‘Pompeii’ cinema screening

You’ve heard the rumours, here’s a first look at the poster. (Click it for a better look.)

Whatever you have scheduled in your diary for Wednesday 13th September, prepare to scribble it out because Live at Pompeii is being screened at cinemas around the world on that date and, if you can make it to one of them, I’m sure you won’t want to miss this special one-night-only occasion.

As everyone surely knows by now, David returned to Pompeii to perform two concerts at the foot of Mount Vesuvius last summer.

The film is directed by Gavin Elder, who recorded the shows in 4K and, we can all agree, did such a fine job of documenting David’s concerts from London’s Royal Albert Hall and Gdańsk Shipyard. Presented in Dolby Atmos, it promises to be a real feast for the senses.

More details will follow soon, fear not.

Oh, and please ignore the link on the poster. Tickets are absolutely not on sale yet, don’t panic. We’ll let you know when they’ll be available next week.

That said, there is a slight possibility that some people could discover by chance that they are able to purchase tickets for some cinemas early. This is out of our hands, regrettably. Not that I’d suggest you keep trying that link, just in case, or anything like that…

(OK, ignore it for a few days, then try it. How’s that sound?)


A full – and very long – list of participating cinemas will follow next week. In the meantime, if you think you suspect a cinema that is likely to be screening it, you could always visit their website and find, as others have, that they will sell you tickets ahead of schedule…

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

159 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ cinema screening”

  1. Well, I never saw this coming. This is really exciting, nearly as good as being there.


      1. It will take me there for the first time. Might have to sit in an airport departure lounge for a couple of hours beforehand and pay for a ticket in Euros to get in the mood!

      2. Sure will, and I’m in Italy as we speak. I wonder if independents will be used The theatre by the lake Keswick, but perhaps a bit too small. I’m also a bit concerned I may see myself when I was dancing around like an old hippy.

        Kind regards Damian.

    1. Do you know off hand if this will be in any theatres in the United States?

      Thank you!

  2. Great news FEd and thank you……It’s a real tonic for me! It’s been an awful week for tragedies. It just shows smiles 🙂 can return when you least expect it! It takes me back to that balmy night in Pompeii on July 8th! I feel the same sense of indescribable suspense and excitement! I can’t wait to relive those treasured memories…..they really are so special!

    Shine on……!
    John 🙂

    P.S…..RIP Roger Moore.

  3. Hope “worldwide” includes Chile as well… still remembering everyday this amazing concert… and also the London and Vienna ones… still in debt with you Fed for all your help.

  4. So glad to see this coming. Yesterday, I was just wondering when/if we’d get a video of this or some other show from his tour. 2016 was the worst year of my life and so even though I had been waiting for a new tour for years, when it came down to it, I wasn’t able to go because of troubles I dealt with last year. So, this will be a nice consolation!

  5. Date is marked down and looking forward to it. Hopefully it will also be available on DVD at some point in time.


  6. GREAT NEWS indeed… 😉 …and a very nice promo poster too…!!! Any plans that David will be at one of these theatres (as in London 2007) for a short “Live performance”?

      1. LOL. When you say those words, we all know it means nooo.


  7. I’m so happy about it, and hope that the concert will be in full length.

    It’s almost one year ago, and I feel like it was yesterday…

    The grass was greener, the light was brighter, with friends surrounded… Forever and ever!

  8. What wonderful news! Cannot wait! I am sure it is going to be pure sensory overload….

    We were just watching Live in Gdansk this weekend, introduced my sister to David Gilmour, I think she is his newest fan….

    FEd, have the cinemas for the screening already been selected? We have a 900 seat historic theater that books live concerts, lectures and movies. Can they bid for a screening? I could only suggest that they do if it were an option, but think they would be a perfect fit. I would lobby hard!

    No matter what, so looking forward to seeing Live at Pompeii!

    1. The cinemas have been selected, but you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s a very long list.

  9. Yeees! Finally!

    Great! I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

    This made my day!

    Will there be a Premiere in London like 2007?

  10. Great news! And very nice poster also.

    The worldwide screening is a good way to celebrate the greatest rock concert ever.

