‘Pompeii’ cinema list

Here we go, I hope you’re ready for this.

There are more than 2,000 cinemas around the world showing Live at Pompeii on Wednesday 13th September. You can find them all here and some, not all, tickets will be on sale from 12pm BST today.

Please note the new website: davidgilmourcinematickets.com

More cinemas are getting involved all the time, including Latin America and Central America. We’ll have details of these just as soon as they’re available.

And don’t worry, Italy and Spain: yours will be on sale on 8th June.

If that wasn’t enough, there is even an opportunity to ‘Demand It’ if it’s not showing in your area. You can make a request for it by filling out a form on the aforementioned website (top centre, you can’t miss it), and the very nice people at Trafalgar Releasing will do their best to bring the event to a cinema near you. How good is that?

Do let us know if you make use of this feature.

Live at Pompeii includes highlights from both shows, was filmed in 4k and will be presented in Dolby Atmos sound, so it couldn’t look or sound any better. Add some popcorn and we’re in for a real treat.

So, who’s going?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

119 thoughts on “‘Pompeii’ cinema list”

  1. You had better believe I am going!!! Edgewater, New Jersey for us – just a few miles from home and couldn’t be more convenient. Just across the way from my husband’s cardiologist and had to give a chuckle that Penny Lane is right there. Now to get this bus moving faster so I can get to my desk and start buying … life really is good!

  2. Great news and hope many of us can get tickets very soon. Why only popcorn? How they can go down smoothly without some liquid, it’s dangerous.


  3. Done 🙂 … these, are for me, the finer things in life. Wanted to buy 3 tickets to include my son but he’ll be at ‘varsity and will, interestingly enough, be in his History of World Music class around the same time.

    Thank you FEd, thank you!♥

      1. With over 2000 cinemas worldwide screening the concert, I would anticipate an extensive marketing campaign to get ‘bums on seats’ on the 13th September.

        Personally, I’m spoilt for choice of venue, with NINE locations available within a 12 mile radius.

        Decisions, decisions…

        I’ll be there, but I don’t know where.

        (Yes I do.)

  4. Nice!

    Let’s see if a cinema closer to me will be announced.

    Still I will go anyway even if I have to drive a little longer.

  5. Could I miss it..???!???

    Still feeling what I felt on that day there.. great!

  6. If there will be a premiere like last time in London, will the information about this event be released soon too FEd?

  7. Great news, thank you FEd!

    Only one cinema so far for Romania, but it’s minutes away from where I work (not that this would be relevant). I’ll keep an eye on the site and aim for the best seats in the hall as soon as they appear but I’ll also keep an eye on London, just in case there’s a special surprise on the way. 🙂

    Can’t wait to relive those magic moments. 🙂

  8. Wow! I’m ready and got advised my wife. Maybe my first son Samuele too, who knows, it’s a moment that he likes so much to see the first Live at Pompei (especially Nick with One of These Days) and to hear songs from Rattle That Lock, so….ready to click!

  9. More than 2,000 cinemas? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!!

    Closest cinema from my home at about 50 kms (about 32 miles?). It shouldn’t be a problem, but if we ever wanted to find a cinema elsewhere in another country, say, in London (just an example, but who knows?), please, how can we do? I can only see cinemas listed in my country – Great work (geolocation) by the site, btw.

    It seems we cannot get tickets yet (‘Coming soon’, as I see). Can’t wait!

    1. Type the name of a town or city (or even a country) into the box where it says ‘ENTER YOUR LOCATION ABOVE OR SELECT YOUR THEATER BELOW’.

      1. Yes, I did, but it doesn’t work, as a ‘x’ appears in the the box when I type a name, so, I can’t get anything.

        But thank you. Please forget about that and don’t worry.

        1. What if you hit the Enter key on your keyboard after typing in the place name? (Am I the only one still using a keyboard?)

          1. Bingo! It works! Thank you so much. You’re the best! Silly me for not thinking of hitting the Enter key, sorry for being a pain in the arse.

