‘Pompeii’ formats

Here we are, then: Live at Pompeii, released on or around 29th September, in various formats.

So, after enjoying it in the cinema on 13th September, you won’t have long to wait before you can enjoy it again in your home or car.

Available on CD, DVD, Blu-ray, LP and as a digital download, there will be documentaries, extra footage – both in-concert and behind-the-scenes footage – from Pompeii and beyond, as well as delightful souvenirs that help make an already lovely set that little bit lovelier.

Of course, there’s a double CD (2xCD) with 21 live tracks from Pompeii.

The standard Blu-ray package consists of the concert in 96/24 PCM Stereo and 96/24 DTS MA (no, me neither, but it sounds good), and a seven-minute ‘Pompeii Then and Now’ documentary.

Likewise, the standard DVD (2xDVD): Stereo PCM, 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS plus the ‘Then and Now’ documentary.

The vinyl version (4xLP) contains four records in two gatefold sleeves, poly liner inner sleeves and a booklet in a slipcase.

And then, best of all, there’s the Blu-ray + CD Deluxe Edition Boxset made up of two CDs (the standard 2xCD package) and two Blu-rays in special packaging. The first is the concert, the same as the standard Blu-ray; the second, a bonus disc with 65 minutes of concert footage:

1) South America (December 2015)
The songs are: ‘Astronomy Domine’, ‘Us and Them’, ‘Today’, ‘Time’ / ‘Breathe (In the Air) [Reprise]’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’ – the latter with Jon Carin sharing the vocal duties.

2) Wrocław, Poland (June 2016)
Complete with orchestra, the songs are: ‘5 A.M.’, ‘Rattle That Lock’, ‘Dancing Right In Front Of Me’, ‘The Girl In the Yellow Dress’ (featuring Leszek Możdżer on piano) and ‘In Any Tongue’.

Both of these are directed by Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell.

But that’s not all. There are further documentaries – courtesy of Gavin Elder – focusing on Europe 2015, South America 2015, North America 2015 and Europe 2016, as well as the BBC’s ‘Wider Horizons’ documentary first broadcast in November 2015.

Completing the set and providing a special memento for anyone who was fortunate enough to be in attendance for those two special nights in Mount Vesuvius’ eerie shadow: a photo booklet, Pompeii Guide, set of four postcards and a poster.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

For tracklisting, running times, full technical specifications and a glimpse of how it will all look, please see the Pompeii microsite.

Looking forward to sharing your thoughts, both in the comments below and in the chatroom, which will be open from 3pm (UK) today.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

141 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ formats”

  1. Needless to say, the deluxe edition will be soon on my way home… 🙂

    Hope that the banner will be visible, I had it upon my shoulders for the first tracks…

    Of course you didn’t have a preview, FEd?

  2. It’s on YouTube…..

    Well….On Amazon (it) there are 3 formats available but no one can be booked….. Waiting for the Deluxe BoxSet… hope soon.


  3. Waiting for davidgilmour.com to come back to life to check for more details!

    Another deluxe edition that I will happily buy, I hope it’s the same size and quality as TER and RTL.

    Thanks FEd for the news!

  4. Great news! Can’t wait to enjoy the Sound.

    Thank you for all, David and team!

  5. By the way, there’s a typo on the audio format for the Bluray: it should read DTS MA or even better DTS HD MA. MA stands for Master Audio, MAA format unluckily does not exist yet. 🙁

  6. Hi FEd You sound like the Man from the T.V advert for Ronco …But that’s not all……

    Love it.

    Gary Hurley
    London England

  7. There must be something wrong in the shop!!! £45.00 shipping to Italy for £49.99 Deluxe BoxSet!!

    Naahhhh……. I must wait for Amazon.it….


    1. It’s a shame, in a way, though. It would have been an easy Christmas gift to buy for people. I expect they will already have bought a copy long before Christmas, so now we’ll have to think of something different to buy.

      😉 I’m kidding.

      1. We’ll find something else for Christmas I’m sure. 😉

        I’m heading back home from a trip to Berlin right now but when I’m home I will take a look at the new footage, etc.

        Hope to catch up with you all in the chat later today!

      2. Perhaps tickets for a one night only live gig up on Hadrian’s Wall? The weather up here is as nice as Pompeii, honest.


  8. Definitely think the Deluxe is a must, I love the poster that comes with the package, I can see that framed in my room!

