Meet-up: London

It’s almost time.

So here’s a dedicated space set aside for anyone heading to the Royal Albert Hall later this week and next, to arrange a suitable place to meet other fans for a drink, and also to help anyone who will be making their very first visit to London or this iconic venue with any questions they might have, seeing as you’ve always been so good with things like that.

There are plenty of answers to common questions on the Albert Hall’s very own FAQs page, so you might find the answer there. Times, and those all-important ticketing terms and conditions, can be found here.

As before, I’m happy to pass on your e-mail address to a fellow blogger if you would like to arrange to meet anyone in particular yet feel uncomfortable about posting an address or details of your plans for all to see.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Looking to see if anyone will be meeting up before the shows in London. Leaving the states on Thursday for tickets for Friday and Sunday!

  2. Have the best time you can, friends, in the best place for listen to a live concert, with the best crew, the best music, the best people and let’s keep precious all your feelings of the night.

    Thank you from heart, David and FEd and all. Have wonderful nights! And don’t say it’s over.

    C’mon, where’s the next leg? πŸ™‚

  3. Please tell me it hasn’t been a year since the last September shows already?? Surely there are two Septembers this year?

    Enjoy all who can attend, I am extremely jealous (though lucky to have seen him last year, I know.)

  4. Until now I only read this posts but never had a real chance to meet some of the fellow bloggers. Times are changing and at the 30th of September we will be in London for the DerniΓ¨re of the RAH concerts and the tour itself, as it looks. There was some talk on other media about meeting at Queens Arms for a drink before going to the concert. I have no idea when pubs open and how early we must leave from there to be at the venue in time, though…

    1. The RAH is five minutes walk away Taki. See the link Ralph posted, hours are noon till 11pm and they do food. There are loads of good eating places about ten minutes walk in the other direction if you want different food. πŸ™‚


    1. I’d love to meet my fellow irregulars. I’m there for the 30th as well, could we do a 5pm meet up at the Queens Arms?

      I missed everyone in Pompeii because I had massive phone issues. My phone never accepted the local time in Pompeii as its own, and I only had spotty wifi while I was at my hotel.

      So I’ll do better this time. And I’d love to connect.

  5. So FEd, we are sadly reaching the climax of what has been a spectacularly successful tour and firstly and maybe finally; thank you for all your much appreciated help along the way! Other irregulars will surely agree with me, that without your “nudges, heads-up’s and winks” we would have struggled to get tickets and for that alone I’m truly grateful! What has also been wonderful, is the camaraderie of fellow irregulars on this FEd created blog, in that David’s tour has brought us altogether like one big family from all corners of the world! That in itself has been a remarkable and beautiful thing. πŸ™‚

    I’m lucky enough to be attending the Sunday 25th concert and will probably plum for the Queen’s Arms. So hopefully will see some irregulars there? I’ll repeat the dose for the finale on Friday 30th, where I know at least that Ash, Shelly, Carl, Scott, Andrea and many more will be in attendance. It will be great to see you all again, as you’re truly lovely people, great company and we are all bonded together by the love of David and his music!

    If anyone would like to contact me my e-mail is : johnscrawley at

    Finally, special thanks to FEd, David, his band and crew for creating a special musical experience and treasured memories!

    See you all soon!

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

    1. What a fantastic post JC. Could not agree more. I know you personally have spent thousands to date on this tour, I have spent quite a lot on the T shirts for both legs including the three RAH shirts and litho to go with 5 others from this year and 5 from last year. Hey You what is Money really, when we have not a lot of Time on this mortal coil. Pre ordered the LPs and that box set.

      Coming down to London early next Fri in order to take in the Gerald Scarfe exhib at the Barbican library as an appetiser for the main event. Will sadly not be able to also catch Joanne Shaw Taylor at HMV same evening so will be at Queens Arms pub bright and breezy and a little thirsty.

      Thank you to DG and colleagues for the shows and music, but also FEd for his nods and winks etc.


      1. Thanks Carl…….usual payment in brown envelope will be just fine!!!!

        See you Friday mate.

        Shine on….
        John πŸ™‚

  6. Fed,

    there are any news about the band? Who will replace Chuck Leavell?

