Extra London tickets

Happy September, everyone. It’s good to be back with good news, which I’m whispering because it’s meant to be one of our little secrets until announced properly tomorrow, so please keep it to yourself for now.

As before, as expected, extra tickets for David’s Royal Albert Hall concerts later this month – yes, for all five nights and for all parts of the hall – are to be released now that production details have been finalised.

Tickets ranging in price from Β£85 to Β£110 will be on sale from 11am (UK) tomorrow – that’s Wednesday 7th September – available from the Royal Albert Hall website or by calling the box office on +44 (0)20 7589 8212 or by visiting in person (if so, you’ll want Door 12).

The usual restriction applies, which is that you may buy no more than four tickets in all, and photo ID will be needed and checked at the door, so please bear that in mind.

To clarify: buyers will be able to book a maximum of four tickets in total, across all five dates, so would not be able to book four tickets for each show and potentially end up with 20 in all. If you have four tickets bought previously, you will be able to purchase another four at most, and no more than this, and you will of course still need to bring along photo ID for each night that you attend.

The dates are: Friday 23rd, Sunday 25th, Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th and Friday 30th September.

Best of luck.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

72 thoughts on “Extra London tickets”

  1. Awesome. I am staying with a friend in London and already had tickets to 3 shows. Now I have a chance to get my host one so I can show him my gratitude. I took him to the 2nd show 10 years ago at the RAH.

      1. Thanks Fed and David Gilmour! I was able to grab another seat nearby for my friend on Friday night. He’s going to be a new Dad soon so this will be a great gift for him, he is also a big PF fan though not nearly as me.

        I am heading back to bed and attempting to salvage my sleep, it is 4AM (PST).

  2. Looks like I’m going on the Thursday night as well then. Pretty decent looking seat too. πŸ˜€

  3. Thank You FEd for the advance notice. I managed to purchase some tickets for the Thursday show….I can’t wait..!!

  4. Your cryptic tweet roused my curiosity FEd.

    I guess yesterday’s (missed again) chat, was to give the heads up to Irregulars in attendance of the impending bonus seating availability.

  5. Welcome back FEd!

    Nice to hear that additional seats are available and I hope all those fans who didn’t score a ticket in the past will have more luck this time…

    I’m counting the days and can’t believe that the Oberhausen gig was almost a year ago.

    I hope that we’ll hear about the band members soon…

    1. Do you think they’re still changing? The last band was fantastic.

      (For Jon’s return, by the way, I’d say yes!)

    2. I trust David will put an excellent band together. He always did, didn’t he?

      I’m just curious but also patient. πŸ™‚

  6. Had a slow start this morning and missed the heads up, been refreshing the RAH ticket page in vain for 2 seats together for the Thursday show. Anyone have 2 spare tickets?

    1. I managed to find some in a box somewhere, what a result! Thanks Ash & Lorraine for the help and encouragement.

  7. Over a year since Brighton, gone in a flash. Make the most of coming concerts, time stands still for no one.

  8. Bought tickets a fortnight ago for the Sunday 25th show, none showing on the site but phoned and got 2 in a box that holds 5 people.

    Only show for me this year, really looking forward to it.

  9. Good to see you’re back, FEd. I hope you’ve had a good break.

    I too can’t believe it’s a year since the tour started in Brighton. I was there for that first gig and will be there for the last. The added bonus was being able to attend two RAH gigs in between these too. I’ve been a little disappointed that there have only been minor changes to the setlist and I had really hoped that Nick Mason would have made a guest appearance for a song or two at one of the shows. Other than that, it’s been a fantastic tour and I hope to see a DVD release from one of the shows, preferably Pompeii, sometime soon.

  10. This is a message for Damian.

    Michael from Glasgow here. Shared a taxi with you in Pompei and flew from Liverpool to Naples and back again. I am going to the RAH on the 30th September, if you are going on this night then maybe we can get a few beers in before the concert.

