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Update: David’s conversation with David Dye can now be found here.

Another date for your diary, although it is subject to change: Wednesday 6th September, which is when World Cafe will be broadcasting an interview David did for NPR recently.

Broadcast as part of the World Cafe series, it can be heard on over 200 stations across the USA. You can tune into your local affiliate station at the scheduled World Cafe broadcast time, so please check local listings. To listen live online, you can hear the WXPN Philadelphia stream at 2pm ET at if you select ‘WXPN’ from the ‘Listen Live’ drop-down at the very top of the page. (And if you’ve time to kill before then, may I suggest you visit their archives? Plenty to enjoy there.)

Don’t worry if you miss it because it will be archived for on-demand streaming at on the evening of its broadcast.

Of course, David will be talking about Live at Pompeii. Not long now…

Have a good weekend. The chatroom will be open from 3pm (UK) today if you’ve time to pop in for a natter.

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Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Have a good weekend too, FEd! 12 days until Gilmour day and I managed not to see even one of the teasers…


  2. Awesome. Thanks for the news.

    I’d love to also hear him announce a new project, but it’s probably too soon.

  3. That’s one of my favorite local radio stations! I live in south-eastern Pennsylvania (west of Philadelphia), and 88.5 always plays fantastic music! Can’t wait to tune in.

  4. Great. I’m looking forward to listening to it.

    I’m on holiday right now so I unfortunately can’t join the next chat.

  5. Looking forward to the broadcast, the film and …………………… Blog post number 1000!

      1. I’m sure you’ll be able to conjure up something magical to celebrate this momentous milestone occasion FEd.

      2. How about “David’s ambition to play at the Pyramids, Egypt”?

        No I am not making that up, check out the interesting brief interview on today’s (06/09/17) Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2, one hour thirty seven in. Seems he is thinking of special places to play in the future.

        Great news!

        1. Great to hear he is already thinking about another album + tour.

          Let’s see how long it will take, though hopefully not 10 years again. 😉

          Looking forward to seeing the movie. Not long now.

          Also I’m sorry I couldn’t join the chat yesterday. I’ll try to be there next time.

  6. Call me old fashioned but that’s not a teaser – that’s a statement of intent … there’s life in the old dog yet it seems.

  7. Is there some screening tonight in London about the Pompeii gig? Just seen some tweet from Polly, referring to a screening tonight.

  8. I apologise in advance FEd for using such a word, however, in the run up to “Christmas”, I have a feeling it is going to give us all great tidings of comfort and great joy!

    Imminently, World Cafe broadcast, a special one night only at the “flicks” and spectacular audio and visual releases of hypnotic Pompeii! Could it get any better, when we now hear that David strongly hints at a new album and an accompanying tour! Exciting news indeed! I’m shaking with anticipation…..could we all share the magic again? Please say it’s so FEd?

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

    1. I know, the big tease. You’d think he’d let us get through the film first, then the box set extravaganza, give our nerves a chance to settle down. But no.

  9. The broadcast, the film screening, then my very own copies of Live At Pompeii. All that was more than enough cause for much happiness and anticipation. And now, now there is a hint of more new music and maybe a tour to come?? Even the hint of it is enough to make me smile for a long long time. 🙂

  10. I did read that right? New work and tour in the pipeline? I hope he comes to Scotland next time. And so the saving begins, this time all Irregulars, we must do it right this time, meet up!! 😀

    Nice interview Mr Gilmour talking about the tribute to “Our Rick”. I remember seeing an article about Rick’s Yacht and think one of Rick’s keyboards he used on the P.U.L.S.E was on it. Very sad seeing such an iconic piece of equipment just left like that but think it found a good home, I don’t know if it was at the V&A exhibition though.

    I missed chat today FEd and noticed the next chat schedule is for sept 14th the night after the Pompeii screening. Is there any chance you could maybe pen in a little chat a day or two days before the Screening FEd?

    FEd, do you know if there’s an option so folk can sub to chat for reminders? and if not could it be done?

    My friend’s Mrs just had a baby a couple of weeks ago and after a few complications and stuff the baby and his GF are at home. All is good and looks like Pompeii will by my friend’s 1st real night out since becoming a “Faither”. What a great way to celebrate. Thanks for more amazing memories Mr Gilmour, couldn’t have worked out any better. Cheers. 🙂

    To think Irregulars all over the world will be sat in a cinema watching Pompeii again at the same time. Great the wonders of modern tech.

    PS The American store had a few old Pompeii 2016 Lithos in if anyone missed out 1st time around, no Pompeii T shirts unfortunately and shipping would be expensive probably.

    Thanks again FEd, keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Is there any chance you could maybe pen in a little chat a day or two days before the Screening FEd?

      FEd, do you know if there’s an option so folk can sub to chat for reminders? and if not could it be done?

