‘Pompeii’ out today

Today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: Live at Pompeii is now available on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, LP and as a digital download.

We hope you enjoy whichever version you opted for, believe you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait, and look forward to hearing which parts you like best.

The chatroom will be open from 3pm (UK) today if you cannot contain yourself any longer and need to talk about it. We know how it is.

Have a happy weekend, everybody.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

145 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ out today”

  1. All the best for the new album, David!

    Thank you for giving us a joy like this. Be proud of yourself, and be proud of your fantastic team (and Features Editor, why not?).

    I mean, you just released ‘Live at Pompeii’!

    Cheers, World. Enjoy it!

    Buon weekend

  2. Maybe I will receive my deluxe box around 2pm…..too much time. I just downloaded from iTunes deluxe version too, I can’t wait 🙂 !!!

  3. This is all very exciting!

    Although… I’m starting to regret ordering the package from the official store as it appears to have not even been sent yet! I hear others who ordered from Amazon got theirs yesterday, which is a bit disappointing. But I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!

    1. Very sorry to hear that, Lewis. Whatever we might think of Amazon, they are incredibly swift and efficient. I don’t think anybody can compete with them for speed of service.

    2. Same here, very disappointed and let down, I brought the Deluxe Blu-ray and T-Shirt. It’s not even been shipped yet, I’m wondering if the T-Shirt held things up. Anyway I’ve now ordered the cheap DVD from Amazon and this one is going straight back when it eventually gets here. Very poor show.

  4. Hello to all!!!!!!!

    My tracking places the Deluxe Box set at 250 km from my town!!! Probably Monday or Tuesday I’ll finally have at home……Can’t wait!!!

    Have nice time in Chat today, I can’t be with you personally but only in spirit…. ohhh…. the exposition was a success, amazing!!!!!!!!


    1. So glad to hear it was a success, Rino. We were sure it would be. Looking forward to hearing more about it in the chatroom soon.

  5. Hi FEd and other irregulars.

    Waited for the digital download to arrive early this morning. Spectacular sound recording / quality. Performances were top notch…my personal favourite is ‘Sorrow’. Can’t wait to receive the DVD…hope this arrives today !

    Bravo to David and the team for this milestone recording release.

    1. Hi FEd – received my DVD by post this morning by Royal Mail. It is a spectacular show – utterly brilliant sound and vision. Top notch. I am very happy and pleased !!

      Thank you FEd, David and team.

      Happy Pompeii Day….Graeme.

  6. I’ve just been handed a big box, the Guy said one word with a smile as he left: “Enjoy.” 😀 Can’t F***** believe it.

    Thanks to the Good Store Folks, FEd and special thanks to David without whom none of this would be possible.

    Happy “Pompeii Day” Everyone. 😀

  7. Available today but DG shop will ship it tomorrow. What’s that all about? Oh well, I’ll settle for streaming for now.

  8. Well, I just had to open it. Such a lot of material for a small sum of money. I love the poster and postcards, which will be put in a frame and hung in a prominent position. A lot of thought, effort, and very hard work has gone into this, and it is so much appreciated.

    Someone said on here 4k telly may not work with this but hey ho, what will be will be.

    Kind regards, late for work

  9. I ordered from official store, tracking shows it coming Monday, no big deal. Waited this long…

    Can’t wait to hear it on my system. Few drinks, nice!!

  10. Well, my heaven-in-a-deluxe-box is on its way, but is arriverà Martedì. At least I learned some Italian today, like ‘traccia il mio pacco’. Everything sounds good in Italian, doesn’t it? Like ‘pazienza’ …

  11. ♫Just a day when the weight of the world slides away♫

    That’s how I am anticipating my evening will be … expecting delivery this morning and then I’m going to have to contain myself for hours (won’t be easy of that I can be certain).

    Thanks to all for making this possible and a special ‘shout-out’ to FEd ♥ for being our anchor in this communal space (both The Blog and Chatroom).

  12. Oh I love you, Fnac and Colissimo!

    It arrived today, on time, looking so beautiful. Can’t wait to discover all the stuff inside. 🙂

    Selfishly but shamelessly hoping for some footage from Orange and Nîmes. One can dream, eh?

  13. A card left in my letterbox from the Royal Mail: “No answer please collect from the local sorting office Saturday”.

    So another 24 hour wait for me!

    Gary Hurley
    London England.

    1. Oh no, how annoying.

      You see, that’s something else that Amazon does better. Nominate a safe place and the parcel is left with a neighbour of your choosing, or in your porch or wheelie bin, or somewhere. What I want to know is: when will all the others catch up with Amazon and push them even further?

  14. Picked up the Deluxe version from HMV in Worcester at 9:00am this morning, then had to wait for the bus home which was an hour and twenty five minutes late! Got home eventually and have managed to watch most of the second Blu-ray disc. Up to now, it’s superb with great sound and picture quality. Really like the documentaries and Comfortably Numb from South America is fantastic. I’ll report back on the rest of the release when I’ve seen and heard all of it.

