Pompeii trailer

Everyone loves Rolling Stone, so this is a suggestion to head over to www.rollingstone.com tomorrow, not before 2pm (UK) right now (!), because they will have the world exclusive and very lovely Live at Pompeii trailer. I know you’ll want to see that.

Feel free to come here first; I will have filled in the blanks by then.

An update on cinema tickets.

These are now on sale across some parts of Latin America: Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Colombia’s will be on sale on Thursday (13th).

We are still waiting for Argentina, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay, and thank you for your continued patience.

Sweden’s are on sale tomorrow (the 12th) and if you were wondering, tickets in Hungary, Romania and South Africa go on sale next month.

More information as it comes in. You can search for countries, towns and cities at the ever-growing davidgilmourcinematickets.com.

Live at Pompeii will be showing across 55 countries and territories, with more cinemas expected to take part in this special September event.

And I am so annoyed that we didn’t make a Bingo-type game to go with this. 55 countries and territories! What an opportunity wasted.