Regal cinemas

blog3.jpgJust to update you on the ticketing situation for the one-night only showings of the Mermaid Theatre concert on Tuesday 16 May.

Obtaining tickets has caused quite a few headaches. Not all theatres have an online booking option in place, so your best bet is to contact the cinema directly if you can’t get anywhere with the Big Screen Concerts website.

Click here for a full list of the 101 participating cinemas across the US, then find the telephone number of your chosen venue online or in your local directory. Give them a ring and they will be happy to assist you.

If you’re determined to book online, then you can also give Fandango a try, as many of you have told us that you have purchased your tickets through them already.

The concert, recorded in London on 7 March and attended by many blog regulars, features the following tracks: Castellorizon, On an Island, The Blue, Take A Breath, Smile, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wearing The Inside Out, High Hopes and Comfortably Numb.

Do let us know if you’ve got tickets. If you’re curious, have a look at the 8 March post to read what those who attended the concert had to say about it.

That’s all for one week. Have a good weekend, all.