  15. There’s a little part that plays “5 A.M.” and “And Then…” with Mr Screen all pink and it give credit to lots of tour personnel and everyone involved in the tour and making of the DVD etc and our Very Own… FEd!!

    You got a mention on the DVD. Well Done and Congratulations on all the hard work you do here FEd, it’s not went unnoticed man!! 😉

  16. Just got it and hear it right now – what a thrill!! I enjoy every second of it. 🙂

    Thank you for THAT DG, FEd, and all involved.

  17. HALLO FED,

    oh ja das ist es !

    Noch nie war ich so enttäuscht das ich nun nicht einer von den ersten bin der sein Musikmaterial heute bekommen hat.

    So lange gewartet und in der selben Stunde bei Bekanntgabe die Große Box Bestellt, und nun Letzter, so schade.

    Ich hoffe das es morgen kommt, sollte es aber am Montag erst sein, ist meine Freude dahin.

    Viele Grüße, Poll

    1. es ist unglaublich !

      für mich geht heute die Welt unter !



  18. Sat in car, Whitehaven High Street, head banging like a nutter to Fat Old Sun. People walking by staring in, LOL.

    Can’t get in chat, enjoy.


  19. Nothing here yet, but that’s perfectly fine for me. The chase is better than the catch, as Motörhead once put it, so I will enjoy waiting for the postman….

  20. Litho on way from US. Blu-ray deluxe and vinyl bundle arrived today. Awesome. Except LP box slight ding to corner but Bandstores are sorting a swap. Brill. Film poster apparently damaged so they have refunded me and will let me know when next in stock.


  21. Mail from DG store at 10:30 today. Issues with movie poster delivery from supplier! Orders cancelled, full refund.

    Mail when available again, with 20% discount. So a delay in sending the rest of the order…

    Have to listen to PF in Pompeii whilst I wait!!

    Hope other irregulars are having fun.

      1. Ooooh. . . and you know what? I didn’t order the limited edition print in time and it sold out. I could kick myself.

  22. I’m told that it (the deluxe box) was delivered already today; we’ll see when I get home.

    Amazon now shows the deluxe set as “temporarily out of stock” (Amazon has been known to say “temporarily” in cases where “permanently” would be more accurate) and the official DG store shows it as simply “out of stock”; I wonder if it has sold out.

    Does anyone know (and can they tell…) how many copies of the deluxe box were made? Just curious.

    For the sake of my fellow Gilmour fans, I hope it has not sold out.

    For my sake, I hope it has – my wife is tired of hearing about how I MUST order special edition albums (Gilmour, Marillion, Steven Wilson) in advance because they might sell out, and every time one of these does sell out, it gives me a bit of credibility for the next time…

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know the numbers involved but have my fingers crossed that your copy is waiting for you when you get home.

      And I’m so very sorry for everyone who is feeling let down because their orders are held up.

      1. Hi Fed. A day or so delay is not a big deal in the grand scene of things (first world problem…) My previous post was just to let people know about the film poster ‘issue’.

        Besides, I have a box in the post Sat AM. It’s either the DG deluxe set or a new shower curtain. The suspense is killing me…!

    2. Yea; several other online stores also show it as a PreOrder; or you can order but the estimated arrival is late Oct and even into November.

      Maybe they just didn’t make enough originally for the demand.

      I’d expect to see more come into stock. We’ll have to just be patient. 🙂

  23. I don’t think my neighbours Pompeii orders arrived today, they are all banging on the walls at me, think I’m spoiling it for them. 😀

    David Gilmour’s Money and In Any Tongue solos are other worldly, what a band, it blows away all expectations, simply stunning. 🙂

    It’s hard to believe it’s almost 1 year to the night that tour ended.

  24. I took the CDs with me to work. 3 hours of driving so plenty of time. These songs I listened to so many times, but I can’t get over how fabulous they were today, 5 A.M. I nearly had to pull over on the M6 its such an emotional piece, gets you right in the throat every time.

    As I mentioned earlier, I tried to get in the chat room. I could almost feel the excitement in there as I sat listening to Fat Old Sun 4 times.

    We managed to get through the first half of DVD 1, then David and everyone went off for a nice cup of tea. I did enjoy being at Pompeii, but it is better when you’re with someone so tonight was very enjoyable snuggled up on the settee with whiskey in hands, Floyd on the top breaking wind often (him, not me).

    David and Polly’s music and lyrics do make you pause and think about life, that’s what makes it special. It’s not a commercial programme, it is art and very spiritual, that is why so many folks on this planet love it. After yet again facing another incident today, I have decided to finish my current little career, and I’m going back to what I’m good at and where I’m needed. It’s all in the music.

    Kindest regards to all

  25. To the chap who MUST order ltd editions, are you married to a doppelgänger of my beloved? My answer is and always has been a paraphrase of my best mate’s cousins response, when his wife complained that his TriBSA was in bits in their bedroom and when was it going to be removed. My dearest darling (or other such condescending phrases as this really gets under their skin) this bike (substitute music collection) was here long before I dragged you off the shelf of obscurity and it (they) will be there long after you are but a memory.

