‘Pompeii’ TONIGHT

The wait is finally over.

Wishing everybody who will be seeing Live at Pompeii in one of the 2,520 participating cinemas around the world this evening a marvellous time.

Do let us know where you’re going, how it goes and, of course, what you think of the concert film.

We’ll be talking about it in the chatroom tomorrow, no doubt, so you’re very welcome to pop in from 4pm (UK) whether you’re a new, lapsed or seasoned chatter. All you need to get started can be found here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

158 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ TONIGHT”

  1. We’ve been to the last live show in the Royal Albert Hall, and this evening we will be one of the first (??) to see the movie! I’m feeling blessed!

    We are on a vacation in Sydney at the moment, that’s why we could be the first to see the movie… (??)

    Cheers to all and enjoy the evening!

  2. Meeting up with my brother, who went with me to Pompeii, his son, my wife and another friend who wasn’t able to make it to Italy at a bar a couple of hours ahead in Gothenburg, Sweden. The t-shirt and the wristband is on, this will be awesome!

  3. I’m really looking forward to it. Life has been crazy busy this past month, my son is in hospital again (!) with epilepsy raging out of control. However, thanks to my daughter, I’ll get tonight off to go to the cinema. 🙂 I’m going to the Electric in Birmingham, a lovely Art Deco cinema with great sound !

    Hello to all my friends here, we’re all going to have a great time tonight !


    1. Oh, so sorry to hear this…

      A big hug to you and to your son, and to Pixie as well.

      Hope this night, coming back were we were last July, will help to cut off all the other thinking at least for a couple of hours…

      I send you a big kiss!!

    2. Thinking of you Ash and wishing you will be transported to a place of peace if only for a few hours.♥

    3. Hello Ash

      There is in the UK a pet dog program trained to detect about 40 minutes before the crises of epileptic seizures. The patient’s interaction with the dog causes the crises to present themselves less and less.

      1. Thank you for that Zae. 🙂 I’ll look into that.

        Also, thank you to everyone here for your good wishes.


  4. Taking my wife who saw the first concert in Pompeii with me, and my two daughters. Paddington in Sydney.

  5. My daughter and I will be at a cinema in Augsburg. Almost 2 years after Oberhausen and 1 year after the dernière in London it will refreshing to attend a Gilmourish event again…



  6. I was lucky enough to go to the 1st Pompeii concert, slept in Stanstead airport to get a 6am flight then bus to Pompeii. Met some wonderful people from all over the world. Can’t wait for it this evening – I bet those I met are watching too…

    From Pompeii to Stevenage Cineworld…..

  7. Me and the blonde dog are off to the Odeon at Braehead. Other two dogs well p*ssed off at having to wait for the DVD.

  8. I was going to South Woodford in East London tonight, but my wife’s 94 year old Aunt just passed away so I will now wait for the DVD at the end of the month.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  9. Hi people!!!

    My wife and I are busy with the RAKU exposition, it will end on Sunday. But I’m here at work, so I can be part this Great World Event. This evening in Trento, Italy at 21.

    Sorry but I’ll miss the chat tomorrow, I must return to Sorano (Tuscany, Maremma) to close the exposition and pack all the stuff….

    Have a great time tonight and in the Chat!


  10. I’ll be at a cinema in my small town (so lucky), and can’t wait also for the 29th to see again the full concert at my house.

    But, of course, the big screen is another thing.

    Hope to see in some screenshot the banner and our irregulars family. We were all together: me, ash, Pixie, Rob, Stefan, Daniel, scott…

  11. Going with the Mrs, who attended night 3 at the RAH at the start of the tour. Three friends will be joining us in Antwerp.

    By pure coincidence, on holiday in Corfu (Greece), I noticed someone wearing an RTL/RAH t-shirt in a small restaurant in Kalami. For some reason the man seemed familiar to me.

    Had a quick chat with the couple, who, it turned out, were in the RAH too for the final night and had joined the meet-up at the Queen’s Arms.

    It is a small world …

    Looking forward to tonight, have fun everyone attending,

  12. Unfortunately the listed cinema in Szolnok is not showing the film so we are going to have to wait until Friday when we are in Budapest.

    Can’t wait relive those magical nights!!! Enjoy everyone!!!

  13. I’m rather excited to see this now, FEd!!

    All the clips look fantastic and have definitely built up the suspense.

    I also had a listen to the interview on the World Cafe, and I was pleased to hear that David had plans or at least ideas for a new album/tour, I had feared we’d seen the last of him!

    Bring on tonight in West London!

  14. I’ll be in Baneasa Grand Entertainment, Bucharest. This is the only hall in Romania with Dolby Atmos as far as I know. They also have 4K so it looks like I’ll be able to experience the concert film just as David intended. I’m so happy I get to relive that fabulous night in Pompeii – from what I get, most of the recording comes from Day 2, when I was there. I know it’s going to be awesome, there’s no two ways about it.

    On another note, I read the Rolling Stone exclusive piece with David. I’m not over RTL yet, but I sure hope we get to hear new music soon. Another tour would be great for sure, but David knows what’s best and he’ll do it when and if he is ready. I hope they release a new Albert Hall concert as well, those shows were worth it.

    Enjoy the film, everyone! 🙂

    1. Re RAH: yes, the shows were a treat and from what I heard, the one I was at was exceptionally good (i.e. the last one). Having an official recording would be terrific…

  15. Jour J !!!

    Going to Cinema Gaumont in Valenciennes.

    It will be such a nice feeling knowing that we all will be attending such a special event at the same time, maybe be you too, FEd. Enjoy!

    Hope we won’t have problems at the cinema: just out of curiosity, I checked their website today and saw that our ‘reserved’ seats that we booked on June 2nd are still available on their seating map. Mon Dieu!

    1. Oh dear. I hope that doesn’t create a problem.

      Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m told they have opened a second screen as the first one is sold out.

      Hope you enjoy it.

