Guy’s answers

You asked Guy Pratt some questions. Well, here are his answers.

Thanks again, Guy.

Is there a Pink Floyd song that you never played live and would like to? (Andrea)
‘Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast’. Obviously.

Growing up, what was the first major band/artist concert that you attended? Not that I want to brag or anything, but mine was Led Zeppelin on the “II” tour. (John nff)
Thin Lizzy with Graham Parker & the Rumour, Jailbreak tour, Victoria Apollo – ’75, I think.

If there’s a song you’d like to add to the current tour that hasn’t been played yet what would it be? (Kris)
‘There’s No Way Out of Here’.

What covers, if any, do the current band like to jam out on when rehearsing or fooling around? (Angelo Ortiz)
You’d be amazed. Stage left is a bit jazz, I like to crack open the old disco classics on stage right from time to time.

My favorite bass line on the new songs is ‘Today’, when I heard it live I just wanted to dance, what is your favorite bass line on the new songs? (Luca)
‘Today’, of course.

You had been touring with Bryan Ferry before he had some health issues. Will you join him again on any dates? (Rae Ringguard)

There must be something somebody could do to convince David to play ‘Dogs’ live… any idea what that might be? I’m sure you could sing Roger’s vocal parts with great ease! (IMcK)
It’s just too long. You’d have to sacrifice about five other songs and we’ve got a lot to pack in.

You played with a lot of artists, on a lot of continents, in quite an impressive number of venues. What would be, in your opinion, the greatest venue in the world? (Stefan)
There’s something about Madison Square.

What’s the story relating to the “That’s All Folks” T-shirt on this tour? (KenF)
In the Live at Pompeii film, when David is in the studio singing ‘Echoes’, it’s on the T-shirt he’s wearing.

Did you have any input in the set list, especially for the inclusion of ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Run Like Hell’? (Heather)
I make suggestions certainly, not that it really makes much difference.

Is that true that you played bass with the Mexican girls “Flans”? (Jose Tapia)
I played on a record of theirs, but never met them. I have a Mexican Platinum album for my troubles.

Do you think you and Johnny Marr will ever start the band you talked about in your book? (Tom R)
That moment is long passed. I love how Johnny’s evolved into a great elder statesman of the guitar, though.