    We have been together 35 years and married for 33.

    Re the Deluxe Blu Ray box. Music is superb, only played CDs once. I have a sad card player in my car so my music collection is slowly being transferred to that format. Yes, I’m anal in that I don’t transfer music from home to car and vice versa. I have also carefully removed the stickers from the outer sellophane and protected all discs in paper to prevent scratching and also books and cards and sleeves and outer box are enshrined in poly bags originally for comics and cut to size. Try it, it’s therapeutic, as well as prolonging the quality of your not inconsiderable investment.

    Shine On. Looking at the box / LP box photo cover you could almost say Set The Controls…

    Awaiting my film poster. FEd could you apply some pressure if you have any influence, to Band Stores please.

  26. What a great day yesterday!

    I got home and found the delivery of the vinyls and the boxset. 🙂 I didn’t want to get off the car this morning at work, I would drive all day long listening to Live at Pompei again and again!

    It’s a gem. What a Great, Perfect Band!

  27. Thankfully for me FEd I had no pre-order issues and feel for fellow Irregulars that have experienced problems. (Especially my sidekick Carl!)

    I hoofed it with the speed of Pegasus (okay more like Dobbin the Donkey) to my local HMV and with a big beaming smile, sweaty palms, Pompeii vouchers in hand, I got my shaking mitts on the much anticipated treasured holy grail of Live at Pompeii 2017 CD/DVD.

    Courtesy of FEd (thank you so very much again), I was lucky enough to get to Pompeii and witness these fantastic and historic concerts.

    I affectionately remember the hot, balmy Pompeii evening stood in the Amphitheatre, with the majestic backdrop of Vesuvius in great company with Ash, Shelley, Scott and Co, brimming with both bewilderment and excitement at the spectacular event we were about to witness…..the pre-concert anticipation was unforgettably mind blowing as was the event itself!

    Massive credit must be given to David for his meticulous, personal thought process in making these spectacular events happen. I’m sure he has the fan experience at the very forefront of his mind in contemplation. For this we’re so very grateful! It’s his thoughtfulness that sets him apart from others and I excitedly look forward to being part of the next set of adventures he’s going to take us along on!

    With regards to CD/DVD there are so many highlights. For me, the memory of being part of the 2,000 strong congregation singing our hearts out to “Wish You Were Here” was very special. We actually drowned David out! How mad is that? Truly wonderful and magical memories indeed.

    Till the next time!

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

    P.S. the ground shaking beneath our feet on “Sorrow” was mental!

    1. JC: what are ‘Pompeii vouchers’?

      If it’s a new slang for ‘cash’ that’s really cool!

  28. X – eptional!

    Who will be first to work out what the letter ‘X’s do on the Blu-ray menus…?

  29. Incredible concert!!!

    But Oberhausen is cut out from the Europe ´15 documentary. A shame!

    (Only joking!)

    I enjoyed every single second of what I have seen so far.

    Can´t wait for next album and tour!

  30. It looks and sounds stunning. It’s just so well done and brings back fantastic memories of seeing him on this tour.

    However, I’m disappointed that the little segment that was included pre-concert in the cinema film showing interviews and a rehearsal of In Any Tongue has NOT been included anywhere on the DVD. 🙁

    I also think the documentaries in 2006 were better, these aren’t really documentaries but more a series of short pieces of footage spliced together with album version of the tracks played over the top of them! They’re still lovely to watch though.

    The picture book and picture cards are gorgeous and the South American footage is FANTASTIC, those fans have a crazy level of passion.

    All in all I’m a happy man today. 🙂


  31. Simply awesome…….Thank you David. Do not want to spoil it for those still waiting but the last 4 tracks on Disc 2 DVD are fantastic. Marc Brickman worked his socks off for this.

    We will continue to enjoy.

    Best wishes

  32. What a fantastic release!

    I enjoy every minute of either music or video.

    Very well arranged, especially the America documentaries are quite entertaining. Such devoted fans.

    And the Vinyl Box? Great indeed! Very good pressing and soundmastering!

    Thanks to all involved in the making of these wonderful packages!!!!!

  33. Hello!

    Missed the chat yesterday (was on a mission from 8am to 9pm…)

    So, my story with Amazon was, that I got a mail from the system with apologies… due to some delays delivery will be on Monday Oct 2nd 🙁 but the MP3 files are ready for download. Next mail came on Friday afternoon: Your “Live at Pompeij Deluxe Box” was shipped. Delivery Saturday.

    Hooray. 🙂

    I watched the first BR this afternoon. What to say… great stuff! Of course, compared with the cinema, picture and sound are not the same 😉 I don’t own neither a Dolby Atmos system nor an UHD screen, there’s a standard 5.1 set working in my living room.

    Nevertheless, I guess the BR is downconverted from the original 4k recordings and the result is superb. As in the cinema, the soundmix is very direct, not very much audience. Maybe a result of the open air. Indoor recordings sound different. But imho the continuity of the complete show with all songs is better than in the cinema version.

