David Gilmour In Concert


As you may have noticed from our Latest News, the 2001 Meltdown show at London’s Royal Festival Hall – which became ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ upon its release on DVD in late 2002 – could well be appearing on a television near you.

If you live in Portugal, then RTP will broadcast it on Saturday 22 April on RTP1, with a repeat following in May.

Contrary to reports elsewhere, the UK’s Channel 4 will not be showing this concert on Saturday 15 April.

We’ll let you know the broadcast times, and which other countries are going to be airing the concert, when we have all the details.

We’ve got two full tracks and four clips from this concert on the Discography page, by the way.

Can we also put an end to the endless questions about a DVD of the ‘On An Island’ tour by saying that a DVD is being discussed and we’ll let you know when an official decision has been made.

There are no plans, however, for a live CD.