End of the Line

Well, my dear bloggers, I hate to be the bearer of bad news when I ought to be wishing you a Happy New Year – badly – in several languages and asking how much chocolate you’ve got left after Christmas and which books you’re reading (probably), but I need to come right out and tell you that, brace yourselves: this is the end of the line for this little old blog.

It’s been a long line, a really long line. When the idea of a blog came up, back in 2005, as a means of keeping the fans in touch with On an Island developments, in the days before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made it quicker and easier to do so, nobody really believed it would last anywhere near as long as it has. I thought we’d enjoy a few rocky months; I didn’t think we’d have one year, never mind twelve!

And hasn’t it been jolly good fun at times?

We packed in plenty of random nonsense around Polly’s photos, band/crew Q&As, polls, contests and teasers. (Oh, why not? For old time’s sake, do what you wish with The Traveling Wilburys’ ‘End of the Line’ and feel free, naturally, one last time, to add other relevant songs about ends, lines or anything else that fits. Go on, for me.)

There were some rather good concerts and albums and DVDs and things to eagerly await and discuss, as well. These were very often significant enough for you to pack up and travel halfway around the world to enjoy in the company of your fellow Irregulars, forging friendships that I know will continue for a long time to come. I love the fact they blossomed here.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making it possible that I may bid you this final fond farewell in 2018 and not in 2006 as anticipated. Thank you for your honesty and humour, your passion, patience, kindness and support. For being so nice to one another, which is the most important thing in an often unkind world. Please never stop.

It’s been special indeed but, like all good things, it always had to end sometime. Instead of being sad about this, I hope you can take pride in knowing that you kept it going this long and we wouldn’t have nearly as much to smile about on reflection if we’d had only those rocky few months that many, quite reasonably, expected.

Cheers, everyone. All the very best. Shine On.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I’m so sad to read this FEd, but I understand that all good things must end.

    Not to get too nostalgic, but I have visited the blog since 2005, and remember David’s site kicking off. Wasn’t there an FAQ in which someone asked about the “reggae band” in High Hopes? As an aspiring guitarist (still am aspiring…) I was obsessed with all things David Gilmour back then (surely every teenage male goes through this phase?!) and The Blog was timed perfectly for the insane anticipation for his then-upcoming solo album. Fond memories.

    I have always enjoyed your thoughtful posts and while I’ve been quieter than I was in my obsessive music hungry youth, The Blog has remained on my frequented sites list.

    Through The Blog we’ve also been very lucky. I’m fairly sure you ran a presale for the OAI tour which I managed to get great seats for in Glasgow with my dad – one of my favourite concert memories. So lucky. And more recently the Rattle That Lock tour presale meant I could revisit that and treat my dad to a 60th birthday present he’ll remember!

    I really have appreciated your efforts over the years, especially keeping The Blog going during David’s downtime. I will miss visiting and I’m sure you’ll miss posting.

    Genuinely FEd, I can honestly say my life took a different tangent as a result of The Blog and your input to it. I think everyone has a defining moment in their late teens, where they realise what kind of music they are into and it shapes them as a person, affecting everything thereafter, really. As I said before, The Blog was perfectly timed for me, in that way, and I will forever associate it with being young, inept at guitar, but a huge David Gilmour fan nonetheless.

    Sincerely – Thank you for everything, and all the best for whatever lies ahead, FEd.

    1. What can I say Fed, Thank you.

      I would love to keep in touch, even if it is just to hear your thoughts on the latest album from your beloved Radiohead, or the fortunes of perennial overachievers Liverpool.

      I still remember the first visits to the blog, probably in late 2005, looking for tickets to the Mermaid Theatre gig, and being unsuccessful.

      The drama (for me) of trying to secure pre-sale tickets to the RAH concerts for 2006 and who could forget the drama for all of us trying to get tickets to Leicester Square when the Odeon call centre thought we were all mad.

      And thank you for those front row seats at the Ritzy. It was a random assignment I’m sure but somehow you randomly got me there. Not that I had the balls to put my hand up and ask a question.

      The chats – for those who ever took part, I always looked forward to those when work allowed me to dip in.

      You have helped to forge a wonderful community and it is a shame to know it is ending. So thank you very much indeed, and all the very best for 2018 and beyond.

      I have questions – which you don’t need to publish but can email me if appropriate (or even just to keep in touch).

      Is the site staying up? For archive purposes?

      If it is not – is there any chance someone could take a copy and host it for the community – for archive purposes? I understand there may be legalities involved with such an idea but I am willing to volunteer.

      I’m at a bit of a loss for what to say really, I came on the site regularly but rarely commented over the last few years, and made it to chats even less frequently.

      Honestly everything I try and type in sounds like a cliche or just so, ugh, contrived.

      It was great talking to you these last 12 years mate, I hope we can keep in touch. All the best.


      1. I hope and expect it will stay up, but certainly appreciate your kind offer.

        All the best, mate. I’m glad I was able to help.

    2. Hi all!

      The internet archive has quite a few captures, so at least a public available archive will be kept. I’m sure the one or other blogger has mirrored the contents privately, too…

      Still, it will be very unusual to start my browsers without having the blog in my starting pages. I wonder if the news section of the website will be mocked up, or if we will need to relay to Twitter/Instagram for our doses of Gilmour news?



  2. O my but as they say all good things come to an end. It has been a wonderful journey. The high point for me was the special presale for the Pompeii concerts. I stressed all weekend knowing that I really wanted to go but it wasn’t until that Sunday that I knew I had a chance. And I was ready with that presale info that FEd provided. It was magnificent.

    The people I’ve meet albeit most only in a virtual sense has also been wonderful. And I know that even though I have not communicated with my French friend in quite some time, I will miss Michele. Interesting to note that she is a math teacher and my middle daughter is now also teaching algebra.

    FEd, I do wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do next. It has been a great ride and it has been joyous getting to know you through this forum. Wherever you go be sure David still allows you to take your pointy stick and make sure that no matter what Lucia says, Radiohead will not be on any of your playlists.


    1. You know, I still haven’t told anyone about this. The admonishment was so strong that I’ve never admitted it to anyone. (Ok, maybe one person waaaay after the event.). I even waited until after the public onsale to celebrate my tickets because the secret was going to die with me.

      I was sitting on the couch when I got that first email and my husband hears me say, “OMIGOD.” I tried reading it aloud to him but started blubbering only a few sentences in.

      And I struggled to wait, like, eight whole minutes before replying YESSSS because it said to really think about it. 8 minutes surely conveys consideration, right? Seven minutes is fancy but 8 is deep contemplation.

      I didn’t even wait for permission. I was going even if the husband wasn’t.

      I grabbed airfare and hotel that weekend to keep my hands busy. Even if the presale didn’t happen, I was going to fight for my biglietti, or lurk in the bushes that surely surround the amphitheater if they sold out on me. I also got Rosetta Stone so that I could learn to say all manner of useless Italian phrases about walking, horses and the sky.

      I didn’t go to bed that Sunday night, and bit my nails bloody starting at 2am, which was 9am FEd time and surely presale time. I got the code at about 3:30am my time and bugged FEd at 5am my time with a live feed of my comedy of errors on the ticketone.it site. Multiple credit cards rejected, presale code expired, I had to do it without a translator on my phone and with PayPal to get it done. I was shaking so hard when I finally successfully bought my tickets.

      I’ll always remember this. The journey was as important as the destination and I will be forever grateful to FEd. And to all of you who kept the secret well enough that we got the presale.

      It was epic.

      I try not to talk about it, that I – ME – was allowed to sit at the feet of the volcano in the anfiteatro that had to be reclaimed from her fury and I dared to shake the earth. I watched Gilmour unleash the Titans, my breastbone split open by sound, my spirit leaving breadcrumbs in that moment to call me back to those memories and sustain me for the rest of my life.

      It’s all because of you, FEd. Gratitude isn’t even the right word.

      1. Maya,

        You are absolutely correct in that strong admonishment that FEd imposed on us and he was 100% correct in doing that. I certainly was not going to Tweet the info let alone pass it on to anyone. FEd actually knows how serious I am about concert tickets and my feelings on touts. We discussed it many times both here on the blog and in the chat room.

        So while I was not going to share the precious details, I still had to inquire with some close friends if there was any interest in taking the journey. My wife could not go, so it was off to plan two.

        My one concert buddy who is also a huge DG & PF fan basically asked me if I was nuts. Later when I already had all the plans worked out he was very jealous and wished he would have said yes.

        My only other option was my boss as I know he was a huge fan and he had the means to do this. He immediately said yes and then said to get six tickets as he wanted to bring his whole family. Of course that was not possible, Max was two.

        It was good that he didn’t get six because in the end he couldn’t go and I was left with the extra ticket.

        While I wanted to swap with someone for the Thursday show so that I could attend both, that was not possible. In the end, the girl at the desk of my hotel was a huge fan. I ended up taking her to the show. I even had a spare DG tour shirt from NY that I gave to her as well. It felt great that a local was able to experience this event. And I actually did find someone who had an extra ticket for Thursday, so all worked out great.

        I met many great people on that trip albeit not many irregulars. Mainly because I’m not actually in touch with many and the ones I am in touch with didn’t go.

        But for someone who lives for live performances this was a top event in my lifetime and believe me I have quite a list.


        1. I wish I were a functioning human in Pompeii. I missed the chance to meet you and Asilo, Echoes Bob and Ash.

          One day, let’s get together before or after a concert somewhere. I’d love to hear about your list. I understand being quite deadly serious about concerts. I’m from the generation that only babysat other people’s brats for concert money. (Was there any other reason?)

          I’m not sure if I still have your email address because of new computer issues but mine is […]. (Bollocks to the rules this time FEd – I’m losing those chains.)

            1. Ok ok. Can’t blame a rebel for trying.

              I really do wish you the very best, FEd. Wherever you end up will be so very lucky to have you.

  3. ‘And in the End, the Love you take is equal to the love you make’.

    Sorry I’ve no other words in this moment.