    The little tea-break didn’t matter…

    Next step is waiting for a timeslot to watch BR 2 with the documentaries…

    BTW, are there any easter eggs like in the RTN set?


  34. I couldn’t be more pleased or proud of all the band. What a crown jewel this one is.

    Still waiting for my deluxe sets, looking forward to Wroclaw, SA and London. But thoroughly enjoying my bare bones copy. At top volume. I’m assuming my neighbors are enjoying it too, since I’ve received no complaints.

    Can someone tell me which songs/dates are from London in the Euro bits? I’m hoping it’s Money from 29/9 and Comfortably Numb from 30/9. (And if I’m very lucky, somewhere will be CN from April 8, 2016 at the United center. (I still haven’t recovered from that second solo!)

    Finally finished showing homes and can get back to it! Got my tissues at the ready!

  35. Hi to all

    I came all the way from Istanbul to Pompeii to watch the show. It was incredible.

    Now I’m in Florida and Amazon saying me that I have to wait for another 15 days. That is sad cos I see that there is no release date for Turkiye. I will go back to my home without getting any of my box order.

    Is there any problem of delivering it?

    I never heard or saw any Floyd related product delivery problem before.

    God bless you all.

  36. That was very very special, a once in a lifetime experience once again thank you for allowing me the privilege of being there. You have now hopefully put your feet up Fed.

    Good night or good morning

  37. Watched the Blu-ray Saturday night on my projector home theatre to get a greater sense of scale. I really enjoyed it, the performance was superb, the sound and video quality was excellent as was the mix of songs.

    Looking forward to watching the documentaries at some stage and a UHD release would be nice if possible, please?

  38. thank you david for this fabulous box, the show is genial and bonus incredible, thank you my hero, you are a maestro!!!! the version of comfortably numb in south america is amazing.

  39. The menu on the Bluray Disc 1 audio selection selection shows Stereo, Dolby 5.1 and ‘X’. I’ve scanned the covers and I can’t find any trace or reference to the mysterious ‘X’ and there are no hints on the DG website either. All very strange! Is there anybody out there who has an idea what the ‘X’ is all about?

    1. Shugster,

      that’s why I was asking for any Easter eggs… hidden gateways to some more footage.

      But I came to the result that X means nothing than Exit (from the menu).


  40. Hi Fed,

    I’m really excited about the live album and the concert film !! The Documentaaries are great, the atmosphere in South America unique, to see how the people are excited about David Gilmour is very touching! As Colin Norfield said: “He is a big part in people’s lives!”

    Thank you! Everything perfect! The new Songs great and both CN Versions fantastico! Love the release!

  41. Well it’s nearly the end of the weekend, I’m down to my last 4 custard creams, I’m about to be made self unemployed and Liverpool could only draw with Newcastle. But wait, there is hope, there is still the DVD2. Thank you God.


  42. It is now Sunday and since Friday, I have chased my mailman and given some thought to breaking into my local post office as my Fedex tracking email stated that my DG package is sitting on a shelf somewhere in my post office scheduled for Monday delivery…. Sigh. Oh well, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. I am waiting! Not patiently, but waiting! Quite sure it will be well worth the wait.

    A bright note to my Gilmourless weekend was seeing Graham Nash in concert Saturday night at the same venue that I just saw Live At Pompeii. Nash was in fine form, wonderful concert. It was just him and a guitarist, Shane Fontayne. Great show.

    Almost Monday, woo hoo! First time in my life I have ever said THAT. 🙂

  43. Does anyone else remember Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus in Return of The Pink (PINK) Panther ?

    That’s how I feel !

    Ash 😀

  44. Not laid my grubby little paws on a copy just yet ….. but I’m a year older very soon. 🙂

    Apropos of nothing in particular, in all my years of blogging I don’t think I’ve ever heard mention of this …. in case anyone else is unaware:

    Warren Zevon – Run Straight Down

    (Apologies to all of you who were perfectly well aware, thank you very much.)

    1. Thanks Tim, also check Rock Aid Armenia – Smoke On the Water. Love YouTube, very addictive.

      Kind regards

  45. Oooh, thank you for that Tim! I didn’t know about this at all!

    I’m actually kinda super happy I don’t have my copy of the deluxe DVD yet. We all know I’m terrible at delayed gratification but…

    It must mean that this project is a straight sold-out, can’t keep up with demand, smashing success, right out of the ball park, ruler of the charts, bow down to the majesty of Live at Pompeii!

    Very well done Sir, very well done indeed! Bravo!

    Nobody deserves this success more!

    1. Well done to Bandstores for sorting the issue with vinyl box. The young lady Alice there was superb. FEd, if you have any influence, get her an award or something from David’s management team.

      So all good. Playing the Music on repeat on car’s SD card as my deluxe package is safely secured in my racks. Vinyl box esconsced in its sealed state, in a proprietary poly bag.

      Re the film poster issue, it seems supplier was a joke in delivery to the distribution warehouse; sellotaping the posters and creasing them.