            Happy to see that there are cinemas in Cardiff and Swansea as well. C’est tout bon. 🙂

          2. I use a keyboard. 🙂 Right now I’m using my ‘next phone up from Green screen’ ! It’s always been enough for my needs but I’ve decided I really must get a smart phone. No idea where to start !

          3. No, for sure, keyboard all the day in the office…at home? I bought one for the tablet, faster and better with physical buttons.

          4. I go through on average 2 to 3 keyboards a year – they change out when the letters disappear from all the typing. Thank goodness I don’t use a laptop for day-to-day work.

  10. Kind of Earth, the 13th of September will be. Gilmour’s Earth Day, that is!

    I’ll probably be on a business trip, but I’ll call it a day in time to get to the cinema…

    Thanks to all involved!


  11. Hi FEd, I have two question, in case you have time to answer me:

    I have to wait till 8th of June to know the list of cinemas in my area?

    I would like to go with my family, can I buy 4 tickets? My family came with me at Circo Massimo in July but not in Pompeii.

    1. 1. I don’t expect you will have to wait that long for a list of cinemas in your area. As soon as there is an update, I will let you know.

      2. I don’t believe there is any limit as to how many tickets you can purchase.

      I hope you can be there with your family and have the best time.

      1. We will for sure FEd, and maybe they can see me on the screen as a part of the show 😀 ….and thanks to let me know about the list.

  12. Yes, definitely going. In my ‘usual’ cinema! I’m very much looking forward to revisiting the concert (with air conditioning this time. 🙂 Big screen, big sound … It’s (probably) the last time I’ll see and hear it that way. Lovely.

  13. Mon dieu, spoiled for choice.

    Opted for the big comfy leather seats and a 2 mile drive rather than the less-than-fresh fabric ones a bit closer to home.

    Really looking forward to this as, short of being there, large and loud seems a pretty damn good way of experiencing it.

  14. Wow, great news ! Is there a way to find out when tickets go on sale for a specific location ?

    1. Afraid not, Patrick. Different cinemas do things their own way. Some are on sale now, some have been on sale for a few days (mostly to members only), some will need a push and a shove. I will provide updates when I can.

  15. I’ll go for sure, but I don’t like so much the “highlight” movie… I hope that in the forthcoming DVD there will be the full concert.

  16. Fantastic news. Can’t wait to see how it looks on the big screen having been so lucky to get to see the 2nd night’s concert in person. The setting was amazing as was the sound on the night.

    Bring it on.


  17. Managed to purchase our tickets today in Melbourne Australia..! Am so looking forward to seeing this gig!!

    Thanks for the heads up FEd, you’re a legend. 🙂

  18. Can’t believe Blackpool not on the list, GRAHAM NASH was born here, have a word FEd.

  19. My son managed to grab 3 of the best VIP seats just a five minute drive from my house. I rarely make it into my own bed the same night after seeing Gilmour live so this is much appreciated. Looking forward to this, cheers.

    1. I remember sitting with you and your son Alex at the Brighton pre tour show. We had the best seats in the house thanks to the heads up from our FEd. A lot of the set was new as the RTL hadn’t even been released.

  20. Scored a few tickets, thanks FEd for the updates. Awesome job as as usual.

  21. Not seeing any Tennessee cities on the list yet…hope that changes soon! Murfreesboro, Manchester, even just Nashville would be great!

  22. Fuck yes, I am going! Hope to see myself on the screen, smiling on the first row on the second night. 🙂

    FEd, when can we expect a trailer?

  23. I think I need some information first:

    1. Who the Trafalgar Releasing are?
    2. Can I demand not near me cinema but certain cinema?
    3. Can I demand the DVD instead, if 2 is impossible?

    1. 1. Please see here: trafalgar-releasing.com/about/

      2. Not through the online form, as there is no field in which to specify a preferred venue, but you could ‘Demand It’ for your area and see what happens next. (I don’t know what happens next, I’m very curious.)