    We are looking forward to the last both nights.

      1. Thank you very much.

        Maybe Gabriel will be back on stage. Last year his piano playing was so amazing. In place of David I will donate this time 5€. A joke…

      2. My dog Floyd is on his way down to piss on yer herbs if you dont tell now who’s joining. The band is just fantastic, oh by the way, which one’s Pink?


  7. From Brighton to the Albert Hall then on to Pompeii and finally back to the Albert Hall for the Wednesday night show and the final Friday night show. It’s been the best David Gilmour / Pink Floyd year I’ve had for a long time. I even got meet David last year at the Dorchester Hall.

    A couple of us are going next week to each night and it would be great to meet up in a Pub close to the venue before?


  8. Some more tickets just became available for Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th on the RAH website if interested.

  9. I’ll be at The Queen’s Arms before Friday’s and Sunday’s shows. Will be wearing my precious Live at Pompeii T shirt and probably standing outside with a decent pint of ale.

  10. Evening all.

    Just back from my run down to Liverpool. It was a bittersweet journey, as I came onto the M58 signs were flashing to do 30mph and just round the bend the traffic was at a standstill. The police had closed the motorway both sides due to an incident. After 40 minutes we were off again. Got to my destination then headed back to the motorway, as I crossed a dodgy junction to go right a boy racer coming across decided he would keep going doing about 50mph. He just missed me or I him. Then up the M6 north I was about to get in the outside lane when I just caught in the mirror a Range Rover coming up and passed doing around 130mph, misseed me by a millisecond and it’s only Tuesday.

    Anyway, get to the point: 10pm came, I had Radio 2 on and Simon Mayo had The Pink Floyd on from a John Peel live session May 1969 1971. It was perfect.


      1. I know 2nd week in the job and I’m running out of lives. People are crazy drivers. I’ll have a look for this pub Fri 30th as we are at Berry’s bar 29th.

        Really buzzing now.


        Do you know why David does not have an introduction? Something like: “Will you welcome the King of strings, he’s here to do his thing… Mr David Gilmour.” Well something like that.

        1. Hi Damian

          Will I meet up with you at the Queens Arms on Friday 30th? Instead of Berry’s?

          Kind Regards


  11. Hi all! I will arrive to LHR on the 30th 1:30 PM, go straight to RAH to collect my ticket and then head of to The Queen’s Arms, get some lunch and await the evening festivities. Almost no hair, a big greyish beard and a WYWH-tshirt, I should not be hard to spot. Sometime after 5PM I will pop off to Gloucester Arms to say hi to Matt from Floydpodcast and go to the show from there. If someone wants to contact me for details, FEd will give you my email address.

    I will get a cab directly after the show to go to my LHR hotel so if anyone is on a similar route, let me know and we can share the fare.

    1. Sorry? To collect, you say? But they don’t allow to collect from the box office… do they? At least in June, they didn’t.

      1. “Your tickets will be held at the Box Office located at Door 12. Please ensure you bring the credit/debit card that you used to make your booking with.”

        I chose that over “print at home”.

  12. I am SO looking forward to next week. Three nights, yay! But please don’t tell me that it’s over after Friday next week and a glorious Gilmour summer …

  13. To everyone who is so lucky: Have great evenings with Mr. Gilmour with the best music you will ever hear. πŸ™‚

  14. First I attended David’s gig on tour kickoff in Pula, Croatia last year, the adventure was continued this year in Verona, and the last stop of the Rattle That Lock adventure will be on the September 29th in Royal Albert Hall… hopefully, not the last time… everybody, have a great time. πŸ™‚

  15. Hello, folks! I’ll be there on the very last concert, on 30th.

    For sure I’ll be with 3 friends of mine. One, Cristian, was with me in Pompeii and someone already know him. The other two will be pleased to meet you.

    I’ll have also the banner for FEd, so the ones who didn’t signed it in Pompeii and Verona will have the last chance at Queen’s Arms, then we’ll find a way to deliver it to him…

    PS: for tomorrow’s chat… I’ll try to come as soon as I can, but I’ll be at work for the first hour.