      1. Oui, FEd, merci for taking the time to help once again. C’est formidable.

        I should have guessed about ‘my’ screen being sold out (have been told there that by the end of June, it was already sold out), but I just panicked. Sorry for the trouble.

  16. I can’t wait!

    Got my ticket and eagerly awaiting 7:30pm.

    I hope everyone has a great time. Going on the comments of Australians and New Zealanders who’ve already seen it, it seems it’s a bit special.

  17. cannotwait.com !!! Less than 6 hours to go now. Wonder who I will spot in the audience ? 😀

  18. Just shy of 10 hours to go! Super excited! Seeing it at the Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas in New Jersey. Never been there but the neighbourhood is familiar and not far from home. With any luck, the subways and buses will cooperate and we’ll get home early enough to get there with time to spare for a snack beforehand. No assigned seating though – first come, first seated. Am fairly certain I’ll be at a loss for words for the next few days.

    Thank you FEd for EVERYTHING!!

  19. It’s here! David Gilmour Day all around the world, how cool is that! We will be at The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH USA 7 PM. Can’t wait!! Will take a picture of the marquee for posterity. Enjoy everyone!

  20. We’ll be going tonight at a theater outside Boston. Excited to watch the film on the big screen after seeing clips online. Already bringing back fond memories from shows attended last year.

    I noticed a few theaters are offering another showing on Friday, 15 September. Haven’t seen that announced officially, don’t know if it’s more widespread than our area. So there may be hope for those who can’t go tonight!


    1. Yes, due to demand (and possible cancellations due to the terrible weather that has battered some areas), several venues are looking to screen it again. More on that when we have all the details.

  21. Just a few hours away, can’t wait for this, will be great.

    On a sad note my neighbor just lost his Father yesterday so I’m taking him along last min, there are still tickets. He’s deaf and his hearing aids are broken so I hope the cinema can provide him with something. I’ll call them and check.

    I hope you all have a Great Night and spot a few irregulars, 🙂

  22. Just left our favourite wild beach to drive 220 km to the cinema and than back to the sea. Such a great thrill again. We are thankful we have this chance. Happy time to all.

  23. for sure FEd, for sure! me and my wife, with 4k and dolby atmos feature to feel as better as possible.

  24. Can’t wait. Have even had the car valeted so we’ll travel in comfort and style. Myself, my husband (who saw you all play in ’94 and has never let me forget that I couldn’t go) my best mate who introduced me to Pink Floyd many years ago, and her husband are going to Belfast tonight to watch!

  25. It’s Cheltenham UK Cineworld tonight for me with friends and family. We’re all so excited and can’t wait to see what will be a fantastic and historic cinema event living long in the memory! As with other bloggers, I’ll be doing some Irregular spotting later and hope Andrea gets to see his special banner, created in recognition and presented to you FEd, as a token for the much appreciated work you do; in making this worldwide blog great and for making all our Pompeii dreams come true!

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

    1. Aww, shucks. Just doing my job.

      It was a lovely thing to do. Thank you again to Andrea and everyone who took the time to scribble a message on it.

  26. I’ll be there in buzzing Norwich …. and by the sound of it I may need to nibble on some Gnawfolk chocolate as well ….

    Very excited – if the immersive sound from the Dunkirk movie recently is anything to go by, we’ll be vibrating to Sorrow in our (comfy) seats ….

  27. It’s a Vue cinema tonight. Re our geography test on ‘first viewing ‘ I guess New Zealand has won?

    1. First impressions: very strange and hugely enjoyable at the same time!

      Strange because I’ve never seen a new movie and known almost all of the ‘script’!

      Some people in the audience seemed desperate to sing along: some did during WYWH and ‘Comfy Numb’. Most applause for High Hopes, which came across with real emotion. Everyone stayed for the credits! The music ‘separation’ was excellent and the sound very clear.

      Hope everyone else enjoyed as much as me: many thanks to DG and the team for the release. And to F’ed for being F’ed.

      1. 🙂 The awkward, very polite applause early on amused me. By ‘High Hopes’ I think almost everyone was clapping away.

  28. Wuhuuu…what a night! Another huge experience. Thank you! For both concerts and concert movie. I feel truly blessed and grateful for this. Loved it all!

    Now..these last three Septembers have been highlights on the passed years – concerts in September 15 and 16, and concert movie tonight. I’m imagining what can happen in a year. 🙂

  29. Right about now, FEd, your mind is being blown. You’re seeing the ghosts move in the smoke, curious with all the commotion. The kiss hello from 5AM, the anfiteatro dancing. The moon peeking over the side of the wall, smiling down. Vesuvius, bowing.

    Hope all of you U.K. Fans are having an amazing screening!!! I can’t wait to hear your reviews!!

  30. Only first thoughts -it was another magnificent night with Mr. Gilmour and band again. Feels like a holy day within a holy day, his magic and sense for making it all special lightened our days again. Me and my friend loved that we could see and hear so many details which are lost when you are in the crowd in a show. Filming a concert is a wise job especially when it comes to musicians like them. I felt the audience experienced every sound with such a pleasure.

    Thank you all DG crew.

  31. Just got back from the cinema; it was absolutely beautiful! I missed some of my favourite songs, but I understand they’re on the DVD. I’d never been in a cinema packed with mostly men of above 40 before; quite funny, nice atmosphere though.

    And I get to see it again on Sunday!

  32. Just got back home from Wrexham Odeon after having seen and heard one of the most amazing performances ever. Truly magnificent from beginning to end. My wife and I wanted to see the whole show again immediately after it finished!

    Thank you David – and band. It was obvious all of you were having a blast. So did we.

  33. I often joke that the last time I went to the cinema was in 1979 for Quadrophenia. And it’s not far off the mark.

    How plush these places are now. Reclining chairs, the works.

    The film, it has to be said, was excellent. Watching that collection of career spanning tunes was actually quite emotional as they took me back to so many places and circumstances.

