Green songs

It’s Friday, it’s St Patrick’s Day, so let’s face it: if you can’t let your hair down and have a bit of fun today, when can you? You’re highly likely to see more green than you’d usually see, perhaps even wish to see, in increasingly lively celebration of St Paddy – not Patty, never Patty – and the enchanting Emerald Isle, so we might as well be entirely predictable and join blogs everywhere in focusing on green songs. Heck, we’ve done it before, but that was ages ago (no cheating now) and since when did we let that stop us? We know better than anyone, as Floyd fans, that ‘Green Is the Colour’ – and it is, especially today.

Green in the title, green in the lyric, even green in the name of the artist. Hey, we’ll take it all.

Obviously there’s The Lemon Pipers’ ‘Green Tambourine’, The Small Faces’ ‘Green Circles’, Shakin’ Stevens’ ‘Green Door’, The National’s ‘Green Gloves’…

The Jam had a pocket full of pretty green, Joni Mitchell had a ‘Little Green’ on an album called, um, Blue.

‘All the World Is Green’, declared Tom Waits. (If only it were, Tom. If only it were.)

See if you recognise the ten songs listed below and can recall the next line or two. For each that you know, please help test our fading memories by posting a suitably green lyric to identify. You know you want to play.

1) Take me down to the paradise city
2) Hair of gold and lips like cherries
3) Strange, beautiful grass of green
4) How can you stop the rain from falling down?
5) You opened the door, I let myself in
6) I thought yellow was pretty but…
7) Strip mines and one-crop farming drained the green earth dry
8) Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams
9) All the proud trees are standing as green as the sky
10) In a bottle of noodles I found a small green fish

Have a nice weekend, everyone. The chatroom will be open later – from 4pm (UK) – if you’ve nothing better to do than start it early by dropping in to say hello. Newcomers welcome, as are old friends, so don’t be shy.