Five favourites


We hope you’re making the most of what’s left of 2005… and what’s left of the Christmas chocolates!

The latest round of comments has been as good as ever, so do keep them coming in. If your message has not been posted, or has been edited ever so slightly, then it’s either because the answer is already contained in these blog entries, or over on David’s site, or because you didn’t say anything other than "Come to my country, pleeeease!"

We have posted several such messages in the interest of fairness, but we know where demand to see David is great so, please, no more! Unless you actually have something to say that will be of interest to David and his fans, then I’m afraid that these messages will no longer be added.

Lastly, if there’s no confirmed show for your town or city announced on the Live Dates  page, then there’s no way you can get tickets for it… because there is no show! You can only see David playing at the shows we have announced.

OK, so for a change, we thought it would be nice to hear which are your favourite David Gilmour/Pink Floyd songs. You probably have your own ideas as to how David’s 2006 tour will pan out, bearing in mind the musicians you have seen working with him in the studio – thanks to Polly’s photographs – and by the types of venue David will be performing at. You might be lucky and find that David ends up playing one of your favourite songs, in addition to the new material from ‘On An Island’.

We cannot stress enough, though, that this is just for fun and to create some discussion amongst fans curious as to which songs David might choose to perform. (Don’t take it too seriously!) That’s not to say that David won’t be interested in your selections, so get your thinking caps on and let us know which tracks you think would sound great in the live environment that David and his band will soon be creating across Europe and North America.

Please limit your comments to just five songs per post, although you can, of course, post as many times as you like with a different five songs each time. It just keeps things looking neater and makes it easier for others to read if everyone avoids lengthy lists that take an age to trawl through.

Another of Polly’s pictures tomorrow.