      We await the email from the lovely people at Bandstores, though you could head to the US / Canada store and buy it there. Be warned there’ll be extortionate shipping costs.

      Glad yours is great JC. Shine on.

  46. Gotta say..the sound mix on the DVD is first class. Run Like Hell is also incredible!!

  47. Simply amazing concert registration!

    This location does even enhance the goosebumps effect.

    Sometimes haunting (Run… run…), always moving (like, remembering Richard Wright), huge (Sorrow), touching, fresh and always enjoyable watching the band members and the magic little musical collaborations.

  48. I have watched and listened to every inch of material. Gone through it with a fine tooth comb. How do you top the magnificence of it? Loved the documentary. I was worn out afterwards, it felt like I had gone round the world with them.


  49. FEd, can you clarify I’ve not screwed up and bought a standard DVD set and not a Deluxe edition? There is no Deluxe DVD is there?

    Still loving the DVD even thought it’s not a patch on Remember That Night DVD for extra content. It’s a shame the DVD is so bare on extras when the Blu-ray is absolutely maxed out, doesn’t hit the usual standards of their DVD releases in that way. The extra London Bonus Footage at least would have been nice on the DVD, that would have completed it. The Mary Beard extra is great but very, very short. Shame it’s not longer. Hoping the London Extras are shared via the official site or YouTube channel. As much as I love David and Polly, after a Pompeii trip, London shows and recent purchases from the store a Blu-ray player and Blu-ray box set are clean out the question. Unfortunately my credit card is on life support, as badly as I’d like to see them, sort a feel at a loss now. 🙁

    FEd, can you speak to the Official channels and ask if they could please release the footage of the “Astronomy Domine” and/or “Us And Them” London to the David Gilmour official YouTube channel? Please? So all us DVD owning Irregulars can see it. 🙂

    One a side note, just received some devastating news, a double blow… Roger Waters has announced a Scottish date! To make things worse I’ve been told to expect a ticket as a Birthday/Christmas present!!

    That’s Both my Birthday and Christmas ruined. 🙁


    1. Sorry, there is no Deluxe DVD.

      The Deluxe Blu-ray set is made up of two CDs and two Blu-ray discs. The first is the concert; the second is a bonus disc with 65 minutes of additional concert footage and documentaries. You don’t get that bonus disc on DVD, unfortunately.

      1. I don’t have a BR player, I’m analog, and I love documentaries! Help us retrò FEd. 🙂

  50. I love it when David is “In The Zone” then pops out of it for a little smile then slips back in. 😀

  51. I received my deluxe box on 9/29 @4:00 pm est in Orange county NY. After reading some comments, I was lucky to receive on time, yes! And it was awesome beginning to end. The documentaries made it well worth the cost. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you DG Team!

  52. ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ (¯`v´¯)
    ║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ `•.¸.•BIRTHDAY FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ ¸.•´¸.•¨) ¸.•¨)
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥(¸.•´ (¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`★
    ♥♥♥ Best Wishes, have a great rocking day ♥♥♥
    ♫♫♫♫Thank you for all you do and please keep up your great work♫♫♫♫

    1. Thank you very, very much. (I couldn’t play the video, unfortunately it was “unavailable”, but I certainly appreciate the thought.)

  53. Dear Fed

    in the afternoon i will pick up at the post office, finally, as Amazon was late, the DVD set, anyway I already enjoyed at the cinema and it is an amazing artwork. David is David, absolutely (BR apparantley will be the next step to improve the technology at my home too).

    Btw today I wish you a cheerful Happy Birthday. Ciao.

  54. Hi FEd – received my deluxe box by Amazon. It is a spectacular show – brilliant sound and vision.

    Is there any plan to release this wonderful concert in 4K???

    Thank you FEd and David.

    Best wishes from Berlin

    1. Not at this time, Ina, simply because it was felt that too few people have the necessary equipment to be able to view it in 4k, but it was discussed and might happen some time in the future.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.

  55. Hi FEd !!! …. SOoooooo…. also for you is time to became .. DIFFERENTLY YOUNG!!!!!!!

    Best wishes


  56. Yes of course we also have not a 4k TV and a 4k player, but this Live in Pompeii is so good and we have so many wonderful memories from this 2 nights last year, we would by this new equipment. Hope in the near future will be a release in 4K!

    Thanks for response FED!


  57. So sorry for not wishing you a very happy Birthday today, I would have got Kat to make you a really nice card, she’s quite crafty.

    Kindest regards

  58. Theresa May’s speech was quite surreal. I’m annoyed at myself because I felt a bit for her, just a bit.


  59. Oh no, just watched the rest of Theresa May’s speech at the Nasty Party conference, my little bit of human kindness just dissipated.

    Sorry if I’m being annoying.


    1. That’s better, glad it didn’t last for long. (I also felt for her, but then I reminded myself that we should be saving our sympathy for everybody whose already difficult lives she’s making all the more miserable.)

      1. That letter which fell off, you couldn’t make it up, could you? It reminded me of Guy’s t-shirt with the star falling off.


