Meh (Does this help?)

Tour’s over, then. Nobody has a David Gilmour concert to look forward to. There are no freshly printed tickets to keep safe in their original envelope and occasionally check, lovingly stroke, and perhaps even sniff when no-one’s looking (if you like that sort of thing; not me, obviously). Back at work? Feeling deflated? This
20-original-album-covers-that-are-actually-works-of-art piece was just hanging around on Twitter earlier, practically asking to be embedded and tagged ‘Random Nonsense’, as so many posts were back when we didn’t have a tour to discuss, so I thought it might help to temporarily take your mind off your sorrow.

Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to use that word – sorrow. Didn’t mean to remind you of one of the best songs on the tour and how that tour has finished. What I meant was, I know you’re feeling blue and… No, that won’t do either. Mustn’t use words from lyrics or titles of songs performed on this tour that’s now over.

I can’t help it. I share your pain. You’re feeling burned and broken (so sorry), numb in fact, as though those hopes, once so high (forgive me), have now come crashing down and you just want to scream at all those unsympathetic, nagging work colleagues, spouses and children who cannot understand why you don’t want to hear about their boring day or look ahead with excitement to the next holiday or Christmas or something equally stupid and pointless: What do you want from me?

But it’s OK. You’re just stuck in the doldrums (yes, some of us hoped for ‘Lost for Words’ and ‘Poles Apart’, thank you very much). It’s hell, I know. They were great gigs and how we all wished we were there.

Just take this sad face and be done with it. 🙁

And here’s the bloody tweet that started all of this.

Of course, you’re free to hate all of them. I can’t say I particularly like any of them right now, nor would I want any of these so-called “works of art” hanging on my wall (gosh, I’m so terribly sorry). Even Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band reminds me of Sir Peter Blake’s mural featuring the faces of those who have performed at the Royal Albert Hall down the years. Remember it? Say you do. There was a quiz. (That’s the historic and iconic Royal Albert Hall. God, how I’m going to miss writing that.)

Oh well. We’ll get over it. You mark my words, we’ll all be feeling better one of the these days, you’ll see.

If you’d rather play about with words, as I have here, I can’t say I blame you. Be my guest. Call it therapy.

I do of course realise that, in capitals, the title of this post, that wonderfully short, over-used American expression – “Meh” – to lazily convey in as few letters as possible just how little enthusiasm you have for something, looks remarkably similar to “RAH” if you glance at it quickly. I should apologise for that, too.

Oh, and before anyone asks: I don’t know anything about any DVD from any time or place. (What’s a DVD?)

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Sorry..I’m too tired to do the lyrics thing 🙁 but it was without doubt the best I’ve ever seen him!

  2. “And Then” FEd, who can blame us all for moping around with “Faces of Stone” from all over the globe, in any language “In Any Tongue” all with so much “Sorrow” and for me I feel very “Comfortably Numb” I know it’s just a “Time” thing “Today” and tomorrows another day and the pain will somewhat ease, “When a Boat Lies Waiting” takes me to warmer climes to help me relax and “Breathe” a little easier and reflect on the greatness of the “Rattle That Lock” tour!

    For the record my top three work of art album covers are :-

    1) Joy Division (Iconic Manchester band)
    2) David Bowie (God bless him, he was in my thoughts at the RAH)
    3) Sex Pistols (What can you say?)

    Shine on….
    John 🙂

  3. Gosh, I will hope there is a CD/DVD to look forward to… Or all high hopes will be dashed. Do not want to be totally without something of David to make the days worthwhile. What a bleak existence it would be for us bloggers.

    Thought we voted on an album cover last year. Naturally David won. But it is not reflected on the NME
    Also sense my new character by my name reminds of a bug splattered on a windshield, being a red blob. And appearing the same time I was in a car wreck and I could have easily been a red blob on the inside of my windshield; I was wondering how I can place my own picture like Gabrielle, Taki and some of the other bloggers have done?

    Do I need a computer to do so? As I have a smartphone and can not see how to do it?

    Can you let me know FEd if I can change it and how?

    Take Care, Suzy.

    1. I sure can. It’s very easy. Visit and you’ll see an ‘Introducing Gravatar’ video that explains how it works. When you’re ready, if you still wish to go ahead, click the blue ‘Create Your Own Gravatar’ button that’s to the right of the video.