    There’s something magical when you read ‘David Gilmour’ and ‘Pompeii’ in the same line, isn’t it?

    Thank you David and team, thank you FEd. It’s a great thing for fans worldwide.

    Buon weekend!

  11. Well, there you go. If this gets a 4K release after the screening it looks like an equipment upgrade will be imminent!

  12. Great news Fed!! Do you think we can buy the poster too?

    Btw new look for the blog? Sounds good.


  13. Can’t wait to relive last summer’s fabulous adventure! Thank you for the heads-up!

  14. Was für eine Geniale Nachricht !

    Vielen dank dafür, ich hoffe das es in kürze mehr Infos gibt !

    Besonders über die DVD und auch über die schon vor ca; 10 Jahren angesagte CD von David und Richard die wurde ja fertig gestellt.

    ABER ich freue mich sehr über die Animals Live Box, da warte ich schon 40 Jahre drauf !

    Dachte schon das ich sie nicht mehr erlebe.

    Vielen dank an FED für deine Arbeit und für alle neuen Nachrichten hier.

    Viele Musikalischen Grüße,
    Gilmour Fan

  15. Thank you David, 🙂 thank you Fed !

    Fellow irregulars. . . this means we have to work out where the cinemas are that have good sound quality ! Or have they all got better sound now anyway ?

    It’s nice to be planning for (what we know will be) a really great concert ! I haven’t got any tickets for anything this year, I’ve only been to one concert so far and it was really disappointing.

    I don’t want to wish the summer away, but roll on September !

  16. I wonder if they have footage from the first night in Pompeii or they are going to edit it and select the best parts.

      1. You made my day FEd. 🙂

        Of course I will be there! I was on the front row on the second night, so I have a (not very) hidden hope of seeing myself on the screen. 😛

  17. The other thing I wonder, is if they are going to transmit the footage of the Pompeii concert via satellite from a main event to selected cinemas across UK and Europe like they done in 2007.

  18. Wonderful news indeed and very much needed in these days! Thanks FEd for sharing it…so it begins a time again in which I will check this blog every thre four hours in the hope for updates. 🙂

    Wish you all a peaceful weekend and maybe a few days with more good news. 🙂

  19. That’s really great news! I am looking forward to it very much.
    I sincerely hope that material from other concerts will be included on the DVD.

  20. Excellent news – this will be an event on a par with a live show – but with less milling about and holding phones in the air as well …. And hopefully on at Cinema City, Norwich where you can enjoy a nice Sauvignon to boot.

    1. Gun-jumping fellow that I am – I appear to have secured a couple of tickets !

      Via the Cinema direct – not off the poster btw.

    2. Pompeii with wine, air conditioning and 21st century toilet facilities. Oh yes! (It’s not easy being middle-aged.)

  21. O wow, how exciting! I’m so looking forward to revisiting Pompeii! I just hope I don’t have to go to bloody Amsterdam to get there. I’ll travel anywhere to see Gilmour, but Amsterdam … Brrr. I’ll do it of course, but brrr.

    P.s. I thought the blog was hacked or something; looks a bit dodgy?

      1. I’ve obviously gotta get me some new devices. 😉

        Wonderful news though, FEd!

  22. I’m so grateful. Thank you FEd. You’re so good to all of us.

    I can’t wait!!!

    1. Oh, absolutely. It would be a rubbish list without Brazil.

      I hope you can be there, Henrique.

        1. USA, you mean? Yes. Just because yours is a really, really big country, doesn’t mean I can reveal your cities just yet. States, maybe…

          1. Colorado, then? Lol.

            Truly it doesn’t matter. I’ll go where I need to go. To capture and hold those moments that slipped away from me, I’d go anywhere.

      1. I was at there!!! At the second night! It was amazing! It would be so wonderful to see that performance again!

        At the very same week, I’ve been to a Neil Young concert, in Padova! Felt so lucky to see David and Neil in in Italy!

        I live in Rio de Janeiro and went into that trip only because of the concerts…

  23. Fantastique!

    Hoping that France is on the list.

    Busy Friday, eh?