  9. Ouch. £89 in shipping to Sweden. Great release though, but do DG and friends want us to head for Amazon?

    1. I’ll have a look and see if it’s cheaper for me to post it to you if you like. If so we could sort something out.


  10. On the other hand, that 3 minute clip on the mini site gives me goose bumps and a lump in my throat as well as making me very keen to press “checkout”. 😉

  11. Deluxe + LP, definitely! Thanks FEd! I’m feeling like when I was waiting to attend that show. 🙂

  12. September is going to be a very exciting month. You just don’t appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into a tour. It really must take months of preparation. This tour has left me with fantastic memories I will never forget, it was a privilege being there.


  13. Fed – can we please please get (at least a coded) response as to whether there will be a premiere with DG in London – would assume Leicester Square again?

    1. I hope for a premiere too, but I think that the odds of it happening are getting smaller and smaller as time passes.

      If anything like this were to happen it would have to be announced quite soon. Otherwise it sadly won’t happen.

  14. Wish you all a nice time today in the Chatroom. Please have a drop for me celebrating the good news!

    I’m going to work in a few minutes so I will not join you today, sorry. I will miss you!

    Fate i bravi!


  15. I’m in, as I have been for the cinema viewing. Our local one is showing the film.

    As for other DG related releases I feel I have to shout up for the amazing music to be found on the ‘Early Years’ sets.

    I couldn’t justify the huge one-off release but I have bought a couple of the individual sets. On one of them is a sensational version of Atom Heart Mother performed without brass etc. Just the band playing.

    I know David refers to that period as ‘just noodling’ but my goodness……….what noodling !!

  16. Oh FEd!!! Oh thank god!!! You teased us so hard with all the, “who says there will be a DVD” stuff, and I was like….BUT I’VE FORGOTTEN SO MUCH ALREADY!!!

    And Gilmour never does things by halves, does he?

    I will pre order the super major deluxe super-sized Everest package the moment I finish this post. Actually two of them for when I wear the first one out.

    I could cry. I’ve been kicking myself for a year that I didn’t watch more closely, appreciate more fully, remember more details, take more pictures. I watched the venue more than I watched the band, I couldn’t help it. Brickman had everything lit so alluringly. The fires along the top, the lights dancing, the whole of the earth stopped to quiver as Gilmour unleashed the Kraken. It was surreal.

    Oh thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for everything.

  17. this is super ultra cool. brings me back my memories of that magic night in pompeii.

    I’m wondering…about those south american videos… where they come from? brasil? argentina? chile? do you know?

    1. I don’t know which songs are from which town, but do know that they’re all from Brazil – from the Allianz Parque, São Paolo and the Arena Do Grêmio, Porto Alegre.

  18. Great releases ; I’ve ordered the Vinyl en Bluray box sets.

    Too bad there isn’t a 4K UHD Bluray released, as it was filmed in 4K. I’ve seen the raw footage in the plane on my way back from Pompeii.

    The (Dutch) filmcrew was in the same plane, and were watching the footage on their laptops. Amazing stuff.

  19. Such happy news about the CD, DVD etc Pompeii upcoming release! I think it is time I buy a Blu-ray player… “Who said there is going to be a DVD?” Aw FEd, you had us going, but well, not really… 🙂 🙂

    Was great fun to join the Chat today, my first one! Was really nice to meet everyone today. Hope to be able to join again soon. I do apologize for getting distracted and timing out, my husband and I are on vacation this week and had lined up some appointments to have some work done around the house and of course, they all showed up as soon as I joined the Chat. Sigh….

    Enjoy the weekend all, hope it cools off soon Pavlov!

    1. Now there’s a blues guitarist extraordinaire, Damian. If you have the opportunity, go and see him.

  20. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful news, FEd!

    Both the Tickets for the cinema premiere and box set have been per-ordered. September will be here before we know it! I cant wait!

    (One of these times I’m going to make it back into Chat. I’ve had terrible luck in being available during those times. It’s a shame really.)

  21. Cheers FEd.

    I also received the emails from DG web site; US and U.K and Floyd web site mailing lists.

    In euphoric haste haze I preordered the numbered litho from the US web site only to realise it was available via U.K. Oops for the haste; cost me plenty moolah in shipping costs.

    Told the present Mrs Jacobs about the brilliant investment opportunity, in my unbridled happiness. She never batted an eyelid as I lovingly pressed confirm on the pre orders for the LP / t shirt bundle and cd / Blu-ray deluxe set. So thick end of £200 quid lighter.