  4. I’m not sad, but happy to have been at the right place last week. As I said said in a different place, 2016 is an exceptional year. I went and will go to so many concerts, that I started feeling strange…

    I look forward to Jeff Beck’s concert later this month (although I don’t expect a cameo of a well known guitarist 😉 ). Then the monster box with Pink Floyd’s early recordings will arrive to fill lazy afternoons. Uli Jon Roth will play his revisited Tokyo Tapes nearby and Steve Harris’ British Lion in Munich. My (probably) last event will be Lubomyr Melnyk’s concert in Munich. Listen to his recordings of continuous music, you won’t be disappointed….

    On Topic: At “You Say You Want A Revolution?” I saw some original artifacts that were used for the Sgt. Pepper cover, a lot of original lyrics and of course Pink Floyd related items. I bought the exhibition book as paperback and it includes a lot of information about the scene in the years 66 – 70. Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd and Co are prominently included, for example the contact sheet of the photos for UmmaGumma’s cover…

  5. You are most droll today FEd.

    Not many of my favourites there …. If I had to pick one, it would be the iconic ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ one but then I do like a splash of Dadaism. Reminds me of the good old days when you could ‘order’ any album from our local record library – yes, we had libraries then – and they politely declined to order this one as it was ‘unsuitable’ ….. I bet you could get Rolf Harris though.

  6. I’d go for the Velvet Underground cover, but only because there was none from Storm or Hipgnosis (Atom Heart Mother, for example, or Ummagumma).

    On the other hand, I’m feeling curious about sniffing tickets. I’ve only rolled them!


    1. They make you appreciate Storm and the work he did with Hipgnosis all the more, don’t they?

  7. Meh is right. Even though I have no right to feel that way. I’ve been so very lucky to see him crack open the earth and unleash the Kraken a number of times. There are people who have lived their entire lives (quelle horreur!) without this sublime pleasure.

    I’ve met some of the most generous and lovely fans on this tour. Each one of them enhanced my experiences more than I can say. I’ve learned to speak (tutti male) Italian so I could spend 72 hours in Italy. I’ve taken two trips to Europe this year and managed to see none of Europe. My friends think this is strange, (you mean Europe has things other than Gilmour on guitar?), but this method is faithful to my overall sentiment for The Man.

    Without your presale codes, FEd, I couldnt get two seats together at the first announced Chicago show. Without batting an eye, I grabbed up a single for myself (the better seat) and then a single seat wherever – doesn’t affect me – for my husband. With your presale codes for the next round, my husband watched me with my phone and my computer, counting down the last 25 minutes before the sale and then burst into tears when I ended up with two seats in the 4th row. Who needs cardio when buying Gilmour tickets gets that blood pumping so hard? Thank you so much again.

    And what shows they were! It had been 22 years since I’d seen the Division Bell and unwittingly my expectations had been worn down over time by the average, mundane concert experience. I had forgotten what it is to be at the feet of the best musician on the planet. To live inside that old Memorex advertisement, (is it live or is it Memorex?) with the sound blowing back my hair and all the contents of my forgotten purse blowing away like so much debris.

    He actually whistled the opening of In Any Tongue. Live. When everyone else I’d seen in the previous 22 years would have used a recorded track. That’s our guy, right there. I was immeasurably proud.

    The sound was a living being enfolding you, not as much louder as it was bigger, caressing your face, pounding your chest, making you feel how very alive you are. It rumbles and ripples all around you, fooling you into thinking it’s something you can grab or hold onto. It is a living, pulsating being. It’s summer rain kissing your face turning into a monsoon to wash you away.

    There is something ethereal that happens when Gilmour plays. His is the ability to take a gossamer universal constant that we mere mortals can almost see and hear and translate that into a tangible emotional language on the guitar. That, my friends, is what giftedness looks like. Maybe in past ages, he would have been the soothsayer or the mystic. He is that level of extrasensory magic.

    The soaring of his guitar is like flying in your dreams unfettered by the earth, time and gravity. There is such joy and abandon and such lurching evil in parts – it is the journey of life from the highest peaks to being dashed on the rocks. It’s being alone on a hilltop calling lightning down to your fingertips, a master of the universe for one brief moment.

    But it is just one extremely humble man with an extraordinary, incomprehensible talent that has thrilled me for a lifetime.