    1. Emilio, thank you for correcting my Italian so that my improper cursing is, at least, grammatically correct. ❤️

  4. Hey you FEd, this has come out of the blue today. It’s with a huge pain in my heart that I read your post tonight. I’m lost for words, and hit by a great sorrow, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support over the years and the many many hours of enjoyment I received reading the blog, not quite each day but irregularly you might say. You’ve brought many a smile to my face. Thanks for the opportunity to get tickets to the shows and we even to got up close at some gigs which was tantastic.

    We’ve got some great memories from the past 12 years, really has it been that long? I wish you well for the future and I’m sure you are not going so far away to leave us marooned, to be poles apart for ever and ever but I hope our paths will cross again in time. I guess I knew that the endless river would come one of these days even after you’ve given us some of the happiest days of our lives on this blog. We are not near the end, it’s what and where we start, Shine On.

    Fondest regards,
    Tom B – Dublin

  5. This is a very sad post. I feel rather guilty as I have not contributed regularly as I once did, but sometimes it’s nice to lurk and read in silence.

    My life has changed so much since I found this blog. I was new to the internet and had never heard of a blog.

    This community not only fed my musical desires, but I was able to make many beautiful friends here during an extremely lonely time in my life.

    I matured and changed my thought processes to include the rest of the world as being relevant to my life. I took my first trip over seas. I survived a divorce, job changes, bad relationships, and still I managed to I grow into a better and hopefully a more intelligent person. I know these changes were directly to the credit of this blog, to you Fed and the many Irregulars.

    I will always be grateful for this.

    Thank you Fed, for all the years of service you’ve given to us. You’ve been more than diligent in always making things happen and providing good reads. Although you are unknown to us as a face, your witt and charm were always present.

    I love you, Fed.

    I love you David Gilmour. Thank you for making my life exponentially much better just by doing what you love. Your music never fails to sooth my heart and connect to my soul. If you only knew how many tears I’ve cried just because your voice and your beautiful music was able to reach my heart so deeply.

    My only regret is that I was never able to meet you in person, although I did get to ask you a question at the Ritzy. That was close enough I guess.

    I really hope this isn’t the end of your music.

    May you hike many more majestic mountains and sail on every vast sea.

    I wish good health and peace to you all.

    The light within me honors and loves the light within you…Namaste ❤️

    Melissa (*_*)

    “If This is Goodbye” – Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris
    (Don’t listen to this, it will make a bulldog cry)

    1. This is the end of the line for me and for this blog, not David’s music, website, etc. Don’t worry about that (or feel guilty, you’ve no need to).

      Take care of yourself, Melissa. Please don’t be sad.

  6. Never Can Say Good Bye. Jackson 5 or Gloria Gaynor it’s up your taste, FEd.

    Thank you man, God bless you.

  7. Nope.

    You weirdos are my people. This can not be allowed.

    Why FEd?

    Can I comment better after I go through my stages of grief? (No – not if the blog is ending!)

    Is Gilmour okay? Are you?

    Should I have shut up more?

    What is going on?! No. Just no. Please no.

    1. David is absolutely fine, don’t worry.

      You will be able to comment for a little while, and I hope the blog will stay online beyond this time, albeit as an archive.

      1. Are you ok? You really can have one of my kidneys if you need it. My liver is in good shape too.

        I’ll keep compulsively checking for a final chat room jam. And I’ll drive you crazy with questions.

        This is still terrible, rotten news.

        1. And stop being slippery. You’ll still talk to us on twitter, please? Even if your answer, “yes of course” is a lie, there’s not enough comfort food on the planet to fill this gaping hole.

  8. Much to say but I’ll be brief. This blog has been such a part of life for a long time. FEd…your friendship and guidance has been tremendous. My Irregular friends…hopefully more meetings to come.

    I propose, as FEd will not be in an official capacity, the said FEd be designated as an official Irregular. 🙂

    That means you need to reveal your identity!

    I’m going to let this sink in a while.

  9. If I had a dick, this would be a donkey punch in it.

    Thank you all for everything. I’ve loved every minute of it and all of you.

    Can you pass my email address to Michele? I think she’s the only one that I’m not connected to somewhere.

    Oh FEd. I can’t tell you how much you’ve impacted my life. I’m so bad at this. You’ll always have my deepest gratitude. I am your man for life.

    I gotta go cry. I mean to send so much more love than this, I’m just so sad right now. It’s coming out clouded by tears. 🙁

  10. Thank you so much FEd!

    I am the very last one who did contribute to this blog but I felt nevertheless being part of a large family here.

    Please keep on making us feel part of this family again.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  11. What the f**k . I was just a young man of 57 back in 2005. Fed, you did a hell of a job managing this highly entertaining blog for David’s website. Thank you Fed for bringing us together from all around the world in the spirit of peace and love. Will you still be around the website in some capacity?

    “Then one day you find ten years have got behind you”


    1. Cheers, George. I won’t be involved in any capacity; it’s time for me to move on and get a proper job. 😉

          1. And don’t forget those exquisite exceptional skills in ‘playing’ the keyboard, FEd. 🙂

            (Hope it makes sense, it does in my mind.)

  12. I don’t even know what to say. Here’s a start:

    Goodbye, dear FEd! You were a friend, helper, and oracle. You aided us in learning great terms like stroppy pillock. You gave us the scoop on David-related things, helped us get tickets to events. You coordinated things behind the scenes and went to bat for us. Heck, I’m not even sure I would be on Twitter if it weren’t for you. I’d like to know what your plans are but that is probably asking too much. So I will end with: all the best to you and thank you so much for everything you did for us! I can honestly say David, his music, you and the blog, and new friends I made in the chatroom changed my life. xoxo

  13. Oh FEd, I am so, so sad! However, I am equally proud that I ‘sucked it up’ and got rid of my petty shyness and put digits to keyboard.

    The fact that The Blog lasted as long as it did is a true testament to your dedication and loyalty. Thank you for sharing it all with us and giving us such a DIVINE space to come to … the laughter and tears; the debates; the silliness; the chatter of food and drink; the sharing of music (God, I’ve learned so much!); and of course our mutual love of ALL things David Gilmour.

    Words fail me when they shouldn’t and tears are falling freely.

    Sixto Rodriguez-Forget It

  14. Absolutely Curtains?
    Burning Bridges
    Comfortably Numb
    Faces Of Stone
    Goodbye Blue Sky
    High Hopes
    In Any Tongue
    Jugband Blues
    Keep Talking
    Love On The Air
    No Way
    Out Of The Blue
    (A)Pocketful Of Stones
    Quietly, Quintessentially, Quitting.
    Rattle That Lock
    There’s No Way Out Of Here
    Until We Sleep
    Wish You Were Here
    (e)Xtremely, eXacerbated, eXit
    You Know I’m Right
    Zaddened Zatt you’re Zeroing out on us all FEd

      1. Sorry FEd, I just couldn’t help myself.

        It simply had to be done, in deference to the generosity you have imparted to Irregulars internationally throughout the last 12 unforgettable years.

        On a totally selfish level I’ll continue to live in the hope that you will be recalled to reprieve your role, if and when David eventually has a new album and tour to promote.

        Otherwise, how on earth will we all be able to reap the benefits from the ‘insider dealing’ we’ve been fortunate to take advantage of and enjoy with relish via your good self, when OAI and RTL came along?

        1. I really shouldn’t have tweeted “Bye for now,” should I?

          I have to say that this isn’t a temporary leave of absence; this really is for good. Next time, if there is a next time, it will be without me. And I’m sure it will be great.

          1. No, I would never contribute to (not even visit) another David Gilmour Blog without you, FEd. Never!

      1. Oh, OK then.

        Finally, here’s one more with some of FEd’s better traits…

        Tenacious (until now)

  15. Well, well, well, so this is the end of the line? Thank you some much to David and Polly for this space, and thank you, FEd, for shepherding this space for over a decade. It has been a special place indeed, and I am proud to have contributed in whatever small ways that helped. You identify remains anonymous, but your soul is very familiar to me and to all of us.

    And if the Blog you’re in starts playing different tunes, I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

    Where we start is where we end.

    Isn’t this where…

  16. Can’t believe that’s it. My well wishes go to all. I remember being in university when this all started, now in the midst of my 30’s.

    For one last time,
    Simon J

  17. Thanks, FEd for putting so many of us together. I can’t describe the feeling of walking down the street in Pompeii and having someone come up and ask “Are you EchoesBob from the blog?” It was Emilio of course who recognized me from the bonus video way back on the Remember That Night DVD.

    There’s a strong community of Irregulars that I wouldn’t know if you hadn’t put all this work in on the blog for more than a decade. The next big meet up is this Spring when Marcus and The Girl In The Yellow Dress get married here in California.

    Here’s to twelve great years and huzzah for all the connections that represents.

  18. Well in this case thank you very much FEd for all you have done in those years.

    I always really enjoyed coming here and chatting with everyone.

    I will miss it and wish you all the best for the future!

  19. Oh dear.

    Well, all I can say is that I am sorry I did not find you earlier than I did. On the other hand, it helped me getting to RAH three times, not to speak of Pompeii, so I am thankful for that, and for all the love and friendship this has given me. I just hope I gave some back.

    Thank you all for taking in a bearded Swede, and thak you FEd, for all your work and love. I hope you still get some assignments within the DG inner circle, you truly deserve that. And if you ever come to Sweden or for some reason just need to chat, you know where to find me, right?

    Cheers, and love to you all!

  20. Dear FEd,

    this takes me by surprise but most things come to end, don’t they?

    I just want to thank you for this forum, your contribution and your kindness.

    The song that immediately came to my mind was Childhood’s End. We’re probably all far away from being children anymore, but the lyrics are so fitting:

    “There’ll be war there’ll be peace
    But everything one day will cease
    All the iron turn to rust
    All the proud men turn to dust
    So all things time will mend
    And so this song will end”

    Bye to you, bye to all fellow bloggers,


    PS. You got my email address and you are invited to reach out to me any time you want. In case you come to Bavaria some day, my offer for a couple of beers stands!