    Wonderful night. Thanks to all involved!

  34. Just back, I absolutely loved it. ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ got me again.

    Son thought: “It was actually quite good.”

    Dog settled down for a sleep after GGITS and then woke up again for ‘Sorrow’.

    Night night!

  35. Just a quick first impression : stunning quality !

    And what a treat Pompeii was.

    The pre-concert part of the film with “A Boat Lies Waiting” was a very fitting tribute to Richard.

    The pre-film “look under your chair for a red envelope”-raffle was a nice little extra.

  36. PS: not being a mobile phone user I did wonder, when the camera panned the audience, after the effort of getting to the gig why would you want your view blocked by your own phone?

    1. My thoughts too. It was so strange to me and we didn’t saw this strange thing on our shores in Firenze and Vienna. Maybe people felt a bit overwhelmed by the fact being on such an extremely rare venue and thought it obligatory to record themselves their own proof that it’s real. I felt also the band being in a joyful mood was not disturbed by the phones though, hopefully.

  37. David Gilmour live in Pompeii. What a movie and what a nice audience… The sound was terrific and Sorrow almost felt like the ones I witnessed live.

    The feeling that all around the globe people went to the cinemas this day to see David Gilmour and the band, is special…

    I could do with a Gilmour event every September, as Lene suggested but that’s up to him…



    1. Yep. Sorrow started and I leaned over to my husband and whispered, “Come now, The Kraken.” It’s a powerful incantation. It splits the earth asunder. It shoots lightning from your finger tips.

  38. Just home from Inverness. State of Awe here. Best Sorrow ever. Wonderful to hear that guitar on overdrive. The man is good on that guitar.

  39. I’ll be watching in awe at Showcase Cinemas in Ridge Hill (Yonkers, NY). One more love fest. 🙂

  40. Just back myself …..

    Spine tingled away throughout – highlights for me

    * ‘In Any Tongue’ is now becoming an absolute classic
    * There was a little extra funkiness in some of David’s work and from Chester too
    * The band looked very happy and the footage of David more intimate than we’ve seen before
    * The Norwich crowd was a bunch of real oldies so I’m feeling youthful

    Not quite as loud as I would have liked but I guess they were wary of disturbing the pacemakers.

    Some of my favourites were not in the cut (Money, OAI, FoS) so that’s me hooked in to the DVD !!

  41. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Now I know David won’t tour Australia again but so what?! That was incredible.

    Have to say I shed a tear in Great Gig. Rick was remembered beautifully.


  42. Feeling like coming back from space. Do you remember Ray Bradbury’s “The Man from the Star” (sorry if I don’t remember the title correctly)? Something like that…a bit of blue, quiet melancholy…

    Just wanted to thank you, FEd. I realize I should give kind of a “review “, and of course it deserves a good review, oh yes. But. ..maybe later, maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to find proper words. For now I feel any words in any tongue are nothing compared to what they are intended to describe.. The Man does the unbelievable. He unbelievable himself.. you think it can’t be, and you see it has been …then you can’t believe your eyes and your ears. ..

    When I was 12 or something about, I had a strange dream. A spaceship flying to my window, soaring, and spacemen ask me if I’d like to fly with them. And was so realistic and scary. I remember I imagined how desolate and cold it must be, in space, and I refused. And now, as it happens again, in real life. And, unlike the old dream, it takes you, despite your “no, thanks”… It doesn’t give you any choice…

    Thank you very much indeed FEd, and all the people who made it happened…

  43. What a fantastic night, I felt as though I had been instantly transported to Pompeii. Gavin Elder’s film is a masterpiece, the visuals were rich and delicious and the sound quality was perfect. Bravo all round.

  44. Concert report? Words are inadequate. The band was amazing. The set up was amazing. The lighting was amazing. The sound was amazing. David’s guitar was amazing. Guy’s bass in One of These Days was amazing. Vocals on Comfy Numb were amazing. In Any Tongue was amazing. The final starburst at the end of Run Like Hell was amazing. There was a new rhythm guitar on one of the tracks that was amazing. Was that Comfy Numb? Can’t remember. The long driving leads on Sorrow and Comfy Numb were amazing. And there’s a new DVD to look forward to through headphones. Can’t imagine the work involved in putting such a show together. Thanks. 🙂

  45. Yaaaaaaaaay I’m in the clear! I’m not on the film dancing. 😀

    Absolutely mind blowing concert, that was emotional. They wanted to capture something Special, they nailed it, they really have. The footage is great, camera work brilliant. Some beautiful shots of the Amphitheatre, the stage, the surrounding area. The band and the performance, every band member gave it their heart and soul. David Gilmour was fantastic, he was “In The Zone” a lot. My friend is a huge Beatles fan and even he was blown away. It was funny, at one point the cameraman was filming it though a mobile phone that was held up in front of him. 😀

    5 A.M. – OMG, that is so soulful, couldn’t have picked a better opener

    The Great Gig – Beautiful

    A Boat Lies Waiting – His voice sounding so haunting, unbelievable singing

    Wish You Were Here – Singing with 2,000 people, priceless

    High Hopes – Nailed It

    One Of These Days – F****!!

    Sorrow – Structural damage 😛

    Run Like Hell – Guy’s Bass!

    Comfortably Numb – Just Legend

    There’s just so much I’ve left out though there’s just too much to try and process. I seen a guy I was stood with in the film a few times during the show when I was there, every time I seen the camera dude coming I stepped back, got out the way, but I was spotted during Comfortably Numb as turned to look around singing. Thank god there’s no audio. 😀

    I noticed folk had some sort of like program. I didn’t see them, they were just a black and white piece of paper or 3. Did anyone else’s cinema hand these out?

    Thanks for The Blog FEd, and bringing these Great People “The Irregulars” together man. You could never meet a nicer, kinder group of people, and the work you do and please know it never goes unappreciated. You’re a great host and great guy, the chatroom was a huge factor on making me go to Pompeii and I can’t thank you enough and Mr Gilmour and Polly for all the fun ‘n’ memories.