    This whole tour felt like a gift for the fans. The new album is a complete masterpiece. All of the time and careful consideration put into it is audibly evident. He’s a fearless explorer into the regions of jazz, blues, ambient music and knock-your-socks-off rock.

    He probably has plenty of money, and ways that he’s rather be spending his time, yet he faced us for 3 hours a night to give us this tremendous gift of his talent. What is there in all the cosmos that we could give back of like kind or equal value?

    I’ll end this long winded (incontinent) post with a reminder that when I met David at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, he told me, “Well I certainly hope you’re housebroken now.” I’m getting there.

    1. A brilliant synopsis Maya.

      You captured with perfect clarity the transcendental aura that was present in the Royal Albert Hall for the last night of the tour. It was a privilege to be present.

      Grazie Fed. You made it possible.

  8. Love all these references to the songs, very well done, I’m impressed. Apart from the titles ‘Lost for Words’ and ‘Poles Apart’, I counted 12 references, but I suppose there were even more of them.

    Sorry to say that, for me, the worst cover is ‘Holy Bible’ by your favourite band Manic Street Preachers. UGLY. Could make me throw up…

    Is it a good album?

    1. Decent album, awful cover.

      Oi! Don’t let David catch you calling them my favourite band. I could be out of a job.

      Second favourite band. 😉

  9. I had so much to say about David’s tour, and now I’m left without words… because it’s so much Louder Than Words… I saw him first time at tour kick of in Pula Croatia, took my 13 year old daughter to Verona this July, and finally finished my adventure at Royal Albert Hall last week… I lived every moment of that tour, shared my emotions with other fans, and now when it’s all over I feel like it was a dream… When I see all those photos and videos from tour I feel sadness and joy at the same time… One thing is sure, David spoiled us and left us, hope not for long… But, if someone deserves the rest, than it’s David, because this was a huge huge tour for a man of his age…

    If I would have to choose a few songs that were my favorites from this tour, it would be “Us And Them”, “Comfortably Numb” and the song from the new album “In Any Tongue” which has one of the best and emotional guitar solos that David did in his all career…

    I’m not so good in English so it’s hard to describe my emotions, but I thank David for giving us a chance to see him and enjoy his music.. of course big thanks to you to FEd who were writing this blog and give us all the valuable information about the tour… it was a great pleasure.

  10. From Roger Waters’ official FB page :

    “Pink Floyd reunites to stand with the Women of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla”

    David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters stand united in support of the Women of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and deplore their illegal arrest and detention in international waters by the Israeli Defense Force.

    Well, I assume it’s not a real ‘reunion’ statement, actually. But Roger talking for Pink Floyd, it’s something new.

    Good morning bloggers and FEd!


    1. Yes! What is up with all these stories and the one that suggests they’re going to reunite for a concert in Palestine?

  11. Well, I’m still remembering two weeks ago at the RAH, and thanks again to FEd. I hope there will be a DVD – I did notice a cameraman resolutely pointing his gear at one band member for almost the entire show, so there has to be a reason for that?

    (…and I’ve got a Jarre concert on Saturday and three weeks in Vietnam from Sunday, so I hope the pilot isn’t still Learning to Fly whilst I’m enjoying The Great Gig in the Sky with free G&T’s, providing of course the view isn’t Obscured by Clouds…)

  12. I’m still unbearably happy, smiling (not like me) for no apparent reason and it’s really not for the want of people trying to p*ss me off.

    Love the cover of ‘Horses’, always have.

  13. Hi Fed. Now don’t be thinking I’ve gone all weird on you or anything. But as a thankyou for everything you have done down the years, especially the presale codes, I’ve gone and bought you a little prezzie. You are now the proud owner of one acre of the moon. I understand posting will be difficult but I’ll hang onto the certificate until we find a way where I can post it and your privacy remains intact. I was going to send one to David and Polly, then I thought they probably have enough nutters to contend with and I really don’t want to be put in that category anyway.

    When it comes I’ll email a pic to you. Thanks so much again.


      1. No serious, you now own an acre of the moon. I’ll email you a photo of certificate when it comes through.


          1. On the dark side though it’s all dark. I’m off to work, off down to Dumfries then Liverpool tonight, got some work colleagues down there checking this fab site out now.


            1. Hello to all Damian’s work colleagues.

              And thank you again, Damian. That was extremely kind of you but really not necessary.