  21. … I was this much distracted by the news, that I forgot to wish you all a very happy new year!


  22. Fed, I am really sorry to to hear this for I will always remember you. You have always been there for all of us.

    Take good care of yourself and God bless you,
    Thomas O’Connell

  23. FEd, I am sad to hear the blog is closing. I know my participation was less, but I did keep a look in. Thank you for everything you have done and for making The Blog a magical place. A place where friendships and laughs and the occasional serious debate were made.

    Thank you and all the very best to you.

  24. SOooo…. WHAT??????

    Maybe it will be my bad English… maybe not …… This blog will be closed??? and worst… you wont be our lovely FEd?????

    Tell me that this is not true!! please…..

  25. Dear FEd and all friends in this community 🙂

    First and foremost – a huge THANK YOU all, for everything, over the years. It’s been truely great. Thanks to FEd for beeing the driver on the bus, and for many great posts, thoughts, comments, chats etc.

    Although the post says it all, and yes it has been fun, the blog will be truly missed.

    Best wishes to all.

  26. Dear FEd, this is really a bad start into 2018.

    I followed your blog only for two years or three – and I really really blame myself for every year I´ve missed – and I find it so hard to believe that this is it. There is and was no comparison to this blog – so from the bottom of my heart Thank you Thank you Thank you. I will miss the chatroom so much, your dry comments, the funny melting pot of nations and languages, the variety of topics, the big hello if someone new was entering the room.

    The awful thing is that I fear that I cannot express properly the value of your work, FEd, so just take my very honest and very sad THANK YOU and Bless You and I hope to meet you in any other form any time. So for the last time Tschüssi. 🙁

    1. Oh Hanno, who am I going to say “Tschüssi” to now? I’ll just have to move to Germany. 😉

  27. What I lost was an ocean
    Now I’m drifting through without you
    In this sad barcarolle

  28. O no, FEd! I’m afraid this does make me feel sad though; you were here for such a long time and it’s another good thing coming to an end. I’m so very sorry we won’t be ‘talking’ anymore. Thank you for everything though, specifically Ritzy and Pompeii (if I can say that here); you helped create some of my most beautiful memories. I’ll miss this place. Bye, FEd, and thanks.

  29. Bad news, FED!!!

    Thank you for your work over the years! I was here a daily guest from 2006 to 2017. Our information helped me to organize my traveling to David’s concerts 2006 and 2015/2016. Thank you very much indeed!

    All the best to you!
    Ina from Berlin

  30. Hello good morning!

    After this breaking news it’s a little bit difficult for me to wish you a “happy” new year.

    But nevertheless.. Happy new year, all the best for 2018 to you, FEd and all bloggers!

    Well, thinking back about some conversations we had in the past, I was nearly sure that this news would come sooner or later. But I was surprised that the day came so early this year.

    I guess, the decision to close the blog is non-reversible and so I will not try to convince you that this decision is wrong. You have your reasons to do that and I’m sure some of them I can understand (years before you started I was moderator in a technical forum in my company and I have an idea how much time it takes to run a blog like this).

    Though not being very present here in the last months (due to inconvenient chat times, job task etc.) it was always a fun for me to participate in discussions about music and other questions of life. I’m sure I will miss you and all the others…..

    Shine on you crazy diamond FEd. I wish you all the best for your future and hope you will, how ever you do it, make the most of it.

    Take care!

      1. FEd, whenever your ways might lead you to Germany (Cologne or Ruhrgebiet) give me a note and we try to find a chatroom. 😉

  31. I am very saddened and devastated. As it has been a way to communicate and be with fellow bloggers that also love David.

    I am at a loss…

  32. Hey FEd~

    Thank you for all the wonderful topics and up-dates that encountered thoughtful discussions. It will be a huge void.

    Take care, Suzy

  33. Hello FEd,

    My heart skipped a beat when I read your post this morning but indeed as you state, it was due to end at some point in time.

    Over the past twelve years, you have taken care of us, offered us unique and privileged opportunities to attend David’s gigs, you’ve put up with us having serious discussions or just frolicking around and producing nonsense in the chatroom but foremost you have created, facilitated and supported a wonderful Irregular community and a bunch of friendships who would never have felt so connected to David and each other without all your tireless efforts.

    I second George’s proposal to make you “Honourary Irregular”.

    You’ve done one helluva fine job, FEd !

    And like Taki’s offer stands, so does mine to buy you a few good Duvels if you decide to pop over to Belgium one day.

    Cheers mate and a big THANK YOU,

  34. Wow…I don’t know what to say…

    I was here at very beginning, have been for a while, haven’t been for a long while.

    Nix, Susan, Angelo, Lorraine, Erin, Gabriele, Emílio – and some more – all became familiar names, friends from distant places, which I’ve never met in person but still are, maybe a small, but constant part of my life.

    As I assumed this blog would always be.

    And of course, Melissa, the person I’ve been closer to…

    Getting to know such a wonderful person as her, and you folks, and you FEd, is, for me, the legacy of The Blog.

    In my heart, I will always be an Irregular.

    Thank you, very much, FEd, for everything. Thanks David for allowing all this to happen.

    As the Brazilian poet Vincícius de Morais once said, “que seja eterno, enquanto dure” (may it be eternal, as long as it lasts).

    Love to you all and once again, thank you.

  35. My head is totally empty, and I don’t know what to say about that. I’m searching words since this night when I heard the sad news. I’ll try to put down some thinkings.

    I’m maybe one on the last here (just 3 years), but I really loved the community since the first day. Here I found a lot of good friends, I met a lot of people, shared together concerts, beers, great moments from Italy to London to NYC. I enjoyed all the chats and all the talks made in it (mainly about food, and we could think about creating a food blog with contributes from every part of the world, so we can continue the story in another way 😛 ), and I’ll miss them a lot.

    It’s difficult nowadays to find intelligent, interesting people, with whom is a pleasure to talk and spend time, and this was an happy oasis where to find all of that, mixed with David’s great music. I really loved to know people from every corner of the globe, know their story, their lives and jobs and create some good friendships.

    I would like to thank everyone in here for spending some time of his/her life along with me and with this community. I don’t want to mention anyone in particular because I’d fail to remember someone for sure, and it wouldn’t be fair. If someone wants to stay in contact there’s Facebook, Instagram, stuff like these. Of course, this was our “secret corner” and nothing will be the same anymore.

    Last but, of course, not least, FEd.

    I don’t have enough words in my English vocabulary to thank you for everything you did for us though these years. You were the glue that kept everyone of us together, and reading this blog is like seeing someone pouring solvent all over the blog pages. I won’t forget your kindness, your humor, your friendship to all of us and the great job you did all through these years. I’ll never forget that you made me live a dream on September 30th of 2016, seeing David live from the front row on his (for the moment) last concert.

    This will be the greatest memory of a great tour, along with the banner I made, signed by all the irregulars and delivered to you. A great “excuse” to meet a lot of Irregulars at the concerts and to thank you for everything. So at least I’m happy you have a present from us to remind your beloved community whenever you want.

    You got all my contacts, in case you want to come to Italy (the exhibition Their Mortal Remains opens in Rome next week, if you need an idea) you’re my guest, no doubt.

    Hope to keep in touch with you and with all the other great people I’ve known here.

    I love you all and I’ll miss you very very much.

  36. Well, I had the feeling this was going to happen Fed. I’ve never been backwards at coming forwards but why close it? I’m going to have to set one of the pages up and get thousands of signatures to stop this. We need this site in our lives, well some of us do and I’m quite depressed about it.

    Ok ok, sorry I’ll stop moaning, no you can’t go Fed, it’s going to feel like being in mourning. Will you be still on Twitter? have you yourself new plans, new horizons? and does this actually mean David has hung his guitar up? Is he ok?

    It’s going to be like losing a friend and I always thought of you as a friend as much as any mate I have. This site has given sooooo much, kept me going through troubled times and given so much joy and excitement when the rest of the world was falling apart.

    Well if you’re out of the music scene after this and you want to keep in touch please email me, I’m not as nutty a fan as I may have come across on here, I would genuinely love to keep in touch.

    After saying all that, you look after yourself, I hope you’re happy and successful in all you do.

    Kindest regards to everyone, it’s been a wonderful bus journey.

    Damian. signing off with a very heavy heart.

    1. Chin up, mate. I’m sorry to upset you.

      It absolutely does not mean that David has hung up his guitar, so don’t you go worrying about that. The goodbye is mine, nobody else’s. Nothing has changed; the blog is retiring, that’s all, and it’s time for me to move on and get a proper job.

      1. Hi Fed, sorry did I go a bit overboard? Sorry. Makes me feel better it was your decision to leave and get a proper job, LOL. Honestly, I reckon I’ve been going to this site every day for the last 12 years. No matter where I was in the world it was always: check emails then here. It was exciting clicking on the page and waiting to see what you had put here, what was happening, who was writing or adding comments. Like you said it’s kinda the song, Video Killed the Radio Star, i.e. Facebook and Twitter and I’ve known this for a while. I did mention to Ash in a couple of emails.

        But going back to this fabulous blog and early Floyd days where all you have to go on was bits in NME and the like for information on Pink Floyd or David, then this site comes along and it was just amazing to actually talk on a site of this person you have followed since you were a kid, I know I met him momentarily but boy did I balls that one up, I’ll never forget the look in his eye when he came over. Sorry David, 23 years and still haunts me.

        I’m waffling again I know but perhaps sadly for the last time, so poor old Polly’s going to get it on Instagram when she puts more wonderful photos of her and David on probably till I’m blocked, LOL.

        But once again thank you so much Fed, and Katrina also wishes you well and is trying hard to console me and has told me to stop annoying you now, so I’ll sign off here now. Sincerely matey, look after yourself, be healthy, happy and you’ll never walk alone.


        PS Will there be a closing down sale on merchandise?

