‘Pompeii’ encores

You’ll be pleased to know that several cinemas are screening Live at Pompeii again tonight (15th), tomorrow (16th), Sunday (17th), and even into next week and beyond, with a few dates in early October.

In Italy, as you already know, but also Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK and USA.

So, another chance to see David’s triumphant return to Pompeii.

Search cinemas, as before, at DavidGilmourCinemaTickets.com.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Thank you for all the lovely comments about the film. We’re so glad that you enjoyed it.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

34 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ encores”

  1. Magnifique!

    You had such a busy week, I hope you will at least enjoy a few days off.

    Bon week-end. (Allez les Rouges!)

  2. This show is a solid example of how some of Rock Music has aged and matured. Not that David Gilmour’s offerings have ever been anything but first class and top notch. Live at Pompeii is beautiful, at times raucous and absolutely stunning throughout. David certainly makes it look easy and seems to project that his wish is to completely open his musical soul to those of us standing by ready to absorb every morsel he has to offer. There have been many.

  3. 1001 blog post. 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye if the cinema in Augsburg offers it again and hope that I’ll be nearby…

  4. Sad anniversary today, listening to a playlist in honor of Mr Wright. He was in my heart at the screening and at the event.

    Much love to the Gilmour family and the Wright family today.

  5. Hi FEd, who cares, but I have to tell someone: today I saw Pompeii for the second time with my partner and an English friend and it was even better than the first time, because I could just let all the loveliness come over me.

    Just wanted to say: thank you FEd, because I was really there and Gilmour for being the most wonderful artist ever. And in my lifetime!

  6. Great news that Live at Pompejii will be shown again in many cinemas, so we will also have a chance to watch it tomorrow since we couldn’t make it last Wednesday. Can hardly wait. TY for the headsup.

  7. Did anyone else hear the Johnnie Walker show on BBC R2 last night? Talking to Nick and Po about ‘Piper…’ and Summer 1967. Some of the tracks sounded slightly different to the album, maybe?

    Worth a listen!

    1. Yes I recommend that show as well.

      Some tracks from John Peel sessions perhaps?

      It will be on iPlayer R2, not sure for how long.

      Crikey, fifty years ago.

      1. Yes I agree. There was one cut that was from BBC radio that was released in the ‘Early Years’ box.

  8. Argh! The Gilmour social media accounts are teasing the crap out of me! “5 songs released” was all I read before I went flying over to iTunes to buy them, didn’t find them, shook my fist at iTunes then came back to the post and read the important part “in 9 days”.

    OMG, I’m so excited for the deluxe set!! I’m gonna take a couple of days off work to lay around in my jammies and watch it on repeat and cry my happy little head off!

  9. Having been nowhere near a cinema last week missed out on the Pompeii preview but yesterday went back to V&A for 2nd visit to Their Mortal Remains. Even better than before as we could take our time and concentrate on the bits we missed the first time round.

    We got in at 10.45 and it was very crowded though we did see quite a few Foo Fighters T shirts from the night before. We were in there for about 4 hours and sat through the wonderful finale 5 times! Once we got in there was no pressure to rush through and we certainly felt we had our money’s worth……until we hit the shop!!! On leaving the V&A at 4pm the queue was stretching right through the sculpture gallery and the museum closed at 5.30….allow plenty of time to get in and stay in!

    Looking forward eagerly to next Friday for the DVD and thanks for the clips in the meantime to keep us going!

    Best wishes

  10. Just back from Kinepolis cinema in Lomme (yes, I was lucky enough to see ‘Live at Pompeii’ twice) and I enjoyd it even more. So… waiting now for the third screening (don’t you say “All good things come in threes” in English? 😉 )

  11. FEd, I was going to enquire with you as to how many people attended the worldwide screening of Live at Pompeii, but came across this article which provides some figures from the broadcast.

    Pretty impressive, I think you’ll agree.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any additional stats from the occasion, worthy of a mention here?

    Only another week to wait for the DVD pack.

    And Then…

  12. Time for a very belated review I think!

    I went to see Live at Pompeii on release night in West London at a lovely big VUE cinema there with my DG-gig-going buddy, my dad.

    I thought it was absolutely fantastic!

    The little documentary at the start was really fun too, I’m hopeful that we get to see a little more of that kind of thing on the Blu-ray.

    The picture, first of all, was unbelievably clear, lovely crisp 4K that looked wonderful on the cinema screen. I wonder if you’ve any more technical details? I’m guessing it was shot on Sony F55 cameras? was it shot in RAW format, do you know? (sorry, day job cross-over there!)

