The Blog, God rest its soul, was perhaps the most remarkable part of David’s official website. It was where fans could have their say on a wide variety of topics, not necessarily about David or even music in general.

David read it, he did not write it. It was run by a fan*, for fans. For fun.

The views expressed, therefore, were not necessarily those of David, his management or record companies (but often were).

Indeed, certain views were not always popular with David, his management or record companies, but if the editor could justify their publication, and if their publication would generate positive discussion, they were always welcome.

Constructive criticism and helpful feedback was never turned away. Disagreement, lest we forget, is healthy.

Although comments were held for moderation and may have been edited ever so slightly, this was only ever for your own good, as well as for presentation’s sake. Obviously, there are things you simply cannot say (unless you have the desire, time and money to fight expensive lawsuits, that is).

If your comments were ever altered, it was because there were spelling or grammatical mistakes, factual errors, annoying use of text talk (“When R U coming 2…?”) or redundant squiggles, dots and dashes which added nothing to your intended point and instead might have stopped people from wanting to read on. That’s all. (The editor was also a bit OCD, you see.)

The Blog ran for twelve long years, closing in January 2018. It published well over 100,000 comments, and, in 2007, was deemed Best Music Blog at the BT Digital Music Awards. The previous year, it was voted second best in the same category at the Weblog Awards. Shucks.

But above all else, and what mattered most: it became a nice place to spend some precious time.

Thank you for making it both interesting and entertaining.

* ‘FEd’ was short for ‘Features Editor’. Back in the blog’s early days, the latter days of 2005, before Facebook and Twitter, the blog was known simply as the ‘Features’ page and existed as part of David’s then developing site as a means of announcing updates on his forthcoming album, On an Island, as well as welcoming reaction from all who were interested in hearing it and seeing it performed live. The name stuck.