    1. What a cool banner that was! We will also attend the show on September 30th. Will you meet before or after the show at the pub?

      1. Ah, whenever you want… If we meet before, then before… If we meet after… after. If we meet before and after… even better! πŸ˜€

        1. I’ll be there before (about 16:00ish all being well), I’ll add my moniker to your banner Andrea, if that’s OK with you.

          (Sign On, You Crazy Diamond.)

  16. Getting ready for the grand finale of the tour as well. We’ll be there on the 29th and the 30th for what we intensely hope will NOT be the last times we see David live.

    It’s been a year full of surprises and during this time I was lucky enough to witness some of the best live performances I’ve ever seen (with Pompeii up there in the top spot). Only David knows the full extent of the effort he made to make us happy and I’m sure he, along with Polly and the rest of his team, needs a proper holiday once this is done. However, I feel it would be a shame to put a stop to touring at this point, his skill is unparalelled and much needed in these sad times for music.

        1. Just new music in general, Richard. Between the boring bedwetters and repetitive, computerised beats, there seems little of interest coming out. I am looking forward to the new album from Leonard Cohen at least. Did anyone else hear his new song yesterday?

          1. Have you heard the music of Jack Savoretti or Tom Odell? I like Thea Gilmore stuff: must be in the name…

            1. I quite like what I’ve heard from all of them, Jack Savoretti in particular. The acoustic stuff on the deluxe version of Between the Minds is beautiful. Love his cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Nobody ‘Cept You’ with a string quartet.

              Thanks for the reminder. I know what I’ll be listening to this weekend now.

          2. Another great artist and I believe David is a fan, Nick Cave has a new album Skeleton Tree. I think some of the songs are written around the loss of his son. On my Xmas list.


          3. Cohen’s new song sounds really special. He’s been a lyrical influence for my music for the past 15 years or so. His last two albums were great works of art and I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the songs next month.

            There were times when I wondered what would happen if he and David would work on something together. None of them is a comfortable match for the other, but I bet the finished product would be fabulous.

          4. The new Leonard Cohen song sounded absolutely fantastic. The new album is reported to be something special too. His recent output into his 9th decade is beyond belief. Looking forward to it almost as much as next Friday’s final Royal Albert Hall show. May I also add my thanks to you for all your assistance this tour and every year the blog has been going. Especially for helping with the RAH and Pompeii presales. You sir are a star!!!

            All the best.


  17. OK, at the risk of being told to get a life…for those of you who have been to The Queen’s Arms before. If you scroll to 1 minute 38 seconds in this clip from ‘Love Actually’…. Is that The Queen’s Arms in the background?

    1. O wow, it really looks like it, doesn’t it?! Although (I haven’t got much of a life either πŸ™‚ ) there doesn’t seem to be a window on the corner on the first floor in the film and in one of my photos there is. Let’s investigate further …

  18. Hi everybody and you FEd of course!

    I’ll be back watching David play RAH again on Sunday 25th with my wife and some couples of friends. We will try to have a look at Queen’s Arms before the gig.

    What an unforgettable year!

    I attended 5 concerts (Pompeii among them) since september 2015 and still feel as excited as the first one.

    Thank you David, the band, the crew and you too FEd: you did make us feel being part of a whole big family!

    I’ll keep all these memories deep inside of me forever and ever…

  19. Hello everyone. Haven’t posted since July. Busy summer, partly thanks to Mr Gilmour. Haha. I hope everyone has enjoyed the tour and is looking forward to the last homestand. I am extremely grateful that I will be attending the last two shows. Bittersweet. Excited for the shows but sad that we will soon have to wait for another tour.

    Thank you FEd for keeping us in the know. These shows mean the world to some of us.

  20. Hello all!

    If anyone is able to give any advice on the following it would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t know what course of action to take:

    My friend bought two tickets to the RAH gig on Thursday 29th September through Seetickets, and his name is on the tickets. Since buying the tickets he has left the country indefinitely for personal reasons, and he has been kind enough to take the time to get the tickets sent to my address in the hope that I can go and enjoy this fantastic opportunity even though he can’t. The issue is that the name on the tickets is his, and he won’t be attending, which seemingly stops me from attending also.