    We need a Blog VIR – “Very Irregular Person” – Seating section so folks who post on the blog can be seated together. 😀

    I hope we can do it again sometime and All The Irregulars make it this time. It would be Magical to meet everyone again and shake their hands and go see David Gilmour and Band. Hopefully time will be kind. 😉

    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the lovely words. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to visit the chatroom – that’s what makes it so.

    2. That phone bit was funny. I realized there was quite a lot of shots that sort of “focused” on people watching the show through their phones. So much so that I started to think it was a conscious nod from GE to people doing that, to show them how silly it is and what they are missing out on…

      And one other thing: The coverage is amazing, both closeups and wide shots and from all different angles. At the time I think I only noticed the camera crane. Good job of hiding the rest of them!

    3. I had such a ‘programme’, which I printed by myself to check what material will be played and which one not. Silly idea it was though. I forgot of that paper just as soon as find myself staring at the screen.

      Maybe someone in your audience did the same.

      The theatre did not provide any sort of programme or even flyer (which they usually do, for films). ..last moment known I think, so lack of time.

  46. Back from Dundee Contemporary Arts after the blistering Pompeii performance. It was great connecting tonight’s experience with my memories of the gig I went to at RAH in Sept. 2015 – it added that extra dimension that made the night all the more special. I’m just waiting for the Blu-ray package now and the chance to crank up the volume, and unleash the sub-woofer.

    Numb but comfortably so – heading for the land of nod. Looking forward to catching up with everyone’s posts later

  47. Live at Pompeii was in a word, stunning. Exceeded expectation (which was high). Music was at times gentle and at times gutturally wonderful. Visually breathtaking. Watching the emotion on David’s face when he was singing A Boat Lies Waiting tugged hard at my heart. Sorrow was AMAZING. After the solo from In Any Tongue, my husband leaned over and whispered, “how many times do you think we will listen to THAT at home?”

    Audience was mesmerized, no one talked, checked their phones, got up half a dozen times (usual behavior these days at concerts). I heard a woman behind me tell her companions that she was speechless at the end of the film. The audience sang along, clapped and cheered more and more as the night went along (FEd, you were so right about initial awkward polite applause). 🙂

    My husband had his Madison Square Garden t-shirt on which drew several, “Wow, you saw him live?” comments. “Yes, I did” was his proud answer.

    It was a wonderful night. David and his entire team should be very pleased and proud of Live at Pompeii. Many many thanks to David, Polly, DG team and as always, you FEd. I don’t think I can sleep tonight!

  48. Very nice. Just came from it here in Florida USA.

    A bit annoyed with the absence of Us and Them, Money, The Blue and Fat Old Sun. However, phenomenal In Any Tongue performance!

    I felt again part of the shows I watched for that tour and they were 6!

  49. That was a lot of fun! The film was excellent, good camera work and sound. Stunning scenery!

    David and the band certainly seemed to be having a great time on stage. Lots of smiles and happy looks. I do wish some songs left out had been included but didn’t diminish the enjoyment.

    It really was good food for the soul. A welcome escape from some recent stress. Looking forward to watching my Blu-ray when it arrives in a couple weeks.

  50. It sounded good from a Dolby ATMOS production standpoint. I would have mixed in a bit more audience, but that’s just me. I missed hearing Fat Old Sun and The Girl In The Yellow Dress. Hoping for those on the Blu-ray. I was pleasantly surprised by Chuck singing on CN, AND, I think this version of CN is better than Gdansk. Erin, Bob, and I saw it with about a hundred others (but the Theatre was only half full). I think Gavin did a fine job. Bravo!

  51. That was amazing. Me and my brother were the only ones in the audience that attended Pompeii which felt good… 😉

    I really liked the sound mix, it seems that they went to great lengths to pair the sound with the images, making the bass a wee bit clearer when Guy was in the frame, putting the drumbeat in focus when Steve was showing his grinning face and so on. A really nice touch. The only thing is that the superbness of the sound resulted in a bit of loss of the live “ambience” if you will. Sure, you heard the audience (us) in between songs and here and there, but for the most part, if you closed your eyes, it had sort of a studio quality, not the wide live sound. That will do great on the audio releseases, but paired with the movie it may leave something out. (It is at all circumstances better than what Roger did on The Wall, pairing footage from two or three shows with sound from a completely different, leaving a sense of off-synch feeling between sound and vision throughout.)

    So, eight songs left out for obvious reasons. Do we know if all of them will be included on the BD/DVD/CD? I think I remember someone saying that The Yellow Dress will be left hanging in the wardrobe?

    A theatre here is having a second screening on Tuesday. I just might…

  52. My girfriend an I were at the Pompeii concert the first evening. It was absolutely awesome! And yesterday evening we experienced the event again in th Nova Cinema in Trondheim Norway. It was almost like beeing in Pompeii again. It was great!

    I hope you, David, are doing more concerts some time!

    Sigmund Nakken

  53. I saw the screening tonight and it serves as a great bookend to the shows I attended.

    I read somewhere that the film was only 110 minutes long and posted sometime ago if this was a mistake. It ended up not being a surprise that several songs were left out of the theatrical release to squeeze into the running time, which means I will have a lot to look forward to when the Blu-Ray comes out.

  54. Hi FEd –

    Saw the ‘David Gilmour Live at Pompeii’ last night at my local cinema on the South Coast of England. The filming, production and stage show by Marc Brickman was first class. The sound quality was top notch. Having been to 3 RAH and Chantilly shows through 2015/2016, I thought I knew what to expect. However, from the film, as others have mentioned in this blog, ‘Sorrow’ stood out with ‘Run like Hell’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ were first rate versions. Looking forward to receiving my concert DVD in the coming days.