  37. Although I wasn’t visiting the chat room for a while, I will definitely miss the good fun we all had there. This blog was something else and I am very happy to be a part of Irregulars.

  38. Well Fed, it’s been a blast, hasn’t it?

    As you were already well over the hill in 2006, we can hardly blame David from winding up the site so that you can at last spend more time with your dogs, kitchen and cheeseboard. You’ve earned your rest. Of course if that doesn’t satisfy you, we all wish you every last ounce of success in whatever you do next (I’m looking forward to the sensational inside story / exposeé where all that dirty laundry gets well and truly washed in public – and that’s just the stuff about Guy).

    It would be hard to sum up all the highlights but indisputably this has been a place of fun, support, shared love and occasional controversy and your rôle in creating, steering and facilitating that is underestimated by No-one. We’ve made friendships that will survive in the social media wastelands and I think for many of us this is the one and only immersive on-line experience we’ve been happy to commit to.

    As I type, a few fleeting images spring to mind … strictly in no particular order …

    The Ritzy premiere; RAH (right under the dome); a fresian cow near Sloane Square; faces put to names; Pavlov reclining on a zebra skin rug; Lorraine / Ash / Michele keeping me on my toes; Ulllllllllllllliiiiiiiii’s magnificently rude parrot; Nate and his t-shirt; Melissa’s truly magnificent teeth; Ken’s lists; Ralph and Herbert’s unfailing good nature; Ash and Pixie just being Ash and Pixie; Lucia and the great Radiohead wars; TRULY coming to appreciate the talent that is David Gilmour; tartiflette, pamplemouse and cheese, always cheese …..

    Mawkishly, I reserve a special song for sadness and separation (and of course killer guitar ….)

    Thin Lizzy – Still In Love With You

    “Think I’ll just fall to pieces
    If I don’t find something else to do
    This sadness never ceases
    I’m still in love with you
    My head, it keeps on reeling
    It’s got me in a crazy spin
    Darling, darling, darling
    Is this the end?
    They say time has a way of healing
    Dries all the tears from your eyes
    But darling it’s this empty feeling
    My heart can’t disguise
    After all that we’ve been through
    I try my best but it’s no use
    I guess I’ll keep on loving you
    Is this the end?”

    Thanks for the ride FEd and take good care of yourself.

  39. This is life!!! I can only wish you the best for you.

    I can’t forget your help for my gift to Polly in Verona 2016 and I really don’t know how to say THANK YOU.

    You have all my contacts so, for anything you need (a place to stay in Trento Italy) just make me a call.

    Sorry I’ve no words in this moment.

    Rino (2)

  40. You know I’m not good with words in English, so, please, allow me some words in my language.

    Auncun réseau social, que ce soit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ou je ne sais quoi n’arrivere jamais à la cheville de votre blog, FEd, j’en suis sûre. Ce blog a toujours été pour moi un endroit exceptionnel où je pouvais me réfugier quand j’en avais besoin. Merci de m’y avoir accueillie un jour de 2006 avec de jolis mots en Français.

    Now, dans la vie, toute histoire a une fin, mais chaque fin annonce un nouveau départ, and this is what I want to tell you, I wish you to enjoy a more interesting (in your words, I think, not mine), challenging and rewarding job that will bring you joy and happiness. I know you will do it with talent and passion. It’s all that matters. Good luck! Pob lwc!

    And don’t worry, I will cheer for you when Liverpool play the Champions League Final in Kiev on May 26… Allez Les Rouges! They can do it, eh?

    Now, who will teach me new colourful swear words in English?

    Also, sorry for the many mistakes I must have made in English during all these years.

    Au revoir, FEd. Merci. Je ne vous oublierai jamais.

    1. Ahh Michèle,

      I guess this will also be Au revoir for us as well. While we haven’t chatted here or in the chat room for quite some time, I always enjoyed your company and I miss our conversations. Ah, but if you ever need English assistance, you can always find me on Twitter or Instagram.

      I wish you all the best,


      1. As you once taught me in the chatroom, Andrew, extra XOXOXO for you! 😉

        And you can be proud of your middle daughter… Math rocks!

    2. Bonjour Michele,

      Je suis tres mal parce que je ne peux pas essayer d’améliorer mon français dans le salon de discussion!

      So Tschüss to you until we meet somewhere else again. 😉

      Au revoir.

      1. Vielen Dank für die freundlichen Worte auf Französisch, Hanno. (Sorry if I destroyed your language.)

        Will miss you too, especially the wonderful moments dans le salon de discussion…

        Tschüss to all my German friends here.

  41. So is there a definitive date for the closing?

    While I have not be able to participate in the Chat Room for quite some now, I fondly remember some of the banter that took place and friendships that developed. Will there be one last marathon chat session?


    1. No definitive date as yet. We could throw a big leaving party in the chatroom, I suppose. Of course, it would have to go on for hours and include music and food…

      1. Didn’t see this! Oh, yes please if this is at all possible. It would be so worth taking a day off or calling ‘sick’ for!

      2. Dearest FEd,

        I’m waiting until I have a proper keyboard to post a proper thanks-for-the-memories message. In the meantime, I would like to say that having a one-last-chatathon for the road would be lovely! Please count me in ~ I’ll make sure I have access to a keyboard in order to participate.

        Peace ‘n’ love.

      3. Ah the chat room. I never really got to grips with getting into that place. Think I managed to once but then logged myself out. I’d never have a made a very good Fed.

    2. I’m sorry to say that I don’t even remember my credentials for accessing and logging into the chat room. It has been that long.


  42. So sorry this blog has come to an end.

    Thanks for an amazing few years of help with tickets and putting us in touch with like minded fans.

    Thanks especially for help with tickets for Pompeii. It was the single best thing I have ever witnessed in forty years of gig going.

    All the best for the future my friend.


    Dave Metcalfe

  43. Not altogether surprised but sad to read all the same.

    I really would like to thank this blog for a lot:

    My thanks to you lot who contribute. Some I have met. My thanks to you Fed, for your efforts over the years. How you kept it together on some of the occasions…..well only you know how. This blog has actually given me some amazing memories. Some of which will live in me for as long as I do.

    Sincere thanks for everything !!

    1. Meant to add, best of luck for the future Fed, in whatever you do next. Plus, I would love to see your reference from your last boss.

  44. I am shocked and saddened to hear this FEd !

    Although I have not contributed much recently, this blog has been an incredible place since it opened all those years ago. I have met many wonderful friends through this and had many memorable and incredible experiences as a direct result, that would not have otherwise happened. It has been an amazing journey !

    Thanks so much for all that you have done FEd and I wish you all the very best for the future !

  45. You know, I keep coming back every few minutes today…

    Vou sentir muita saudade de vocês todos…

    1. Me too, Adrian!

      Thank you for your kind words about me.

      I have this huge ache in my throat which literally is holding back all the true words I’d like be able to convey.

      You are something of an anomaly to me, and I shall never forget what it was like growing up with you. You are a true gentleman and a beautiful human being.

      This place, we call a Blog was so much more for us. It was the place for a gathering of minds and hearts which longed to form a connection, to find an understanding of the love and obsession we shared for the music. Thru this blog, this barn this sanctuary, we were finally able to join our threads and become the large beautiful quilt we’ve now formed. It spreads across the globe and is full of hope and love.

      Maybe that’s why we were able to go on in our lives without checking back 99 times per day as we once did. We knew we were not alone. The Irregulars were out there, our tribe.

      Gilmouria may not literally exist as we once hoped it would, but we certainly created it here with Fed’s guidance and care. What fun we’ve had.

      If David ever feels like having a concert in the barn, I’m already in line with you.

      Melissa (*_*)

      1. Very well stated, Mel. It warms my heart knowing the friendships that were kindled here, and seeing the “growing up” that has transpired over the years. I have certainly felt the love and support of this community. This was a special place, indeed. I cherish it.

  46. It’s no use. My heart is incredibly sore and I’ve got a cacophony of songs going through my head although I keep coming back to these two:

    The Alan Parsons Project – Time and Supertramp’s If Everyone Was Listening (there appears to be only one live version online and while lovely, nothing beats the studio recording in my opinion so here are the lyrics) …

    The actors and jesters are here
    The stage is in darkness and clear
    For raising the curtain
    And no-one’s quite certain whose play it is
    How long ago, how long
    If only we had listened in.
    If we’d known just how right we were going to be.
    For we dreamed a lot
    And we schemed a lot
    And we tried to sing of love before the stage fell apart.

    If everyone was listening you know
    There’d be a chance that we could save the show
    Who’ll be the last clown
    To bring the house down?
    Oh no, please no, don’t let the curtain fall

    Well, what is your costume today?
    Who are the props in your play?
    You’re acting a part which you thought from the start
    Was an honest one.
    Well how do you plead?
    An actor indeed!
    Go re-learn your lines,
    You don’t know what you’ve done
    The finale’s begun.

    If everyone was listening you know
    There’d be a chance that we could save the show,
    Who’ll be the last clown
    To bring the house down?
    Oh no, please no, don’t let the curtain fall.

    One last ‘curtain call’ and a visit to the ‘green room’ for a farewell toast perhaps? We can take turns getting loud and raucous in the Barn as it’s likely to be a full house.

  47. This was a shocking announcement at first take. But then I have to realise just how long this has been and how time gets behind us. I thank you dear FEd, for harboring this community. For everyone, including the Irregular lot which I’m proud to be a part of. You are a true friend, and an obvious decent and kind-hearted person.

    I have not been active here, but have always kept abreast of the happenings, this included. Yours was the first and really only chat I was a part of. I was and always will be amazed at how real the experience of our conversations were. Meeting up with some of these Irregulars just solidified the experience. To a person, everyone in person was just as I imagined. This whole experience made my world just a bit smaller. For that experience, I am blessed. I thank you, and David Gilmour for cultivating it.

    Cheers mate!

