38. Looking forward to David and the band coming to the US. You will have very avid fans from TX and NY/CT coming to a show or two with wide smiles on their faces.

  39. Crosby, Bowie, J Beck, Waters… would be a lovely special guest at the Garden / April 11.

  40. hi lovely masters, just desired to inform you all pink floyd, we love you forever. why we grew up with your albums all and kept like dictionaries together till now and never miss you. (b.abbas iran)

  41. I agree with Susan…people love you!

    I’m so excited about the Radio City Music Hall date.

    Hope to get tickets, struck out on both Madison Square Garden shows. 🙁

    I can’t imagine how great the gig at Radio City will sound.

    All the best to everyone trying to get tickets for 10 April.

    See you at the big rock show!

  42. Hi, when will the password be released for the pre-sale please? I missed out last time, don’t want to do that again! Thanks FEd! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    1. It has been e-mailed already and isn’t being released. It’s not hidden on this blog anywhere. It was always meant just for those that contribute regularly, to thank them for their dedication, to get them into the best seats.

      Sorry to disappoint.

  43. I am so excited!!! Got tickets for his RAH show on the 25th September!! Obviously didn’t have the presale code so had to wait till this morning to get tickets (general release). They are in the nose bleed seats but I’m going & that’s all that matters!!!!

    Hoping he releases dates for Manchester. We Mancs love David Gilmour. 🙂 Am constantly refreshing his website page to see if any further dates come along. C’est la vie… I’m off to London anyway!!!

  44. Howdy.

    I’m hoping to get further tickets if David released more dates. Hubby has said he’ll put them on his credit card as a Xmas present. It’s just occurred to me though, if the card is my hubby’s, he has to come to the show too because of ID regulations and what not… How do I get around this?? I don’t have a credit card you see… My sister purchased the 2 we have on her card (she’s coming to the show).

    Sorry if I’m not allowed to post this here…

    1. We went to the show at the RAH on Sept 24th this year, and the tickets had been bought by the daughter of my friend. She wasn’t coming inside to the concert, but Security wanted to see her ID and that she was indeed related – so good that she came to the door to show us in.

      Not exactly sure what the policy is, but be prepared to bring your hubby to get in and then send him off to a local bar until the concert is over!

  45. Do you know I got tickets for Thursday, Friday now. I know Thursday we’re in the arena but the Friday I booked by phone and can’t remember where I’m sitting but like Kat says, it doesn’t matter as September was unforgettable and she’ll always remember that night and hope not being greedy and with pre sale code or not, Verona or Italy may happen again.

    And beer, oh what amber nectar and in litre glasses and I know not great for my condition but who cares? After a few glasses am there now watching the fashion parade going by. Sorry for the waffle but that’s the beauty of this site too which a few of us have followed for nigh on a decade. We’re on here because it’s a part of our lives now. And never any other reason than our love and appreciation of the main man and importantly Fed who has made this site so bloody entertaining and exciting. I’ll shut up now, snooze time for me and Floyd. Zzzzzzz.

    Kind Regards
    Damian n Floyd grrr

  46. It is high expectations that I await for this magic moment! God bless you for all peace and all comfort have you give us throughout this career.

    Welcome to Brasil! We await you with open hearts and arms!

  47. What good will if you “break the rules” of his set list, and pay tribute to Rick Wright, with songs like “Wearing the Inside Out” or “Louder Than Words” …

  48. Hello, anybody knows what HOTEL in Argentina Dave Gilmour will stay? THANK YOU AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH.

  49. I would like to hear Sum if there are thoughts on a bit of a set list change when Home.


  50. Shoot, missed the chat room today, had a story to tell and needed some advice. Oh well, next time…

    1. Today we will learn more. 😉

      Fingers crossed and drink a cup of rosehip tea, it will calm you. 🙂

      1. Hey FEd,

        didn’t you mean this Wednesday in the chatroom yesterday?

        We were waiting for you there.

        1. I’m sorry, I meant next Wednesday. There’s only one chat scheduled each week and this week’s was on Tuesday.

          Hope you can make the next one on Wednesday. 🙂

  51. We are lucky because we have made it and got two Tickets. We hope that he will play also in Wiesbaden in 07.05.2016.

    1. I hope for Wiesbaden too!

      When I first heard the rumour about it I was so happy because Cologne would be way too far away from me to get there.

  52. That means that he will not play in Wiesbaden, Right? Is Stuttgart the only Gig in Germany?

  53. uhhh I found where the invisible Arena di Verona Tickets are:


    How sang Talk Talk ?? “It’s a shame”…. a legalized shame.

    1. Link noted, Andrea. (I removed it because I don’t want to help them make money, the little shits.)

  54. OK, if David reads this….I am long time Pink Floyd fan. The B side to Momentary Lapse of Reason I could listen to for eternity. I am headed to the Toronto show on Friday April 1. I saw that he played Sorrow in a few shows (great song). My favorite though is Terminal Frost and would absolutely love to hear that tune live once again. Pretty sure they played it when I saw PF in ’88 though would appreciate to hear it one more time.

    David, if you’re listening…..I’m Craig from Clarkston, Michigan. Thanks either way…see you in Toronto!

  55. Could be true???!!!!!

    One of our politicians (here in Italy) have announced that 7 and 8 July 2016, David will be in Pompeii!!!!!!!

    Wowwwww…. sound impossible but amazing!!!!!

  56. what great news…hope I can get tickets in USA for Pompeii. that would be the concert of a lifetime.

