‘Pompeii’ trailer

Everyone loves Rolling Stone, so this is a suggestion to head over to www.rollingstone.com tomorrow, not before 2pm (UK) right now (!), because they will have the world exclusive and very lovely Live at Pompeii trailer. I know you’ll want to see that.

Feel free to come here first; I will have filled in the blanks by then.

An update on cinema tickets.

These are now on sale across some parts of Latin America: Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Colombia’s will be on sale on Thursday (13th).

We are still waiting for Argentina, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay, and thank you for your continued patience.

Sweden’s are on sale tomorrow (the 12th) and if you were wondering, tickets in Hungary, Romania and South Africa go on sale next month.

More information as it comes in. You can search for countries, towns and cities at the ever-growing davidgilmourcinematickets.com.

Live at Pompeii will be showing across 55 countries and territories, with more cinemas expected to take part in this special September event.

And I am so annoyed that we didn’t make a Bingo-type game to go with this. 55 countries and territories! What an opportunity wasted.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

111 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ trailer”

  1. Nice!

    I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    Still no update or coming soon update on a possible premiere date in London like in 2007 FEd?

  2. Bingo-type game?

    No, Blotto for the (hmm…) upcoming DVD release, please! It was great fun for RTN (OK, maybe not for you. 😉 )

    Happy for our friend dror to see that the sale for cinemas in Israel has finally started. 🙂

  3. After seeing The Mortal Remains last Sunday, which were terrific by the way, I’m looking forward to September when many Gilmour & Floyd fans all over the world will unite for one day.

    I’m curious to see the trailer, hopefully in 4k…



  4. Well, waiting for the trailer website link is always a good excuse to pay a visit to the Blog and say hello.

    One year has flown away since the concerts in Pompeii. I still have some bittersweet memories of it as it was the prelude to a nightmarish summer.

    FEd, once the trailer is released, do you know when we will get any more details about the physical package contents?

  5. Any word on more US cities? No where in Tennessee and very few on the west coast it seems, judging by the map through the main website.

        1. Thought so. Sorry, Dan. I’ll have a closer look at the cinema list later, check if there are any chains that are showing it in other states, and see what I can find out for you.

          1. Thanks. I actually live in McMinnville, TN. So even Cookeville (about an hour drive) would be a good place to see it!

  6. Juppi, this will be the highlight of my day. 🙂

    I hope you are well, FEd.

  7. Can’t wait to see this ____great show!

    Let’s discover this____ , ____trailer!


  8. Just during these past days my Facebook’s “On this day” feature took me back to Pompeii (and right today to Verona) and I saw again the pictures, the videos, the friends that I met during the Italian part of the tour.

    I’d like to come back to one year ago to meet them again, we spent beautiful moments and I’m sad thinking that we don’t know when there’ll be another occasion or even if there’ll be another one.

    Stefan, Rob, Scott, Damian, ash & Pixie… Just to quote a friend of us: “Remember that night”?

    Anyway, let’s put away the sadness and look forward for the trailer today, the movie on September 13th and the Blu-ray as soon as possible (maybe in November, in time for Christmas?) to relive those moments “with friends surrounded… forever and ever!”

  9. Exciting!

    For all sorts of reasons I keep missing the chats. Pity, they’re growing on me. 🙂

  10. Two theaters showing in “my” town. One at 6:15 pm, the other 8:30. Ten minute walk between them but with a running time of 125 minutes and the films usually not starting at the announced time (commercials always running overtime) it would be cutting it a bit too short to try to see it two times. Bugger. If they had just started at 6:00…

    On the other hand, I already have tickets for the 8:30 and that theatre is usually showing a lot of live operas and stuff so it will be ok, I’m sure.

      1. Come on, FEd, don’t be shy… 😛

        You know a lot of things that we don’t know…

        1. We all think we know the answer, but I’m not sure it’s been confirmed as such, has it?

          1. Oh please FEd. Tell the powers that be that we (I) need one. I will happily pay money, my loyalty, gushing compliments on social media, more money. And, truly, almost anything else I have.