  48. I’ve been trying to think of something profound yet witty to post all day… and it’s just not happening.

    So: Thanks for making this such a special, unique place to visit and be part of. For all your kindness and understanding and for making dreams come true. x

  49. It’s very sad to hear that the excellent Blog is coming to an end after all of these years. Thank you for your hard work and I hope things work out for you going forwards. Being able to share experiences, thoughts and opinions with fellow David Gilmour fans has been quite something. Being able to see David live five times since 2006 was amazing (thank you for your part in making this happen). Is there now going to be a FEd Blog written and edited by David Gilmour? Mind you, that would take him away from the studio and stage…..so maybe it’s not such a good idea!

    All the very best to you

    Ian McKenzie

  50. I’ll apologise in advance if I won’t be there in the ‘Last Chaltz’.

    I don’t need any ‘funeral party’ and I hate goodbyes.

    I returned 26 today, time is nothing, so tomorrow we’ll meet again.

    Love to all.

  51. Hi FEd,

    I´m very sad to read this news. Although I was not able to join the chat very often I always was reading the blog with great pleasure. Thank you very much for the unforgettable concert experiences you made possible for me and many of us. I wish you all the best for the future.

    Take care and keep your pecker up !


  52. Sad to hear this, many thanks for all your help. You were great to me the time of the Brighton show for the opening of the 2015 tour. Hopefully Swansea don’t stay bottom of the Premiership too long.

  53. No discord, chance or rumour
    Is going to interrupt this place

    Thank you for everything, all your kindness and hard work.

    All the best for whatever lies ahead, FEd.

    Lose those chains! 🙂

  54. Dear Fed,

    that is really sad news, cannot believe it, and I am so depressed now that I can hardly find the right words. Thank you for all your great work, keeping us in touch with David´s plans, tours and new albums, but also in touch with other fans. It was such a wonderful experience meeting so many fans in the chatroom and reading your blog. I already missed your emails with the chatroom invites etc. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy so many of David tours and music, without you we wouldn’t have made so many friends with David fans worldwide. Saying thank you isn’t enough, you really made a difference in our lives. Not sure if it is your or David´s decision, but sadly it will also mean that David is going to retire too.

    And as Herbert said, whenever you are in Germany, pls let us know, we would be happy to show you some great places around here.

    A final chat would be some comfort, but you and your blog will be missed.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      It doesn’t mean that David is going to retire, so don’t be upset about that. We agreed that there is no further need to carry on with the blog, which is something I’ve been feeling for quite some time now anyway, and I feel that now is the right time to leave – that’s all. David’s Management and record companies will of course continue with the website and social media channels, so all that’s changing is that the blog will no longer be open to comments.

  55. Thank you for all the beautiful photos, articles, and …

    A long time of very good stuff comes to an end.

    It was a good time I will remember the rest of my life.

    Thanks and shine on,

  56. Hello FEd, how could you man! I’m taking the house, the dog, the cat, and car, and all the David Gilmour/Pink Floyd stuff! You can keep all Roger’s albums and DVDs. 😀

    I’ve just seen the news about the Blog going, that’s brutal, one of the last remaining places I use on internet, I’ve been dreading this day. Social media platforms like Facebook etc are killing off a lot of old sites, chat places, ways of using internet off. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all that kind of social media I always find socially interacting on the net very difficult and could never quite get used to it, it really messes with my head, there’s too much crap (it always finds a way through) on there that I feel is best avoided.

    As I sit here typing I remember back to joining in here on the blog all scared and nervous, LOL, it’s always scary sharing your thought’s and opinions publicly for all the world to see, LOL, but damn it’s been fun! What a journey. Proud I’ve been a little part of it. 🙂

    FEd, I really cant Thank You enough for all your hard work in time put in here and I’m sure David himself will agree you have done him and us “All Proud” FEd. You and the Blog Irregulars were key in me making the decision to go to Pompeii, something I’ll be eternally grateful for and All The Irregulars too, meeting some in Pompeii and in London, it was fantastic. I hope we can get another chance to meet up at a gig again. 🙂

    Is there any chance of one last chat session before we go? 🙂

    FEd, you have been an absolute gentleman, and great company, especially in the chatroom, it’s been fantastic! Wouldn’t change it for anything!

    Best Wishes to FEd, David Gilmour and Polly, All The Irregulars and a Happy New-Year to you all…

    I wish you All The Best in 2018 and I Hope at least one dream of yours comes true this year.

    I’l leave you’s all with this: @ 1:19 you can see me waving my arm (center right hand side) I’m wearing a blue top, with my two wristbands on. 🙂

    David Gilmour – Comfortably Numb (Live In Pompeii)

    “That will keep you going through the show… Come on, it’s time to go.” 🙂

  57. Well. . . I for one am not letting Fed go !!!

    I will be rugby tackling and wrestling him to the floor to attach a ball and chain to his ankle and will cling to the other if he tries to run off !

    I need volunteers for the chat room door barricade please so that we can formulate our plans to keep him there. We will meet there 30 minutes before opening time to start plotting. . . . positions available on the committee are: Locks and Chains Supervisor, Locks Key Holder, Music Supervisor (DJ), Look Out, Doorpersons (don’t want no riff raff in there), Bar Staff. I will chair the meeting if no one else wants to do it and if anyone has suggestions for any important positions I’ve missed, please let me know on the day.

    So you think you can leave us, do you ?????? You will have a fight on your hands !

    1. Yes yes, Ash, I told you he was going to do one, can we not all offer him a decent wage and keep him on here? I,f we all chip in we could keep him here, couldn’t we?


      1. Yes ! Ideas person ! If we appoint you as Ideas Coordinator Damian, do you think you could also be Key Holder ?

        And Yes. . . Money is a great idea (in fact it’s a gas).


  58. Sorry, me again. Do you know I actually cannot sleep. I always knew this day would come and this was always in the back of my mind and that was why I would blog on here so frequently because in my mind I always thought, use it or lose it. Probably why a lot of my stuff was nothing to do with the topics.

    Anyhows I just thought ’12 years, wow’ and then you think ’12 years, where the fuck did that go?’ I thought ‘life is too short’. And other thoughts start flying through your head even though i know I’m up in 4 hours. I’ve not spoken with my surviving sibling in 4 years. We fell out, long story. I’ll ring him in the morning.

    Yeah I try and joke about this but it is hurting a lot more than I thought and I know I’m not alone. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and it bothers you. Another thing, good thing, small little blog with a huge heart, is about to come to an end. And Fed, I know we’re a small band of brothers but you were always a regular part of a lot of people’s lives. So yer smarting a wee bit. And sorry for laying our morbidity on you.

    Again much respect to you and all irregulars and still I can’t spell.


    1. Good on you, mate. Life is too short. Proud of you for making peace and being the better man. I hope it went well.

  59. Dear Fed 🙂

    I don’t want to say goodbye. I feel like you have become a friend over all these years. And we most definitely have had fun together, you made this blog a brilliant place to visit and I’ve loved reading everything you’ve said and all the Irregulars’ comments.

    I wish you well in whatever you do next.

    Love, Ash X

    1. OK, cancel this one. . . it’s mushy and far too loving.

      Do I love you enough to let you go ? No fucking way !

      Ash 😀

      1. “Do I love you enough to let you go ? No fucking way !”

        I just had this beautiful visual of Ash clinging to FEd’s leg for dear life 🙂 … oh no, there go the tears again.

        1. Someone mailed me last night and said I was a Klingon, LOL. 😀 Get it ? Klingons are aliens.

          There is only ONE Alien here though . . . . I just happen to be clinging to his leg !


  60. Thank you F’ed for all you have done for us. We would never have enjoyed evenings at the Ritzy, Odeon Leicester Square or Brighton without your assistance which also enabled us to meet some lovely fellow Gilmour fans. Thank you for keeping it going even during the quiet periods and keeping us entertained so we didn’t keep badgering you as to release dates of albums or dates of shows which you always supplied accurately. You will be missed, I still have some of those wonderful photos you put on the site in 2006 and still think the best one was David and Richard on the sun lounger! Even though we sadly lost Richard this site was there for us to share our sadness and that photo will always raise a smile.

    Thank you F’ed, thank you fellow bloggers and good luck and happiness to you all. Maybe just maybe one more night at the Royal Albert Hall!……I’m trying to be optimistic!

    Cheerio for now.

    Best wishes Heather

    1. I am so glad that I could help on those occasions, Heather. That was the best thing, it really was.

      Good luck and happiness to you, too.

  61. Ooh babe
    don’t leave me now

    don’t say it’s the end of the road
    remember the flowers i sent
    i need you babe
    to put through the shredder
    in front of my friends
    ooh babe don’t leave me now

    how could you go
    when you know how i need you

    ooh babe don’t leave me now

    how can you treat me this way
    running away

    ooh babe
    why are you running away
    ooh babe.

    Damian just making the most of our last hours together.

  62. You know…. with the blog regrettably closing, it becomes even more important to show up for Gilmour. Because we are wordless without the blog.

    Show up. Scream. Hoot and holler. Jump up and down. Cry your tears of joy. Be transported. Be moved by the music. Lose your breath. Travel far, by the seat of your pants. Anywhere that he plays. Whatever he wants to play. As long as he wants to play.

    He may have bought a guitar to punish his mom, but what he’s done is nothing so trivial. It’s been such a generous gift of his time, his creativity, his clairvoyance. We’ve all received so much more than just the melody.

    Without the blog, we can only really communicate enthusiasm through record sales, ticket sales, merch sales.

    May we always do our part to make him #1, every.single.time.

    I know these aren’t the metrics we measure him by. But we mustn’t, for even a moment, let the industry forget his magic.

    Also, I really wish you weren’t going FEd. I get punchy about throwing away the plastic wrap on all my CDs/DVDs because of that sticker “the voice and guitar of Pink Floyd”.

    This is so much worse than that.

  63. Dear FEd,

    New Year and new beginnings! Change is inevitable and it’s what’s make the world go round! It’s constant! If we can however embrace change, we can find the positive good in what is no longer here!

