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Clive Welham

David’s former bandmate, Clive Welham, passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon. He had been ill for some time.

He played drums in several Cambridge bands, of these, two included David. Firstly, and for about a year from 1962, they were The Ramblers – along with Chris Marriot on vocals; John Gordon, Mervyn Marriot and Albie Prior on guitars; and Richard Baker on bass. Shortly after disbanding, they, with John Gordon, formed the better-known Jokers Wild. Their fellow Jokers were vocalist and multi-instrumentalist David Altham, bassist Tony Sainty (who left in 1966, to be replaced by David’s brother, Peter Gilmour, and Rick Wills, who would later play with Foreigner and Bad Company; Clive Welham’s eventual replacement, as some of you will know, was Willie Wilson, who would provide drums and percussion, and join up once more with Rick Wills, on David’s eponymous 1978 debut album.)

He also played during the spring of 1962 with Syd Barrett in Geoff Mott and the Mottoes, with vocalist Geoff Mott and bassist Tony Sainty.

A gentleman who will be greatly missed.

You all have access to the crackly Jokers Wild recording, a five-track EP released in 1965, I’m sure, so do give it a listen in memory of Clive. Perhaps you’d also care to join me in listening to the many great numbers from the early-to-mid-Sixties that he and David, in their various bands, would have covered with tremendous enthusiasm. Do let me know what you’re listening to. It must have been such an exciting time for young musicians with aspirations of eking out a career in music.

Rest in peace, Clive.