    Bon week-end (even though there’s no more football…)

      1. Tempting to ask FEd if an obscure place is on the list and see if he can reply in the local language…!

        1. OK, let’s see…

          A little quiz instead.

          1. This country, which gave the world Sami Hyypiä (for which many of us will always be thankful), is celebrating one hundred years of independence this year.

          1. I started so I’ll Finnish??

            2. Birthplace of goalkeeper Charles Itandje, this country was a colony of Germany, France and the UK before independence.

            This quiz could have some mileage! Or at least namecheck some of the more obscure LFC players…

  24. As I see from the new theme, this is post #991. Another 9 and we’ll have something to celebrate, won’t we?

  25. Yeah. That’s great news FEd and 3 days before my birthday as well.

    Loving the new look Blog as well – congratulations. x

  26. Wonderful news! Fingers crossed it will be somewhere close to Nashville, “Smashville” (Go Preds!)

    I needed something fantastic to look forward to.

    Thank you!

  27. Great!!

    I was part of a party of 10 that flew from Brazil to be there on night 1!

    I´ve read in the comments that Brazil is on the list. Would it be too much to ask which cities??


    1. I can’t say yet, Paulo. But it’s quite a long list for Brazil. Tell me which city you’re hoping for and maybe I can nod or wink.

      1. Being a long list already makes me happy. But I´m really hoping for Brasília.

  28. Now that I’ve digested the great news, I glad that the they’ve chosen the Pompeii gig(s) for the cinema (and hopefully Bluray/DVD) release. I didn’t manage to get tickets for any of the London 2016 gigs, but got Brighton and 1st night at RAH in 2015 and enjoyed them immensely. Pompeii, however, has such a historical significance to Pink Floyd, and I wasn’t at all surprised when David decided to make a return visit. Going by the photos I’ve seen from these gigs, the lighting guys really grabbed the opportunity to go to town and breathe life into every corner of this historical venue and I reckon we are in for a massive treat.

    I remember attending the cinema screening of Roger’s ‘The Wall’ and the cinema sound was stunning! Everybody all clapped and cheered at the end too! I’d imagine the same will happen in cinemas all over the world in September.

  29. What an amazing finish to a tough week! It’s Memorial Day on Monday and I will spend a blissful weekend packing for our trip and dreaming about potentially being able to get my grubby hands on a couple of tickets for September 13 in New York (assuming New York is on the list). I’ve already put a placeholder on my calendar.

    Thank you to all involved in making this possible and a special thanks to FEd for always treating us with delightful nuggets when we most need a pick-me-up.❤️️

    1. Happy packing, Pavlov.

      My apologies to you and to everyone who was in the chatroom yesterday. Now you know why I was so distracted.

  30. Excellent news FEd, thank you.

    I’ll have to see if it fits in the schedule, arriving back from holiday on September 12th.

    I hope I can work something out.


  31. I do hope the screenings in Sweden will be broader than the indications on the web at this moment. Keeping fingers crossed for the west coast.

    1. Sounds to me like t h e prefect evening: a screening of a Gilmour Gig at the Swedish west coast. This year I will briefly visit Ängelholm and Göteborg and I am already so happy to visit Sweden again! Hope with you that there will be an opportunity in Gothenburg, Helsingborg or Halmstad!!! …FEd? And by the way: how many German cities are on the list? 😉

        1. I can imagine, that one of the cinemas here in Bochum, Essen or Dortmund will be on the list. Technically they are up to date and live broadcasting from concert venues or simultaneous distribution via satellite is on the program list quite often.


  32. The only issue would be if Gilmour had to play something at a premiere for the release of the Pompeii dvd/ blu ray, his black Strat is currently behind the glass at the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A..

    1. I bet it’s a replica. . . I bet he wouldn’t let the real one out of Phil Taylor’s sight. 😀

  33. I just bought my tickets for a Sydney screening.

    FEd, please pass on to David a big thanks for including Australia as David has not played here since early 1988 I believe (it will be almost 30 years ago), and I have never had the opportunity to see him play live, so this is the next best thing.

    I hope everyone enjoys it worldwide.