    Although tingled with a huge element of sadness about the Blog’s demise, I will only reflect on the fantastic rapport you helped create amongst fellow irregulars! The powerful topics you brought up for discussion, with the beauty and sadness sometimes attached to it all and that in the most unlikely places we found humour!

    On a personal note FEd, with all your tireless work to nudge us along in getting tickets for David’s most recent concerts home and abroad, I’m truly indebted to you for making my dreams come true and for making treasured Blog memories happen!

    Finally, in the great words of Frank Sinatra as we sadly “Face the Final Curtain”, we did it all together our way!

    I wish you the best of luck FEd in your future endeavours, in the knowledge, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have been part of this Blog and the Irregulars who shared it too!

    Shine on……
    John 🙂

  64. So you make it happen FEd – you make it happen that I have rediscovered my – lets say “love” – for Heal The Pain by George Michael. I do recommend it to everybody here, it’s quite comforting.

    What will I miss you and this damn blog! Gilmour bless you. 🙂

  65. Who knew there were so many f*ing sad songs around – I made myself a ‘January 9, 2019 End of the [World]’ playlist to try and console myself and it appears I have just made things worse …

    Bless my husband and bless him again, he’s ‘helping’ me with music (anything Pink Floyd or David Gilmour is off-limits).

    How many stages of grief are there? Five? Seven? A million?

    Yet, in a weird sort of way, I cannot help being happy for you FEd. Truly happy!

    Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad

    ♫I’m typing with only one finger … a few sandwiches shy of a lunch …♫

    1. Hahaha! ‘I think I’m a banana tree…’

      Thank you, Pavlov. For the song and for understanding.

  66. How? Why? What’s goin’ on here? The blog is in Gilmour fan DNA… this is a bit confounding. 🙁

  67. The most important thing is that you are OK and you’re doing always what do you think you have to do.

    I hope you find everyday in your path, in every person, the kindness and the grace you always showed to other people ’cause you deserve it.

    And always remember : All you need is Love!


  68. Very sad! But “all good things come to an end”.

    Thank you so much, for your always wise words, for so many years fun and entertaining.

  69. Wow. This announcement has brought all the irregulars out of hiding. I’m seeing comments from people I haven’t seen on here in years and years. That alone brings back many fond memories of when this blog was far more vibrant.

    For perspective on how long this blog has been around, when it started we didn’t have smart phones. Most of us were accessing via laptops and PCs. And during the On An Island tour, we didn’t see a sea of cell phones recording David. I’m not even sure if Twitter was even around yet.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see all these familiar names.


    1. Brought to mind the last line of Supertramp’s Lord Is It Mine … ♫there must be a thousand voices trying to get through♫.

      I’m seeing ‘Irregular’ names that I don’t recognize at all. Then again, I haven’t been here from the beginning (perhaps only 1/2 that time – 2011 if memory serves). I am so, so proud and honoured to have kept company with those that have been here from Day 1 – through prosperous times, lean times and everything in-between.

      Wow is right! It’s f*ing awe-inspiring that this microcosm, somewhere in the far reaches of cyberspace was able to exist amid the ‘vulgarity’ of the cyber ‘raiders’.

  70. You’ve done an excellent job all these years FEd. I’ll miss the blog but I’m still listening to David’s music. And hopefully there will be more of that down the road.

    Good luck with your future ventures.

  71. Dearest FEd,

    Your announcement brings tremendous sadness to me. I always knew when the troubles of daily life or the world were getting to me, I could turn to the blog for a laugh, a smile, or a simple pick me up. There was also the giddiness of reading the reviews of David’s spectacular performances across the globe and having the feeling that I was sitting there, watching it too.

    I was truly lucky to see David at RAH and Radio City on two separate occasions. I speak for everyone here when I say this blog was not just a source of entertainment, but was a fabric of our being.

    The sadness lies in knowing that we may have heard the last strum of the Strat, the last bellow of Comfortably Numb, the stillness in the air when the show is done. Let’s hope we all are lucky enough to be graced with his voice and guitar one more time. My passport is ready to be stamped again!

    1. My leaving has nothing to do with David’s plans for the future, so please don’t fret.

      (Fret, get it?)

      Really. I’m leaving not because I know that David has nothing in the pipeline; I’m leaving because I want to and feel the time is right for me to leave now.

  72. Well, home again, and in your honour Fed, I had Live in Pompeii on full wack all the way to Whitehaven across to Workington and down to Keswick, Penrith, Carlisle and finally home. I thought of all our conversations and topics along the way, I often think of what to put on the blog whilst out and about, honest. I was and I am soooo proud to have been on here since the very start. Do you remember the little video with David and Polly singing on the web? Very beautiful and the start to it all? Yes I know I moaned about there being no Pink Floyd tour, LOL, and the rest is history. My problem is, I have one of those memories where everything seems like yesterday, nothing really seems like a long time ago. It’s a bit of a curse really.

    We have been up here in Cumbria 8 years now, we’re moving to our new home in the next few weeks and you won’t be there to welcome us in Fed. I’m not sure where I’m going with this but how many times can we say goodbye? I think someone mentioned they feel excited for you Fed, I do too for some reason I do feel you are on your way to something very special. Has to be when you’re giving this up. So as long as you allow I will keep banging something on here.

    I would dearly love to send you something via Wowcher or a code you can use, though you really do deserve a gold watch and I’m sure if you have left the Gilmour camp he will have looked after you.

    So right, I’m 5 mins from Hadrian’s Wall. If you’re ever up this way, free bed, breakfast, evening meal waiting on you-you have my email address. And for anyone who wants to keep in touch I’m on Instagram – damian4292 – and Twitter and Facebook. Or you can get my email from Fed if that’s OK with him.

    Another thing Fed. It may not look like it but you actually made me improve my grammar, punctuation and full stops.


  73. FEd

    I just want to acknowledge the role you have played in this blog. This family would not have existed the way it did without you. Anyone can moderate, you displayed so much grace and dignity to everyone who passed through here. You were truly welcoming, and good on you, mate! But the fact is, this has probably felt like a burden to you at times (I know you would never admit that so as not to offend anyone). But I could see why you would be ready to move on to other things, not having to come here and update so regularly. A decade of being on call!

    So I hope you enjoy some peace and quiet, and a cup of tea as you peruse your garden. I truly wish you the best in your future.


  74. Fed, thank you so much for all you have done for myself and all of David’s fans and fans of Pink Floyd. Wishing you the best of luck and hope your future endeavors are exciting and fulfilling.

    Shine on

  75. Well my Dear FEd, the time has come. I want to say that I shall truly miss you and your wit. You have cracked me up so many times throughout the years, I particularly used to enjoy when you brought out the “Pointy Stick” for some really deserving bloke, and you always worded everything so well, and so intelligently, that many times you’ve made me proud to have been part of this blog family.

    I remember when I first discovered this blog, and like many others here, I’m not one to pour out my feelings, or thoughts on some random public blog, but this was so not like an every day sort of blog, and I know that some of that was because of David, Polly, Band, and so on, but in the end, it was really you who made this place what it was and is, and I soon felt comfortable reading all these nice people’s posts, and how excited everyone was for On an Island coming out, that I finally made my first post, somewhere around March 2006 I believe it was. Those were such exciting days. Back then I could not have imagined the bright future that was waiting, with Rattle that Lock, all the North America concerts and finally Pompeii, and it was all because of you and this blog, and you never disappointed. You’ve helped us all in so many ways, me personally, I know I have humbled myself over these 12 years, reading posts from the Irregulars, some happy, some sad, but that is life, and life is what you make it.

    Over the years, I’ve had my share of loss, but I’m one of those people who bottles it up and keeps it inside. I’m not sure that’s the right way to be, but I am a very private person (which coincidently, is one of the many reasons I love Pink Floyd because from the beginning, David, Richard, Nick, Roger, and Syd always wanted their privacy), and sometimes it is hard for me to express my feelings.

    I know I used to post more regularly in the past, and the funny thing is that I would feel guilty when too much time passed, but one thing I will share about myself is that just before Christmas 2016, I lost my job after 17 years, and was forced to start over. I know I’m not the only person that this happens to, but in order to continue to live the way I’m used to, I was forced to take on a job with rotating 12 hour shifts, a couple daytime shifts, a couple days off, then a couple night shifts, and then it starts over back to days. I just can’t get used to it, but in my field, there aren’t a lot of options around here and moving, to relocate is impossible right now, while I help take care of my elderly mother who has dementia. (Yes, Faces of Stone means a lot to me.)

    So I guess what I’m trying to say is that it has been a lot harder to find the time to visit this blog now for a while, but I try real hard to stop by at least once a week. Funny how I remember checking it every hour in the past. So it really shocked me to see this post today from you FEd, and I will miss you and all these nice folks here tremendously, but I want to wish you a very successful future FEd, I know that you will excel at anything you decide to do, and a very big thank you for EVERYTHING!! Some of the best things in my life have happened because of this blog and because of YOU, and I will always remember and cherish our times here with fond memories.

    I apologize if I rambled a bit, part of it is that I’ve been awake now for almost 30 hours, and the other part is that I’m overcome with emotion a bit because it is time to say Goodbye, but just like all the other bloggers here, if you ever happen to be in Rochester NY, (only God knows why you would ever do such a silly thing) it would be a pleasure to have you as my guest, and have a pint or two.

    Take care my Friend, all my best to you, and again, Thank you for all that you have done for us.


      1. Hi Fed.

        Wow. This is a surprise! For those of us who have looked in here and contributed over the years, the blog has been like a favourite sweater. Expanding and contracting with the times. Needing the occasional ‘scrub’, but always faithful.

        Many thanks for keeping us all sane and insane at the same time.

        Where would you recommend is best to follow developments in DG land now, for those who don’t use social media that much (they do exist…)

        All the best, Richard.

        1. Thank you for sharing your time with us down the years, Richard. Much obliged.

          Of course I have to say that DavidGilmour.com should always be your first port of call for official news (I suggest you sign up to the Mailing List if you haven’t already done so), but the many respected, comprehensive Pink Floyd fansites will almost always have the interesting stories first and, in my view, are easier on the eye than Faceachebook.