            This man will always have the piece of my soul he charmed.

            Nobody rocks harder.

            God what a journey. We are so lucky.

          2. Sir David weiß wie wir alle seinen Sound Lieben !

            und ganz besonders den auf dem Heiligen Pink Floyd Boden der 71 bzw 78 als ich David im Kino sah schon für mich Heilig wahr, und 45 Jahre später mein Wunsch Traum in Erfüllung ging, ihn am 13.09.17 zu damaligen Erinnerung wieder im Kino zu sehen bekomme ! IN POMPEJI voll der Wahnsinn …………

            Ich glaube das meine Nerven es bis dahin nicht aushalten.


            Es war damals schon für mich nicht zu verstehen das es Pompeji Live 72 nicht als LP zu kaufen gab, das machte mich auch schon Kliere.

            Ich machte schon damals aus dem VHS Band einen Mono Zusammenschnitt von Echoes Teil 1 & 2 fand das zu der zeit unerträglich, keine Original LP zu bekommen, außer bootlegs ….. bootlegs.

            Hallo an FED !

            vielen dank für die neue Seite, und um all die Infos.

            Wünsche mir das es noch Informativer hier wird in zufunkt, da es vieles gibt zu wissen was da noch alles kommt, und wir hier die ersten sind die es zu Wissen bekommen !

            Beste Grüße, Poll

        2. Hy,

          es soll ja auch ein TV Mitschnitt zu sehen sein in zukunft !!!???

          ich denke das es nach dem 13.09 damit Los geht, und die DVD dan zu Weihnachtszeit Dezember uns in eine andere Zeitreise vor über 2000 Jahre in ein heute zurück nimmt.




      2. C’mon, FEd! hahahaha… In Gilmour we trust! I think that will be the same as Celebration Day by Led Zeppelin! One night in cinema! Infinite nights in our homes! Waiting…..

  11. Hi FEd, I didn’t understand if there is an exact time to watch the trailer or we can do that anytime after 14.00.

    1. Any time and as many times as you like after 14.00… or whenever it is ready, if that’s not 14.00. I’m just waiting for the green light.

    1. It could be a long wait. Let’s hope not, but I did say “not before 2pm (UK)” and you know how these things are. Different people in different time zones, etc.

      Did anyone bring peanuts?

  12. By the way, this is a great moment for the Blog. It reminds me at the times we had no spoiler, nothing. Only this source and we still love it. Thank you for that, FEd.

    1. Many thanks for that. Good to know. Several cinemas put their tickets on sale early (Sweden, also, for example).

  13. Wow FED…….devastatingly amazing trailer! For me, it brought back the anticipation and excitement for one truly memorable and fabulous night! I can’t wait for 13/09/2017! Just think, if that trailer was rolled out across national television networks worldwide, as well as social media; David’s already insurmountable and increasing popularity (akin to Jeremy Corbyn) would surely fly through the roof! As would all those “alleged” sales of CDs, DVDs and attachment merchandise…..I’d love to be on commission flogging that little lot!

    Shine on…..
    John 🙂

  14. Oh FEd! What a beautiful way to wake up. I’m already in tears. It’s just too much happiness and it comes pouring out my eyes.

    Thank you FEd.

    And please, I beg for a DVD. Or some more permanent way to hold these memories. My brain will fail as I get older, the images in my mind will get condensed and moments will be lost, but never will my heart forget the feeling of flying as he plays. I need that in my life. We all need to feel like we can fly. Please.

  15. Wow, that looks stunning. Brings it all back from the night we went.


  16. Oh! Change of subject, slightly, but Vesuvius has been the victim of arson this week. My old grade school friend is the excavation manager at Pompeii (who inexcusably missed both shows last year waiting to see if their team would get comps) and he’s been posting crazy scary pictures of Vesuvius burning.