    All the best


    1. Hi Michael. I hope you’re well and looking forward to London as am I.

      We will be in Berry’s bar both Thursday and Friday. We have eaten in Berry’s the last time so we know it’s a good place to have some nice food and a few chasers before the Gig.

      See you in there

      1. Hi Damian, that sounds good. Should be in London by mid morning so will look up the address to Berry’s. Looking forward with anticipation and sadness to the last night of the tour. Catch up with you on the day!

        All the best


  11. Can’t believe I missed this post until now…please let me know if anyone has an extra for the 30th. I was blessed to see shows at both the Hollywood Bowl and Pompeii on this tour but am dying to see the final show at RAH…a venue I have always wanted to visit with so much history.

    1. Single tickets keep ‘popping up’. A friend managed to get two yesterday afternoon. Keep trying…

  12. How nice πŸ™‚ but I don’t want to think about it that the 30th September could be last time for a while that David plays a full gig. πŸ™

    1. Agreed completely. Play High Hopes followed by Louder Than Words to finish the concert would be wonderful.

    1. Got mine too on Wednesday – I had been emailing the RAH as I was getting a little nervous but no need!

    2. I got mine too Ash, so it’s all systems go….. πŸ™‚

      Hands up who liked Thunderbirds first time round?

      Shine on…..
      John πŸ™‚

  13. Wish I could have gone to a show. I was waiting for this tour for the past 3 or 4 years. But I lost my job, lost my dad, and then moved. But my life is finally getting back together. I missed the tour, but thoroughly enjoyed and still enjoy the album, and will just look forward to a DVD. Maybe next time, if there is one. I’m just very thankful for everything I DO have.

    I hope everyone who’s going has a great time!

  14. It was a great tour and I was able to see David play at the Hollywood Bowl. But it’s really sad for this may be the last tour that David will do here in the states. I hope he will put out a DVD of this tour.

    Take Care, Thomas

  15. Hi Fed and all.

    Nice to see Fed sounding fully refreshed and all good to go, welcome back to the machine. Really looking forward to London, and then a little apprehensive if this will be the last we see of our Hero. But Polly did say she couldn’t make her mind up to write another book or some new lyrics.

    The world is madder than ever. Kim Jong-young’un is making nukes and Assad and Putin are still murdering the children in Syria, earthquakes in beautiful Italy, and the UK is still being run by the selfish “I’m alright” party. But wait, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, oh hang on, it goes out end of September.

    Kind regards and really doesnt take hisself that seriously

  16. Starting to get pretty ruddy excited for the 25th! I somehow managed to bag amazing seats too, which I’m sure will make it even more special.

    I’ve been to more than my fair share of shows in the past year or so, and feel very lucky to have done so. Thanks for your help and hospitality on this site, FEd!

    I’m looking forward to what’s next from DG and band. I’m personally hoping for a Blu-ray of a show, I think that would be great.

    I also wonder just how many more shows there will be after this, we had to wait nearly 10 years last time between tours, so let’s hope it isn’t that long again! Or maybe DG will think that’s enough now? I hope not!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend, I’m just listening to Daniel Lanois’ new record “Goodbye to Language” which is sounding fantastic.

  17. Tickets arrived today, Thursday night wrong tickets, Friday correct. Phoned Albert Hall, couldn’t have been more helpful. Big thank you to their staff for sorting it out.

  18. Thanks Richard. Did your friend get them online or by calling the box office? Curious if I am more likely to get it that way and need to look into making international calls (from the US). Please let me know.

    1. Actually it was doing both at the same time! When purchasing a single via the RAH website another ‘appeared’ on the computer system that one of their staff was looking at!

    2. For last year’s tour, I called the box office after shows were sold out. They still had singles in the second row of private balconies. Worth a try.

  19. If anyone has a spare ticket for Friday 30th, I would welcome it ! Missed the initial sale and the new release. Doh !

  20. I absolutely can’t wait. I’d love to have gone to more than one night but I’m thrilled with just getting to go to that one. Slightly nervous because my health hasn’t been great but I’m confident it’ll hold up for a jaunt to London.