  14. Hi FEd

    Just another day in the office this morning until Ticketmaster sent to me a presale link for the Steve Hackett tour next spring, so another concert ticket in a envelope for me!

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  15. I’m new to this site, but a loyal follower of Mr G. and PF for more years than I care to remember. This summer I bit the bullet and travelled to Rome alone for the gig because I couldn’t get a ticket for London. I had an absolutely fantastic time and he blew me away. I feel that he has never played so well. Life will never be the same again. I’m Learning to Fly solo now, what a shame the tour has ended, had I realised how liberating it would be I would have started sooner.

    I hope there will be another tour someday in the not too distant future and look forward to meeting some of you in person. Thanks for running this site FEd, I’m happy I’ve found you.

    Cheers All, Halo

  16. Fed, this has been a great year. Thank you for all you have done for us. Plus congratulations on owning an acre of land on the moon. ; )

    Take care, Thomas

  17. Hello FEd,

    LOL, brilliant post. 😀

    I love a false Pink Floyd reunion hope. 😀

    As for London that was great. I can’t believe I was stood talking to some guy about Great music & Bands for about half ages who tells me his father is a pink floyd fan and was in Pompeii I said I was there too, then go in the pub and hear my name shouted and there’s JC (we met at Pompeii meetup) and the guy who is actually JC’s son that I had just been speaking to outside. 😀 And we met Andrea, Stefan, Maya, Lorraine, Damian, “Mega Bus” Michael and Scot’s lad and lots of others. Ash and Pixie were missed a lot though, but there’s been mention of maybe meeting up for the exhibition next year so yeah, the tours finished, the music’s over but it’s not all doom ‘n’ gloom. 🙂

    Mr Gilmour and Band were just unbelievable, what a performance. It’s hard to say which one was the best night of the last two, but Mr Gilmour said he will send me an advance copy of an Albert Hall show he recorded before any official releases because he felt shit he didn’t do Poles Apart. He was gonna Skype me and play it but I politely refused, said ‘DVDs will be fine, you’re too busy’. 😀

    Speaking of Mr Gilmour, it would be such great pity to see the end of that band just when they really were getting into it all. There’s always next year hopefully. If Mr Gilmour reads this he’s always welcome to Scotland. Guy Pratt has done his stand up at the world famous Edinburgh Festival a few times and I’m sure he was welcomed and had a great time.

    Oh by the way, there’s only one condition: Mr Gilmour, Guy and all male band members must perform in Kilts as true Scotsmen would (no underwear under the kilts) and strategically placed lights. I’ve just raised Mr Gilmour’s and Guy’s female fan base 100,000 fold, men in Kilts huh? Mr Gilmour on stage in a kilt belting out Comfortably Numb on the black Strat, I bet Polly would love to see that too considering it’s right on the Edinburgh skyline. It would literally be a Great Gig in the Sky. 😀

    What an adventure it’s been, many thanks to FEd for keeping the blog and chatroom going and fun.

    Thanks to Mr Gilmour and Polly for all the beautiful music, deep and meaningful, inspirational lyrics, to the band for putting on such great performances night after night, all the stage, road, security (camera guys who helped me out in Pompeii) crew for all the work they put in every night making sure things went okay and everyone was safe.

    And to everybody I met on the journey, all the Great people from the Blog and made it all special all the Irregulars, folk on the passing, and friendly strangers:

    “Lang may yir lum reek n a wee moose never leaves yir cupboard wae a tear in its eye.”

    Some folk might want to google that for a translation. 😉

    1. Hi, it was great meeting up with you again. Did Michael get back OK to Glasgow? I still can’t believe his bus ticket to London was only £3.50.


  18. Outstanding word play FEd, hilarious! Especially the part about wanting to scream at unsympathetic work colleagues, spouses….. You are a mind reader, I think….

    As for the album covers, nothing appeals, but did feel a fresh wave of sadness seeing Bowie……

  19. Missing it already??? Won’t be long before you’re back planning the next one. And inviting Floyd lyrics too???

    Heh, Roger will be all over the blog for the next few days. 😛

  20. Shame on me for being an infrequent visitor to the blog, I am visiting now as a form of therapy. I would never have thought that I would feel such a sense of loss now the tour is over, I saw DG last September and again on the 30th of this year (the last?) and I have to say last Friday’s concert was really something special.