  55. Blackpool last night, Gilmour is a class act. Brought back so many memories of Brighton and London.

  56. Nothing to add to all those positive comments that I’ve read with great pleasure. All true!

    Just something I will never understand: Why would people attend such a great concert and rather fiddle about with their smartphones than listen and enjoy what they see and hear?

    From a musician’s point of view: There is a big difference between looking into smiling faces or just smartphone lenses!

  57. I loved it ! It was great to actually see the band, see their faces and expressions, and they were very obviously all enjoying themselves !

    I’m not very tall and book seats that are raised, and I like to face the stage head on. At a standing venue I have to stay at the back because everyone is taller than me ! My reasoning is, if I can’t see I’ll at least go to where the sound is best !

    The sound was great, the light show was spectacular, I saw David look up at the fireworks as they went off, he was thoroughly enjoying them. He has frequently quipped about ” the light show ” and how much he loves it. 🙂 I think he does a light show for himself ! and it so happens that the audience loves it too. Absolutely brilliant.

    I loved watching David and the band work, I couldn’t see that on the night. The aerial shots were spectacular too, seeing the light show from high above fantastic.

    The whole thing is an extremely well made piece of musical art.

    I thought it was too short though and no encores, disappointing in the extreme !


    1. Oh Ash, ILU. I’m quite short too. You only have to be about 5’4″ to utterly defeat me.

      I’m so happy you had a great time. You definitely deserve it. Sending good health wishes to your boy.

  58. A comment about the cinema I went to. . .

    I won’t go there again for a music film. There is a bar and you are allowed to take your drinks to your seat. You would not believe the number of people who went to the bar during the film and of course they all came back again ! They would stand up at the end of a song, clump up the steps, open the door and let light in wait at the back with their drinks and/or empty bladder and clump back down the steps . . . grrrr. . . you miss the film in between songs or the final or beginning notes.

    What is wrong with people ???? It’s a one off on the big screen, it cost them nearly £20 a ticket and they walk out on some of the action ?? F*ck’s sake ! Is it just me ?

    So, I’ll go to a cinema where the bar is too far away or they don’t allow alcoholic drinks in the theatre next time ! If you were one of the alcoholics (obviously an alcoholic if you can’t go without a drink for a couple of hours to enjoy one of the best shows of your life), get some treatment !!!

    At my cinema there was also a group who were a bit noisy and well oiled when they arrived, they clumped about too and talked loudly all the way through !! Dunno why they didn’t just stay in the pub. 🙁

    I was able to switch off from their noise though. 🙂

    I spoke to a bloke called Josh in the seat next to mine. . .if you read The Blog, Josh – Hello. 🙂


  59. . . . and another thing. . . .I bet you loud drinkers and weak bladder people are the very same ones that get in my way when I’m out driving . . . .

    Ash 😀

    1. 😀 They’re also the ones who loiter in supermarket aisles, chatting away like we have all the time in the world to do our shopping, their trolleys neglected, with no consideration for everyone else trying to squeeze by.

      You know I sympathise, Ash. Have to say, I didn’t have any such muppets around me, thank goodness. Very few left their seats once things got going. A few were slow to take their seats in the first place, obviously. The bar is too great a temptation for some.

      1. There’s a song for this, by Ludacris! It’s my theme music every time I get stuck in bad traffic, or go shopping at Costco on weekends.

    2. The audience was perfectly polite in Augsburg and the only one who stood up and walked away, was a guy who asked the manager to turn up the volume (I heard him talking about after the show).

      I also have to mention that the projection started punctually at 8pm without any commercials shown before. How I hate them, I can’t tell, by the way….

  60. Hi all!

    Just in time back from our Greek vacation I saw the concert film yesterday in the UCI in Bochum. They had two rooms reserved, one normal and and the i-sense-room with Dolby Atmos and I guess a better projection system than in the other room. It was worth to spend some € more for that.
    Sound was excellent, loud and powerful but not so loud to cause “pain” (had that a time ago in another cinema watching a Rolling Stones movie).

    The concert shown was a mixture of both nights there I guess. The segue from one song to the next sometimes was a little bit “strange” in my eyes.

    The choice of songs was also a thing to get used to, I missed some of those which David and the band performed in Oberhausen during that tour.

    Will the DVD/BR contain the same? Then I have to think about buying it….


      1. Thanks, FEd. I already found it hours after my posting on the main site. Pre-order for the Deluxe set is done. 😉


  61. Hello FEd, just giving kudos to all connected with the performance. It really looked great and of course was a tremendous performance. The sound in our cinema probably could have been a bit better/louder, my wife wanted to sing along but could be heard so we remained silent like a house mouse. It was funny being in a crowded cinema watching the show and wanting to scream or applaud at the end of songs but being afraid to in case people might stare. Nobody else clapped in between songs – wonder did any audiences react in other cinemas around the world?

    Really enjoyed getting out to another ‘event’ and hopefully we’ll have more to come.

    Take care – Tom B – Dublin

  62. Saw the screening last night and it was simply superb. Probably the best realised film of a concert I have ever seen. It really captured the atmosphere of the night, the beauty of the venue and the sheer fun being had by all on stage performing there. Brought back so many memories of being there.

    My only gripe is, why was the film edited as opposed to being shown in full as on upcoming Blu-ray? Seems a mad decision not to show it all as a one off screening.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of it on the Blu-ray.

  63. It was perfect. I’m blown away by the job Dave and his team have done with the mix, it’s actually near identical to how it sounded live during the tour.

    Visually it is stunning, crisp clear pictures.

  64. Pompeii last night…

    I was truly blown away. I didn’t sit still for one moment.

    If my chair hadn’t been one of those larger rocking type chairs, I might’ve come unglued. I sang (quietly), I clapped after each song as if I was right there watching it live, however I did refrain from shouting and I’m sure the others appreciated that. Phenomenal sound and visual quality with only a few glitches with the picture dropping out.

    What a truly amazing venue to showcase David’s art!