      3. You can wish for a DVD and wait patiently for news of one, which might come if we all wish hard enough.

  24. I have tried all day. But I cannot get into the Carlisle site. I tap for the evening, but the time slot is not working. It’s not a big problem, it’s just Carlisle is the nearer venue.

    Not moaning.


    1. That won’t do. Thanks for letting us know, Damian. I’ve passed this on and hope it will be resolved quickly.

      Actually, having tried it for myself, I see ‘Coming Soon’ for the Vue Carlisle, so the ANY DAY and ANY TIME buttons/boxes on davidgilmourcinematickets.com are redundant. Until that ‘Coming Soon’ is replaced with a start time (try Workington instead, for example, to see what I mean), clicking on it won’t take you to a page where you can see Live at Pompeii included in the listings and buy tickets. To be fair, most cinemas are showing ‘Coming Soon’ at the moment.

      Please keep checking back and, of course, any problems, let me know.

      1. Hi Fed. Thank you for checking.

        We’re just back in Lutzlebourg, a long drive from Italy. I’m going on laptop in a mo and have another go. I sent you an email with a photo of an all electric Ferrari which pulled up while having a very expensive Swiss lunch. Hope you like. 1000hp million squids worth of metal.

        Had a pint, gone straight to me head.


  25. As prematurely noted, Cinema City, Norwich, an ‘old fashioned’ picture-house in historic city centre – posh snacks, decent restaurant for a pre-show bite …. and off to the V&A for ‘Their Mortal Remains’ on Saturday – what a happy old Hector I am.

    1. Do let us know how ‘Their Mortal Remains’ is … I should’ve tried to plan a detour to London in to our trip but the timing just didn’t work.

  26. This is an incredible list of theaters. So far no Nashville. Yes I did go ahead and use the link to submit my demand for it, damnit! Don’t they know what this means to me?

    Fingers wound tightly.

  27. Already booked mine for the Showcase cinema in Leicester. Went to the gig so hoping I’m in the film!

    Looking forward to the prospect of a 4K Bluray to follow. 😉

  28. The Irregular bunch in the Bay Area is standing by. . . waiting patiently. . .

  29. I got my tickets today, woo hoo! So excited about this! And it turns out the Director of Ticketing at The Portsmouth Music Hall is a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd fan! Sept 13th promises to be a wonderful evening, don’t want to wish the summer away but so looking forward to this.

    Thank you David! Thank you FEd! You are the best.

  30. Just a news for Italy …. Here at: nexodigital.it

    There is the list of Italian cinemas and also it seems that we’ll be very lucky because we’ll have it for 3 days instead that of one……. from 13 to 15 Sept.

    Booking from 8 June.

  31. This is all very exciting!

    Do you know when the Vue tickets are likely to be on sale, FEd?

      1. Fed: I got a Vue ticket yesterday afternoon. I pressed the Coming Soon button and it put me into the Vue website for my local theatre. Then I searched on Coming Soon and it listed David Gilmour alphabetically and let my purchase a ticket. So look at the forthcoming events part of the Vue website and it should hopefully work…

          1. No problem! A good case of ‘ineptitude works’ as I sort of stumbled on it…

            Got the first ticket in the house: hopefully not the last…!

  32. 2 Melbourne tickets in my warm hands. Doubt I’ll see him live again (at least not down under), so this has to be the next best thing. Can’t wait for September 13.

  33. Hi FEd, BLACKPOOL just went active. Two tickets sealed, thanks for having a word with David, LOL. So buzzing.

  34. Didn’t expect my small country to be on the list at all but there are even 3 cities! So I can even go at the seaside as usual and I still would have a cinema in an approachable city. Indeed, such a very very pleasant surprise! Have this sweet expecting feeling again!

  35. Hello FEd, I’ve caught up on the Good News! Fantastic!! and just scored two tickets for me and my Friend. My Friend and his Girlfriend are expecting their 1st baby a few weeks before that so it will be our 1st night out (if she lets him out) but what a Great night that’s gonna be. Thanks Mr Gilmour. Making more Great memories.