    I keep thinking, this time last week I was driving up to London, walking in Kensington Gardens, waiting for the doors to open etc. I really soaked up the atmosphere of the whole day. I am not sure my wife understood why I wished to take my seat so early, but I was breathing in every moment with relish.

    During the interval my wife remarked that she noticed that the audience was mostly made up of a sea of bald heads rocking back and forth, I know I was one those.

    An off topic observation. I listen to many rock radio stations. Rock is supposed to be new, exciting, vibrant etc. So why am I hearing so many adverts about planning for my funeral? I can’t be that old and decrepit yet, can I? (Don’t answer.)

      1. I’ve started getting adverts for free hearing tests in the post. Not sure how or why! Is it age or because someone knows the music I listen to??

    1. I too feel a great sense of loss now that the tour is over, it’s been 2 weeks now and I can’t seem to move on! I’m really hoping the tour DVD will be out before Christmas, it would help quite a few of us on here if we were given a release date or any news?

      I had a wonderful Floyd moment earlier today which is worth sharing, I was sailing my Yacht off the Anglesey coast spending nearly 2 hours in close proximity to a super pod of rare Risso Dolphins. After a while I decided to see what reaction I would generate by playing some Pink Floyd on the yacht’s CD player, it worked immediately, attracting at one point 20 curious dolphins over towards the boat. 🙂

      1. Wow, you have a Yacht. Well, me and Fed have got new Vacuums. Ner ner – LOL.

        Just kidding Ian.


        1. I had a milestone birthday and a Midlife Crisis earlier this year, it was either a Yacht or a Hoover, I think I made the right choice. 😉

          David’s wonderful ‘A Boat Lies Waiting’ and Deacon Blue’s ‘Dignity’ have been a soundtrack to the whole process of deciding to buy a boat and the adventures I’ve had with her since. 🙂

  21. Great post and great couple of years’ tour!

    I think ‘Pulse’ (mine still flashes after I replaced the battery!) today… !

      1. Aha! You can find anything on YouTube these days. Answer my own questions! All you need is a short instruction video, a long handled screwdriver and an AA battery…

  22. Speaking of old age kicking in.

    I picked up a new car for work. My other had been collected while I was away in London. Anyhows I left my RTL CD so when I filled the new one up in Morrisons, I nipped into the supermarket to see if I could get another in there. No such luck, but I did mange to buy a 5 CD set of 100 hits of power ballads for 5 quid. I know, ridiculous. Well I didn’t put it on till I was heading back up the motorway around 9pm. Nearly 53 and head banging away like I was 17. Meatloaf, Toto, Sad Cafe, and then Judas Priest, Breaking the Law, and that’s when my spondylosis started playing up. So I changed CD to Bonnie Tyler, Belinda Carlisle and the more mellow sounds.

    Old age? I say stuff that and keep taking the ibuprofen.


  23. You know you’re old when you get very excited about a new hoover you ordered.

    Excuse my ramblings Fed and all. This is the time when I seem to come to life, probably cause me and Floyd have been snoozing all afternoon while the boss was out shopping.

    Tell me I’m daft but has David ever thought of setting up his own music TV channel? Where he just comes on when he pleases, on his own or with guest musicians live, and start jamming, maybe throw a few other things in there.


      1. Ha, it is a Miele and it came this morning. Bet you can guess what I was doing this morning.

        Kind regards

          1. What are we like talking about vacuums on the world’s greatest guitarist’s website, LOL.

            Rock n Roll Fed.


  24. Here’s something that also doesn’t help. A live stream of the happenings in Indio. Playing some of the same songs Gilmour just finished touring with. Missing is an entire musical dimension, the very details of personality that Gilmour so effortlessly infuses into the music. One would hope the stage show would be more of a distraction from the eviscerated quality of the music.

    1. I totally agree.

      It misses something you cannot teach even the best guitarists.

      It is David’s own unique way of playing those strings “till his fingers are raw”.

      And whenever this year I’ve watched him on stage and listened to his music while thinking he’s now 70, a deep feeling of speechless contemplation overwhelmed me!

    2. RW is the show and David is the music! I prefer the music!

      RAH was something I will never lose. It´s in my heart. Music as its best!

      Thanks David for this fantastic year and thanks FEd for this place and your work here!