  60. A very happy belated birthday to you FEd!

    Thank you for your kindness and everything you have done for us.

    Stay healthy and hope you had a nice celebration! 😀

  61. It’s funny ain’t it, Roger Waters out and about next year on another tour. I hate using the term “fan”, but I am and always have been a Floyd fan, but I just can’t get my head round going to see him. Now if this had been David going out on the road again, it would be panic time, excitement, panic time. And I would even make the extreme effort of going to London. It was never the fall out with David. It was what he did to Rick during The Wall, I went right off him after that. Still, he is an icon and he is a brilliant artist.

    My friend Dave is riding shotgun today, by the way he’s OK with being called Dave. I’m showing him the job before I hand him the reins, so he’s going to get blasted out by RTL for the next 3 hours, LOL.

    Once again a little to much time on my hands.


    1. Given the huge ticket prices, it is ironic that Roger has titled his tour the Us and Them tour…….Us that can’t afford them and Them that can.

  62. I just need to get this off my chest and being that FEd is who he is, perhaps this is a feedback that will seep back to someone who needs to hear it.

    I pre-ordered both the DeLuxe and the vinyl bundle, + the mug from the DG shop. I was supposed to get an email when it was shipped, that didn’t happen. On release day, 9/29, I checked my order which stated “shipped” (past tense) on the 30th [that’s right, the “next” day, as well as a Saturday]. On Tuesday I emailed customer services and got info that it was indeed shipped “towards the end of the week” and would take 3-5 working days to reach Sweden. I know, I did not pay for priority service since the postage was already costly, but still, this has not been handled good.

    It is now Thursday, almost a week after release day, and my package has yet to arrive. I chose to order directly from DG partly to show my patronage, partly because of the bundles. Seeing that so many others have gotten their stuff from Amazon already, I am inclined to rethink that decision the next time it is time to place an order. How come the DG shop does not send pre-ordered stuff a day or two in advance for it to reach overseas fans closer to release date?

    This also rings badly since I had the EXACT same problems with all the stuff I bought at the RTL release, as I know FEd knows. That sorted itself out, weeks too late, but only due to massive nagging from my part and not giving up.

    I know, it is what it is right now and the stuff will probably eventually arrive but it is very frustrating and time consuming to be in this situation. No one here can do anything about it but if I was DG management and had contracted Bandstores to handle the webshop and the merchandise, I would like to know if the end customer was not happy regarding their handling of these things. See it as constructive criticism from my part for things to get better.

    Also, as some sort of therapy for yours truly.

    Thanks for listening. All love.

    1. I am so sorry about this. I agree that it is very frustrating and, frankly, poor service to be still waiting one week on, and you’ve every right to expect better. Particularly as I recall the problems you had last time and also discussions we’ve had about Amazon in the chatroom, so I know that many people don’t like to do business with them for various reasons and I fully respect those reasons.

      Small consolation, I know, but I will make sure that this feedback is passed on to David’s manager immediately.

      (So sorry, mate, I really am.)

    2. Am sorry to hear folks have had problems with receiving their package from the store. I’ve made a few orders and stuff has always been sent no prob and on time as stated, sounds like they have sent it but it may be held up at customs or with an outside UK postal carrier. Try calling your local parcel depot to see if a missed parcel is there. Sometimes in the UK they try to deliver but don’t leave a ‘missed parcel’ notification card and it’s being held at the main depot for collection or to be re-sent.

  63. I’m planning a visit to the ‘ Their Mortal Remains ‘ exhibition. I know the answer to my question is probably, “A WEEK !”, but I don’t have a week. The question is, how long or how many visits did other people need to see the exhibition please ?

    Sorry this is off topic Fed. 🙂 With regards to the topic, I’m looking forward to maybe hearing it on catch up.

    Thank you,

    1. Stupid question really, wasn’t it ? I’ll go for as long as I can. 🙂

      Tell David they should make a walking film of it. Is there a book ? I know there is a shop and I’ll go shopping. 😀

      My Pompeii order has arrived (I think !)

      There was a card through my letterbox to say something has been delivered to my neighbour’s house !


    2. Ash: I think it depends on how early you can get there. Because it is so packed full of history and therefore visitors, I spent three hours first visit and didn’t see/hear/do everything. So I went a second time and spent another two hours! But that did include an extensive period of ‘decision-making’ in the shop afterwards….

      So if you can book an early entrance, budget about 3-4 hours. You won’t be disappointed!

    3. I spent over three and a half (blissful) hours at the exhibition. I could easily have spent a small lottery windfall in the shop afterwards – and that’s taking into account that I’d already bought the hardback book in advance!


  64. Sorry I missed your Birthday FEd and hope you had a great time!

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

  65. Dark Side Of The Moon voted all time greatest album. Well, of course it is.

    Damian Cunningham

  66. Buon weekend all!

    Sorry I’ve missed you today I’m returning tomorrow!

    Stay rock!