    It was on fire last year, too, but this year is much worse. Ercolano and Torre del Greco were asking for help yesterday.

  17. Woooooowwww!!! A bump in my heart! I started to cry remembering the Live….

  18. And – last comment – I hope the bit where he scolded the crowd about Echoes (on Friday July 8) makes it into the final cut (no pun intended).

    Cue me, beaming with delight, that he wasn’t scolding me this time – I wasn’t singing Echoes at him – I know better now!

    I think allll the blame for the song requesting can be placed squarely on the Grateful Dead with their Willy Nilly set lists, making everyone think set lists are different every night.

  19. This looks so great! I can’t wait to see more! Now we need a two minutes trailer (as usually when we get something, we ask for more) 🙂 !


  20. Goosebumps! Not wishing life away but the evening of September 13 cannot come soon enough.

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for The Blog and for the Chatroom, as well as all those who make them the special places they are – most importantly for our very own FEd – you ROCK (steady) and ROLL (with the punches).

    Diolch yn fawr!

  21. The first thing that strikes me is the video and sound quality. It promises to be a great plesure for eyes and ears, bless you David and staff. Over the top!

  22. “And I am so annoyed that we didn’t make a Bingo-type game to go with this. 55 countries and territories! What an opportunity wasted.”

    I wouldn’t say wasted … we could still come up with a DG Rattle That Lock, “Old Man’s” tour/Live at Pompeii crossword puzzle, couldn’t we?

  23. Very nice footage. I’m hoping to make it with my family to the cinema, but you can’t always guarantee to be available on the one night that it’s being shown. So, for everybody who can’t make it (and also for those who can), here’s hoping there will be a DVD and Blu-Ray release. The Remember That Night DVD release was superb and will take some beating……especially the great extras that were included.

  24. Dear FEd & Fellow Bloggers~

    Again this blog lifts my spirits.

    Was hoping it would be showing near me but does not appear that it is. Has been mentioned that not much offered on the west coast. So hoping for the DVD/CD.

    Sitting again by a family members side at the hospital. My eldest brother. Fell off his ladder trimming shrubs. He has head trauma.

    Before heading north to be with him I gathered strength with a forest walk. Butterflies and dragonflies landed on me. I kiss his hand with butterfly kisses.

    I thought he was responding when I asked him to move his foot for me, and he does, but they say the toes need to wiggle.

    I have his phone with his playlist by his side and the sports channel on.

    They say there is no hope, therefore the plug needs to be pulled.

    I can not believe how quickly my siblings and parents are leaving.

    I/We need positive thoughts.

    Take care,

    1. Suzy, I am so very sorry to read this. I send your family my best wishes for a positive outcome to an awful situation.

      1. Thank you FEd.

        I appreciate your wishes and positive thoughts.

        The outcome is horrific. Monday at high noon we say good bye.

        I am staying at his son’s home with his lovely family. They have three year old twins, my brother’s grandchildren.

        He will carry on and that is what life is about.

      1. I am grateful for the way you phrased that Pavlov.

        We were all going to gather at my brother’s home (my only remaining family member from my childhood).

        He and my sister-in-law lives where the eclipse will be totality.

        We still will but there will be a void.

    2. Life’s a bugger… Take care Suzy and let’s hope that the doctors are wrong!

      1. I really bothered them with our “practices” of toe wiggles. And he was wiggling toes. But yesterday he stopped.

    3. Hi Suzy. Just been reading your post only now. My thoughts truly with you here.

      Sorry I’m late. I understand what your going through.


  25. Just got tickets to the cinema near me, well that is a 3 hour drive each way, but it will be so worth it. 🙂

    Was lucky to see him in the Royal Albert Hall both in 2015 and 2016. Been waiting for a DVD ever since. I look so much forward to seeing this and with cinema sound I bet it will be just awesome! Let the countdown begin. 🙂

  26. Just watched the trailer, just started getting the tingles and hairs standing up then it finished. Nice little taster.