    But to quote a long since forgotten Tom and Jerry cartoon, Hey I’m happy.

    Would love to have seen a super, super deluxe edition with vinyl CDs and blu rays and goodies inc. t shirt all in one box, but hey.

    One person says about something else for Christmas; I’m awaiting some special news regarding a very special publication on a superb 70’s concept album with a very limited signature edition.

    My wife has also agreed to this as well, assuming I’m lucky enough to get one!

    Then there’s the goodies at the Floyd exhib., then the Peter Gabriel albums, then the Neil Young boxes, the Sabbath box, hopefully another Rush box set and a live Hackett set. Also the gigs.

    So, it’s a good thing I’m in a cracking job at a cracking company, with a very, very understanding wife of 33 years.

    To JC, I’ll be looking out for you on the big screen, my Manc friend. Shine on JC.

    Careful with that Axe fellow Floydians and Gilmourians,

    1. Ooooh! Thank you for the tip! I just ordered the litho from the U.K. too – instead of hassling FEd to put in a word for a Demand It button on the US site. 🙂

  22. Exciting news!! Preordered the Deluxe. I knew David wouldn’t disappoint.

    Thanks FEd, have a great weekend.

  23. Any info on size of poster included in the deluxe set? Hopefully size isn’t too abnormal for framing.

    1. Here you go:

      The size is 270x480mm. Paper is with a matt standard finish, but not too thick, to allow for folding.

  24. Excited not only because of the release, but because it frees David up to start thinking about his next album.

    1. Their Mortal Remains must also come to an end, because the Black Strat is captured there. Without Black Strat no new records, I’d bet…

      I pre-ordered the deluxe box but neither at A*****, nor at the official shop (I’m fine with my RAH shirt), but at an artists for artists webshop…

      Lucky as I am, I can shorten the waiting time with vacations at the Mediterranean sea. 🙂

      Cheers FEd and fellow bloggers,


  25. Oh we are spoiled for choice!

    I may be the only one here, but I loved ‘The Girl in The Yellow Dress’ played live (I always thought it was a nod to Richard who was a jazz lover), but, sadly, it seems that they removed the song from all the formats except the one that includes the Wroclaw concert, so it will give me a good excuse to buy the Deluxe Edition Boxset. 😉

    I was told in the chatroom that there would be subtitles, please, will there be subtitles for the whole BBC’s ‘Wider Horizons’ documentary?

    Bon week-end.

    1. All the documentaries are subtitled, in the following languages:


  26. Surprise! I looked on the website today and saw Live in Pompeii is playing in Franklin, Tennessee. That’s just 19 miles from me. It’s also really close to Mantra Artisan Ales, which I dearly love.

    I’m so happy right now!


  27. I’m getting the Blu-ray deluxe super duper set x2, one for me and the other for my buddy. My poor head couldn’t take all the info in for a while, but I got there. Then I had to check if I had a Blu-ray player – yes. Couldn’t find my glasses, Floyd was sat on them.

    I have so much going on this year, a bit of Shakespeare in August, house hunting, then September Cloudbursting are in Carlisle, then David at the cinema. And then the release of the DVD.

    Sorry again if I’m adding stuff I shouldn’t be, but it’s not often we get a chance to air our views unless there is something massive announced and it is massive.

    Keep it coming Fed, lovin’ it.

    A very excited Damian.

    ps that Grammarly is shit, lol.

  28. Deluxe for me! Would it be excessive to buy the vinyl too…?

    It will have a lot to do to compete with the Live at Gdansk deluxe set but I have faith!

    Great news.


    1. Wish I knew who to attribute this expression to: ‘Bugger poverty, feed the cat another canary.’

      Go for the vinyl as well. 🙂

  29. Best news ever, thank you Fed!

    Can’t wait to get the deluxe box set and I’m so thrilled there’ll be footage from South America too!

  30. This sounds as fab as expected. I was so lucky to be at the second show (thanks again Fed) and feel sure the Blu-ray will look stunning.

    Just pre-ordered it and can’t wait until the cinema screening now.


  31. Hi, I’ve received an advanced copy of The Deluxe Set today so I can do a review and write up a good report for the Blog. 😀

    Hi FEd, do you know if the big booklet that comes with the Vinyl Set is a hardback or paperback book?

