The 'Blog House' Rules


Yes, I’m afraid they’re needed and I apologise in advance if anyone feels patronised by them. Much of this is common sense, and many of you will already follow these rules without even trying. But many of you don’t, which is why I’m making them clear.

There are more changes in the pipeline, starting with a possible major change with regards to how you post your comments later this week.

I hope you can see that the following are not unreasonable requests. They’re for the good of everyone, to improve the blog’s appeal to newcomers and to make reading the comments easier for all.

So, here we go:

– No queries about rumours you’ve seen or heard, particularly on fansites (if I have something to tell you, I will tell you).
– No questions that belong on the FAQs page (David reads, but he’s not going to answer you).
– No URLs (even in the URL field, which is soon to be removed; for now, they will be deleted by me if you can’t do it yourself).
– No names of websites (eBay and Amazon excepted).
– No requests for us to link to your website (the answer is always ‘no’).
– No e-mail addresses to be included with your comments (it’s just not happening anymore).
– No home addresses and telephone numbers (for obvious reasons).
– No references to Pink Floyd tribute bands (you’re not getting any free advertising out of us, sorry).
– No personal questions about David’s family, including any mention of his children’s names.
– No questions about Pink Floyd releases (it’s nothing to do with me, I’m involved with David only).
– No requests for autographs or other freebies (as refusal may offend).
– No reference to bootlegging (you know ‘our’ stance on it, so let it drop).
– No speculation as to the identity of “The Mysterious FEd” (very boring).
– No ridiculously lengthy posts (yes, you know what I mean by that).
– No snapping at someone who demonstrates a contrasting viewpoint to your own (please try to be a little more tolerant).
– No adding comments relevant only to old blog entries to the current entry (please put them where they belong).

That’s not so bad, is it?

Prior to this, I have edited much of the above to enable your comments to pass through. Now I’m going to have to start deleting entire comments if they don’t conform to these guidelines. So, please bear all of the above in mind when writing, and, as well as a happier FEd, you’ll notice that your comments will be published much faster.

If everyone stays on topic, makes their long comments a little shorter and shows a bit more respect for the opinions of others, I’m sure we can welcome more people into the fold and enjoy ourselves more.

Let’s remember that this website and tour are by-products of David’s new album, ‘On An Island’. That’s what I’m interested in, so that’s what I want to be discussing. Anything else is likely to be deleted.

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know what you think.