      I’ll see what I can do, but for now:

      1. You’re free to make use of the chatroom at any time and welcome to suggest a time for others to meet you there.

      2. There’s no such option at this time, I’m sorry to say, but the details are always on the calendar.

      1. Hi FEd

        That’s sound, hopefully a few Irregulars can make a chat next week before the screening. I’ll have to try make sure I check chat times less Irregularly. 😀

        My thoughts are with all my American friends who are gonna be affected by Irma and those affected by Harvey. If you’re reading, Be Safe Folks. 🙂

  11. ONE WEEK FEd! Just one more week!!! Oh god everyone looked so good and happy going to the gala premiere!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

  12. Just to let you know that Classic 21 radio station is playing ‘Rattle That Lock (Live at Pompeii 2016)’ all the time since yesterday. I didn’t know it came out as a single.

    Also, they attended the private screening in London yesterday and this is what they wrote on their website. A review full of praise!

    Vivement le 13!

    1. Dans cette ambiance très conviviale , nous pouvons remarquer la présence, couché à côté des pédales de son maître, du chien de Gilmour attentif à chaque effets sonores…

      Does this mean there’s likely to be a 15 foot German Shepherd on screen at some point? Asking for a friend…

  13. ps….just listened to the WorldCafe interview and Gilmour says, [“its very gratifying that people seem to like the new stuff as much as they do…it keeps me working..”]

    I’d like to elaborate on this “like” for the new songs to keep him incentivized to work.

    It’s a shame that he can’t BE in the audience to hear himself play. In Any Tongue comes at you like a sledgehammer, stranding you breathless, rolling you through the air, wringing your heart, forcing a tear to your eye. It’s a sublime, violent beauty, just breathtaking.

    I’d trade a Time or a Breathe for a Pocketful of Stones any day. That one is like tiptoeing over moss covered rocks in a sun-dappled forest with glittering fairy dust sparkling in the light. The delicious tension and the perfectly gratifying resolution sustain me on a soulular level.

    Out Of The Blue has become my comfort blanket against Trump – what I wouldn’t give to see that one live. Passion and warning in equal measure – always makes me think of the Journey to Ixtapa by Carlos castenada. And I hope its true, that death doesn’t take you until you’ve finished your last dance. It feeds and comforts me in my fears that I won’t be ready when it comes.

    The Girl in the Yellow Dress makes me feel sassy, cool and glamorous. (and we all know that I’m something of a short stumpy troll doll) so anything that can do that is a definite treat. If I could samba, I would.

    And speaking of glamour, Beauty is a show stopper. It’s starts off crawling, learns to walk and then turns into a strutting showgirl. It’s a musical study in magnificence, it’s a light source all on its own.

    Faces of Stone might be my most favorite tune on RTL. There’s something so haunting and – yet – sweet in it. The two solos are perfection. There’s a part in the second one where I can’t breathe until the piercing high note is resolved. It feels like one of the most important things anyone has ever told me.

    Near The End makes my own mortality almost okay. Or at least in good company, afraid my circles drawn in water with a stick have no meaning, and probably don’t. And that makes me laugh.

    I know he knows he’s doing this extra sensory thing when he plays, reference Love On The Air, but experiencing it has got to be more unfettered than making it. The reception is perfect, it’s only my own head and ability to express what I hear that’s hazy.

    Short and Sweet feels like the promised triumph of the afterlife. Sweet like a mountain stream, she looks. Unencumbered by a failing flesh sack, realized truly.

    There’s the words he and Polly have written but there’s something more. There’s an emotional language of the soul in his playing. It’s very rare to have those two languages combined – and when it’s played live it’s an indisputable “holy” trinity. The physical force of the music: pounds my chest, gets in between my fingers and toes, lifts my head and tickles the end of my nose. The cerebral, thought provoking nature of the lyrics, “says he doesn’t care who’s saved. It’s just the dice you roll, the here and now, and he’s not guilty or afraid,” and the esoteric whisperings and satisfying recognition in my soul from the soaring guitar is pure magic.

    There is nothing else like it.

    I wouldn’t care if he played no Floyd tunes. I’d turn up and be grateful. I’m always astounded.

    So if you have a chance, give him a poke to let him know that if he should want to create more music it will be very happily received. The music really is one of my oldest and dearest friends. It’s been with me the longest, my witness and my comfort. And I’m not nearly the only one that feels this way.

    We are so lucky, to sit there with nothing to do but hear.

    And pps… I’m so sorry I bothered to go see Roger.

    And ppps….I finally thought of what I should have asked him. Timely, since I met him a year and a half ago. I should have asked, “Where does your mind go when you’re playing?” I want to know if it’s the same place mine goes upon hearing it – or if I just have some terribly advanced indulgent delusions that I should probably be medicated for.