    Cheers. 🙂

    1. Paperback, but printed on good quality paper (150gsm as opposed to the normal, thinner stuff; for comparison, the paper commonly used in photocopiers is usually 80gsm) with the cover an even thicker paper – that’s 250gsm. (Anything above 170gsm is generally classified as ‘board’ rather than ‘paper’.)

      I’m told that a lot of time was spent on the specifications and it will be nice. LPs are heavyweight 180 grams, and the slipcase is a heavier than normal board, so the whole thing should be hefty – but hopefully not too hefty.

      (Thank you, Andy.)

      Oh, and as you’ve asked me this before elsewhere, I can now confirm that there will be no merchandise on sale at the cinemas. Not a sausage.

      (OK, there may be sausages.)

    2. How come you’ve got an advance copy ???? I want an advance copy. How come Scot’s got an advance copy and none of the rest of us have Fed ????

      He’s your favourite isn’t he ? Don’t try and tell me it’s time travel.

      Ash (sulking)

  32. Mm. Look good! And even on my birthday. So, I now know what I wish for.

  33. Deluxe bundle with T-shirt ordered! September is shaping up to be a great month for me. On the 8th, I fly from Glasgow to London for the Pink Floyd ‘Mortal Remains’ exhibition, the following evening I’ll be seeing MacFloyd in Glasgow (they’re doing the ‘Animals’ album), on the 13th, the David Gilmour Pompeii film and then the release of the film on Blu-ray, DVD and CD. The excitement continues in October with the Australian Pink Floyd on the 14th. Christmas will indeed be coming early for me.

    Shine On!

  34. Hold the bus. My brain, honestly. It’s always 2 hours behind everyone else’s. Only just realised you can pre-order.

    Please don’t laugh, a lot of folk have to put up with it.


    1. Honestly, Ash, I ask myself, am I dyslexic? Is it being diabetic? Or like my mum used to say, I’m just a bit thick.

      Hope things are going OK.


  35. Deluxe of course. 🙂

    Huge differences in prices. E.g. between Italian and German Amazon alone 15 euros.

    Off topic question: FEd, will that Ritzy ‘behind the scenes’ film ever be available somewhere (online) again?

      1. I hope not, I was pretty inebriated at the front!!

        Happy days,
        Simon J

      2. What Ritzy ‘behind the scenes’ ? Behind the scenes from the Ritzy ? Or something that was shown exclusively to the Ritzy audience ? Err. . . does anyone know if I’ve seen it ?


  36. Sure that most of us will order the Deluxe set, but, Fed, do you have an explanation why a concert filmed in 4K is only available in normal HD?

    Does Dave plan to make another Super Deluxe 4k edition next year …? In this case I will buy it again …But it is not fair…

    1. Well, it was filmed in 4k because that is the highest quality practical format. Standard Blu-ray players don’t play 4k discs, so, if it was released only in 4k, anyone with a ‘normal’ Blu-ray player wouldn’t be able to play it and would quite rightly complain (as people who wish for a Deluxe DVD set are complaining about the deluxe version only containing Blu-ray discs).

      But it could happen, it has been discussed and it is hoped that it can be released in 4k as soon as is practical, but that all depends on how many people will be able to play it, as well as the readiness of retailers to stock it.

    2. Thx a lot for ur answer. More and more people buying today 4k players, bcz the 4k tvs are not so expensive, relatively, of what you get.

      I pray for a soon 4k deluxe version, and still wait for a Gdansk Blu-ray version …

  37. This release looks fantastic, except for one obvious missing format; there’s no Deluxe DVD edition. If us DG fans want to watch all of those potentially superb extras included in the Deluxe edition we have to own or buy a Blu-ray player. I certainly have no intention of buying one of these machines when I already own several DVD players. If I was to spend £50 on a Blu-ray player, that’s cash that I would have used for going to see DG Live at Pompeii at the cinema or going to the PF exhibition at the V&A.

    It makes no commercial sense to not have a DVD Deluxe edition of this historic release.

  38. Is the booklet in the Deluxe set identical to the booklet in the LP option?


    PS – Hope all has been well with you FEd.

    1. Pretty much. They have the same photos, but the LP version’s is obviously bigger – some 11×11 inches. The Deluxe version’s has a hard cover and is glued in (or ‘casebound’).

  39. All sounds good to me. Needless to say it will be the deluxe version on my list.

    I’m a little bit disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be any video from the London shows on the bonus discs. The CN on the last night of the tour was epic!