          Yes, the fansites have been a pain in the neck at times, it’s been a constant challenge fending off questions that their rumours have always sent flying my way. But for the passion that’s poured into them, even if they don’t always get things right (they usually do, hence the pain in my neck), they’ll always have my respect. Plus, it’s better to know that something might be coming up, so keep your eyes peeled, rather than find out at the last minute and possibly miss out.

          Too many to list, but they’re easy to find.

          1. Thanks, as always for your guidance.

            When all is said, and presuming that you reserve the right to have the final word, do you have any idea how to close? For some reason the phrase ‘Louder than words’ seems very appropriate…

            1. I’ll disable the comments next week so nobody will be able to leave a comment after that point. I’d like the blog to remain online as an archive, though – for nostalgia’s sake.

              1. I sincerely hope that the Blog DOES remain as an archive FEd. It would be a travesty if it was to be taken down. There’s too much history in there for it to be discarded.

                1. No worries Ken! I’m archiving the blog for my own sake, so in case the page is closed down (which I certainly don’t want), I could provide a static copy of it. If I get the permission, of course…

    1. Bless you Amedeo. Try and stay strong amid the tough times. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train! I know Rochester well – have dear, dear friends in Webster. Had some good times at the War Memorial too! House of Guitars rocks and Wegmans RULES!

      1. Thanks for your kind words Pavlov. They mean a lot and are really appreciated. Funny you should say, but I actually live in Webster. I had good times at the War Memorial as well, back in the day. Saw Ozzy, Metallica, Rush, and several other decent bands there. Nobody good goes there any more, kind of a small venue for big artists, it is now called the Blue Cross arena, and is mostly for the Rochester Americans (Amerks) Hockey team. I hope you had a Nick Tahoes Garbage plate while you were here. It is a must. Take care Mate.

  76. FEd!

    Really sorry to hear that you are moving on from here, and that our precious blog will be no more.

    It’s been a privilege to be a part of this lovely community for the past (12?!) years. You have made it fun, honest and free of in-fighting and BS in the way that many other forums are.

    Your help in getting us access to tickets to shows and other events has been really wonderful, and has allowed us to attend a really wide range of shows, from The Mermaid to Wroclaw, with more than a handful of trips to the Royal Albert Hall along the way. It has been something rather special, and has really made me, and my dad, feel like we are a part of something a little bigger and friendlier than just a normal fanbase.

    I will continue to follow David and PF on social media, but I will miss this, albeit slightly old fashioned method, way of keeping up to date with new music and shows from David. It has felt a little bit like a kind of secret society, where your participation and effort was rewarded and recognised. I liked that.

    Thanks for everything, and best of luck with your other projects, FEd!

    “May your hands always be busy,
    May your feet always be swift,
    May you have a strong foundation,
    When the winds of changes shift.”


  77. Seeing as I’m docile and obedient, I have tried to find an appropriate song for you about ends, goodbyes and all that, but failed miserably. I thought of beautiful and profound songs like ‘Ne me quitte pas’ by Jacques Brel (à prendre au second degré, eh?) or ‘To See A Friend in Tears’ by James Dean Bradfield, but felt pathetic.

    No, we must not be selfish, it’s not sad, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for you, a new departure, a new life, new challenges. Of course it won’t be easy for you, even to leave behind you twelve years with your baby, the Blog, you certainly will have lots of joys, also lots of sorrows, mais c’est la vie and life is too short to always worry, don’t we all often ‘think’ too much?

    So I just want to sing ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ for you. 🙂

    And the Blog will never die, it will remain alive forever in our hearts (and yours, I hope.)

    I’m happy for you et je vous dis ‘merde’, FEd. I think you know what it means. 🙂

      1. Aww…

        For you,


        Maths lover (???) 😛



  78. Thank You Fed, good luck for your life.

    Good luck everybody.

    Just that, everything has already been said above.

    See you one of these days, of course.


  79. See ya mate, and thanks.

    It’s not the end of anything, it’s merely the transition to something new and fresh.

    By the way, I figured out how David held those notes at the end of Pulse Comfy Numb. Had to watch a few hundred times, but I finally got it. He recorded it earlier, played it through the speakers and mimed it. He’s such a tart sometimes.

    1. You know what George, that’s been the beauty and essence of the blog over the years! In abiding by certain constraints and required moderation FEd has always been impartial, fair and square on what comments make it to the blog. By way of these said usually positive comments, you may well notice that all Irregulars are absolutely gutted at the prospect of our “Blog” being no more; in the knowledge, that if we do or don’t fully understand the reasons why; we just sadly accept it!

      But there you go George, until the very end FEd approves your, not to put it mildly, dross and offensive comments referring to David as being a tart, but even worse, insinuating he’s some disingenuous, novice guitar player and has to hold his notes by some air guitar miming!!!!

      LOL……Are you off your fucking head fella????? Call yourself a fan????? You’re so disrespectful George……you couldn’t “Air Lick” David’s boots even if he let you! You might find the Wurzels more to your liking? No offence to Wurzels fans, as there shouldn’t be many on here to take offence; without the exception of you George!

      FEd, your just too kind sometimes and to re-iterate, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for years of unconditional support and for being the ultimate voice of moderation!

      Sometimes you just have to say it how it is, even in this PC world we live in!

      Shine on…..
      John 🙂

      P.S. I’m on strong medication and have just been let out of Broadmoor!

  80. This says it all FEd…..we’re going to miss you so very much!

    The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
    Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky
    A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers
    But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking
    He’s haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
    In his youth or a dream, he can’t be precise
    He’s chained forever to a world that’s departed
    It’s not enough, it’s not enough
    His blood has frozen and curdled with fright
    His knees have trembled and given way in the night
    His hand has weakened at the moment of truth
    His step has faltered
    One world, one soul
    Time pass, the river roll
    And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
    And silent replies that swirl invitation
    Flow dark and troubled to an oily sea
    A grim intimation of what is to be
    There’s an unceasing wind that blows through this night
    And there’s dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
    And silence that speaks so much louder than words
    Of promises broken

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

  81. I would just say if Fed can give us a time when he’s pulling the plug, then maybe most of us can be on when he does. A vigil if you like or, all of us on chat, to which I’ve forgot my password and name again. Then the blog and Fed don’t feel alone when the time comes. I think we forget this is going to be a very sad time for Fed I’m sure.


      1. FEd, any chance of David making a statement on here to acknowledge the tremendous work you’ve done on here down the years.

        It would be a famously fitting farewell.

  82. 50 years ago today David was playing his second gig with Pink Floyd along with Syd at the Winter Gardens Weston super Mare.

  83. Thank you very much Fed for your years of stewardship. Your intangible contributions really sowed the seeds in creating such a warm atmosphere for voracious music lovers. I wish you could have been there on the final night of the RTL tour. Meeting so many welcoming, genuine, open minded people was a testament to the community you had the foresight to create. The unique and beautiful vibe you cultivated really came together for me that night. I am so happy I was able to sign Andrea’s banner to mark the night, I only regret we don’t have a picture of all of us together so you could see.

  84. Dear FEd, now it’s time to confess: your leaving to settle down a blog for Roger and you didn’t dare to tell it to us!

    Jokes apart, you deserve a rest and a proper job (what is a proper job by the way? One well paid and one that makes you happy?) after all these years of sharing your time with us David nuts.

    All I can say is kind words for you and the Blog. Without you, I wouldn’t have seen Bowie as Arnold Layne, David messing up On the Turning Away in Venice or me cursing the chatting crowd in Pompeii.

    During these last 12 years our lives have changed together and now my 6 years old son has grown up surrounded by music. He can hum David’s tunes and loves The Beatles. And still searches mum and dad in Pompeii’s arena (unsuccessfully). I will tell him stories when he gets older about The Blog and the irregulars, and he will surely laugh at me, but all this will be part of our history.

    I loved to read your witty posts and comments and I will miss you all.

    I wish there’d be something to convince David, his management and you to stay.

    Thank you very much indeed FEd for everything.

  85. You will be missed so much FEd. I’m trying to improve my attitude about you going, and you certainly deserve a brilliant new opportunity but I’m still so sad that I’ll never see you again.

    Your witty humor, keen insights and friendly banter. Your eclectic tastes in music and little pearls of wisdom. Your goodness and understanding. It’s a much colder world to be expected to live without these things.

    Next week is still too soon. Take with you all of my love and my deepest respect, wrapped in a hug and sealed with a tear.

    Good luck and joy to you in everything you do. ❤️

    1. Thank you for your lovely words, Maya. I am so incredibly grateful for them – all of them – and hope I will always be able to remember them and bring them to mind whenever I’m feeling low and in need of a boost.

      Some of them, anyway, or else I’ll become terribly big-headed.

      Thanks, everyone. I’ll miss you, too.

  86. My mum got me one of those Amazon Dots for Chrimbo. I’m currently packing for our move, and I have Live at Pompeii playing to keep me motivated. Ssh don’t tell my mum but it’s first time I’ve had it on as I think it’s all a bit too Big Brother. Great for music, great sound from such a small device.

    Kindest regards to everyone, Damian.

  87. Michèle, thank you for that link to that early blog post – Best Put-Down. I remember it now but hardly remembered anything that was said. It’s really wonderful to read it all again. So funny !

    And Fed, you were outstandingly brilliant with your “come backs” !!!! You should definitely have won an award for them. 😀


    1. Oh dear. Funny or not, I think now’s probably the time to apologise for being so very rude at times.

  88. ..and then…

    I love all you bloggers and I hope that we don’t lose touch. I’m on twitter as @jezebelly and I’d be honored to have a connection to you all.

    I know this is goodbye, but I’m going to say à bientôt because I hope you all stay in my life.

  89. Oh Dear FEd & Fellow Bloggers ~

    Thank you for all you do and have done FEd. You have helped me through some of my saddest times. I feel that I am being set afloat on a boat with no sail, engine or paddle. But that is being selfish.