    3. Anecdote……

      This (from the LA Times) made me chuckle:

      The big reveal came with the emergence of four massive smokestacks that rose above the video screens, onto which were projected the image of an institutional building of some sort — a prison, perhaps, insane asylum or maybe both.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada Everyone. Wot’s… Uh the Deal? I’m looking forward to a DVD. Hopefully for Xmas.

    Go Blue Jays Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TY Fed, u rock and roll always.

  26. Tomorrow, 22 years ago, the last leg of the Division Bell tour was starting at Earls Court. Must have been a gigantic tour, I really do like the modest approach of the Rattle That Lock Tour with “only” 50 shows. 😉

  27. A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers but wakes in the mornings with no reason for waking.

    He’s haunted by a memory of the concert last Friday night, he’s now seen David Gilmour more than twice.

    It’s not enough, it’s not enough.


  28. Hello Fed and friends! I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments from the shows. What unbelievable experiences we’ve had through the years listening to this wonderful music.

    This past August was the 10 year anniversary of the life changing Gdansk show. I have never been the same. It’s on my mind quit heavy at this time in view of the tense political situation here in the US. Solidarity was the celebration for that occasion and I feel like the same type issue is at stake here in our country. We can’t go backwards with walls and segregation.

    I’m sitting here wondering if it’s possible to remain in a loving relationship with a mate when the home is politically divided. What must one’s morals and ethical views be? Human rights are the number one goal, and I can’t believe the hatefulness and prejudice swirling in my home.

    I’ve never had political views until the last 10 years and I’m having trouble navigating my life now.

    Sorry to open this here, but I had no where else to go.

    Melissa 🙁

    1. These are indeed troubled times, just look at the UK. We’re sure as hell going backwards (in my humble view).

      1. Well, Putin will sort it all out when he kicks off WW3.

        We’re all doomed.

        Damian the Omen.

      2. It can’t be fun times over there, I know. I’m sure there’s as many hard feelings between groups and divided homes there as well.

        It would all work out if everyone shared our dreams of Gilmouria. What a dream…

        I guess it’s times like these we must realize how lucky we are to not live in Syria. 🙁

    2. Hello Melissa

      the United States Of America huh? It’s sick what the politicians are doing to the US, the good people being hung drawn and quartered. It’s being dismantled. Every dirty trick and divide tactic (I nearly typed Tic-tac) possible is being used during this election: gender, sexuality, religion, corruption, murder, political view (left and right), race, creed, colour, accusations of sexual molestation, perversion! and all the other stuff I didn’t mention.

      The list of dirty tricks is endless, it weighs heavy on the people’s minds and emotions. UK Politics ain’t great but in no way would the accusations and smear campaigning get to the level it has done in the US. The people are being so heavily manipulated and bombarded with it 24/7 there’s no escape! It is destroying families but people have to realise this and not let the political pressures and mass media manipulation divide and destroy them. They are deliberately targeting people’s core beliefs and current social issues that get people angry. People forget they support a candidate who is only in a temporary position (4 years, 8 years max), but the damage done to the families and their loved ones might last a lot longer.

      It just ain’t worth it, people. Gotta stay strong, keep the love, respect one another and always remember: if shit hits the fan the President won’t come and save you (take Obama and Haiti), you have to rely on that black or white, that Muslim or Christian, Republican or Democrat neighbour in a time of crisis and in general to put a stop to what’s going on, unite despite their differing opinions and try get out the river of shit that is the election before they are swept off and help another out too. The people don’t need Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump to unite them or Make America Great, that’s up to the good people. Don’t let this election destroy you.

      Even in the UK with the Brexit UK politicians have done the same. We are now sitting on two years’ grace before the reality of the Brexit hits home. Nicola Sturgeon is gonna destroy Scotland with her independence crap. It’s political suicide to leave the UK and remain part of the EU, it’s madness, we voted to remain part of the UK when we had our referendum, that should be left as it stands.

      It’s crazy times we’re living in, lots of uncertainty huh? Stay strong and be safe. 😉

      1. You are absolutely right, scottishfloyder, it IS crazy times we are living in. Here in the US our presidential election process has turned into a three ring circus and the media is and has been totally out of control. For the first time in my life, I have considered not voting. I will in the end, but for who, I do not know.