  40. I am looking so forward to this release! First I was a little bit disappointed because Echoes does not make part of the Pompeji setlist. But in great respect of Richard Wright who sadly passed away and can’t be replaced by other keyboardists… regardless how talented they are… I can understand David Gilmour’s decision.

    Thanks for everything.

  41. Hi fed, want to order deluxe box set on amazon uk, nowhere to be seen. just wondered where the links are.


      1. Yeh Yeh, it’s all your fault FED. Poor quality t-shirts, expensive, songs missing, the usual petty groans ‘n’ moans.

        By the way, will there be salted popcorn at the cinema? I’m not going if there isn’t – lol.


      2. would rather buy from dg store, it’s the postage etc that spoils it, think it is a bit expensive. what do you think?

          1. If you buy the deluxe package and tee shirt bundle from the DG website it just about covers the cost…

  42. I can’t wait to see this on the big screen, however I am reading on another fansite that the theatrical screening will only be 108 minutes whereas the the actual concert’s running time was around 2.75 hours (165) minutes. Does this mean that the theatre release will be choice selections from the official DVD concert instead of the full setlist?

  43. ” So, after enjoying it in the cinema on 13th September, you won’t have long to wait before you can enjoy it again in your home or car.”

    I have some absolutely terrible news though Fed. . . I had a courtesy car whilst mine was in for service, these new cars don’t have CD players !!! I asked the lady leading me to this new (200 miles on the clock) car, how people coped. She said they had memory sticks (?) or something else that stores sound digitally. I have no idea how to put music on to those things never mind what you do with them. The car did have an FM radio, ” WOT. . no DAB I hear some of you say ? ”

    I just wouldn’t buy such a car, you pay thousands of pounds and they can’t be bothered to fit a CD player. I mean. . . is nothing sacred ?

    Ash 🙂

    1. The one you had in Pompeii didn’t have indicators. Well, that’s what the locals were saying.


      1. Like I said, they don’t fit all the vital equipment you need on these new cars. Mine did have a horn thank goodness ! So I copied what the locals did, just hit the horn and waved my hands around to point to which direction I was going.

        Ash (now I know why you didn’t want a lift)

        1. I wouldn’t have been very good at giving directions Ash. On the night of the Gig, I tagged onto a lovely group of Italian fans who kindly guided me to the gates. God knows how I managed to find you at the bar afterwards. Hope you’re well, drop me an email sometime.


  44. I just noticed Gil in The Yellow Dress is missing from the Pompeii concert video and the CD. Odd. I have heard the bootlegs from both nights and it sounded good both times.

    Strange!!! Missing from the title list or not enough good for release it???

    Well… we’ll see.


  45. It’s all great news, and since September 29th is my birthday, it’ll be an awesome one. 🙂

    However, I can’t figure out what’s WRONG with the Danish perception of this all..tickets are on sale for the 18th, and not the 13th. I’ve called – couldn’t find anyone responsible – now I’ve written to administration. They don’t seem to get the point. Waiting for an answer now. Oddly, now it seems that Danish cinemas show the concert either on the 13th or the 18th. A bit of a bother.

    On a happy occasion. Well..in worst case, I’ll have to not look at my computer from the 13th until I’ve seen the film myself. 😉

    Have a good summer.

    1. I’m also waiting for an answer on this, Lene, so I hope we can clear this up for you soon.

  46. I was hoping Royal Albert Hall gigs would be released also, but that sounds great too… Thanks FEd.

  47. First off, I’ve always enjoyed Pink Floyd’s progressive, thought provoking music. I might buy the Pompeii set, maybe, but I have to say I was disappointed when buying the Rattle That Lock Blu-ray set, not with the music, but with the pricing, too high.

    Also, the T-shirt I purchased for $40 with the set was, putting it mildly, a piece of crap. Brand new out of the plastic bag it came in, the shirt was made of the thinnest cotton material and was coming apart at the seams. Really Dave, for $40? I will pay $40, but can your marketing team at least sell a quality shirt for that price.

    I’m disappointed that it’s still all about the money in the end. Welcome to the Machine!!!

  48. I’ll likely buy this, and I like the format (I wouldn’t mind if On an Island and Live in Gdansk were reissued in the same format), but I’m wondering why “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” had to be cut off the show?