    Damian in Blackpool with my lovely mum and Floyd.

    1. I’m in St Ives. 🙂

      I came across a record shop yesterday called Space Oddities. . . there was a big Dark Side of The Moon poster in the window and quite a few Pink Floyd albums on display ! Any fans visiting St Ives ? Seek out the shop because there aren’t that many independent record stores left. He’d got CDs, vinyl and old, original vinyls on sale.

      He also had Daleks. . . . 😀

      Ash 🙂

      1. My friend’s music store in Hexham is now sadly a newsagents. Hope you’re enjoying St Ives Ash.


  27. Very nice!! Can’t wait for the 13th. Will bring back some great memories.

    Suzy, my thoughts are with you. I’m hoping for you to receive wonderful news.

  28. Please do not think me odd, but I have to admit that truly one of my favorite parts of any live concert or DVD is at the end when David stands with the band, looks up at the crowd, raises both hands, waves, and with a beautiful self effacing smile says “thank you very much indeed.” Brings tears every time, I cannot explain why. Love that it is part of the trailer. The man is magic, pure and simple….

  29. Hi fed, does anybody really believe they are going to spend all that money just for one night? I would say early November DVD and Blu-ray, release doesn’t make commercial sense otherwise.

  30. The trailer looks so good. 😀 The lights whizzing around the amphitheatre, the lasers, better than all that. . .the music in time to all the visuals. Honestly. . .I didn’t know where to look.

    I am only 5′ 3″ so there’s always someone taller than me, I stayed at the back and loved everything I could see. What looks so good on the trailer, is seeing the band ! Seeing their faces and what they’re doing ! This is stuff I didn’t see at the time. The light show was absolutely brilliant though, like I said, you spun round on the spot and everywhere was so, so exciting to look at.

    Ash 😀

  31. Yeah, fantastic trailer! Can´t wait for September 13 and a Blu-ray.

    A great reminder of the concerts in Oberhausen, RAH and Tienen2, I´ve seen…

    @ Suzy, my thoughts are with you and your brother.

  32. This is an amazing trailer! And now I realize again how truly right David and his crew were to perform at very special locations. I saw many pictures from his gigs in Vienna, in Verona, in Rome. But THIS is yet another step. David and the band even create in Oberhausen a magical atmosphere, the Pompeii Gigs must have been overwhelming.

  33. It looks stunning!

    However as luck would have it I’m travelling on the 13th and might not make it so having no DVD confirmation is stressing me out!

    But wow, the trailers brings goosebumps. The shots of Vesuvius on the horizon? The ancient amphitheater? The lights and and fireworks emanating from all sides of the venue? It really is a feast for the eyes as much as the ears.

  34. This was plugged on BBC Radio 2 today – Steve Wright show. Got a rave review.


  35. I just re-read the lyrics for “Coming back to life”.

    It’s a hugely underestimated piece of art that got a lot less attention than it deserved.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. That and ‘Lost for Words’.

      ‘Coming Back to Life’ on the original Division Bell CD my current ‘go-to’ track when I get in the car.

  36. I kicked myself for not attending Pompeii last year.
    Saw the trailer … kicking myself again …

    Come September 13, I will probably do it again.

    Just this teaser trailer alone gives me goosebumps.

  37. Hello Fed and All The Irregulars, just seen the trailer. 5am just sends the tears rolling. Sat in tears, I don’t know but it hits deep that track, Mr Gilmour at his absolute best! When I think of the personal Difficulties and Battles I went through to make it there and met Other Blog Irregulars and learned of some of their Difficulties and Battles to get there too, we can all honestly say that was a Huge Achievement. Well Done and Thanks To Everyone, All the Irregulars for their warm friendliness and Words and Hugs of Support. Also all the Security, First Aid and Camera Crew (they have done a great job of the film) that night, everyone was fantastic!!