        And you are right as well about who will save you when the sh*t hits the fan. It will be your neighbors, your coworkers, the people whose paths you cross regularly at the grocery store or the local restaurant you frequent. We can all make someones’s day better with small kindnesses, hold open a door for someone, let someone pull out of a side street, stop at crosswalks, let someone go ahead of you at the grocery store who has one item when you might have ten. These little things can make a difference and will make a difference if people reciprocate or pay it forward as the saying goes. These are ways to keep civility and courtesy and empathy and sympathy in the world. Not grand gestures by any means, but still worthwhile. I am amazed at the looks of surprise I get when I hold a door open for someone. I find that sad.

        So I am rambling a bit, and want to share a story I just read about Awe. Go to and the cover story on October 9, 2016 was titled “Feeling Awe May Be the Secret to Health and Happiness”. Really good article. One of the ways mentioned to find Awe in everyday life is to listen to amazing music. The name David Gilmour comes to mind…. My work commute starts most days with 5 AM and ends with Where We Start… Awesome.

    3. There was a time when one could debate the issues and find common ground. Now we all seem to be divided and neither side is listening to the other. It’s a sad state of affairs and what a shame it is to even have to consider whether or not to remain in a loving relationship because of this division. If it is truly a loving relationship, you will both find the commonalities that unite versus the Achilles’ Heel. In four (or eight – have mercy on us please!) years, these two clowns will be long gone and it’ll start all over again. Here’s wishing that your relationship will weather all this buffoonery.

      I love this quote from Just Listen by Sarah Dessen: ‘Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.’

  29. Maybe when you’re 70 – or more – certain thing doesn’t matter, maybe one finds more interesting to discover his sense or looking forward to do new experiences, in his own musical trip. Then you turn your head and read : ‘The Creative Genius of Pink Floyd’.

    I’m sorry to say that, it seems a poor idea to me.

    By the way, if I think of a ‘Genius’ in the Floyd history, I think Syd was.

    Sorry for the off-topic and trust me this isn’ t the same ‘old fan’ question upon ‘Which one’s Pink?’. It hurts because Roger says all the time he’s out of his Wall and to be honest, it doesn’t seems to me.
    Maybe this is still keeping distance.

    Sorry again, just my view.


    1. It’s a matter of the prospective in everyone’s life.

      One can keep on looking backwards and never succeed in getting free from the ghosts of his past. One other wants to look forward “heading straight into the sun”.

      Between past and life I choose life.

      That’s why I deeply love and admire not only David’s music but mostly his living into his present still looking to his future.

      1. Oh and what a delicious piece of humanity Jimi was ♥ – he still enchants from the great yonder.

  30. Hey FEd and Everyone~

    The subject of politics generally is a negative one.

    It is election time again in the USA and, therefore, depressing, frustrating, and upsetting time for citizens.

    I find it a worrisome time. Initially I thought the Trump nightmare was a bad joke and would blow over. I am surprised it has come this far. I hate to imagine if he actually became the President.
    All one can do is vote. I have done so since I have been eligible. I have been active in campaigns years back. That was when I was naive. I thought you could have a logical conversation about facts. But then I learned, as with so many aspects of life, people do not care about facts. They like what they believe and will hold onto those beliefs.

    I remember well, a January a few years back FEd, when you recommended some books for us bloggers. One was about sociopaths in the USA (can and does apply throughout the world).

    It opened my eyes. It explained how many of the people in power positions like CEOs, politicians, people in charge that could make a positive difference just use their position to manipulate.

    So I have come to the healthy conclusion it does not matter what one does like organizing a teamster union, trying to explain how better working conditions are needed, housing, health care etc.
    Half the population really does not care!

    So I feel fortunate that I can vote. And I will do so because I will know I did my little part for what it is worth. I will hope for the best.

    I just can not believe such a person has got this far.


    Take Care, Suzy

  31. Fed, what are we going to do now?

    Keep us entertained, have a well deserved break, including everyone here.

    Fall is here, Happy Birthday too I may add. Hope I wasn’t late.

  32. So. I miss you guys.

    When we get the DVD (whatever that is,) I’d be happy to host a viewing party at my house.

  33. Hello all.

    I was listening to BBC2, Jo Whiley, as I always do on my jaunt down the M6. Jo introduced me to an English folk singer Kate Rusby. I have to say she has the most beautiful female voice I have heard in such a long time, and her songs are stunning. She has been around a very long time, I would really love to hear her sing with David some day. I went straight on her website ordered her new album, Life in a Paper Boat and booked tickets for York Theatre.

