Second lines

A wee quiz to kick off the week and perhaps momentarily divert your mind from impending transfers of star players to clubs you most strongly detest, as well as that horrid little word that will be mentioned time and time again today: tax.

It’s second lines of song lyrics; the first would obviously give away the song title, which would not do. Can you identify the song from a solitary line? Please also offer up a few for others to ponder over and, hopefully, recognise. Keep us all distracted from the nauseating torture that is, for some of us, 31 January.

Happy Birthday to Phil Manzanera, who celebrates today. In tribute, here’s Roxy Music and the gorgeously groovy ‘Amazona’ – from 1973’s Stranded album.

Good year, 1973. Unlike 1976. (Sorry, but you were unable to convince me that, on reflection and on the whole, the year’s musical output was anything above ‘half-decent’, but thank you for trying and for reminding me of the highlights I’d overlooked. We’ll focus on the Eighties next time. That ought to make 1976 look remarkably better in an instant.)

So, those songs that need identifying today, if you please:

01. Do you miss me tonight?
02. The girl who once had me down
03. …that I wish you saw, sarcastic Mr Know-it-all
04. Anyway, I’d like to try; I can’t stop thinking of you
05. …that leads to your door will never disappear
06. Lately things just don’t seem the same
07. Watch it now, ’cause
08. Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long
09. Trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to money then you die
10. And freedom tastes of reality

This week’s chat is on Thursday at 3pm (UK). Hope to see you there.