  57. Hi David. How does one meet you in person, like at a meet and greet, a discussion panel, etc.? I will be attending your Chicago April 8th show. How does one go about shaking your hand, meeting you, asking you questions? Not wearing you out, I am easy on the eyes, and a smart girl. Would like to ask questions quickly, succinctly and be in your aura for 2- 30 seconds. My life is then complete.

    You have changed my life forever. You made living here bearable. You. And David Bowie.

  58. Awesome show at the Bowl 3-25-16. First and hopefully not the last time to see your show. Definitely a bucket list item checked off. Big fan and simply I would like to ask for a signed CD if at all possible.

    Wish the best to you and yours. Come back soon.


  59. Have I been living under a rock or have there been any Broadway plays written about the music and lyrics of such beautiful compositions?

  60. Thinking ahead (it feels like it, but it will be here soon enough!) does anybody know for sure which area in Pompeii will host the shows in July? I think it is going to be the Amphitheatre where the 1971 film was made, but there was a bit of confusion about the Large Theatre a while ago.

    If it is the Amphitheatre I guess there will be no seating options – the email confirming the ticket purchase did say Standing.

  61. Sorry I missed the chat, but I’m really stressed out right now.

    In one or two weeks it’s over. 🙂

  62. If it wasn’t for me only having iPad access I would join you in the chat room here from Lake Garda, Italy today. 😉 Have fun without me!

  63. I missed the last chat … and for sure I’ll miss the next one (the 27th)……. hope for one in the middle of the week next time….

    Have a good day(s)

  64. Guitar Scream
    Happy Birthday David… So glad I have you… I love you…

    Thanks for “ANISINA”
    Thanks for “ON AN ISLAND” (Turkish: ADADA)

    From Turkey (Türkiye’den) Özgür Göztepe

  65. When will Pink Floyd be in the United States?

    I saw the Division Dell/P.U.L.S.E concert at the Rose Bowl and it was excellent.

    Unfortunately I haven’t heard word one about another since.

  66. Sorry that I can’t join the chat today.

    We’re having a party here to celebrate my birthday.

    I will join you tomorrow!

    Have a nice chat today!

  67. Sorry I can’t join the chat today. Have a nice chat and a nice day!!!!

    NOTE… I got my ticket!!!!!!!! I can’t wait…. September if long to go!!!

  68. Hello Fed and fellow Irregulars,

    I can’t get in to chat because I’m not using my own laptop and it doesn’t have Adobe and I dare not try to install it without my daughter’s permission. (You all thought I was clever didn’t you ? 😀 ) My laptop suffered a water spill which I mopped up quickly and it looked dry. The following day it wouldn’t work. I put it in the airing cupboard for several days, it’s still not working. 🙁

    I wasn’t able to stay very long today anyway because I have to be somewhere for 2pm. I’m sorry I can’t come and chat, I miss you. 🙁 See you again soon !


    1. Oh no, what terrible luck.

      Hope your laptop’s feeling better, and we see you soon, Ash.

  69. Just bought 2 tickets for Bryan Adams. Then realised I can’t go as other commitments I forgot about. I am a complete div.

    Dopey Damo.

  70. I can’t believe it’s a year since I was on the road to Pompeii. Amazing memories. Really big thanks to Fed and of course David and Polly for this special time. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.


      1. Hi Ash. I’ve never been good in the heat. Pompeii was so hot. I’m so glad we finally cooled down in the UK. Good old Cumbria gave its best today, lots of lovely rain.


  71. Sorry, but I have to miss the chat today. There’s so much work to do today.

    Hope I can join you next time!

  72. My Company got hit by the cyber attack. Did anyone else get attacked? Well, I’m having a lie in tomorrow. Wahay, cheers Cybermen.

    PS I told the office staff to turn PC off then on again, and all I got was dirty looks.


    1. 😀 Don’t forget to pull some cable out and put it straight back in again. Blow the end of the cable first for good measure.

      1. LOL, it’s still down for a least the next few days. I just wonder how much they want to put it back on again. But that’s me not getting up till 10 am instead of 6 am.

        Damian zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  73. Hi Irregulars, I can’t make it into the chatroom today as I’m in Manchester.

    It’s been brilliant, my 2nd time down here. It’s a Beautiful city. Great People and a fantastic musical history and some bands that hail from here too! I saw Radiohead on Tuesday they were good. gigging with Manchester fans (Specially) was Absolutely Fantastic an Honor that was. I’m staying near the Arena which Radiohead were due to play two nights 4th & 5th but that was changed to 1 night at the cricket ground and apparently won’t be opening again till September. I’m due to see gigs in there in September and October so feel some connection with the place in all 4 gigs I would have had there this year. I walked past the Arena and Paid my respect to everyone involved that night, and those innocent people who were sadly lost (mainly youngsters) all cos they went out to enjoy some live music.

    I can’t explain the feelings (anyone with half a heart would be hard pushed to go past there and not feel a thing) it hit’s home what happened when you visit a place something has happened when you feel just a little bit of the pain and loss still there with your own heart and soul it still don’t touch on or what the victims and families went through, are still going through, but makes you realise just how tragic that whole thing is. It also shows just how strong and United the good folk of Manchester are and how well everyone – the Emergency Services, General public, and local businesses – came together in support of the victims and families. I have the Deepest respect for the People of Manchester and the city.

    I can’t make chat today as I’m going to another concert tonight and once again blessed and proud to be gigging with the Good People of Manchester. What an honour, twice in 1 week.

    1. Its famous for having 2 really shit football teams as well.


  74. Absolutely amazing concert film. The best I’ve ever seen…

    Camera, sound, the band, light effects, the vibe going on in Pompeii and David on fire!

    Love it!

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