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Damian. I’m listening to her version of ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’. How lovely that she sings in her own Yorkshire accent rather than a fake American one.

      1. So true. I find it very embarrassing when Brit artists sing with a north American twang. But then again I think blues would sound a bit odd with a Lancashire or Yorkshire accent.

        As for Kate she signed the CD, wrote hello and put a little doodle picture of herself on it.

        Kind regards

  34. Hi FEd, I cannot join you and the other guys tomorrow. Greetings to everyone and do you listen to David Crosby Lighthouse yet? I would have discussed it tomorrow but sadly work is in my way.

    Wish all a pleasant chat, Tschüssi.

  35. Just to remember the 47th Birthday of Ummagumma…and the Live section is still so actual.

    Let’s give a listen…ciao!

  36. Hi FEd and all of you, I cannot join you and the other guys yesterday and I’m really sorry to be absent at the last Chat!!!! When it is at 15 .00 GMT, I really can’t join you…. well, hope you had great time…


  37. Overall feeling is very strange. As if someone sings me Pink Floyd’s songs, having no clue what it’s all about.

    Sorry, but in my view, you indeed shouldn’t use the phrases from the songs or songs’ titles. Been put out of context, they mean a wee bit, and tend to distort, not to say misrepresent the original senses. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but please, listen to “What Do You Want from Me?” again, and please do feel the difference.

  38. Driving over the Cumbrian Fells in thick fog and Ghost Town by The Specials playing on the radio on Halloween at 10pm is not a good idea. I was comforted by the dulcet tones of Jo Willey till I arrived home to my toast and Marmite and cup of chocolate. Just on checking to see of any news on the DVD.

    Happy Halloween, don’t have nightmares Fed.


  39. Unexpected things can happen backstage at gigs…

    Went to see Tom Odell last night (at the same Brighton venue that David warmed up the tour in Sept ’15) and the drummer dislocated his shoulder before coming onstage! Drum tech was good enough and it was an OK evening.

    Anyone else got a tale of the unexpected??

    Went to a cafe on the seafront for breakfast today, and I’m sure I saw a sometime resident of Brighton who is an author and writer of song lyrics known to many of us…

    1. I think David has made similar comments many times before. I wouldn’t worry. It’s clearly not as important as Kate Winslet’s eyebrows.

      1. It rings true to me – however as it’s the Daily Mail there must also be something wrong with it – so we’re none the wiser!

  40. I don’t know where an appropriate place to put this is, but I wanted to talk about the new Early Years Box Set. I’ve yet to order my copy, but I’ve watched a couple of Q&A sessions with Nick (BBC and AOL).

    First, I want to give Nick some love. He’s always been humorous and adorable and he has such a good heart. It is wonderful to see him promoting this; it’s wonderful to see him on any occasion.

    The box set itself is such a labor of love and it seems to be a paradigm shift in thinking for the notoriously private band. Did this start with The Endless River? Or has the over-sharing environment of social media worn them down a bit?

    The glimpses of the process of HOW they wrote are truly thrilling. There is a definite sense of character to the finished product because David is so good at speaking guitar as a language, but the little bits of …..sentience… that peek through in unexpected moments as it is coming together are delightful to behold.

    I never expected the band of sonic perfection to release these outtakes of the process and I am so grateful. This will be my Christmas present to myself.

    And in my heart of greedy hearts, I’m hoping that David himself is opened by this experience and will start showing some love to his albums from the 1980s. There is such wonderful, indispensable music there.

    Finally, I wonder if I’m just morbid, or if there is a theology of mortality to the music. Since they were very young, they’ve had a fascination with death, dying, madness that I can feel in the music, not just through the words that are sung. I’ve been quite a morbid creature all my life and, in the music, I’ve recognized a kind of kindred spirit. Is it supposed to be there? Or is it a blank slate for my demented psyche?

    Anyway, I’m so excited to get my hands on this box set. I’m excited to listen and see this unprecedented glimpse of who the Pink Floyd are as a unit.

    Thank you so much for this.

    1. I hope Santa will bring the PF box set for me too (but he might hurt his back carrying it…!)

      Sounds like there’s been one or two production blips, and the reviews are ‘all over the place’.

      Who knows??

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