BBC Drivetime

David will be chatting with Simon Mayo on his BBC Radio 2 Drivetime show this evening, which starts at 5pm (UK). Expect David to be on air talking all things Pompeii from 6pm.

You can listen the old-fashioned way through something called a ‘radio’, listen live online or later on demand at a time to suit – here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

29 thoughts on “BBC Drivetime”

  1. Nice talking about feeling ‘out of this world’ when he plays guitar. It’s this ‘fluid’ that keeps alive the love for music.

    Also, I’d like to remember here the great Tom Petty, who’s now having a jam in the Sky, I’m sure.


    1. It’s so sad. Petty was one of my all time heroes. I learned to play guitar because I wanted to play Free Fallin’ and Learning to Fly – and then I discovered that these songs were just the top of the ice mountain of Petty songs. Maybe he was “lighter” than Dylan and maybe he was less smart than Springsteen, but he was a brilliant bandleader, a brilliant songwriter and a fantastic live performer. I am really sad.

    1. Three consonants in row… How do they manage to pronounce that, I wonder. And they do, every letter, carefully and easy! Not a surprise then that we got the best editor here.

      You know that you’re The Best Editor FEd, don’t you. But do you know that if I can write a couple of English words so that someone can understand it (sometimes at least), it’s all because of you? And please don’t say ‘shuks!’ as this is true.

      Happy Birthday dear FEd! Wishing you many happy moments.

      1. Still waiting for the rest of your comment about your cinema experience, laterr, I loved the first part. 🙂

        Didn’t you write “To be continued soon…”?


  2. I love what he says about being transported to another world, like between waking and sleeping. Whenever I see him live, I’m always listening and looking for those moments. The beautiful thing is that he takes you – the listener – there with him. I remember this ‘Echoes’ where I had what felt like an outer body experience. Yep, really.

    And the Pompeii box is absolutely brilliant; love the Mary Beard essay, love the documentaries and of course the concert. Such a beautiful ‘On an Island’ and ‘Sorrow’ and the fireworks at the end of ‘Run Like Hell’ … So glad I was actually there, in the spectaculum. 🙂

  3. A private screening in Leicester Square, bit awkward but my invite must have been lost in the post?

    It’s OK, I’ll grab the DVD and we can set up a time that suits.

  4. I gotta see a show in South America. I’d fit right in with them, bawling my face off.

    Taking a quick breather before Wroclaw.

    Did I mention how much I love this box set?

  5. Just a quick ‘Happy FEd Day’ to you! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    I’m currently waiting for my now-8-year-old granddaughter to get home from dance class to celebrate her birthday, too.

    Love to everyone ~ it’s a difficult world to contend with, so much sadness everywhere it seems. We need to savor every joyous moment while we can and keep those we love close to our hearts no matter how far away they may be.

    Peace ‘n’ love always
    Washington State

    1. Thank you, Gabrielle. I hope you enjoyed. Birthdays are so much nicer at that age, aren’t they? Thinking of the jelly, the ice cream…

  6. When David fills space with his magic he takes everyone with him on a journey out of this world.

  7. Pompeii Part II?

    A nice interview, so it looks like there is plans to restore the seating section of the Amphitheater. David said he wanted more folk in but they said people can’t sit up in the seating section. In a recent interview David has also said he would perform at Pompeii again, and with another album and tour hopes, it might not be too long till all the Irregulars are back there once again. 🙂

  8. It’s official. I’m going to NEED Wroclaw on a CD, please.

    That version of The Girl in the Yellow Dress is so very very sweet, so incredibly beautiful.

    And Dancing Right In Front Of Me is a huge treat.

    And who else noticed a teensy sound sample of Until We Sleep in the North American documentary? It makes me so happy to hear bits of About Face. It doesn’t get enough love.

    LOVE hearing bits of Beauty throughout the bonus material. And as the credits roll on the show.

    And Wider Horizons!

    Good god the bonus material is ambrosia. I saw my own weird head at The Forum from Easter. I was like….that person looks familiar…. oh! Is that… …me? Sure enough, eyes closed, face wet and streaky, weirdly mouthing along with the guitar. I thought of that beauty parlor meme of a lizard in a hair towel with the caption, “When you’re getting your hair done and you wonder if you always been this ugly”. 😀

    Ok. Wroclaw on CD because that was just too perfectly beautiful.

    I love this box set.

  9. Watching England football, in the 2nd half England went off and Gilmour came on.


  10. Hey FEd~

    Wanted to wish you a belated Birthday.

    Hope you had a wonderful day and a great year ahead.

    Take care,

  11. It was a great chat – and I am hoping that I’ve finally figured out how to log on properly to leave a note here with a proper profile?

  12. I find myself listening to ‘Rattle That Lock’ as much as any classic Floyd these days.

    It’s certainly ‘stuck around’ in the way some albums do, and some don’t.

    Lovely interview that and here’s hoping that indeed, David doesn’t take 10 years for the next album and tour! I couldn’t make Pompeii this time (Albert Hall x 2 though!), so I’m hoping for a sequel…

  13. Hey FEd~

    I am happy to say that the local music store has ordered the “Live At Pompeii” Box Set. Now I feel I am part of.

    Could not have ordered till now but grateful to have got on board.

    Take care,

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