    I thought the sound mix was absolutely fantastic as well, it seemed that real care had gone into this and it really made it a different experience altogether from a live show or a normal album.

    It seemed to me that the mix would emphasise certain parts as they were shown on screen, or perhaps that was just my imagination? Very good and very clear I thought, the clarity of the guitar playing, in particular, was a joy to listen to. Really something else compared with sitting in a concert hall listening to it.

    I wasn’t quite sure how it would feel watching and listening to this in a cinema, as opposed to at home, or in person in a venue, but I think it really worked well and the set list seemed to have been very carefully chosen, it had a very good flow to it and I think the length of the programme was just right.

    The lighting and pyrotechnics were excellent, it really added something to the whole experience I feel.

    A huge well done to all involved, it is a fantastic piece of work.

    I’m very much looking forward to the Blu-ray set coming through my door soon, not long now!


    P.S. I went to see Ryan Adams at the Albert Hall the other night, which was excellent, but I must admit, it feels a little odd seeing anyone other than David there! It’s definitely his house!

  13. TWO DAYS!!! And then I get my happy little hands on this!

    God, the screening was wonderful. WYWH started and the crowd almost drowns him out singing along and I’m sitting there, blubbering, in the theater. I kept thinking, “One of those voices on the film is mine!” I was probably incoherently blubbering then, too.

    And Sorrow was, as always, a summoning spell for The Kraken. It always feels like, if I tried hard enough, I could call lightning down to my fingertips, like I’m a cloak wearing Druid on a hilltop, commanding the elements. God I love that song.

    Once upon a time, when I was an excitable puppy, I was standing 10 or so feet in front of a stage, arms outstretched to catch as much of Sorrow in my hands as I could and Gilmour deviated from the normal intro/outro to tease more feedback, more growls, MOAR KRAKEN out of his guitar. Of course he couldn’t realize how much it tickled, it got into the metal of the connected chairs, resonating and amplifying the vibration, pouring it through the crowd – literally shaking the earth under our feet. That was 6/22/94.

    If you watch the P.U.L.S.E. DVD he does it there, too. (But not on the CD). In fact, my daughter was born during this part of the (then) VHS, the Dr telling me to turn it down and me snapping at him that the next time he gives birth, he can pick the soundtrack. I always think Gilmour did it this way just for me, because he finally figured out what was making me go apesh*t nuts at the shows I kept popping up at. (It’s not likely, but it’s one of my favorite delusions.)

    Another probable delusion I have is…. on 4/24/94, at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ, the keys started that low tone. I thought it was Sorrow beginning (remember the days before the Internet when we didn’t know the setlist until we saw the show?) but it was On The Turning Away. I thought I must have looked disappointed (I wasn’t – I love that song!) because I didn’t see him play it again on that tour. Or maybe I just don’t remember him playing it again. But I always think that I ruined something by not continuing the outlandish freak out I had started.

    He couldn’t -but- see me, I couldn’t be convinced to sit down when I was young. You don’t sit when you’re near that kind of magic. I still struggle with sitting down at his shows – if anyone near me stands up, I’m up, hopping around too. I think, “Woohoo! I’m a mob! Mob rules!” when I have one other person standing near me. (So on your feet people! It makes dummies like me so happy!)

    And one more delusion to share. I swear he still plays Coming Back to Life because he was just fascinated that I was singing along the guitar part, eyes closed, in my own little world. The guitar intro on tour was different than the album, and I had seen the show enough times to have memorized it. Then the song started and I’m mouthing along the words. I got the words wrong in the first stanza or two, but so did he. Which made my eyes snap open to see him literally glaring right at me. (I almost didn’t survive that dirty look.) But I remember thinking, “it’s your song – sheesh – what do I know”. But I absorbed in that moment how weird I looked to the band, and decided immediately that I didn’t care. I always think that from those moments I showed that “the (idiot) kids” really love this song, since its become a staple.

    I remember Guy trying to get us to jump with him, with his floppy blonde hair, and his teenaged face looking so much like one of us, smirking at the confusion on my face the first time I saw One of These Days devolve into Space. The eyeballs the laser made on the screen fell to the sides, and made my head go crooked, confused. But back up Grateful Dead – THIS is how space is done!

    I remember Gilmour, playing the arse off Comfortably Numb, everyone around me facing backwards to see the house-sized disco ball, and Gilmour nodded his head to indicate that I should turn and look, and me glancing behind me, yep disco ball, and nodding back at him. Yes, I’m aware it’s back there, now stop interrupting me watching your fingers on that fret board for some sign of supernatural intervention. Lord knows mere mortals aren’t this good at anything.

    I remember putting my arm up as a reflex and ducking down a bit to deflect the circle screen from falling on my head, for just one quick moment until I realized it’s supposed to do that.