    I understand the measures to stop touting, but someone could still buy 4 tickets, attend and bring along 3 people they’ve “touted” the tickets to. It’s a bit of a strange system to me, as it doesn’t allow for unforeseen circumstances of the buyer. I have been to gigs where everyones name and face were printed on their ticket, that makes sense to me. However, everything I read says “Purchaser must be present, photo ID, no exceptions” etc. This is a once in a lifetime gig which I have paid for legitimately, and my friend has taken the time to 1. Go through the hassle of obtaining the tickets in the first place and 2. Email Seetickets repeatedly to get them to transfer the tickets (even just one of them) to my name, so I will get to enjoy the gig and not leave seats pointlessly empty. Seetickets know these two tickets have been legitimately bought (and in any case he could have bought 4 in total and sold the other three for the silly prices I’m seeing online, but no, just one huge fan wanting to see an idol) and haven’t really been helpful.

    I am going to phone the RAH tomorrow to get an email address to forward the emails he sent to Seetickets. The woman I spoke to on the phone at the RAH Booking Office said “We’ll see what we can do if you get him to email us.”

    In my mind, “We’ll see what we can do” and “No exceptions” don’t really tally! Maybe she was just trying to get rid of me.

    It really is a bit of a crazy situation, I have little idea what course of action is the best (after emailing RAH).

    I am considering buying a fake ID (actually legal as they are not forgeries, just novelties with disclaimers on the back). I will also probably go and ask some of the staff on an evening of one of his other nights at RAH if they can let me off. Otherwise what do I do? Try to sneak in?! It really seems a bit silly to break laws and be disruptive to get into a gig which I have paid for, but I am prepared to as I know how special this gig will be, I would just rather be civilised about it.

    Please can someone offer some advice on this matter? I will be so upset if I have to sit on my sofa and watch some nonsense on TV on Thursday night knowing I’m missing the gig of a lifetime on a technicality!

    Kind Regards,


    1. It really is a bit of a crazy situation, I have little idea what course of action is the best (after emailing RAH).

      Please do what the lady at the Albert Hall said and have your friend e-mail them. He’s the ticket buyer, the responsibility to get you in is with him.

      Really, they can’t be fairer than that.

      1. I phoned the RAH again today to speak to someone and it seems the woman I spoke to previously was probably under the impression that we had bought the tickets through the RAH themselves, not Seetickets, that’s why she advised us to contact RAH to see what THEY could do. Seeing as Seetickets have said no then I guess I will miss out. Two empty seats, what a shame. Even if it’s not me there I just find it such a shame that there will be two empty seats for a gig that so many people have unfortunately missed out on. Such a positive thing to look forward to has turned into a depressing fiasco really.

        Ah well, I hope you all enjoy it!

    2. I can’t say what the RAH will do, but at the Brighton show last year I just walked straight in, people were being asked for ID but it was a bit lax. The downside is I managed to lose my passport sometime after the concert, which was only 2 years old. πŸ™

    3. Hi D?,

      You have to applaud David Gilmour and his management team for trying their level best to ensure real fans firstly get to see the concert and secondly to pay the face value ticket price! The rules of ticket purchase are very clear at the time of booking and are made this way to combat ticket touts!

      Sadly, the painful consequence of ticket touting doesn’t lend itself to any flexibility and if the lead name on the tickets, for whatever reason, cannot attend the concert then, yes, there will be empty seats and therein ends the argument as you so eloquently describe below!

      “My friend bought two tickets to the RAH gig on Thursday 29th September through Seetickets, and his name is on the tickets. Since buying the tickets he has left the country indefinitely for personal reasons.”

      Enjoy the DVD!

      Shine on….
      John πŸ™‚

  21. I soooo wish I was going to be there! Was lucky enough to attend Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden (first night) in April, was just incredible, beyond words.

    This is my first post, I wanted so very much to get to one or some of the London shows this week but sadly could not pull it off. This blog is a wonderful thing, bringing David’s fans together. I hope you all have a wonderful time and I am holding on to the hope that there may still be a chance some day in the future to see David Gilmour at Royal Albert Hall. Please and Thank You David! And Thank You FEd!