    Well I did wish I could see Mr Gilmour again this is not quite how I expected but wish was granted, is any chance there will be some Pompeii merch on sale again? I’m still trying to get a Pompeii T shirt and Litho. 😀

    Thanks so much for keeping the blog going FEd. Great work man. 🙂

    1. Scottishfloyder,

      Check out the ‘Shop’ tab.

      The ‘Europe’ store still has the Pompeii T-shirt for sale, now at half price (£12.50),
      sadly no lithographs available though.

      Who knows, perhaps there will be a batch produced especially for the screening event.

      Can you comment on this possibility FEd?

      1. Hi KenF

        I’ve just seen your message, had a check, sold out. I think random stock does appear from time to time then goes as quickly as it came. I didn’t get an email at the time saying there was a sale or I would have scored a few things. 4 Albert Hall gigs and two Pompeii’s cleared me out. 😀

        Yeah hopefully there will be something available again on the night of the show, that would be great. 🙂 As there’s one or two Pompeii lithos on eBay for £100+, no shirts though. 🙁

  36. Hi FEd,

    Of course I’ll be going, to the Antwerp one, with a few friends.


  37. Some of us old timers from the blog are meeting up at the AMC Van Ness in San Francisco. Most of these I met at the now notorious meet up with Guy in Oakland back in 2006. Hard to believe it’s been over ten years.

    Can’t wait.

    Cheers, FEd.

    1. The time is just flying by, Bob. It’s scary.

      Wishing you all a wonderful time.

  38. Just picked two tickets for an evening together with my oldest son. He´s now 18 and gets into fine music more and more. Now I know where all my vinyl goes when I´m not there. Unfortunately he missed all concert dates on the tour because it was school time all the way and he couldn´t join. But he will enjoy the cinema show I guess!

  39. Just scored two tickets for the screening in Glasgow’s Cineworld (incidentally, currently the world’s tallest cinema building and it stands on the site of the legendary (and sadly missed) Glasgow Apollo). I can’t wait to see this and hoping for a permanent reminder by way of a Blueray release!

    Shiiiiiine Onnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I reckon November for a DVD release, just in time for Christmas. Ed Sheeran and Roger did the same if you remember. Makes commercial sense really doesn’t it?

    Booked mine for Chesterfield, shame we have to wait 3 months.


  41. “Il n’y a pas de plan B car il n’y a pas de planète B.

    Make our planet great again.”

    Emmanuel Macron

    1. Hear, hear. Thank goodness that one world leader gives a toss about the only planet we all call home, eh Donald?

  42. Tickets booked for David at Pompeii in Montevideo, Uruguay, sooner than I expected !!!

  43. Yeah! Just got my etickets barcode via davidgilmourcinematickets.com who redirected me to the Gaumont-Pathé site where it was easy to find the ‘Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Live à Pompeï’ event. I could even choose my seats. (Not so many seats, I see, about 200. Luckily, there’re more than 100 cinemas here.)

    And I don’t even have to print the etickets, it seems I can use the barcode on my smartphone. Good for poor planet… Hope it will work.

    Thank you FEd and all the good people on davidgilmour.com. You all did an amazing job for us the fans. 🙂

  44. Sorry, annoying fan here again. I just booked 2 tickets for Cleveleys. I’ll keep trying Carlisle and if Carlisle works, I could give the Cleveleys ones away.

    No Worries.


      1. Hi, Michèle. I just tried the link you sent and it worked. Thank you very much for taking the trouble. I spent a very relaxing time in your beautiful country and travelled across on your excellent road system.

        Thanks again

  45. I’m going FEd……Cheltenham Cineworld!

    As always FEd…your help in looking after all irregulars in these matters is very much appreciated!

    Shine on……
    John 🙂

  46. I’m sort of in awe here. Erm, how on earth do you organise and coordinate such a thing? That’s rhetoric, by the way, don’t expect you to try and answer that, but really, what a phenomenal event. And it’s showing in Inverness too, just down the road. David sure goes out of his way to see we get the best possible show whenever he plays. Thanks.