    1. I’ve just checked for Melbourne but they are not listed yet.. Oh I hope it screens in Melbourne!! I haven’t seen David since he toured with Rick and Nick on the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour in Australia, the same as you CG.. 30 years ago..!! I am getting a bit old now and this would surely make an ol’ girl smile.

      Many, many, many thanks to David for sharing Pompeii with all of us who couldn’t be there. Bless you Mr Gilmour, your music is timeless.

      1. Scrap the above, I just found tickets for Melbourne. YaY! Thank you so much. 🙂

          1. Thanks FEd..! I’m sure to. 🙂

            Now comes the hard part… waiting until September !!!

  34. Fantastic news. We went along to the second night. It was a truly fantastic night. Can’t wait for 13th September somewhere in London!


  35. Surprise, surprise!

    I was more expecting a BluRay/DVD/CD set from that gig in Pompeij. And now that….

    Unfortunately I will probably not have a cinema nearby on that day in September. 🙁

    So I still have the hope, that a BR/CD set will follow.


  36. Fantastic news! Been there for two days, second night at the show. Then to Arena di Verona to see him again. Later on Steven Wilson nearby. Had the week of my life! Can`t wait to see the movie. Will be in Greece then. Is Greece on the list? Maybe more than Athens and Thessaloniki?


  37. Is it September yet. Well there I go, wishing my life away when I’m at an age where I can no longer spare the time.


    1. For concert screenings I usually wait for the DVD release but I will be breaking my custom for this one. I am sure the sound mix and visuals in a well equipped cinema will be cerebral bliss.

      It will be nearly one year since my last RAH show, so this will be a great refresher — Great memories, thanks again!

    1. There could be. Plans are still being finalised with cinemas yet to be confirmed.

  38. I can’t wait.

    I’m even more eager for some sort of Blu Ray confirmation.

    It’s just great to know something was professionally recorded. Hope Glasgow is on the list!


  39. It will be interesting to see when the 60 minute TV version airs and in which countries. David often releases DVD/CD packages around mid September (Remember That Night, Live In Gdansk, Rattle That Lock). I hope that happens again for a DVD/CD of Live At Pompeii, maybe the week after the cinema screening worldwide.

  40. This sounds fantastic FEd! Very much looking forward to this. Rather well timed too, as I’ve just booked a holiday for next year to Sorrento, so will be, once again, making the pilgrimage to Pompeii! I’m still waiting for them to install the blue plaque there to mark the Pink Floyd and now David’s gigs there!

    Crossing my fingers for a performance and or Q+A with one of these screenings too… perhaps in London?

  41. In the U.S. I’d love to see this on a big screen. Any plans to schedule screenings here?

    1. Of course. The list of US cinemas is as long as my arm (and is expected to get longer).

      1. Such good news! Any chance this theater is on the list? The Music Hall, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. It would be awesome if it was, fingers (and toes) crossed!

        Thank you FEd, this is so much fun!

        1. It is! Right between the Showcase in Randolph, Massachusetts and the Bijou Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.

  42. Just tried a cheeky check for tickets. No joy. So went on YouTube for a look at some of the home filmings at Pompei. I didn’t watch any spoilers, honest. I watched the one where David was given the freedom of the city, and I recognised the car David and Polly arrived in. After the gig, I was stood at one of the gates and the very same vehicle came out and stopped next to me waiting for the traffic to clear, made me smile.

    We are still in Italy, I have a translator on my phone and it is really helping me learn Italian. A bit of useless information for you.


    1. Lucky you, what a lovely part of the world.

      Portugal’s on the list and I see the Algarve on there…

  43. It took so long for July 2016 to arrive and then it was over in a blink. I doubt I had enough sense about me to fully appreciate the moments I was witnessing. I’m kinda far-sighted which lent just enough indistinct fuzz to make it look like both tiers of the anfiteatro were roiling and jumping and dancing when the lights moved. I was drunk on emotion (truthfully, not liquor!) and now those memories sit as a mixed up incomplete bubble of mist and light. I should have spent more time watching the band instead of the theatre – and I can not tell you what a gift this will be. Presumably the film does watch the band far more than I did and isn’t clouded by tears and fuzzy sight.

    Thank you so, so much. To the end of the multiverse, thank you.