  67. After all I truly could not think recently of a better way to spend a Friday night than this one -my friend, cat, me and Pompeii at home, waiting for the winter winds to come. I love all the live shows but I am deeply grateful for recordings since they actually make everyday life so rich for years, they make you who you are. You can listen to and watch it over and over and it gets even better.

    By the way not so many musicians have this complete concentration with music at live shows, especially when you think how intense this experience must have been, my deepest admiration for this.

  68. Hi chaps and chapesses. Received email from those nice people at Bandstores re the Pompeii Film Poster. There’s a special re order site open until Monday AND you can use the 20% off voucher.

    So, saw the show(s), well Brighton and Albert Hall, got the DVD, well Blu-ray deluxe and LP box, bought the T shirt (bundle with LP) and tour T shirts and the RTL T shirts and tour programmes, bought the Litho and now ordered the poster.

    Wow, a small fortune. But to paraphrase Tom in a Tom And Jerry carton, it was worth it.

    But then wait, hold the bus, the Sabbath LP box just arrived and it too is awesome.

    The End Of End film was awesome and different to LAP in that interviews were intertwined into film of the gig. Looking forward to the deluxe multi disc and LP sets.

    Royston’s second batch of LP re-releases is due in Nov (makes me smile when I recall the story of his negotiated fee for HAC vocal; all he wanted was a life membership to Lords and they wouldn’t or couldn’t even sort him out, so the comments as to DG’s proprietary mmmmm).

    Come on Rush, where’s the Farewell To Kings box set?

    Then only 6 months from RSD and potential Floyd, Neil and Bruce releases amongst others.

    Shine on all.

  69. The Deluxe Edition Box Set, what a beauty! Words fail me in English to describe the sublime texture of the cardboard box.

    Loved the documentaries, it was like following, David and friends everywhere, sharing all their experiences, feelings and good moments.

    Was so happy to recognise the Roman Theatre of Orange, David and Polly enjoying their walk through the vineyards, les Arènes de Nîmes (brought back to me such fond memories), le Château de Chantilly (and the statue of architect André Le Nôtre), les Salines d’Ard et Senans… (yes, I’m a bit chauvinistic 😉 ) Beautiful Old Europe, this gave me the desire to visit one day Pula, Verona, Rome…

  70. Well, I’ve been listening to Pompeii live so much that I go to bed with one song or another still in my head. Yes it’s great, best loop I’ve ever had because it’s never the same song, just the whole album. But when you go to the doctors and you can hear Chuck singing “just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts” while your GP is examining you, and I start smirking then she says “I’m sending you for an ultrasound” and I say “why, am I giving birth?”

    I love this blog, it’s given me so much joy and pleasure these last what 11 years, it’s probably one of the main reasons I use a PC, I have a FB site but use that for contact with a few friends only, I love Instagram as I put lots of photos on and love Polly’s fantastic photos. There are some, well, all fantastic folk on here from all over the world and of course the one and only Fed who I probably speak to more than some family members and it’s always a pleasure reading everything you write.

    I’m off to watch some more Pompeii live now, lol.

    Waffling as usual

  71. Hey all! Been a looong time since I posted on the blog… Hi Fed! Miss me?

    I got the DVD and vinyl from the DG official store… Love the DVD! Great songs. But I’m bummed… There was supposed to be a digital download card with the vinyl. But there wasn’t. After a couple emails to the store (unanswered) I finally got through by phone. The lady said she didn’t know what -if anything- she could do! She was going to ask someone and get back with me via email. So far nothing. I would not have bought the vinyl if it didn’t come with digital copies so I can listen in the car! Actually the girl didn’t know it was even supposed to come with a digital copy til she read the description on the web site.

    Feeling bummed and frustrated. Has anyone else run into this with the vinyl?

    Other than THAT, great package!

  72. Finally managed to buy the CD and DVD (last one they had in stock) at a local record shop on Thursday.

    Haven’t watched the DVD yet – as I want to watch it uninterrupted, with copious amounts of wine. Loving the CD though, sound quality is superb and has captured perfectly what I remember hearing live at other venues. There’s none of that muffling you so often get on live CDs.

  73. Hi FEd

    I am in Australia and pre ordered the DVD and also the CD from JBHiFi…when I went to pick it up in store on Friday September 29 they told me they only had the Blu-ray in and that the DVD, CD and vinyl versions were delayed until the following Friday October 6…because of the delay they offered me free delivery so I didn’t have to go back to the store the following Friday…there was no delivery on that date and now the store is listing the DVD and CD release as the following Friday October 13…I’m not that bothered, but it seems very unlike Pink Floyd/David Gilmour as every other release I can remember was always on time…do you know what is causing this delay? Is it multiple countries and only the DVD and CD versions delayed? Is the Friday October 13 date still looking good or could there be further delays? Please keep us updated on this.

    Also is there any chance the 4 bonus documentaries can be made available to stream or download on the davidgilmour site for those that don’t have the deluxe Blu-ray? Even if you charged $5 just to view those documentaries (or all the extras) online I would be happy to pay that…this would mean all fans would have access to the documentaries and extra money going to David and I don’t see why this cant happen…can you please pass this idea on to David or his manager? It would be greatly appreciated.