  22. Leaving Sweden tomorrow morning for the Friday and Sunday shows. Cannot wait! Friday night with my brother in law and then he’s going back to Stockholm on Saturday but I will stay for Sunday’s performance as well. So I take it as the Queen’s Arms is the place to meet up then… I count on that I will be able to identify people by their t-shirts. πŸ™‚

  23. Cannot join the chat today, so my greetings to everyone on this way! I am really excited to hear news about the tour finale. πŸ™‚

  24. Can’t make it to the chat today. Quick hi to the gang. Hope I can attend next chat.

    Loads of fun to everyone involved in or attending the upcoming RAH gigs.

    Will be over for the finale on the 30th.

    1. Catch up soon, TW. Topics today included: the best cartoons of all-time, gin, suitable punishment for people caught texting behind the wheel, and how great it would be for David to perform at Edinburgh Castle (with or without bagpipes).

  25. Oh crap, missed the chat due to having my suit altered for my daughter’s wedding (I lost 15 kg during my hike!). Hope to catch up with you guys on Tuesday, arriving from a trip to Berlin that afternoon, just a quick touchdown before it’s off to RAH!

  26. I’m really looking forward to the 30th and my Wife and I will finally meet Taki and Mrs Taki!…what a great place this is!

  27. Where We Start…

    Glad yet sad to be meeting Irregulars once again at the Queen’s Arms for the final show of the Rattle That Lock tour.

    It’s been a special year. Thanks to FEd’s connections and generosity, it has allowed us primary opportunities to attend truly spellbinding performances by David and his band of supporting minstrels at amazing arena’s around the Western world.

    I’ve had the good fortune to see the Pre-Tour show at Brighton, witnessing the inaugural presentation of tracks from RTL before it had even been released.

    Then followed this by seeing the 1st night’s show at RAH, after meeting many Irregulars in the Queen’s Arms beforehand.

    After a decade of acquiring online acquaintanceships with US Irregular bloggers, care of FEd’s conduit, I ventured across the pond to finally meet some of them ‘In The Flesh’, for the Hollywood Bowl shows.

    I’d have loved to have witnessed the Pompeii show’s too, but as I was celebrating my Ruby Anniversary in August with a Mediterranean cruise, I thought better of it (to preserve my marital status). Although as the cruise stopped off in Naples, I was able to spend an all to brief period of time in the Amphitheatre in Pompeii, albeit six weeks after the nights of wonder.

    The final show next Friday is destined to be an emotional evening.

    I only hope that when it’s over David will, after a well earned rest, be getting straight back to work on the ‘other’ album he has started.

    So, who knows, there could yet be other Queen’s Arms meet ups in the future, after next Friday’s final Rattle of glasses.

    Where We End.

    Cheers, everyone.

  28. It’s interesting that Polly didn’t post photos of the rehearsals. Might there be some surprises…?

  29. Hi FEd,

    Any news on set list for forthcoming RAH concerts?

    Thank you.

    Shine on…..
    John πŸ™‚

      1. You got me there FEd……I believe “patience is a virtue” and as you quite rightly suggest…..wait and see!

        Shine on……
        John πŸ™‚

  30. Just arrived at hotel in time for a quick bit of fodder then on the RAH, hope it’s a goodie tonight, any surprises Fed?

  31. I was really looking forward to catching the final three nights and meeting other likeminded fans again over the course of the next few days but a family emergency has forced me to change my plans. I had hoped to share my observations about each night’s performance on the blog. Hopefully there will be a next time and that this is not the last time David does a stand at the RAH.

    Much gratitude Fed for all the help securing me such great seats, but unfortunate circumstance forced me to give up my center front row Wednesday night seat and front arena Thursday night seat. I am going to attempt to catch a redeye in time to catch the last show on the 30th though. Really sad about my family and missing the shows as well but some things are out of one’s control.

    Safe travels everyone and have fun tonight.

    1. Keep trying the Albert Hall, Craig. Telephone if you can. Their number is +44 (0)20 7589 8212.

      I hope you’ll be lucky.

  32. I’ll try to make it to the Queen’s Arms before the show and I’ll be wearing my “Kastellorizo” T-shirt from last holiday’s “On An Island”. Looking forward to meeting some of you folks! And then, of course, to the show!