    I am happy for you that you are at sail. May the wind always be at your back, that you will journey to beautiful places & enjoy everything you encounter.

    I am forever grateful for this blog and the kind people that always had thoughtful comments. I will miss each and every one of my fellow bloggers, and most of all you FEd. Your help, thoughtful topics~You have been the Alpha, leading a pack of adoring David Gilmour bloggers.

    You and the bloggers have been a family. Always with words of encouragement and when necessary calling me out on whining (a very undignified thing to do in a public forum). I will miss the company of each one of you.

    I am a worrier, therefore I will always hope that you all are happy and in good health. You all will be in my thoughts.

    Early on in this sad segment (was hoping it would be about interesting books. Not the heart stopping end.), a blogger inquired about your well being/health FEd and that of David, Polly and family. You assured us that you all are well. So that is a relief & I am glad it was cleared up.

    Thank you for the time that we all enjoyed together. I wish it would never end, but I wish for many things…

    And as always, it is what it is~I am grateful I got to be part of.

    Love you all.

    Take Care, Suzy

  90. So 2018 has started out with some shocks I have to say. Just learned a treasured friend from long ago passed away. While I had lost touch for many years, the chapter of my life that included him was full of adventure, fun and knowledge. He pushed me to become a better person. So after the initial shock of the news, my sadness was replaced with smiles as the memories of all our escapades and his larger than life persona came flooding back.

    And so it is with you FEd. After the initial shock of reading your news, I want to say how grateful I am to you for the Blog. I have only been part of it for a very short time and was able to join the Chat Room only a few times, but thoroughly enjoyed every minute. There are so many wonderful personalities here and you were like as in The Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. All knowing, kind, calm, cool and collected. I will miss you and this Blog but understand that life is a series of chapters. I wish you the very best and thank you for everything. I love David Gilmour, his music and his grace, and know that you are a special person, because as they say, you are known by the company that you keep.

    Hope you keep the comments open for a little while longer, I have rambled on here as I try to gather my thoughts. What comes to mind right now is the old saying, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”……

    The Very Best of Luck to you FEd, in whatever your next chapter may be…..


    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, MaryAnn.

      “Smile because it happened” is a great line to end on. 🙂

  91. Hey FEd& Fellow Bloggers~

    I just wrote something I would like to share.

    Here it is:

    “Time flows like a river rushing to the vast ocean.
    Even if the water vapors into rain and falls upon the river again does not mean it would flow the same”.
    You all will always be in my thoughts it is hard to say goodbye.
    The Pink Floyd Facebook site is a far cry from this beautiful safe place for us to connect.
    That site has mean people saying horrible things just because they have difference of opinion.
    Goodbyes are always awful.
    Usually I like to say a quote from my Mom
    “You have to say goodbye to say hello again.”
    But that is not the situation here.

    Take care,

  92. … it’s been almost a week since The Blog’s end was announced. I mirrored all the content of its domain on my laptop last Saturday and was surprised when I realised how many data it contains and how much time we all spent here.

    You did a terrific job, FEd!



  93. Well, I’m still here, banging my head on some mad blogger’s wall. I really hope I’m not being a nuisance by writing so much. It’s a bit like being on death row, or that’s what it must feel like waiting for the worms. And as I write this I’m having to hold my breath as my little dog Floyd will not cease farting, honestly, he stinks.

    The show must go on somehow, and somewhere but without the main star who is our Fed.

    And LFC crushed the mighty blues.


  94. Hi my friends,

    thank you for every single day of these long days in quite 13 years.

    A lot of things changed in this period. Not our love for the rock’n roll and the music.

    You all will be in my heart.

    Diana from Roma, Italy

  95. Sorry to be a pain.

    I requested a password reminder and it hasn’t arrived. I just wondered if it’s going to my old email address which has closed. If I miss the chat for some reason: Best of luck to everyone and once again look after yourself Fed – and enjoy the tea.


    1. I have just re-registered you (as ‘Damian’), so please check your e-mail. Any problems, please let me know.

      A reminder to all that everything you need to know about using the chatroom can be found here.

  96. And then FEd,….with a heavy heart and tear in eyes, it really is time to say goodbye and wish you the very best of luck!

    To the beautiful Irregulars I met on our travels to Brighton, London and Pompeii…..Carl (beautiful man), Ash, Pixie, Maya, Scott, Damian, Ralph, Rob , (not George) and last but not least Andrea, creator of the now infamous “Blog Banner”!

    God bless and good luck to you all!

    Shine on for the last time……
    John 🙂

    P.S. I’m a City fan and because of you FEd, I’m almost pleased for you! 🙂

    1. Goodbye, John. All the very best to you. Enjoy that league title, won’t you? I’m just glad it’s going to the blue half of Manchester and not the red side. 😉

      1. Thank you FEd……Maybe we’re not home and hosed yet???? Your boys played great! If you get a run going and we pop, it could be interesting! There’s a great titled book called “Manchester United Ruined My Life” by Colin Schindler. Being from North Manchester, I’ve mixed life long friends, friends who are Reds…..we just don’t do Christmas cards and hugs. 🙂

    2. Goodbye cruel world I’m leaving you today
      Goodbye all you people there’s nothing you can say
      to make me change my mind

      Night Fed.


  97. It has been a very long time since I last looked at the blog and only realised when I saw a comment via Polly’s Instagram account.

    FEd, all the very best to you in your next endeavour. I will really miss the competitions – the prizes were exceptional. Tickets for the Mermaid, meeting Polly, having a really long chat and secretly hoping David would appear! Winning the ticket for Guy Pratt’s stand up gig and extremely gutted about not managing to get down to see him – but hey, the signed book helped!

    Cheers FEd you did a marvellous job.

    1. 😀 Everybody’s favourite French song: ‘Un, Deux, Trois, Nous Irons au Boi’. Don’t say I didn’t give you anything…

  98. I guess I’ll have to retrieve my old laptop from its years of retirement and see if the old girl is still smart enough to connect to the chat room.

    I bought that laptop specifically for all the hours I used to spend in the chat room, and blogging. That seems like a lifetime ago.

    I won’t rehash all the changes I’ve gone through they since that time, but I will say it again, I owe this community a great deal of thanks for helping me become a better me.

    Fed, thank you for your friendship, wisdom and sense of humor. I can just imagine you reclining in a hammock between two coconut trees, somewhere in the tropics, with a cool drink in hand and your annonimity intact. A sexless, faceless figure holding your bronzed pointy stick!

    Namaste, Fed.

    I will miss you.

    Goodbye all you crazy irregular diamonds! Shine on!

    This is the last blog post for this girl. Signing off.

    Melissa (*_*)

  99. Very sad to read this, FEd, but I can understand.

    Thanks for making this part of the ‘net such a nice place for people to discuss their love for music (among other things). And also thanks for helping get me those tickets to see DG at the Hollywood Bowl – a night my wife and I will always remember.


  100. Oh, time for a last post…

    Bye, FEd! See you somewhere, sometime! Thanks for all!

    Bye, fellow bloggers! See elsewhere in the depths of Internet or, more preferably, at a David Gilmour concert. If you want get in touch via twitter. I’m @seetakihere there…



  101. What can I say that is not always said??!!!

    Thanks to all the Bloggers, hope that our friendship can’t be lost. I don’t see how, in any case I’m on Facebook as Orlando Salvatore … so BE HAPPY and the All the best to you …

    Thanks to FEd, I have a debt of gratitude with you, I was thinking to gave you one of my RAKU creation but the time and the occasions still won’t let it happen.

    Hope to be at the chat, I’m not sure but I’ll try…..

    In any case…. Goodbye my friend, don’t be sad, life is going on…..


  102. And a big thank you to all the lovely people here whose English is their native language for their patience, tolerance, kindness and help towards non-native English speakers, either on the blog or in the chatroom, the first one of course being our host without whom I would never have kept on joining this wonderful community, who always made me feel very comfortable, never ridiculous even though I must have destroyed the beautiful English language so often.

    You all have been so welcoming, it means a lot to me. I think it’s one of the (many) reasons why this place was so special.

    It has been my first and only blog and will remain forever my only blog.

    Au revoir à tous, big bisous, I’ll miss you all terribly.

  103. From The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies – Billy Boyd’s The Last Goodbye

    “I saw the light fade from the sky
    On the wind I heard a sigh
    As the snowflakes cover my fallen brothers
    I will say this last goodbye

    Night is now falling
    So ends this day
    The road is now calling
    And I must away
    Over hill and under trees
    Through lands where never light has shone
    By silver streams that run down to the Sea

    Under clouds, beneath the stars
    Over snow one winter’s morn
    I turned at last to paths that lead home
    And though where the road then takes me
    I cannot tell
    We came all this way
    But now comes the day
    To bid you farewell
    Many places I have been
    Many sorrows I have seen
    But I don’t regret
    Nor will I forget
    All who took that road with me

    Night is now falling
    So ends this day
    The road is now calling
    And I must away
    Over hill and under tree
    Through lands where never light has shined
    By silver streams that run down to the Sea

    To these memories I will hold
    With your blessing I will go
    To turn at last to paths that lead home
    And though where the road then takes me
    I cannot tell
    We came all this way
    But now comes the day
    To bid you farewell

    I bid you all a very fond farewell.”

    Thank you to all the wonderful Irregulars but most of all, THANK YOU FEd. ♥♥♥

  104. I can hear the creaking of a drawbridge …. won’t be able to get to chatroom tomorrow so here is Frank who says he’ll pop by with a plate of buttered scones ….

    We did it our way, kids.

    Frank Sinatra – My Way 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tim. We’ve had a lot of laughs down the years, haven’t we? I’ll have that buttered scone for you on Thursday – it’s definitely Thursday – and there’ll be no scrimping on the jam.

      You know I love Ol’ Blue Eyes. I might have mentioned that once or twice. Definitely the perfect note to end on.

      Shutting down now.

      Tschüss, everyone. Thanks again for everything.

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