    My wish for the future would be a Director’s Cut of “Delicate Sound of Thunder”, alas…

  49. Hi Fed!

    Just an information: the Blu-ray 96/24 DTS MA, is a 5.1 multichannel audio?

    Or just stereo?

    Thanks a lot

    1. On the Blu-ray discs (concert as well as Deluxe) all the live material, including the material from South America and Wrocław, has a 5.1 mix from David/Andy Jackson/Damon Iddins. All the documentary material, including the ‘Then and Now’, has a stereo mix only.

  50. Hi FEd, do you know if the Live at Pompeii lithograph will be available in the next days? For now is sold out. I would like to buy deluxe edition too, shipping fee is quite expensive so I would like to buy all together. If the lithograph was a limited edition please tell me so I can proceed to buy with deluxe edition. 😉


  51. Disappointed for the price, the format, the location (!), the shirt, the setlist, disappointed because ‘it’s all about money in the end’. People that still call him ‘Dave’.

    Good morning world!

    1. That’s funny Emilio, I was thinking the same as you. You just can’t please certain people, and the disrespect…disgusting!!

      Dear FED, you sure do get entertainment, for lack of a better word.

    2. Sarcasm doesn’t suit you, Emilio. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s a compliment. 😀 )

  52. Just ordered the Vinyl and the DVD version. Looking forward to 29th September!

    See you tomorrow in the chatroom. 😀

  53. This is all very exciting!

    I’ve pre-ordered the Deluxe Blu-ray and was about to order a lithograph print and spotted that there were still Wroclaw ones for sale, so I went for that instead!

    I’m so pleased that there is going to be some of the fantastic Wrolcaw gig to be included, it’ll be great to revisit this, after having had such a wonderful time attending it!

    I’ve booked up tickets to revisit the V+A exhibition again as it was almost too much to take in the first time!

  54. Ok, so I am usually pretty conservative, but a select few things (people, David Gilmour being one of them) make me throw all caution to the winds. My plan is buy a Blu-ray player, order the standard DVD edition AND the deluxe Blu-ray edition, (that way I have a t shirt for both me and my husband 🙂 and back up versions of what promises to be another priceless addition to my music collection). I wore out my first P.U.L.S.E DVD and had to replace it, so I am always willing to have multiple sources of treasured music.

    I will never forget the look on my husband’s face when I told him we were going to see David Gilmour two nights in a row in NYC. Priceless……

  55. Put me down for a 4k version if there is any intention to release it.

    Part of the reason I just upgraded to a 4k player at home was the expectation this would be released in that format, given all the promotion about it being shot in 4K, so I am somewhat disappointed it is not to be. Given it cost me about $20k to fly to Australia to see the shows (with obligatory holiday to justify it to the wife) I want the best possible memento of the show.

  56. I’m playing ‘Breakthrough’ in your honour today, Rick.

    Remembering the standing ovation you got in 2002 at Palais des Congrès when David introduced you and started to play your beautiful song. Such fond memories…

  57. It is strange that Waters’ The Wall screenings happened several cities here in Turkey but Pompeii screenings not gonna happen though I will be and hopefully see it in Florida.

    I’m sure a lot of people want to see it in here. That’s sad.


  58. Great to see such excitement on the site again FEd. It seems somethings never change and there’s always someone wants something different. You’ll never be able to please all the folk all the time I guess. But you do try and it must get tedious listening to us wonder why we can’t get it in blue instead of black and why one size doesn’t fit all etc. I’m happy I can choose to buy the format I want and I’ll look forward to seeing the show on the big screen beforehand and hopefully won’t spent the time regretting not going to those shows.

    Hope everyone enjoys the show.

    Take care, Tom B

  59. Happy Birthday
    Mr. Wright.
    May you shine bright
    as you are always remembered…

  60. Truly great news, hard to decide which version to pre-order.

    Anyway already booked my seat at a very near cinema!

    By the way Happy Anniversary for today to Polly and David!