    Sorrow was a highlight for me as well as High Hopes. That slide guitar, oh my!

    I’m not even sure I can conjure up enough adjectives and string them together sensibly at the moment.

    I just want to say, thank you for making the best music my ears have ever heard. You are a gift to our universe, and the talented group of singers and musicians on stage with you couldn’t have been more complimentary to your work. I loved every single moment.

    I can’t wait to watch this in the privacy of my own home!

    P.S. I regret like hell I didn’t go to see this live, but David, you certainly slapped a big ole band-aid on my broken heart with this show! ❤️❤️

  65. I beg your pardon but today I would like to sound a contrary note….

    The film was spectacular, David and the band absolutely amazing…… but the cinema where I saw ‘David Gilmour Live at Pompeii’ (the only one in the city and surround) was ….”the stone age”!!

    No high resolution, no Dolby Atmos … simply stereo sound and not well balanced……

    It’s a barbarity…… they ruined for me the show…. I must wait for the Deluxe Box…..


  66. Did it really last 120 minutes? Oh I didn’t see the time pass…

    Loved it, the pre-film documentary (aww, Kahn…), the images of Pompeii and Vesuvius (would have liked so much to be a fly on the drone which filmed the concert those nights!), the sound quality, the constant smile on their faces on stage, their complicity, David’s wonderful expressive face when he is ‘doing his thing’ with the guitar…

    Highlights for me were the crystal clear instrumental ‘5 A.M’, the very emotional ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’, ‘In Any Tongue’ and the fabulous solo, the subtle outro of ‘High Hopes’, ‘One of These Days’ (la claque!) and’ Comfortably Numb’, the guitar solo and lasers of course but also Chuck Leavell’s vocals…

    Have to confess I missed Rick on ‘SOYCD’ and ‘Time’ (I realised I was ‘waiting’ for Rick to sing his part, but…)

    Didn’t miss ‘Money’ at all, maybe I would have loved to hear ‘Faces of Stones’, ‘The Blue’ and ‘Fat Old Sun’, but… September 29th isn’t that far, eh?

    Thank you David and everyone involved in this event, we had a great time!

    Just a little thing, the atmosphere in a cinema has nothing to do with the real thing, that is a real concert. Aww, Orange and Nîmes…

  67. Really loved the movie, I knew there were going to be some songs removed from the cinema version to be included in the DVD release but was totally surprised to see Money didn’t get into the cinema version.

    Looking forward getting the Blu-ray to see the extras in South America and at the Albert Hall.


  68. I feel so wholly inadequate posting a ‘review’ here because I really am unable to articulate the depth of the experience. We were, for a short few minutes, the only people in the theater. My husband tells me there weren’t that many people there. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have noticed – the minute the movie started it was as if I was the only person in the room and David was, in fact, speaking with me about the whole production. Thereafter, I had my own, first-ever, personal concert where I cried a bit, laughed some and am still beaming from ear to ear. It was an audio-visual feast.

    What a gift we have been given!

  69. T O N E – wow. I’ll never get over how great David’s sound is. The overall mix including harmonies and sync of the band is incredible. This movie is better than a Calgon bath (Take me away!).

    Caught the movie last night in White Plains NY. Also caught myself smiling, tapping my feet, playing air lap guitar, and shedding a tear multiple times. Fantastic production.

    I was worried about a movie theater atmosphere and quality of picture and sound, but I was pulled into the film very quickly and before I realized it the credits were rolling.

    Our audience had about 50 people with many clapping and quietly cheering after songs beginning about mid-way through the movie with the biggest cheers/applause at the conclusion of Comfortably Numb.

    A great experience to be had in a theater. I’d love to see it again on the big screen.

    After conferring with my cousin in Texas, who saw it last night there with wife and my uncle, we give 4 thumbs up. We’re already looking forward to the DVD and many a playing.

    Well done David, et al., well done!

  70. Amazing movie… t0o bad that the local cinema where I was watching didn’t show us the full audio potential… The sound was kind of optimized for the movies rather than concerts… bass levels were too low…

  71. Bloody brilliant. I loved it and have pre-ordered the deluxe set. Thank you, David and friends! And FEd!

  72. Checking in from Canada. Excellent show, great manipulation of sight and sound. I figured there would be just a handful in the theatre, it was packed, audience responding like it was actually there.

    Another fun night.


  73. A sudden change in plans last night freed me up to go see Live in Pompeii, at my son’s University theater. I was lucky enough to have seen the tour in New York last year as well as the 2006 tour.

    David and the band continue to amaze. The movie was great and I love the fact that it was a straight shot of the concert. No vignettes or edited songs with dialogue mixed in. Bravo for that. Took me back to seeing Pink Floyd – Live in Pompeii back in high school a midnight movie.

  74. What a great gig! Went with my friend to the Mwldan in Cardigan. We are both devoted Floyd/Gilmour fans and I was lucky enough to have seen David last year at the RAH. We were both blown away with a really fantastic performance, although the speakers did struggle with the bass at times and started to resonate. My only slight disappointment was that David didn’t record a special introduction as an opening for the showing. I think this would have made the night extra special.

    I really hope that David will tour again soon as there really isn’t anyone else out there who hits that emotional spot in a live performance in such an intense way.

      1. Yes, I agree. He did play in Milford Haven years ago with the Floyd. I recently read in the local paper that someone was trying to contact people who attended. Unfortunately, I was still in primary school at that time!

        Perhaps one of our old castles would be a good venue? He would certainly receive a very warm welcome on Wales (as he would anywhere in the world).

      2. FEd

        Great news, your prayers have been answered. David Gilmour has just announced a one off Gig at “The Wyndham Arms Merthyr Tydfil”.

        Unfortunately I can’t make it, I’m washing my hair that night. 😀

  75. Watched it in Spain, brilliant film, could have done with more sound and bass though and also film was only 100 minutes so a few songs cut out but will be buying the Blu-ray to see the whole thing.