    That would have been much more productive than what I did, which was apologizing profusely for being an unruly puppy in 1994 and shaking like a leaf. I couldn’t even barely control the volume of my own voice. That was quite honestly the best I could do while my old friend, my brain, kept whispering helpful suggestions in my ear like, “do you feel sick,” and “should you faint now?”

    1. “And pps… I’m so sorry I bothered to go see Roger.”

      Wow!! really?! i’m desperately waiting for him to announce the UK / Europe leg of his tour. I know this is a Gilmour Blog, so should keep things Gilmour-centric but how comes you didn’t like it?

      I thought his 2010 Wall shows were astounding and I hoped this would be similar (again, minus the world’s greatest guitarist!).

      1. I did like it, hence the guilt.

        I’ve been very mad at Roger since about the mid 80s. I ignored all of his solo releases in a meaningless, petty show of solidarity or dedication to Gilmour.

        But, then, Roger got old. And I felt bad because he was crying for the attention that he thought he should have gotten. So I got soft. 🙁

        A few months ago I grabbed up all Roger’s solo works (still haven’t listened to them all,) and went to go see him.

        Roger forced the side picking. To me, Gilmour was always the beating heart of Floyd. It was never about the clever wit in the lyrics, it was about my spirit soaring through the music. The musical sophistication that got lost or tamped down in favor of four repetitive chords and ever more expressive words. I don’t relate to WWII. I do relate to the undefined quality that’s purposefully left open for interpretation in the music.

        Go see Roger, he’s tiny and shrinking, which makes me sad. And Kilminster does a really really good job but it aches of no Gilmour. Kilminster is better than the guitarists from The Wall, musically. And Carin is fantastic.

        Roger needs love in his life, so give it to him. I can’t give it to him – to hear Gilmour say they’re not getting along means (to me) that Roger is still wounding Gilmour so that makes me mad.

  14. And more on Classic 21 website today (where you can win tickets for cinemas in Belgium).

    J-6 ! (Do you say ‘D-6’ in English?)

  15. Polly deserves some major adoration, too. Think of it. A young slip of a girl, really a wisp of a thing, stepping into some of the biggest shoes in rock and roll and rocking the hell out of it. Brilliant, brilliant lyricist. An artist through and through.

    And even though she has a beautiful artistic sense and a magical way with words, she takes the time to get into the head of her best friend, to deliver us lyrics that are as close to the pure essence of the magic as anything can be.

    Thank god for Polly.

  16. That’s really one of the better conversations, no reunion talk and even the Roger question is a good one. That would be funny: you’re going to a RW concert and half the way you realize that the man next to you is not a random man at all. 😉

    Fed, don’t tease us too hard when you have serious news about a new album by David in the next time…

  17. Wow, they’re showing Pompeii again in ‘my’ cinema on the 17th, great! Now I can see it twice, like I did the real thing, heh, heh.

  18. Maya – “and it feels like the one of the most important things anyone has ever told me”

    Bravo, that one of the most eloquent summations in a review I think I’ve ever read. Enjoy the night and remember David was rather looking forward to hearing it himself.

    1. It’s tomorrow!!! Zomg!!! I’m so excited!!!

      It’s today already for you lucky U.K. Fans!!!


  19. Fed: do we know where is the cinema the furthest East on the globe that is showing DG Live in Pompeii on Wednesday??
    Do the residents of Fiji get to see the movie before the rest of us?!!

    1. Great question, Richard. That will stretch my (quite weak, admittedly) geography knowledge to the limit.

      No Fiji, so guessing… New Zealand? Although there are more than 100 participating cinemas across Russia.

  20. I’ll be wearing my treasured Pompeii Yellow Wristband with pride tomorrow night……Oh and the crazy multi-coloured daft hat I wore too!

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

  21. So what is that “atmos”, then?

    I did not dare to “demand it” for my favourite cinema, having doubts about its technical possibilities (modern equipment and all that), and now what? Only one out of about ten says it is screening the film in atmos…

    At least it will be a small hall (hoping without popcorn).

  22. My English is really bad so I found a website where all the interview was translated in Italian.

    Tomorrow is the day. I just realized that I made a mistake when I bought ticket. I thought I took 4 tickets for all my family but I bought just 2 and it is ok because in my region on Thursday schools start so children cannot come with me and my wife because there is one show at 21 and the cinema is 1 hour away from where we live, too late for them. So I have to go alone. 🙂

    After 10 times I saw his shows between 2015/2016. I am still excited to see The Movie as it was a concert. I have to move to Naples (150 km) for the second night because there is the nearest cinema with Dolby atmos and for the third night Salerno again.

    In the interview David says he already has new thing for a future CD…..we can start to dream.

  23. And, why is the NPR site talking about ‘the upcoming national theatrical showing’ and ‘performances will be shown in movie theaters across the country‘?

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