    Hugs, Ciao

  61. Hello FEd

    Sorry I missed chat. Hope yous had a good one. 🙂

    Also thanks for the LP booklet info. I’ll hopefully pick an LP set in future cos I put in an order for a Merch bundle and DVD, and glad I did and didn’t mess around any longer, but must air my disappointment that the davidgilmour.com shop sister “Merch” Store has the same stuff listed cheaper:

    T shirts £26.65 (£30)
    Lithos £22.84 (£30)
    Merch Bundle £57.10 (£65)

    Well had, it’s sold out now (some might get restocked) that’s a bit naughty @ Davidgilmour Shop folks, I could have had the CD or another DVD (gift for someone) added to my order for the money saved. 🙁

    Sticking on the subject of being naughty, a Pesky Polish person has 2 Pompeii 2017 lithos listed on eBay for £104.97 each. I could understand if it was years down the line and fair dues but the pic has not even been printed yet, they ain’t even mixed the ink! You gotta laugh, the pure cheek of it. 😀

  62. I used to follow this Blog a few years ago and then totally forgot about it! Glad to have found it again. 🙂

    Preordered two copies of the Deluxe Blu-ray version, nicely loaded with bonus extras (although we fans will always want more!). Great to see “Dancing Right In Front Of Me” from Poland included, always enjoyed that track from RTL.

    Looking ahead, it would be great if the two Orchestra backed concerts from Poland (Gdansk 2007 and Wroclaw 2016) are released in full on Blu-ray for the fans. Please consider this small request for 2018. 🙂

  63. Any updates regarding the dimensions of the poster and postcards included with the set? I hope they’re standard sizes–suitable for easy framing.

    Also glad to see Franklin, Tennessee on the list of theaters. Showtimes/tickets not showing there yet, though. Hopefully they didn’t already sell out!

      1. Hello!

        This is so great! – beeing able to watch the Pompeii shows at home for the years to come will be awesome! I have a question to FEd though (I hope you don’t mind): Is any of the released formats limited to some number?


            1. Unfortunately I’m still waiting for answers to several questions. I’ll update as soon as I can.

              (I don’t think any are ‘limited edition’.)

  64. Hi FEd, there’s a nice One Of These Days clip up now on the Pompeii page (bottom of the page under all the Amazon Ads). Amazing shots, it’s gonna be mindblowing seeing that in the Cinema.

    I predict a few Awards coming Mr Gilmour’s way for this concert film. 🙂

  65. Off topic but I think worth noting the death of Hywel Bennett. Brilliant actor, l loved Shelly and his film roles. Virgin Soldiers and many others. And more recently Eastenders.


  66. Hi, Fed. I’m not sure if you know but, Polly’s friend did the official photography for RTL tour. I had a look on her website. I saw some fantastic photos she had taken which were looking down over the crowd and Pompeii arena. I sent an email asking if I could buy a print of these, but no one has responded. I’m beginning to think maybe I should not have asked or I’ve gone about it the wrong way.

    Would it be possible if these images could become available on the official David Gilmour website to buy?


      1. Hi Fed. I received a very nice reply from Sarah’s website. The images are for sale and the lady who runs the website is sending some jpegs. I’m quite excited because I’m sure I spotted myself on one of the photos. If anyone else is interested I’m sure you would pass the details on Fed.


  67. Hi, sorry to ask again about the same subject : the 4k version.

    I understand that this could be not lucrative to edit a special Blu-ray box just for the ones who could play it. Not many people of course.

    I just think about a cheaper solution : Dave could make the 4k only for a downloading sale. No need to create and sell another version at Amazon, just to sell it online. What do you think about this? Much cheaper I guess.

  68. Have now ordered the Box-set, which will be a birthday present for myself on the 29th next month. Since one can never be 100% sure to get something, I’d better make sure myself. 😉

    I’ll whistle all the way to the shop that day…

  69. Hi, can you please tell me which songs aren’t in the shorter 13 September cinema version compared to the full concert length 29 September CD/vinyl/DVD/Blu-ray version? Are any of the cinema version songs shortened? Any idea which of the 2 nights at Pompeii was selected for each song?

    Also for those that don’t buy the Blu-ray deluxe with the extras, is there any website to possibly be able to individually buy as online streaming or download to keep as a video file just the 4 documentaries of 2015 Europe, 2015 South America, 2016 North America, 2016 Europe? Or all the extras combined?

    1. So many questions. I’ll apologise now because I don’t expect all the answers will be forthcoming.

  70. Hello Fed and everyone !

    I’m dropping in to say hello and to let you know I’m still here ! I’m not lying dead in a ditch somewhere! 😀 I’ve been very busy doing some voluntary work. . . which I think I’ll give up actually because it’s not that satisfying.
    I’ve also been busy with my family (which is very satisfying !!! 🙂 )

    I’ve still been reading the blog and I’m also very excited about all the things coming our way !!!

    Best wishes Everyone
    Ash X X X

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