    1. I hope so. Still waiting for confirmation, expected very soon, but the list of Spanish cinemas could be quite a long one. Fingers crossed.

            1. For which cinema? I know that many haven’t put their tickets on sale yet. Tickets for cinemas in Italy and Spain go on sale tomorrow.

              1. It’s Cinema City in Israel..they don’t have much info about it right now. 🙁

                1. Some cinemas are just a bit slow and need a nudge. I see ‘COMING SOON’, but will pass this on to the people doing the nudging.

                  Thanks for reporting back.

                2. David’s official Facebook page should also have updates, but the best advice I can give is to keep checking davidgilmourcinematickets.com, which is being updated all the time as new cinemas become involved. (Where you see ‘COMING SOON’ you will soon see ‘7.30PM’ or ‘8PM’ and then you will be able to click through to order tickets.)

  44. I’m looking forward to seeing the show and I hope the coming of the DVD following the cinema projection, David is great.

  45. Oh no!!!! Did I miss Chat? I thought it was tomorrow and then checked again and it was, in fact, today. Sorry to have missed it.

  46. Is it just me, or the link on the poster has changed? I thought I had read ‘Davidgilmourtickets.com’ and now I see ‘Davidgilmourcinematickets.com’.

    Maybe I should go see my optician…

  47. Please, would you have any idea which movie company will be responsible to distribute and exhibit the David Gilmour Live at Pompeii? Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group or Cinemark or other?

    I look forward to watching it!!!

  48. Great news FEd!! I’m looking for a nod/wink for a showing in the state of Maryland.

    1. Would you prefer a nod or a wink? You can have both, in fact, because I see Baltimore and Bethesda.

  49. TY so much FEd, David Sir, and everyone.

    I would like to extend a greet and eat and showing open to the Irregulars anywhere on Sept. 13th. Guelph Cinema was a host last time around for David and Band. I got that poster by the way. I would like to hear from Roofer Rudder and arrange a final venue to watch this momentous occasion here or elsewhere. Call through the grapevine. Pompei was the show I really wanted to see with all the newer cast as well.

    Be Well Everyone!!!

  50. FEd, please pass on an idea to David, if it’s possible for sometime in future, I would love to see PULSE and Live In Gdansk get the full worldwide cinema screening treatment too.

  51. Perhaps anywhere in Tennessee? Just moved from Michigan. Seen DG in Chicago last year!

    1. Yes, we hope there are several Cinepolis cinemas taking part. These will be added to the website soon, so please keep checking.

  52. Got tickets!!! Woohooo!!!

    This is going to be so much fun!! Is anyone else near Denver going to the screening at the film society? We should grab a drink.

    Thank you so much FEd. This is going to be amazing. ❤️

  53. I was reading the list of cinemas in italy, a bit dissapointed to see no screening in the place where it all happened in the town of Pompeii.

    It would have been nice to show the film on a giant screen in the amphitheatre under the stars. Don’t you think?

  54. Broadway Cinema, Nottingham. Can’t wait. Will be four days after my visit to V&A to that exhibition.

    Looking forward to both. Got the black and cream t shirt and hard back guide.

    Saw the Bruce film there but Gabriel and Zeppelin films at multiplex. It’s an excellent venue showing popular but also more left field and art House films.

    See you all there who’s going.

    Shine On and Careful with That Axe to all who have wood burners and like chopping things.

    Oh and Set The Controls to me old mate ex of Manchester now of Cheltenham, JC Paint The Sod White!

    Carl Jacobs

  55. As far as you know Fed, the concert that will be screened at the cinemas worldwide will it include Footage from the first or second or both nights in Pompeii??

  56. This is super great–was there on the 7th last year!!! Would be great to experience in excellent sound surround and big-screen.

    Any screenings for East Asia planned? Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore spring to mind; 2 Billion people, many very ready for Gilmour and Pink Floyd tunes. I know PF used to tour Japan.

    1. They sure did.

      Hong Kong is on the list (three cinemas to choose from, these can be found at
      davidgilmourcinematickets.com) and Singapore was. Discussions are still underway for several regions with details yet to be confirmed, so fingers crossed.

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