    Was surreal in some ways knowing that it was being watched around the world that evening – thanks to all who organised it and thanks to Dave Gilmour for doing that for my husband’s 65th birthday.

  76. …just a carryover from chat today.

    My randomly assigned avatar is perfect for me. Just missing a cigar dangling from my lip and a beer in my monster hand.

  77. Just noticed, more dates and cinemas have been added to the cinema website? September 17? Only in the UK?

  78. Saw the movie at the Frank Banko Alehouse in Bethlehem PA. It was phenomenal. Almost as good as seeing David in person. Beethoven once said music is the voice of God and that certainly applies to Sir David Gilmour. He is the guitar god. His music makes me feel young again. He has evolved musically and I like many of the new songs he has written with his wife.

    Thanks to him for a night of pure musical joy.

    I hope to be able to see David in person again. It’s on the top of my bucket list.

  79. Like someone said earlier, this brought back a lot of memories of Brighton and 1st night at RAH in 2015. I would love to have seen the whole show screened, but it was clear (to me anyway) that some tracks would be left out. Still, plenty to look forward to when the Blu-ray deluxe package arrives at the end of the month.

    This has been a great few days for me. Last Friday I flew from Glasgow to see the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V & A museum in London, Saturday I went to see MacFloyd in Glasgow (played Animals in its entirety and a host of classics), then last night’s screening in Glasgow.

    One slight gripe, why, oh why do people persist in eating smelly and/or ‘noisy’ food in the cinema?

    Shine On.

  80. Amphitheatre

      1. Well I thought this thread was worthy enough, for me to have another go.

        Glad you and Pavlov enjoyed.

        1. You know I’m a fan of a good AtoZ, Ken! 🙂

          K- Kinepolis – Kinepolis cinema, that is, as it’s where I’m going to on Thursday 21st to see Live at Pompeii once again! Youpi!

  81. Last night I watched Live at Pompei at a cinema in my town.

    I had been waiting since I last went to London 10 years ago (for “Remember That Night”) for something like this.

    I’ve been overwhelmed by The Magnificence of the feelings evoked by this footage, it is magic and led me to commotion on more than one occasion.

    Infinite thanks David Gilmour for your art and for being such a great man. For giving me the opportunity to shed a tear for a wonderful emotion.

    Being able to listen to the music you make is one of the greatest gifts of my life.

    Thank you.

  82. Meraviglioso!!! Fantastico!!! Audio and video quality it was super. Nice the beginning, filmed in Brighton, rehearsal part. The warm atmosphere created by “5 a.m.”, the guitar solo in “Faces of Stone”. In Pompeii he played for the first time “The Great Gig In The Sky” and was a surprise but I didn’t like it so much maybe because I used to listen the DSOTM and P.U.L.S.E version or maybe for the male (Bryan) voice, anyway now I love it they did a very good job. I missed songs like “The Blue” and “On Island” but I will find them on the deluxe box ordered through Amazon and in a couples of weeks it will be here. Nice to hear David speaking in Italian.

    When I was in Pompeii there were so many emotions, feelings, you didn’t know what to see where to concentrate your attention, the band, “the naked” stage, the lights and fire on the top of the amphitheater, the fireworks, the cameras and of course “the ghosts from the past”. Watching the movie you can see things that you lost when you was there.

    First night cinema in Salerno with a bad audio system, last night Naples with Atmos Dolby: wow!!! and tonight Salerno again but not in the same cinema…..and after that? Just to wait the postman for the Blu-ray 😀 to watch for the next months and then we wait for the next CD and tour. 🙂

  83. My Apologies for being so late. Here are the scores from Carlisle, joking.

    Isn’t 4k just beautiful? I really want a new TV with it now, so Currys on Saturday. The cinema was full the audience entranced. Brilliant little intro with with the practice sessions in Brighton, it must have something special, Brighton, with all these rock stars and celebs living there, but still not as good as Bispham Blackpool, LOL. I remember the drone flying over on the night and thought, look, some cheeky bugger filming it. It took some fabulous footage, didn’t the crowd look small? We were sooo lucky to be there. Music and voice pitch perfect. Made me chuckle when David said were not looking for perfection these days.

    I thankfully didn’t see myself, but I did see the man stood in front of me wearing a Panama hat far left corner of the stage. It was great to see how much everyone was enjoying the gig. I loved it when you looked up around the arena, and the fires burning and faint images of spectres looking down. So much to say, so much already said, and much more will be when everyone gets their copy.

    I do not gush about no one, I don’t hold many folk in esteem, one or two and they are family, and one of them is my mum. David Gilmour, you are such an asset to this country, we are so proud of you, and of course Polly. It’s great to know I live only 400 miles away from the greatest Guitarist on this planet LOL.

    OK, going overboard now, but hey sometimes it’s good to show some love ain’t it.

    Kind regards Damian

    1. Looking up and around the arena is one of my favourite memories too Damian. 🙂 I missed the fires not being on the film, hopefully we’ll see them on the DVD. I remember looking up and around too at the lasers trained just below the top of the walls in particular and marvelled at Marc Brickman’s talent. I think the light show was probably the best one I’ve ever seen !

      On David not looking for perfection. . . what he does is so much better !

      I have to talk about Sorrow because I didn’t in my previous comment . . . I’ve heard David play that a few times now and I think the Pompeii one was The Best ! I thought he was trying to penetrate the very ground with sound waves and set Vesuvius off (not content with ordinary fireworks and lasers I expect 😀 ). He certainly made the floor we were standing on and the air around us quake.

      It’s great to be re-living it, what a night. 🙂


      1. Hi Ash, I hope your son is better.

        It was a special night and journey. It was great to meet you all after, I was quite glad to meet up and have a cold beer as I was melting. Earlier in the day while waiting in line to get in the arena I got so hot I had to drop out and go and get something to eat and a drink. Then I had to go and start again. These days my short term memory is awful, I can’t remember a lot of the setlist. But ask me to go back to London-Earls Court-The Wall, and I can recall every bit.