    I remember how close Sun Devil Stadium was to Sky Harbor Airport, and the distant sound of airplanes was common background noise all day long. I heard it again, getting louder and louder, finally crashing into the earth and dropping the ground a few inches under my feet. In my memory, I actually stumbled a tad. I remember looking around in a panic for the plane that just crashed into my Floyd show, cursing that it would probably be over now, and being surprised not to see flaming wreckage behind me. The band were up there grinning because they knew what they just did.

    I remember being completely exhausted after these shows, battered like I had been in a physical fight, with the drums and the explosions hitting me so hard in the chest.

    I have been so lucky to be allowed a Dionysian measure of Gilmour in my life. To have drunk it in through my pores as much as my ears and eyes.

    I’ve escaped work this weekend with just one set of showings (YAY!) so that I can spend the weekend drunk on Live at Pompeii.

    I’ll be prowling around iTunes starting at midnight GMT tomorrow night for a digital copy of the music because my physical copy won’t arrive until Friday – and that is just forever away. And if the mail service doesn’t deliver it exactly on Friday, I shall stream it from wherever I can get my hands on it.

    Thank you FEd, for everything. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for community and opportunity. And for putting up with my ‘Raving and Drooling’. There are so very few things in this world that we can love, with our whole hearts, throughout all the stages of our lives. And this is one.

    1. Thank you for making me smile, Maya. That’s smile like a freaking dimwit. Great memories, thanks for sharing them with us.

        1. Is that the shortest one liner you’ve ever posted?

          Jeez, we bloody love you Maya! X

          Shine on…..
          John 🙂

    2. Hi Maya, I love reading of your passion for all things Floyd. “On The Turning Away”, that’s one song I want to hear with all my heart. His solos on that are another level. 🙂

  14. Yippee!

    Yesterday, I received two emails from Fnac (music store here) and Colissimo (post) saying that I’ll receive ‘Live at Pompeii Deluxe Edition’ on Friday 29 September!

    So happy I didn’t pre order it from Amazon, as it seems to me that they are destroying everything, killing all other businesses.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that, for this occasion, from Friday to Sunday, Classic 21 radio station is making us discover the album and offering us the opportunity to win tickets to travel to and visit the Pompeii historical site (flights, hotel for two nights, etc…). And there sill be a special ‘Live at Pompeii’ programme on the radio on Sunday between 9:00 and 12:00.

  15. Hi All Irregulars

    On a side note, seen Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds last night in Glasgow. I was in Manchester a few days ago seeing him, 2nd gig there since re-opening after the tragedy. OMG, what a man, what a band, what an absolute stunner of a performance both nights, in fact it seems to be every night, it must be that Brighton air. Manchester was something else. “The Good People of Manchester” done brilliant, absolute inspiration to everybody again!!

    Nick, who just turned 60 (Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns and currently on tour) and David Gilmour’s last tour have both been the tour of legendary status. These guys are truly at the top of the game! Read the reviews of Nick’s recent shows! This guy is out singing songs that are about the tragic loss of his 15 year old son Arthur night after night and putting on a flawless performance every night to like 10,000-plus in sold out arenas and he’s filling them musically, he’s well within his depth, it’s working fantastically, I thought the venues might to be too big for such content but no, it’s totally mindblowing, Nick even had a purple sock-thing going on in Manchester (in which some sock pic-taking fans efforts were recognized and rewarded with a right sock straight from Nick’s foot 😀 ) it reminded me of David’s sock thing on the About Face album, LOL. Honestly, anyone, if you have a chance go see this tour, it will blow your mind.

    I know David was a fan of “Push the Sky Away” Nick’s last Bad Seeds album. I wonder if he likes “Skeleton Tree” album and if he attended any of Nick’s shows. It’s a shame David and Nick ain’t collaborated on something, I think the work would be of sheer greatness. 🙂

    Back on topic, checked my parcel status:

    View Order Status
    This is the current status for your order
    Status : In Packing (08:53 26/9/17)

    I can barely take anymore waiting, am climbing the walls now! 😀

  16. Shipping notification says it won’t be here until Oct 5.

    So, possible pro tip.

    Hopefully it’ll be streaming on Amazon.

    And if it is: Amazon.uk should have it as of 6PM Denver time.

  17. From yesterday I constantly tracking my amazon precious pack, they sent through “poste italiane”. Oh my god!!! I hope to receive it before Christmas.

    Just who live in Italy can understand me. I will let you know.

    I want just to share with you my thought, it is very strange that RW communicate European tour date just in last days at the same time of Live at Pompeii selling.

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