    A Dear Friend said to me once, “Life Is A Beautiful Struggle” – I can certainly look back on the Pompeii Trip and say that was certainly one of those times.

    A Huge and Special Thanks to Mr Gilmour and Polly, and the Band, cos without them this would not have been possible.

    Roll on September the 13th lest we all get to reconnect in Spirit as We Relive & Remember that night Once Again. 🙂

    1. Had to laugh at this, we’re all decrepit and falling to bits but we all got there and came back to tell our story SF.


      1. I remember David once saying during a performance that ‘there will be a break mid-gig as we’re all getting older!’

      2. Hi Damian

        True, man. I’d hate to have been one of the folk who had to clear away the random Zimmer frames, walking sticks and stuff what a mess was left. Also walking through Pompeii ruins I seen a guy who was the double of Brian from “Life of Brian” running around (apparently he lost his phone) and a small group of tourists shouting “Welease Woger!” and “I’m Brian” at him. That was very surreal.

  38. Oh, le trailer, ça me met l’eau à la bouche…

    And a special thought for the 86 killed (more than 450 injured) just one year ago on Bastille Day in Nice. Maybe some of them were in Pompeii a few days before, or had tickets to go see David and band in Chantilly or Nîmes… They sure would have loved this trailer…

  39. Hey Fed,

    I just tried the link and it didn’t work on my iPad. Is it timed to work for a certain amount of time only?

    Cheers, Howard

  40. Afternoon all.

    Without trying to sound too melodramatic. I was nearly involved in a head on with a police car yesterday. It’s not the first time but it’s true, your life does flash before you. And the last part of it was being in Pompeii – LOL. Now is that because I’m a bit weird or because it was such a very special time? But I’m still here waiting to relive Pompeii once again.

    Kind regards to all

      1. Thanks, Fed, very thoughtful. I caught it on my dashcam. One car in front of me midday, he suddenly brakes and swerves and the cops were in the middle of both lanes – yikes. Luckily the 595 has grass verges so that’s where I ended up. I must sound like a bad driver, all these incidents, but I’m not, honest, it’s just I’m never off the roads. I miss French and Swiss roads, notice I didn’t say Italian, sorry Andrea. You may also notice Fed, my Grammar is a little better. It’s not me, it’s a little thing on my Laptop called Grammarly. It auto-rectifies my spelling errors, I can finish writing my book now.

        Sorry for the waffle, I make the most of the blog as I am hardly around when you chat.


        1. Glad you had the grassy area to maneuver to Damian.

          Hopefully no more negative incidents.

  41. Hi Master Fed

    Nothing to say about next September the 29th? 😀

    Cheers and thanks as usual

  42. DVD released on 29 September, I understand? Looks wonderful on the photo!

    I can’t make the chat, because I’m in London. For TMR. On my birthday! How wonderful is that?!

  43. The secret is none anymore. There is a Live In Pompeii album that we’ll get in our hands on 29th of September. 🙂

    I hope the additional 210 minutes in the deluxe box will include the magnificent Comfortably Numb solo from the last night at the Royal Albert Hall.

    Great news, really great news!

  44. Seems to be official (in some way!!!). On Pink Floyd Twitter page there is a tweet about “Arriving September 29th is David Gilmour Live at Pompeii on CD, DVD, LP, Blu-ray and download.”

    Also, a new official trailer (maybe from DVD) is on YouTube……


    Is it true??? gods…… can’t wait, really,


  45. Just booked tickets for the cinema screening in Bolton. Cineworld’s website states running time as being 114 minutes. Is this correct as, if it is, it will be an edited version of the Blu-ray release being shown. This seems strange. Why go to the trouble of screening it and then edit it from the complete show?

    Happy to see it on the big screen as it will be great and bring back memories of standing in the arena the second night last July.


    1. It will be slightly shorter than the DVD/Blu-ray. I’m not sure off the top of my head if it’s 114 or 120 minutes. (Odeon’s website, for example, says 120.)

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