        Anyways looking forward to receiving my DVD soon. It’s a shame we can’t all watch Our DVD on the same night and link up on chat at the same time.

        Enough from me, my best to you and your Family.

        Kind regards

    2. You were so fortunate to have been there Damian. I wish I could have been there too. Alas, my pocket book was drained from traveling to LA and NYC to see those shows. But how thrilling to have this film and music! I’m going to see it at the Tower Theater in Sacramento on Tuesday. FYI, the Tower – a local landmark – is where the legendary Tower Records got its start. Many happy hours spent among the stacks…

      Best regards, Jill

      1. Hi Jill.

        It was a privilege being there, I know how lucky I was. I have been to LA and visited the Tower, I’m sure it will be a wonderful night for you.

        Kind regards

  84. Remembering Rick today.

    One of my favourite moments from the movie was A Boat Lies Waiting, what a wonderful tribute.

    1. That last verse of ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ gets me every time.

      I thought it was particularly beautifully shot in the film, especially with the light catching that wee moth or whatever it was flying around David’s head as he was singing it.

  85. That was so much fun. The crowd was a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ the same as if it was a live show. And like a live show, I wish it never ended.

  86. We loved it.

    Quite a big surprise with new crew, sort of, and Guy was real emotional. David still kicks butt. Boat Lies Waiting and 5AM were beautiful. I did score my second poster too. Pompeii and Remember That Night! TY FEd.

  87. It was very nice to see parts of the show that we missed when we were there. Particularly the aerial shots and band smiling and enjoying themselves. The sound wasn’t very good at the theater, but this didn’t bother me too much, because the Blu-Ray on my system will sound good.

    Our theater sold out and I actually saw people turned away, felt bad for them. One silly person was clapping really loud in the middle of songs, and then someone told him to shut the F up, and he said make me, so the guy got in his face screaming what he was going to do to him if he made one more sound…

    The whole theater turned around to see the commotion, it’s like really?? People were also getting up and going out, coming back in, I was thinking, well not too much different than an actual concert. Didn’t see too much of that at the Pompeii show though, which was nice.

    In any case, David never disappoints, the film is nice, but of course nothing will ever measure up to the feeling of being there, but it will be nice to have a Blu-Ray to reminisce with. Bless you FEd, for running this blog that allowed us a once in a lifetime opportunity, to be at these shows on those warm magical couple of nights.

    I know as I post this, it is the 16th in the UK, but it is still the 15th here in NY, and I’m thinking about Rick and the Ocean we all have lost with his passing. RIP.

  88. Hi Fed.

    I just noticed Instagram 192000 followers. How would you cope if they all left a message on the blog?


  89. 1. About theatre, how it was going and audience.

    It was a small cinema with just a few rows of seats (big and comfortable chairs and sofas), much room between rows for tables and your legs as well (so that you could freely eat, drink and dance, had you such a will), with a huge screen, so big that it was sometimes a bit difficult to observe the whole scene, to capture it all. (I’d have better taken a seat somewhere in back, more upraise, to get the best view angle). That was called ‘VIP’. The only minus was the thing I have never seen before: only double seats (for two), which were the sofas, were in the center, while ‘single’ ones only were side seats, no one in the centre. Naturally, ‘VIP’s should be paired, shouldn’t they.
    Does anyone else’s cinema provide such a silly kind of discrimination?

    So, although there were seats in the centre available when I was buying my ticket, mine could only be side seat, as I was going alone. It did not become a problem though. There were four or five of us in the room, maybe six. (Perhaps, the same case Michele was talking of: one screen sold out, and mine was the second opened. When trying to buy a ticket in July, I was told in the cinema that they only start to sell a week before the date. Then in September I found out from the theatre site that there were already many more theatres screening the film.)

    So, after waiting for a couple of songs for someone who had booked the sofa next to me, I then obviously crept closer to the centre. Nestled in now my divan, rather lying than sitting, been immersed in the audio-visual magic, I was on my cloud nine. In absolute comfort, not hot nor cold, sound level just as I like it, time and smartphone and anything else forgotten. And so did everyone else in the audience I suspect. No one speaks, no one walks, no popcorn, no drinks (although advert on the ticket invites to visit the bar, reminding by the way, that the more the chipper), no flashes, no whisper, …no breath it seemed… Fantastic!

    I don’t know whether it was Dolby Atmos or not. But the sound was absolutely clear and crisp, so that you could hear the very light touch of fingers to strings. For me, who for ages have been listening to music in earphones (settle in my seat and dim the lights, – yes, my normal and actually favourite way of listening) and have forgotten it seemed, what does it look like to be embraced by the deep sound waves, with your ears free, it was a great experience.

    To be continued soon…

  90. Hi FEd, just seen this nice review of the David Gilmour Live In Pompeii Screening.

    David Gilmour Live At Pompeii is a box office hit:

    “David Gilmour’s Live At Pompeii concert film topped the box office in cinemas around the world for the night in several territories following last week’s screening.

    In addition to leading the way in Germany, Italy and France, it reached No.2 in the UK, No.3 in Mexico and was within the Top 5 in Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands, as more than 425,000 fans worldwide attended the one night only screening.”

    Well Done David and Co.

    There’s roughly 7.442 billion people in the world, 425,000 fans worldwide attended the one night only screening, only 2,600 (5,200) people attended those 2 shows (combined), it’s mind blowing stuff.

    That’s how special those shows were. 🙂

    The wait is almost over.

  91. 2 Days and counting, then this will be my 4th RTL. And a new 4K TV is waiting. Well, you have to have something to spend your hard earned money on, and it’s worth every penny.

    Kind regards

  92. Looking at the specs of the Blu-ray to be launched it seems like it will not be 4K UHD, right?

    It’s interesting how few medias are available on 4K UHD still… most of them are movies as opposed to concerts.

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