  74. Herbert and Ernest Peske, a belated thanks for your replies re: the ‘X’ on the Blu-ray audio menu.

    Ernest, I’m not sure about there being a 7.1 sound choice since the back cover only mentions 5.1, however, I could be wrong. That won’t make a difference to me as my surround sound system is only 5.1 anyway.

  75. Saturday night has long been concert night at my house. Last night was the premiere of Live At Pompeii. Unseasonably warm October weather gave way to all our doors and windows open with the full Harvest Moon shining down through the clouds and through our windows. Warm breezes, lights off, candles lit, volume up and Live at Pompeii happily and thoroughly enjoyed. Sound quality is exceptional, visually it is stunning. In Any Tongue is an absolute show stopper. It will take many viewings to fully appreciate Pompeii. So much magic.

    Thank you David Gilmour, thank you very very much indeed.

  76. Pompeii is remarkable. Hard to put words to what’s happened. Until Pompeii, my favourite David solo tracks were the DVD extended version of Rattle that Lock, In Any Tongue, and On an Island. Since Pompeii, my favourite David solo track is now Faces of Stone. By a long way. I knew it was there, but my heart faded out with his guitar on Rattle that Lock, it was just a teaser. The Pompeii version is what I always knew it could be.

    And it’s not just Faces of Stone, it’s the entire album. No teasers here, it’s perfect.

    Thanks so much for Pompeii.

  77. I pre-ordered on the first day the release was announced. I have still not received my copy despite being told it was being shipped three days earlier than the release date. I sent an email to find get tracking details only to be told that they do not provide tracking to international destinations. I am in Canada dammit. I order from US sites all the time and get tracking info. They told me I should receive my copy by Oct 31. Are they serious? That is over a month after release.

    This is a joke, I will NEVER order via this store again. I could have ordered from Amazon with same day delivery.

    …and what did I get for my pre-order…NOTHING, no digital download, no free advance track(s), no Roger Waters cigar…NOTHING, and I ordered the Deluxe Blu-ray Edition.

    In the meantime I will stew, while you all enjoy what I can only “imagine” is an amazing concert.

  78. BTW, I ordered from the DG Official Store.

    Great guitarist..YES!

    Great merchant…Nada!

  79. Any plans to release a show with the old band members?

    I would love to see more from South America.

  80. Well, fellow Gilmourians and / or Floyians, more stuff to get a fix on: vinyl rerelease of ACOGDS and ADSOT but FEd, there are two catalogue numbers not yet accounted for, or to date, allocated between these two releases. Can you shed any light please? As much as I like and respect those nice people at Brain Damage and appreciate that costs need to be covered, I try to favour physical shops rather than certain web stores. So rant over, these two have been pre ordered at Rough Trade along with Roy’s next batch and the Sabbath The End LP and super deluxe stuff.

    To contradict myself now though, thanks to the link on Super Deluxe Editions, the German web store JPC has a Live In London box set of CD DVD and 10″ LP/ ep so that’s pre ordered as well.

    The Sabbath Ten Year War box set is in the bag and those nice people at Rush have come through with the AFTK super deluxe.

    There’s a couple of releases to look forward to from Black Fri; Neil Young’s Harvest Moon on 2LP gatefold and Rush’s Closer To The Heart 7″.

    There’s also a 40th anniversary rerelease of that seminal album: Motörhead.

    Allied to some Bruce live stuff via his web site and plastic is esconsced in the freezer.

    My thoughts are with those Japanese audiophiles right now. Google it, you’ll have a laugh.


    In the words of the Floyd roadie in ’69, I’m off to have some Ummagumma with my beloved, if you know what I mean.


  81. 10 weeks in hospital today ! My son is improving but we still can’t leave him.

    Anyway, during a break at home yesterday I heard a stunning, absolutely beautiful version of Wish You Were Here. The DJ said it was from a recording made at a series of five shows ? somewhere ? I didn’t catch where he said because the phone rang ! I’m guessing it was from the Pompeii release because that’s new. I can’t go hunting through my box set for it because I still don’t have it. . . I don’t mind too much because I’m not at home long enough to listen/watch. . . anyone know which version I’m talking about ? David’s voice and the music were so clear and tuneful, I think the loveliest version I’ve ever heard, despite seeing and hearing live performances before.

    So, does the clue, ‘5 nights’ ring any bells for anyone ?

    Ash, wish I was here more often . . .

    1. Hello Ash, it’s good too see you. 🙂

      That’s not good your Son has been in hospital, again, I’m glad the lad is getting better though and hope he’s back home with you real soon. 🙂

      A series of five shows? If it was quite stripped back version of Wish it could be from the “In concert: Meltdown festival” DVD. He did do a 5 night Micro Tour. 😀 Or maybe from one of the boxset extras.

      I wonder if he would consider a one off summertime concert at Hyde Park or something? Maybe we could all pitch in a few quid, get FEd to speak to David’s management, sort something out. 😀

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