    Also I wasn’t aware his band was changing again?! Is it just Chuck Leavall or are others moving on too?

  21. Tickets arrived this morning, thank you Fed. Is there a change to the band?

    Hope all are enjoying the Indian summer.

    Kind regards

      1. Is Chuck Leavell going to be playing at the RAH gigs then? I checked the Rolling Stones tour dates and there is no conflict with the RAH dates. I was looking forward to hearing him play with the band since I have already seen the first configuration perform with Jon, Phil and Kevin. The two bands definitely sound different to my ears.

        Bringing in a new player at this point might adversely affect the jamming because it always takes time to break someone in and for the musicians to gel.

  22. The thought just crossed my mind the possibility Gabriel Gilmour could be taking Chuck’s place. I remember seeing him play last year, and given that he grew up immersed in music, he is definitely familiar with it and a proficient player. Greg Philinganes is such genius that he could almost do all the keys duties alone too so Gabriel could help by filling it out the sound. It would be a symbolic passing of the torch.

  23. Just home from Liverpool, new job has me up and down the M6. All the way down the sky lit up like a Mr Gilmour gig, thunder and lightning and rain but in the distance the sun was a bloody red colour, quite bizarre weather. Rattle That Lock on full blast, air con crap, and not allowed to open the windows due to security. Melted.

    See you all in London maybe.


  24. These will be such amazing shows. I wish I could slip away and attend. What a lovely end to a fantastic tour. Wishing everyone a nice old-fashioned beat down that only Gilmour can give.

    p.s. Welcome back FEd, hope you had a nice vacation.

  25. Hello, have a nice chat everyone! I’m away today and I’m not able to say hello from my phone. By the way, if someone has some suggestion…I’ve a LG with Android 5.1, have tried both Flash and Java apps…but are not good. Ciao!

    1. Hi Emilio.

      You can’t, I think you need java, and it does not work on Android or iPhones.


      1. Thank you Damian. Java doesn’t work, and I’ve tried three apps ‘Flash’ too but no luck!

        Catch up next time!

  26. Just back from my 430 km hike in the Swedish mountains. So glad I already got a ticket for the 30th. Looking forward to the next chat!

      1. I was meant to be going this month along with my brother. I am the lead booker and named on the ticket but due to work commitments simply cannot make it.

        Is there really no way that my brother can go to the gig now? Despite me spending over Β£200 on tickets? As it states no name change etc. Does it mean he can’t go at all? Two empty seats? Is this right?

        1. You’d have to contact the venue, but those are the terms and conditions. I’m sorry I can’t help.

        2. Hi Mark. I ran into the same situation for the Chicago Auditorium show. My wife bought tickets, but her dad got sick. So she couldn’t go. I talked to the venue and Ticketmaster and was able to work it out. Hopefully you will have the same luck if you call Royal Albert Hall. I have talked to the box office there several times and they are always friendly. Definitely worth a try.

  27. Ticket arrived the other day. Over the moon. See you on the dark side in a few weeks Mr Gilmour. Excited and sad at the same time, still trying to come down to earth from Pompei!!

    Bring it on!!

    1. Mine just arrived, too. Crazy luck. I have been working out of country for most of the last two months. I was home for just one day before heading overseas for work and then onto London. Checked my mail and tix were there. Can’t wait!

  28. Michael,

    I know what you mean. After getting back from Pompeii, I decided life was too short – quit my corporate job and am moving to Italy for a couple of months with my family. Couldn’t do the daily grind anymore.

    Still hopeful for a ticket for the 30th while I am over there but have only seen other nights pop up with tickets. I am probably averaging 500 refreshes to RAH website a day. Ha!

    Hope to see y’all there.

  29. Ticket for the 30th finally opened up and booked travel today.

    Ticket marked restricted view. Anyone have any experience with that at the venue?

    Can’t believe I am going to see Gilmour at the RAH!

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