  33. Quick idea just in case people cannot make it to the Queen’s Arms : post-concert gathering at the RAH’s Door 12 ?

    1. If anyone could point us in the direction of a pub that is open after the concert, please do tell.

      It would be nice to be able to go for a post-gig drink.

  34. Sorry folks, but I missed the last two chats because of work, so I’m here to ask you at what time is the meeting at Queen’s Arms on 30th…

    There will be something only before the show or can we celebrate the end of the tour also after the concert?

    I think that we’ll have to wait some years to see each other again, so maybe we can get together for a last beer in David’s honor after the show…

    Anyway, can’t wait to see you there…

    Ah, it’s obvious that if someone wants my mail can ask to FEd for it, no problems at all.

      1. Wow, so soon… I won’t be able to make it for that time: my plane arrives at London City at 13:50, and first of all I have to go to the hotel. I think me and my friends won’t be at Queen’s Arms before 5 pm. We arrive from 4 different Italian airports, with different schedules, and have to meet up at the hotel as we arrive, then we can move for the pub.

    1. Andrea, I’ll not be there…maybe you can write my name on the banner for me? Thanks a lot in advance if you can! Enjoy the great night mate!

    1. Perfect, I’m so happy to see you again after Rome and Pompeii… At what time do you think you’ll be at Queen’s Arms?

        1. Sadly, I think it closes at 11PM Ullie.

          I’ll be there before the show on Friday from about 16:30 looking forward to meeting up with Blog Irregulars, old and new.

          FEd, you really should be there for the final show.

          Many Thanks for your enduring commitment to David’s website, making The Blog such a unique and special domain.

          Long may it continue, once the locks stop rattling.

          1. Thanks for that, Ken. I’m feeling a bit under the weather at the moment, so I’m keeping my germs to myself. Have a great night and at least one drink for me. (Yorkshire tea is fine.)

  35. Hi, I’m in London now. going to the gig tonight. I might pop into the Queen’s Arms before the show tonight. I’ll hopefully be able to meet tomorrow though. πŸ™‚

    Have a great night everyone. πŸ˜€

  36. Getting ready to get the bus down to London tonight from Glasgow for the concert tomorrow night (Friday 30th). Got some great memories from the concert in Pompei and I know that that was a special once in a lifetime gig but I am looking forward to this gig with excitement and sadness at the same time. Let’s all hope that this is not the last time that David tours and we all get to see him again sometime? If not I have great memories to cherish.

  37. Departing from Venice headed to London City in half an hour…

    Think I’ll be at Queen’s Arms around 5pm.

    See you later, mates! Can’t wait…

  38. Hi Michael

    The bus from Glasgow, what a killer. Last night’s show was one of the best David Gilmour and Band I’ve ever seen, they were all amazing, standing ovation at the end of the 1st half says a lot. The girls did a fantastic Great Gig. Last night, whole band and performance will leave you speechless. Tonight, only one problem is he didn’t do Poles Apart or Dancing Right In Front of Me. He could drop Coming Back to Life for Poles just this once since it’s the last gig of the tour.

    I fly out tomorrow morning so it’s gonna be some show tonight. I’ve got 5 hours to waste today, think I’ll go see the Natural History Mussium, see if the Darwin Tour is still going.

    If anyone I’ve spoken to in the chatroom wants to catch up, that would be cool. Have a good one folks.

    Andrea, they are filming, get the banner out at RAH if you can.

    I’ve gotta take a minute here to thank “Fed” for all the brilliant work he’s done here on the blog and chat room (keeping all the DG Tour secrets πŸ˜€ jokes) not only during the tour but in the quieter times too. Thank you Fed. Great work man. πŸ˜‰

    Everybody going tonight, have a great time anyone trying, I hope luck is with you. Take care folks.

    P.S. My thoughts are with you Ash, hope your make it tonight. πŸ˜‰

  39. Pitched up at the Queen’s Arms with a nice Scottish breakfast Glenfiddich (straight). Hope you catch a few chatters. πŸ™‚

    Cheers Fed and Mr Gilmour.

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