  47. Finally home, after chugging our way up England, held up at Brough as the A66 was closed. Just tried Carlisle again and still no joy.

    The roads in France are excellent, be proud.


  48. I still can’t buy tickets … that can’t be right. I am doing anything wrong…HELP

    1. Which cinema, Hanno? Do you see ‘COMING SOON’ beneath ‘SELECT A TIME TO PURCHASE CINEMA TICKETS’ or do you see ‘7:30PM’ (some show ‘8PM’)? In either case, you should be able to click through to the cinema’s website, but please note that not all cinemas have tickets on sale yet.

      1. Thanks FEd, now everything is allright, I panicked just a little bit…

  49. Is anyone else attending the Denver Film Society screening? If you are, get in touch. Let’s grab a beverage before or after.

    I’m so excited!!!

  50. The cooperating cinema in Augsburg, Bavaria started presales at 18:04 and I booked 2 VIP seats with best view to the screen and best sound for less than 30 Euro. I’ll be there with my daughter Iris and we already count the days!

    @Ken: should I start a twitter countdown again?

    @David Gilmour, his management team and last but not least FEd: thank you very much for organising this day a month + some days before my birthday. 🙂


  51. A very good evening Fed, I hope you are in good form. I have just booked Carlisle, it was probably me as I’m a bit slow on the uptake on certain things. So now I have 2 spare tickets for Cleveleys. Or 2 spare tickets for Carlisle, either way, don’t worry they will get used. Thanks again for all you usual expertise in all things IT and information, and good service, etc etc etc.

    Kind regards

  52. As David Gilmour isn’t touring in Australia, so this is the next best thing. Bought the ticket and started counting the days. I only wish David had performed Louder Than Words to finish the concert. That would make it complete.

    1. You’re quite right: I see several Kinepolis cinemas on my list (10 in all), but these are not yet on the website. More venues are expected to follow for several countries, France included.

  53. If only I could use the “demand it” feature to get a perpetual screening in my living room.

    Polly just posted a little tidbit of Gilmour singing and playing for the vote coming up tomorrow in the U.K. That’s the voice, right there, that I’ve wanted with me for all my little life moments. The angel who serenaded the birth of my daughter from VHS cassette, the voice of the first dance at my wedding, the voice that enhances all my moments of joy and my blanket of comfort in my not so joyful moments. You hear that voice and you know know it’s going to be alright.

    Good luck to you tomorrow Britain.

    Oh. And an official apology from a yank about the colluder-in-chief’s recent comments. I’m going to enjoy his impeachment so much. So much.

  54. We may have a set list?

    “David Gilmour Live At Pompeii has been compiled from Gilmour’s two shows at the venue on July 7 and 8 last year…” – Team Rock

    Much gratitude and well wishes to the person or persons who demanded the film in my area.

  55. ….speaking of wedding songs…. for about a year now my David Gilmour app (the Meltdown show) has said it won’t function with the new iPhone os. Do you know if it will be updated? Or is it time to switch to android? 😉

      1. My goodness, don’t trouble yourself. I have it on DVD and I’ve been YouTube-ing The Dimming of the Day on my phone.

        It’s really ok. You’ve already done so much, don’t think of this again. ❤️

    1. Don’t feed a company who won’t pay taxes and gets through with it. Switch to Android.

  56. …..youppieeeee!!!…. I have got my ticket!!!!!!!!! Sept. 13 at 21.00 …… Can’t wait!!!

    Thanks to all the people involved to this operation……. waiting (also) for the DVD-Blu Ray ……

    and… thanks to FEd…… TOOOOooooooo


  57. Still no Tennessee cities yet? Quite (ironic?) that I move from Michigan where there was usually no concerts or big solo Floyd events, or anything like this in recent years.

    Now that I’m in Tennessee, theres a few cinemas up in MI that are airing this.

    Maybe I should have stayed in Michigan, haha.

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