Robert Wyatt


Thanks for another fine response to yesterday’s blog about the greatest David Gilmour/Pink Floyd bass lines. No matter who played them, or who is the better bassist, your comments made for interesting reading.

We’ve had even more fantastic ideas for David’s forthcoming live shows, such as starting and ending the show with ‘Echoes’ (as in the Pompeii film), re-inventing tracks from ‘Obscured By Clouds’, an acoustic ‘Sorrow’ (so suggests Tim Taylor) and cover versions of all varieties.

Which brings us quite nicely to today’s teaser, in fact.

Let us know which tracks you think David could work his magic on. Any artist, any song.

We’ve already seen ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ (thanks to Gem) and ‘Tangled Up in Blue’ (thanks for that, Stephen), as well as numerous tracks that David has made a contribution to as a guest artist, such as Michael Kamen’s beautiful ‘Sacha’ (good thinking, Nick) and Supertramp’s ‘Brother Where You Bound’ (a fine idea, Yoni).

Several of you seem curious to hear a Dire Straits cover, with James Q suggesting ‘So Far Away’, to give just one example. We’ve even had a couple of Scissor Sisters tracks thrown in for good measure, courtesy of Brendon Doran… although I personally think they’re getting a better deal by being allowed to cover Pink Floyd songs, to be honest with you.

Remember, this is just for fun. These are suggestions, not requests. David is not guaranteed to see any of them, never mind take a fancy to them and fit them into his live set.

But then again, he might see them all.

Five suggestions only, please. Not everyone kept to five the last time we asked a similar question, which is perfectly understandable bearing in mind just how many excellent songs there have been, but it made tallying up harder. Have a heart, OK? No more than five per post.

Today’s photograph is of Robert Wyatt. Robert was a founder member of Soft Machine and also formed Matching Mole before embarking on a solo career. In 2001, he was curator of the annual Meltdown music festival held at London’s Royal Festival Hall, which paved the way for David’s own semi-acoustic shows in 2002. His latest album, ‘Cuckooland’, was released in 2003 and included a contribution from David.

More of Polly’s photographs to come.

Thanks again to everyone who has had some involvement in the blog to date. Keep it up.